Best winter pansies – 8 varieties to add seasonal color to your winter garden

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The champion wintertime pansies travel successful a immense scope of colors and combinations to capable your wintertime plot with overmuch needed colour and interest.

All pansies are portion of the viola household and they carnivore galore similarities, though pansy flowers are larger, whereas violas nutrient smaller but much plentiful blooms.

Easily retired blooming immoderate different wintertime flowering bedding plant, wintertime pansies and violas are a joyous show successful the plot successful the coldest and darkest months. It's casual to larn how to turn pansies, and they connection a immense assortment successful shades, often bicolored combinations, and patterns crossed their bosom shaped petals, making them a works lover's imagination and fantastic summation to winter plot ideas arsenic they are among the best wintertime plants for pots and borders.

Best wintertime pansies to plant

If you're planning a wintertime garden, you should decidedly see these debased increasing perennials successful your planting plans. Winter pansies and violas tin beryllium added to angiosperm beds and borders, utilized for container gardening ideas and are besides among  the best plants for hanging baskets. 

Winter pansies person been bred to withstand cooler temperatures and bloom successful the colder months. Know when to works pansies to get the astir from these delicate small blooms and widen the flowering play for arsenic agelong arsenic possible.

'Winter pansies, Viola x wittrockiana are a fashionable autumn angiosperm due to the fact that they are casual to turn and connection a wide scope of colors. Violas are akin successful signifier and coloring but smaller and person much blooms than pansies. Both bash good successful colder temperatures,' explicate the experts astatine Patuxent Nursery. (opens successful caller tab)

The cheery flowers volition bring a grin to your look and, successful fact, ‘the fascinating markings connected these beauteous plants are reminiscent of smiling faces,’ says plantswoman Sarah Raven (opens successful caller tab)

‘Their emotion of chill conditions makes them perfect for shady gardens,’ says Sarah. These deceptively hardy beauties volition past support plucking astatine your heartstrings done winter.

Plant immoderate of these champion wintertime pansies and violas successful your garden.

1. Heart’s Ease, Viola tricolor

viola tricolor heart's ease

(Image credit: photograph Jonathan Buckley)

Viola tricolor, Heart's Ease, is Sarah Raven's favourite edible flower, with delicate purple, pick and yellowish petals. And if you're moving precocious with sowings, don't worry, arsenic these delicate small wintertime pansies tin beryllium sown and grown astir immoderate period of the year, Sarah advises. Learn how to deadhead pansies to support them blooming for longer.

2. Viola x wittrockiana Matrix Solar Flare

Viola x wittrockiana Matrix Solar Flare

(Image credit: Alamy images)

Viola x wittrockiana Matrix Solar Flare are ample flowered pansies that person been bred to springiness outstanding show and nutrient a blaze of fiery colors, from reds and oranges merging into yellow, explicate the experts astatine Brookside Plant Nursery (opens successful caller tab).

While you tin presumption them successful afloat sun, similar each wintertime pansies, they similar partial shadiness truthful are bully options arsenic shade plants.

They tin bloom from September done wintertime depending connected the hardiness portion where you unrecorded and erstwhile they are planted.

3. Viola cornuta ‘Tiger Eye Red’ F1

Viola cornuta ‘Tiger Eye Red’ F1

(Image credit: / photograph Jonathan Buckley)

Viola cornuta ‘Tiger Eye Red’ F1 are 'prolifically cut-and-come-again, and support connected flowering for months astatine a stretch,’ says Sarah Raven.

These wintertime pansies marque immoderate of the best-ever tiny array halfway cookware fillers, she adds, and are besides a large bloom to usage if you're learning how to property flowers.

4. Viola cornuta ‘sorbet yellow’

Viola cornuta ‘sorbet yellow’

(Image credit: Nicola Stocken)

Viola cornuta 'sorbet  yellow' is among the modern varieties of wintertime pansies and violas, and the compact plants volition go smothered successful 1 inch blooms.  

'A upwind tolerant enactment successful a agleam color, it is cleanable for edging plot borders oregon planting successful pots and winter hanging handbasket ideas, accidental the experts astatine Brookside Nursery.

If you're wondering how to works a angiosperm bed, adhd these debased increasing blooms astatine the beforehand of the borderline wherever they won't beryllium mislaid among different flowers and foliage.

5. Viola cornuta ‘deltini chromatic bee’

Viola cornuta ‘deltini chromatic  bee’

(Image credit: Alamy Images)

Winter pansies and violas are among the best wintertime flowers, adding overmuch needed colour erstwhile astir of the plot is bare, whether populating beds oregon singing retired from pots, specified arsenic the joyous aureate and bronze patterned blooms of Viola cornuta ‘deltini chromatic bee’.

This assortment is 'ideal for wintertime flowering successful the South and West, and aboriginal outpouring successful the North,' explains the experts astatine Syngenta Flowers (opens successful caller tab) 

These wintertime pansies volition beryllium covered with masses of flowers, somewhat smaller successful size than immoderate different varieties.

6. Viola x wittrockiana 'Peach Shades' F1

Viola x wittrockiana 'Peach Shades' F1

(Image credit: / photograph Jonathan Buckley)

Viola x wittrockiana 'Peach Shades' F1 is a premix that brims with warming, brushed colours. ‘It’s 1 of my favourite instrumentality plants,’ says Sarah Raven.

These wintertime pansies volition angiosperm successful a sheltered spot from precocious wintertime each the mode done to spring, and are beauteous picked and added to floral arrangements.

Their gentle shades volition complement galore garden colour schemes if they are grown passim the year.

7. Viola cornuta ‘White perfection’

viola cornuta 'white perfection'

(Image credit: Future)

Viola cornuta ‘White perfection’ are precise hardy and turn to astir 6in (15cm) tall, with beautiful, large, ruffled flowers successful a pure, pristine white.

'They bring cheer to immoderate garden, and ne'er autumn retired of favour,' explicate the experts astatine Rangeview Seeds (opens successful caller tab)

These wintertime pansies volition angiosperm for agelong periods and look delightful arsenic edging and rockery plants. Added to which, 'they person an amazing, memorable scent,' accidental the Rangeview Seeds experts, truthful are a bully wintertime summation arsenic sensory plot plants.

8. Viola x wittrockiana Matrix Yellow Blotch 

Viola x wittrockiana Matrix Yellow Blotch

(Image credit: Alamy Images)

Winter pansy Matrix Yellow Blotch has large, agleam yellowish flowers with an charismatic cardinal blotch.

This bid retains wintertime pansies’ fantastic acold tolerance, but tin besides withstand warmer upwind and stay good branched and floriferous. 

They tin bloom from autumn done to spring, and nutrient much flowers per works than different pansies. It is simply a hard 1 to bushed for uniformity of timing and works habit.

What period bash you works wintertime pansies?

The champion period to works wintertime pansies depends connected however aboriginal and however agelong you privation them to commencement flowering.

The earlier wintertime pansies are planted, successful September oregon October, the bushier the flowers they produce, which volition past passim winter; however, you tin proceed to works them into precocious autumn and winter.

You tin commencement disconnected seeds successful mid to precocious summertime to transplant successful September oregon October. Plant seedlings 20cm isolated successful containers oregon angiosperm borders and h2o well. 

How precocious tin you works wintertime pansies?

You tin support planting wintertime pansies done the wintertime months and they volition bloom into spring, depending connected the variety, erstwhile they are planted and the clime wherever you live.

Planting wintertime pansies successful precocious fall and wintertime volition effect successful a riot of outpouring flowers, and they volition conscionable instrumentality a small longer to bloom.