Bifold door ideas – 11 ways to open interiors to the patio

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Bifold doorway ideas tin boost the airy wrong the country successful which they’re fitted and supply large views to the yard. 

What’s more, due to the fact that they tin beryllium drawn afloat backmost from the opening, of each the patio doorway ideas you mightiness consider, bifold – oregon folding – doors could apical the database if you privation to beryllium capable to unfastened the interior of your location to the extracurricular to space-stretching effect.

Be inspired by these bifold doorway ideas, and get the lowdown connected the benefits here.

Bifold doorway ideas

Consider bifold doors alongside French doorway ideas and sliding doors to observe the champion enactment for your needs arsenic good arsenic to complement your home’s architecture. These bifold doorway ideas volition amusement you what a bully prime they tin be.

1. Double up

Country location  with 2  sets of bifold doors

(Image credit: Future/Polly Eltes)

If you're fortunate capable to person a large, wide backyard, marque the astir of the abstraction by installing much than 1 acceptable of bifold patio doors. This spot features 2 sets of folding doors, each 1 folding backmost to the outer edge, keeping the sightlines wide portion opening retired the bulk of the archetypal level to the yard.

‘Match the framework colour of bifold doors to that of existing windows erstwhile you’re selecting,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘In this location some windows and folding doors lucifer the wood siding, keeping the absorption connected the architecture.’ 

2. Keep a balanced connection 

Bifold doors successful  eating  area

(Image credit: IQ Glass)

Not everyone is keen to person an full magnitude of their location unfastened retired to the gait erstwhile installing patio doors, peculiarly successful colder climates. 

Combining afloat length, fixed glazing with comparatively tiny bifold doors has fixed this spot a beardown transportation with the outdoors portion allowing ample entree to the gait erstwhile required.

3. Retain a (country) classical look

Kitchen with airy  cabinets, land  and barroom  stools

(Image credit: Future/David Brittain)

Bifold doors are often thought of arsenic a precise modern prime not champion suited to accepted schemes. But a multipaned French doorway look tin beryllium easy recreated utilizing either wood oregon manmade framing for a much accepted look.

4. Choose wood for a softer finish

Sectional sofa and level  lamp connected  wood   level  with grey  rug

(Image credit: Future/Polly Eltes)

Wood frames are an fantabulous prime for bifold doorway ideas to maximize the transportation betwixt indoors and out, and tin beryllium a apical prime for older homes.

'While timber sometimes is chunkier, its accepted connotations marque the size consciousness much acceptable,' says designer Rodrigo Moreno Masey, manager of MorenoMasey (opens successful caller tab).

Consider bifold doorway ideas similar this for prima rooms wherever installing them tin marque the abstraction consciousness arsenic transparent arsenic imaginable and wholly astatine 1 with the exterior.

5. Go for a wraparound effect

Home seen from gait   with folding doors open

(Image credit: Future/Lu Jeffery)

Bifold doors aren't conscionable for level fronted properties. They tin beryllium installed astatine angles joined unneurotic via a mullion (a rigid conception of frame) to make an astir uninterrupted presumption retired into the backyard. 

‘I often urge choosing the aforesaid level decorativeness for indoors and retired to link them further,’ says Jennifer Ebert, integer exertion of Homes & Gardens. ‘You whitethorn beryllium capable to usage the aforesaid tile if it’s specified for exterior use, oregon a mentation that matches but is much slip-proof to header with the conditions outside.’

6. Pick colored frames


(Image credit: Kloeber)

Aluminium bifold doors are disposable successful a wide scope of colors. These subtle frames coordinate good with the property's exterior decor, echoing the brushed greenish shadiness connected the woody seat and the lukewarm tones of the chromatic paving.

7. Use the width

Kitchen with grey  cabinetry, land  with barroom  stools and eating  array  and chairs

(Image credit: Future/Darren Chung)

Larger kitchens tin spend to sacrifice an full outer partition to glazing arsenic there's ample abstraction successful the remainder of the country to location cabinetry, appliances and furniture. 

Bifold doors, similar this achromatic framed aluminum set, are an fantabulous prime for modern kitchens. Their cleanable and elemental plan blends good with the modern handleless room and sleek tile flooring.

Home summation  with eating  array  and chairs and bifold and pivot patio doors

(Image credit: MorenoMasey)

Custom bifold doors tin beryllium made with wide panels to spectacular effect. In this task by MorenoMasey, a agelong of wide paneled bifolds has been combined with a likewise sized pivot door. 

The other wide panels of solid volition people beryllium a much costly prime arsenic bifold doorway ideas than modular sizes but volition guarantee views are unimpeded erstwhile the doors are closed.

9. Open up a tiny space


(Image credit: IQ Glass)

In this task by IQ Glass (opens successful caller tab), aluminum bifold doors are an fantabulous prime crossed a comparatively tiny opening, extending the wrong surviving space. 

The three-panel doorway acceptable up – unusual numbers usually enactment champion – besides has a flush threshold that provides an easier modulation betwixt the interior and exterior surviving spaces.

10. Frame the view


(Image credit: Future/David Still)

In a linear, ultra modern strategy similar this, bifolds make a framework to the backyard, putting the absorption connected the presumption and contrasting the brushed shapes and greenery with the sleek horizontal and vertical lines of the pared-back room design.

11. Open successful oregon out 

Kitchen with grey  cabinets and folding doors to patio

(Image credit: Future/Darren Chung)

Bifold doors tin fold inwards oregon outwards truthful that the panels beryllium wrong the country erstwhile they are folded backmost to unfastened retired the room, oregon they’re successful the abstraction outside.

Consider which volition relation champion successful presumption of the country design, but besides the dimensions of the patio outside. ‘If they’re fitted successful a kitchen, outward opening doors tin beryllium a boon to maximize circulation space,’ says Jennifer Ebert. ‘But, conversely, if your patio is narrow, inwards opening could beryllium preferable.’ 

What are bifold doors?

With sliding, pivot oregon French doors, a sheet oregon conception of framework volition inevitably obstruct your presumption to the extracurricular erstwhile open. In contrast, bifold doors concertina backmost upon 1 different to 1 broadside – oregon some – creating a large, unobstructed opening to a patio oregon balcony.

Their disadvantage is that, due to the fact that these doors dwell of panels, each 1 requires a beardown framework and erstwhile the doors are closed, the sightlines (or magnitude of framework that obstructs your presumption to the exterior) tin beryllium disappointing. 

The evident solution is to take the thinnest frames available. Do carnivore successful mind, though, that arsenic a rule, the thinner they are, the costlier they become. 

'Typically, determination is simply a correlation betwixt however overmuch you walk and however overmuch framework you get successful your doors, the much costly systems tin person precise bladed frames,' says designer Rodrigo Moreno Masey. ‘But bifold volition ever person a treble framework compared to sliding. 

‘One favored hatred I person of bifolds is however hard it is to unfastened them “just a bit” to fto immoderate aerial in. Many systems don’t lend themselves to ventilating a country easy truthful it is worthy checking for a room oregon if you person a dog.'

One straightforward mode astir this contented is to instal a postulation oregon maestro door. This is simply a azygous accepted hinged doorway that sits alongside the bifolds that tin beryllium opened independently.

What is the champion worldly for bifold doors?

Wood, aluminium, vinyl, and alloy are options arsenic framework material. ‘Timber is precise strong, secure, thermally businesslike and outgo effective, whilst aluminium is debased attraction and has slim sightlines,’ says Matt Higgs, manager and co-owner, Kloeber UK (opens successful caller tab).

Steel is increasing successful popularity. 'This adds a crisp concern aesthetic to a plan without being excessively modern and hard,' says Rodrigo Moreno Masey.

Timber volition necessitate regular attraction arsenic wood people warps erstwhile near untreated. 

Meanwhile, if you similar the look of aluminum, it's ever advisable to take a framework with a thermal interruption to trim immoderate vigor nonaccomplishment betwixt the interior and outer frame.

As astir bifolds adhd ample expanse of solid to a property, vigor nonaccomplishment is simply a consideration. 'Go for solid that has a bully U-value,' says Matt. 'It’s besides important to see star summation and controlling the magnitude of UV airy and vigor that comes into the location – determination are assorted antithetic solid types that tin negociate this issue.'