Best outdoor furniture stores: where to buy patio furniture

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The Homes & Gardens edit of the champion outdoor furnishings stores aims to simplify the process of transforming your backyard into a relaxing retreat oregon outdoor entertaining zone.

The team's insider cognition volition let you to leap consecutive to wherever to bargain patio furnishings that offers the timeless appeal, connection style, outdoor durability, and year-round practicality that volition alteration you to widen your surviving abstraction retired onto the patio, terrace, and beyond.

Whether you're looking to make a versatile outdoor entertaining abstraction for socializing nether the stars, a restful retreat for enjoying immoderate much-needed downtime, oregon privation to marque the astir of poolside lounging, sourcing the champion patio furnishings volition alteration your imaginativeness to travel to life, and present the seating and eating solutions you need.

So whether your extracurricular abstraction is ceremonial oregon relaxed, modern oregon classic, coastal oregon urban, work connected to observe the champion outdoor furnishings stores for making your imaginativeness a reality.

Inspired to get extracurricular and dine al fresco? Our usher to the best grills volition assistance you to entertain successful style.The champion outdoor furnishings stores

The Homes & Gardens edit of champion outdoor furnishings stores; from big-name brands to the hidden gems whose collections you'll privation to explore.

McGee and Co.

A wicker outdoor speech  set

(Image credit: McGee and Co)

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Delivering the cleanable equilibrium betwixt classical and modern design, McGee and Co.'s outdoor furnishings postulation hits conscionable the close enactment whether you're furnishing an outdoor surviving country successful a modern municipality setting, oregon a much ceremonial patio. There are ranges of rustic yet elegant teak wood, wicker lounge sets with understated detail, and sculptural eating and java tables that are made to instrumentality centerstage and elevate your backyard set-up astatine immoderate outdoor gathering.

Editor's pick: Elowyn Outdoor Sofa (opens successful caller tab)


A teak wood   outdoor eating  set

(Image credit: Arhaus)

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You'll find chill and modern contemporary loungers and timeless outdoor eating tables and chairs successful Arhaus' outdoor furnishings range, each with an accent connected understated design, high-quality weather-resistant materials specified arsenic aluminum and teak wood, and maximum comfort. Dream distant the time successful the decadent Hamptons Outdoor Daybed (opens successful caller tab), make a relaxed chill-out portion with the Porto Outdoor Double Chaise Loungers (opens successful caller tab) or entertain successful benignant with an array of outdoor sectionals (opens successful caller tab) that marque the cleanable determination for an evening spent alfresco. The marque endeavors to usage sustainably sourced, reclaimed, and recycled materials, with the volition of creating long-lasting, heirloom-quality pieces that tin beryllium utilized and loved for generations.

Editor's pick: Hamptons Outdoor Dining Side Chair (opens successful caller tab)


A brace  of wicker outdoor sofas facing each   different   successful  a courtyard

(Image credit: RH)

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One of our archetypal ports of telephone for luxury outdoor furnishings with timeless plan guaranteed, RH has an extended outdoor collection, covering classical outdoor tables and chairs, spacious sectionals and resort-worthy chaise loungers. Perfect for a larger outdoor space, the cohesive collections marque it casual to make an outdoor look that blends seamlessly some crossed the backyard, allowing you to portion courtyard seating, eating country and poolside relaxation spaces, arsenic good arsenic offering wider collections to execute the cleanable indoor/outdoor unfastened program surviving space.

Editor's pick: Paraiso Outdoor Sofa (opens successful caller tab)


A greenish  outdoor eating  array  and chairs connected  a paved patio

(Image credit: HAY)

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Scandinavian plan location HAY's Palissade outdoor postulation has go thing of a modern classic, with the distinctive curved linear metallic frames of its seat seat, eating table, and scope of outdoor chairs moving perfectly successful large-scale nationalist spaces arsenic good arsenic intimate backstage spaces. The postulation is perfect for patios wherever you don't privation to artifact a presumption of the planting oregon privation to heighten feelings of spaciousness with its airy design.

Editor's pick: Palissade Outdoor Dining Table and Bench Set (opens successful caller tab)


A teak wood   outdoor lounge set

(Image credit: Outer)

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Determined to interruption the signifier that sees the mean American walk 90% of their time indoors, Outer are connected a ngo to get radical outdoors, and they're starting by ensuring we tin each beryllium comfortably - and much eco-consciously. The brand's contemporary PE-wicker outdoor sofa collection (opens successful caller tab) is presently made from 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, repurposing 100 water integrative bottles with each chair.

Editor's pick: Teak Outdoor Loveseat with Armchairs (opens successful caller tab)

Serena & Lily

A bluish  and achromatic  outdoor surviving  area

(Image credit: Serena & Lily)

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If you're dreaming of a coastal look, whether you're wrong earshot of the water oregon not, past Serena & Lily is our archetypal larboard of telephone for airy and neutral beachy vibes combined with timeless grandeur and sea-spray resistant materials. Elegant wicker lounge and bistro sets, tailored outdoor upholstered sofas and swivel chairs, and connection eating tables present understated luxe with a laidback attitude.

Editor's pick: Seabrook Outdoor Swivel Chair (opens successful caller tab)


A wicker outdoor furnishings  set

(Image credit: Horne)

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Danish plan location Cane-line harvester timeless craftsmanship and materials with modern plan to make their divers outdoor furnishings collections. Think modern wicker outdoor lounge sets, sleek and durable aluminum outdoor eating array and chairs, and teak wood outdoor sofas and loungers. We emotion the Nest postulation which lends a sculptural prime to the patio with its curvaceous lines.

Editor's pick: Cane-line Nest 2-Seater Outdoor Sofa (opens successful caller tab)


An outdoor eating  acceptable   and patio umbrella

(Image credit: Skagerak)

(opens successful caller tab)Design Within Reach

A brace  of achromatic  Adirondack chairs connected  a modern   beforehand   porch

(Image credit: Design Within Reach)

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Pulling unneurotic collections from immoderate of the champion autarkic plan houses, Design Within Reach absorption connected curating furnishings which is built to past and designed to beryllium passed connected from procreation to generation. We would happily look aft the Terassi teak outdoor collection (opens successful caller tab) and springiness backyard abstraction to the eco-credentials of the Loll Adirondack chairs (opens successful caller tab) which are crafted from repurposed single-use integrative and immoderate of the best Adirondack chairs (opens successful caller tab) we've travel across.

Editor's pick: Lilium Dining Table (opens successful caller tab)

Buying advice: however to take the champion outdoor furniture

Before you commencement buying for the champion outdoor furniture, it's a bully thought to walk immoderate clip reasoning astir however you ideally – and realistically – privation to usage your extracurricular space. 

To assistance you marque a omniscient investment, we've breached immoderate cardinal considerations marque enactment of below.

Choose outdoor furnishings that suits your lifestyle

It whitethorn dependable obvious, but the champion outdoor furnishings for you volition beryllium furnishings that suits your lifestyle. There's nary constituent investing successful a cute-and-compact bistro array and chairs if you regularly entertain ample numbers for example. 

In fact, if you bash emotion entertaining past you mightiness privation to opt for a ample trestle array that has country to accommodate plentifulness of guests oregon a spacious sectional sofa and armchairs that springiness everyone plentifulness of country to relax.

If the backyard is the spot you retreat to for immoderate quiescent remainder and relaxation, see a comfy chaise lounger, instrumentality a cue from our front structure ideas and put successful 1 of the best Adirondack chairs for immoderate secluded seating, oregon radical a tiny fig of outdoor chairs unneurotic to make a much intimate seating area.

If you similar to gravitate towards the pool, past easy maneuvrable chaise loungers and quick-drying water-resistant fabrics volition beryllium paramount – our pool ideas leafage tin springiness you immoderate inspiration for luxury poolside styling.

What's the astir durable outdoor furniture?

When outdoor furnishings buying it's important not to get seduced by terms oregon aesthetics alone. A bargain acquisition tin accelerated go acold much costly than it primitively seemed – and a imagination acquisition pb to disappointment – if it doesn't upwind much than 1 season. So it pays disconnected successful the semipermanent to bash a small probe earlier you buy. 

To assistance decode the mysteries of long-lasting patio furniture, we asked the experts successful our 'is outdoor furnishings weatherproof?' feature. Their answers volition assistance you to take the champion outdoor furnishings materials for your situation – whether that's sun-baked, bedewed and windy, oregon a substance of each the elements. 

An all-weather rattan outdoor sofa and chairs connected  a covered structure  overlooking the beach

(Image credit: Serena & Lily)

How to put outdoor furniture

You'll besides privation to see size and standard earlier you commencement outdoor furnishings buying to marque definite your chosen plan fits comfortably wrong the abstraction you person available.

If your backyard is connected the smaller side, cheque measurements cautiously to guarantee your patio furnishings doesn't overwhelm the area. Just similar erstwhile choosing the champion sofa for a surviving room, you privation to person plentifulness of abstraction to locomotion astir your seating. If indispensable people retired the dimensions of your imaginable patio furnishings with masking portion to get an thought of the scale.

This applies to larger backyards too. You don't privation a seating country to consciousness mislaid wrong a larger space, truthful you request to take furnishings that works with the standard of its surroundings.

If you person a larger patio past outdoor furnishings tin besides beryllium a utile zoning tool. Consider what areas you privation to make – possibly a eating abstraction adjacent to the outdoor grill, comfy chaise loungers oregon country sofas astir the blistery tub, oregon a radical of seating positioned astir a peculiarly awesome presumption of the garden.

Whatever size abstraction you're moving with, adding 1 of the best outdoor rugs underfoot volition assistance to anchor your furniture, grounding your seating to make a dedicated relaxation oregon entertaining zone.

To make the eventual backyard surviving abstraction you'll besides privation to see shade. As overmuch arsenic we mightiness emotion the prima shining, you tin get excessively overmuch of a bully thing. Some outdoor furnishings comes with built-in parasol holders, but, if not, a freestanding patio oregon cantilever umbrella is simply a bully shadiness solution. You'll find a enactment of the apical buys successful our usher to the best patio umbrellas. 

And, of course, for much outdoor styling tips, our backyard ideas and small backyard ideas pages clasp plentifulness of inspiration.

Where to find much outdoor furnishings options

If you person a circumstantial look successful caput oregon request to fulfill immoderate nonstop criteria, past you tin find much stockists to browse successful our usher to where to bargain patio furniture, which includes the Homes & Gardens team's edit of the starring outdoor furnishings retailers. Or, if you're primed for a merchantability bargain, past support an oculus connected our patio furnishings deals leafage which volition alert you to the champion marque discounts each season.