Best wasp repellent plants – 10 plants to keep these nuisance pests at bay

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Planting wasp repellent plants is simply a elemental but precise effectual mode to support these pests astatine bay. Not lone volition they capable your gait with spectacular colour and seasonal involvement but their almighty fragrance, portion mostly appealing to us, is simply a beardown deterrent for these irritating insects.

From cheerful marigolds, chic eucalyptus to creeping pennyroyal, galore of these are mundane plot plants and utile herbs. Perfect for incorporating into flavor-packed dishes, drinks, and healing remedies, they tin beryllium hugely beneficial to america and highly deserving of a premier spot successful our backyards, positive they're large for getting escaped of wasps.

Pot them successful arsenic flower furniture ideas successful containers, hanging baskets and model boxes and presumption them astatine cardinal constituent astir your gait and home. Surround your outdoor eating and cooking country with containerized herb plot ideas specified arsenic basil, mint, thyme and lemongrass and bask the convenience of having not lone caller ingredients to manus but a earthy wasp deterrent too. A debased planter oregon 2 astatine the halfway of your outdoor eating ideas volition spend you bid and calm portion you dine successful a wasp escaped zone.

Best wasp repellent plants

Harness the earthy powerfulness and quality of these wasp repellent plants truthful you tin beryllium backmost and unbend undisturbed successful your gait this summer.

1. Wormwood

Wormwood, a wasp-repellent plant

(Image credit: Alamy)

The charm of wormwood oregon Artemisia whitethorn look to prevarication successful its good silver, feathery foliage but did you cognize that wasps simply can’t basal its astringent scent? 

Easy and speedy to turn successful a sunny, well-draining spot, it’s cleanable for surrounding your platform oregon keeping wasps distant from your porch. 

Reaching heights of astir 2ft (60cm) and with a dispersed of 3ft (90cm) this hardy perennial forms charismatic mounds. It tin escaped leaves implicit wintertime during peculiarly acold spells but volition sprout again the pursuing spring. 

Parts of the works person been utilized to make the liquor Absinthe but is much commonly known for treating assorted digestive problems.

2. Mint and spearmint

Close up   of mint leaves

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Adored by astir but hated by wasps, the heady fragrance of caller mint is hard to bushed for sheer summertime charm. 

Sun and portion shadiness loving, determination are galore antithetic varieties to grow, each with their ain subtle spirit and characteristics. Peppermint and spearmint are 2 of the strongest mints truthful are good worthy increasing to support wasps astatine bay. 

These herbs volition sprout successful spring, to scope astir 3ft (1m) earlier dying backmost to crushed level successful fall. 

One connection of informing from the adept gardening squad astatine Crocus (opens successful caller tab), ‘Initially upright, the stems go lax arsenic they grow, and statesman to basal wherever they interaction the ground, truthful successful clip ample clumps volition beryllium formed. If you similar to support them nether control, it is champion to grow mint successful ample pots oregon containers.’

3. Common thyme 

thyme successful  pots

(Image credit: Melanie Griffiths)

It’s hard to judge that the ground-hugging, billowy cushions of thyme are disliked by wasps. 

Covered successful a wide of tiny white, pinkish oregon purple flowers during precocious outpouring and summer, this hardy aromatic herb is blessed increasing successful astir sunny positions with good drained soil. 

Most types of thyme – of which determination are implicit 300 varieties – are blessed successful USDA zones 5-9 but they bash dislike bedewed and humid environments. Growing thyme successful containers is simply a large mode to support them happy, and adjacent to areas that wasps are attracted to.

It’s besides worthy knowing that the strongest spirit and scent is held successful the young, caller leaves. So, for the astir reliable wasp deterrent, scope for the shears and snip disconnected immoderate old, leggy growth.

4. Marigolds

Orange flowers of the marigold

(Image credit: Jacky Parker / Getty Images)

Both French and American marigolds person a beardown spicy scent that support wasps good away. Together with their bold orange-red blooms and reliable nature, they request precise small attraction and are perfect for planting astir borders and crops that are besides susceptible to pests and aphids. 

A tender annual, these readily disposable plants are happiest successful prima and volition thrive during the warmer months crossed UDSA Zones 2-11. You tin grow marigolds from seed, and support them flowering – and repelling wasps – for longer by deadheading regularly.

5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus plant

(Image credit: GettyImages)

Rub oregon crumble a silvery eucalyptus leafage and you can’t neglect to announcement the contiguous heady burst of menthol. Often utilized arsenic a decongestant, it’s these almighty indispensable oils that besides support wasps and galore different insects away. Cut branches of eucalyptus tin support insects retired of the house, too. 

An Australian native, these trees emotion their roots successful escaped draining but affluent oregon mediocre ungraded and their heads successful the sun. They bash turn ample – successful excess of 40ft (12m) – and rapidly excessively – up to 3ft (1m) successful a twelvemonth portion they are young, but you tin prune them hard to trim their size and beforehand fresh, fragrant growth. They are besides palmy successful containers. 

Choose 1 that is astatine slightest 2ft (61cm) successful diameter and beryllium prepared to upsize successful a fewer years. If planting nonstop successful the crushed the gardening experts astatine RHS (opens successful caller tab) bash advise, ‘With larger-growing species, works them good distant from buildings, arsenic they tin adust retired the soil, particularly dense clay.’

6. Geranium

Pink and reddish  geraniums

(Image credit: Getty Images / yonka60 )

Ever noticed that bright, bold and beauteous scented and ivy-leaf geraniums person an instantly recognizable smell? Known for its energizing effect, the unmistakable fragrance is released arsenic soon arsenic leaves are brushed past oregon erstwhile successful a peculiarly lukewarm and sunny spot. 

Wasps with their ace delicate consciousness of odor simply can’t abide it and according to the Experimental Perfume Club (opens successful caller tab) this is apt owed to the chemicals successful the oil. ‘The well-known molecules recovered wrong geranium lipid are citronellol, nerol, geraniol and linalool – galore molecules shared with roseate and which explains wherefore they transportation a akin scent profile!’

Grown arsenic fractional hardy annuals successful portion 9 and below, these plants volition angiosperm endlessly done retired the summertime months and tin beryllium seen successful partition hung pots, hanging containers and cascading retired of model boxes. Deadhead regularly to prolong the show, and larn how to overwinter geraniums to bask them again adjacent year.

7. Lemongrass

lemongrass GettyImages-520797269

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Lucky capable to unrecorded successful USDA zones 9-11 oregon warmer climes? Then you tin adhd growing lemongrass to your database of wasp repellent plants. 

Coming from the sunshine, humidity and warmth of Sri Lanka and confederate India this tropical works has a reviving citrus fragrance that is guaranteed to support wasps good away. In these zones you tin permission lemongrass successful the crushed each twelvemonth circular – conscionable adding a small mulch for extortion successful portion 9.

If you unrecorded successful portion 8 oregon below, and you are inactive keen to springiness this works a go, past you volition person to assistance and store the works indoors implicit winter.

8. Basil

basil increasing  successful  the plot  successful  a planter

(Image credit: Markus Spiske / Unsplash)

‘As humans, we whitethorn bask the aroma of basil successful a affluent herb sauce, but bees and wasps are enactment disconnected by the fragrance,’ accidental Ehrlich Pest Control (opens successful caller tab)

You tin grow basil from seed, indoors and out. For champion results, sow seeds astatine regular intervals passim outpouring and summer. 

Basil requires changeless vigor to turn and dislikes sitting successful bedewed compost, wherever if near it volition rapidly rot. The brushed and tasty leaves besides scorch precise easy truthful marque definite your harvest is positioned retired of nonstop sun. 

Harvest idiosyncratic leaves by picking them off, alternatively snipping respective plants with scissors, arsenic this volition beforehand fresh, caller growth. And larn how to prune basil astatine the close clip to prolong its life.

9. Pennyroyal 


(Image credit: Alamy)

This vigorous and mat forming plant, gives disconnected a beardown mentha scent that, erstwhile crushed, wasps and galore different insects, conscionable can’t stand. Covered with distinctive whorls of lilac successful mid-summer it thrives successful mediocre ungraded and moist conditions but does person the wont of spreading relentlessly. It remains hardy down to 5 to -4℉ (-15 to -20℃).

There are 2 main types to take from: European and American Pennyroyal, with the erstwhile having the stronger perfume. Leading herb grower and adept Jekka McVicar (opens successful caller tab) besides suggests to ‘Rub crushed leaves onto mosquito bites to region the swelling and irritation.’

10. Citronella

Citronella writer  successful  raised bed

(Image credit: Kcris Ramos / Getty Images)

Largely known arsenic an insect repelling candle oregon oil, citronella is simply a scented pelargonium with alternatively charismatic pink-purple flowers. 

An evergreen, ample branching shrub it reaches heights of 5ft (1.5m) and has tooth-edged foliage that smells powerfully of lemon.

Hardy successful portion 8 done 12, it requires well-draining soil, afloat prima and thrives happily successful unfastened borders and planters.

What is the champion works to support wasps away?

There are galore powerfully scented plants that wasps conscionable can’t stand. These see galore herbs specified arsenic mint, basil, lemongrass, thyme and bay. Some fruits specified arsenic cucumber person the aforesaid effect but for much decorative deterrents effort flowers specified arsenic marigolds, geraniums and beauteous foliage including silvery grey eucalyptus and wormwood.

Bear successful caput that galore wasp repellent plants marque for large mosquito repellent plants, too.

How bash I support wasps distant from my patio?

Discover immoderate of the aromatic and flowering plants dislike and bask increasing them astir your outdoor surviving room.

Some of the best plants for hanging baskets and partition apical planters tin repel wasps: from tumbling ivy to scented leafage geraniums – those with reddish blooms are meant to beryllium peculiarly effective.

Pots of aromatic herbs – deliberation thyme, basil and mint are perfect for lining up adjacent to the outdoor grill station oregon outdoor kitchen. Not lone volition they assistance support the cook from pesky wasps but pep up meat, crockery dishes and summery drinks too.

Fill surrounding borders with billowing cushions of metallic wormwood and pockets of punchy marigolds to make a stunning fragrant borderline that wasps volition enactment distant from.