Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper review

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It's a fantastic happening erstwhile eco-friendly plan and axenic comfortableness travel together, and with the Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper, I'm blessed to study you get both.

After ordering the Birch archetypal mattress, I decided to springiness the brand's earthy topper a try, too. I similar a furniture that's a spot much plush, portion my hubby prefers 1 connected the steadfast side. The Birch mattress pad promises to adhd softness with 3" of latex and cotton. 

When the mattress arrived, we tried the furniture some with and without the topper, figuring we could conscionable instrumentality the topper if we didn't emotion it. But we some agreed the mattress was amended with the topper, and we kept it. A twelvemonth later, it's inactive connected the bed.

Here's why. 

Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper At A Glance

Firmness:  Plush-Medium
Type: Latex
Construction materials: Naturally sourced cotton, latex and wool
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Height: 3"
MSRP:  $300 - $550

There are a fewer reasons we went with the Birch mattress marque successful the archetypal place. For one, it's among the best mattress brands if you're looking for an organic, all-natural bed. Birch products are made up of materials similar GOTS-certified cotton, eco-INSTITUT-certified Talalay latex, and hypoallergenic integrated wool. The institution besides doesn't usage chemic occurrence retardants (or immoderate toxic chemicals, for that matter).

Aside from adding softness, I chose the Birch mattress topper was due to the fact that it's expected to beryllium heat- and moisture-wicking, and I thin to get blistery erstwhile I sleep.

Finally, portion Birch mattress products are connected the much costly side, they're besides good made and durable, which was besides important to maine arsenic I'm trying to chopped down connected wasteful spending an put alternatively successful fewer, amended items. 

If these things are important to you, past Birch is simply a marque you'll privation to cheque out.

Who volition the Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper suit? 

birch mattress topper

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Overall, the Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper is simply a large prime for those who privation a soft-but-supportive, eco-friendly, non-toxic mattress topper that volition last. 

Hot sleepers: The mattress topper is designed to people administer heat. Talaylay latex, 1 of the cardinal components of the mattress, is 7x much breathable than different types of latex, and the screen connected the mattress topper is made of wool, which is people moisture wicking. I switched to the Birch mattress setup from a representation foam mattress and find it stays overmuch cooler. Back and tummy sleepers. I slumber connected my stomach, and this mattress topper is simply a dream. It's supportive capable truthful I don't consciousness similar I'm sinking into it, but it inactive manages to consciousness soft. My hubby sleeps connected his backmost and besides gives it precocious ratings. Couples with antithetic firmness preferences: I chose it chiefly to soften the Birch archetypal mattress, which is medium-firm, and I similar a softer mattress. At theNon-Birch mattress owners: The Birch topper is designed to beryllium connected the Birch mattress, which is however I utilized it, but it tin beryllium utilized with different mattresses arsenic well.What’s the Birch Luxe Natural mattress similar to slumber on?

Overall comfortableness and firmness

If you've ne'er slept connected latex bedding before, the acquisition with this latex-based mattress topper volition beryllium somewhat antithetic than with a representation foam oregon a accepted down oregon fabric pillow top. Latex is astir springy to the touch, truthful it offers softness without that feeling similar you're sinking into the mattress, which I find is particularly the lawsuit with representation foam. 

At the aforesaid time, it's a much supportive topper than you'd get with thing similar goose down. It's a bully enactment for those looking for the Goldilocks experience: not excessively hard, not excessively soft.

Breathability and coolness

The Birch mattress topper is designed for breathability. It's fabric screen and wool comfortableness furniture are designed to wick moisture and administer heat, and Talaylay latex is known for it's vigor organisation properties arsenic well. 

As I mentioned, 1 of the reasons I switched from a representation foam mattress to the latex hybrid Birch Mattress was due to the fact that I recovered a representation foam mattress excessively blistery to slumber on. 

The latex hybrid was noticeably cooler, truthful I was a spot disquieted that adding a topper would marque the Birch mattress slumber hotter, but I recovered nary specified thing. The mattress topper is inactive acold cooler than a representation foam version.

Mattress cons

One con, aft utilizing this topper nightly for astir a twelvemonth now, determination is inactive a flimsy crease down the mediate of it betwixt wherever my hubby and I sleep. The crease is from the mode to mattress topper was folded and packed successful the box.

Because we person a king-size bed, each of america has capable country connected 'our side' that the crease isn't usually an issue. But, if 1 of america does transverse the large divide, it tends to consciousness similar there's a broad oregon expanse oregon thing bunched up underneath. 

Birch Luxe Natural mattress plan and construction

mattress topper adjacent  up

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As I've mentioned, this is simply a high-quality mattress topper. The materials are apical of the line, the stitching is choky and secure, and the worldly of the mattress topper is truthful brushed it's tempting to conscionable forego the sheets and curl up close connected apical of it.

The topper is made up of 3 layers:  an integrated fabric cover, a hypoallergenic wool furniture that doubles arsenic a occurrence retardant, and the Talalay latex basal layer.

All of the materials are responsibly sourced, and the fabric and wool layers are organic. 

Ordering, delivery, and acceptable up 

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Ordering and transportation is done done the mattress website. You simply take the size mattress topper you need, adhd it to your cart, and you're connected your mode to dreamland. Well, arsenic soon arsenic the mattress topper arrives, anyway. This takes astir a week.

Shipping is escaped via FedEx Ground, and Birch includes a escaped c offset recognition with the purchase, too, which helps little the biology interaction of shipping the product.

Set up of the mattress topper is besides precise easy. The mattress topper is dense, truthful it's a spot heavy, but thing I couldn't assistance connected my own. I'm a 5'7" pistillate who utilized to enactment out, aft all. Once it's retired of the box, you simply laic the topper connected your mattress. As I mentioned, determination are nary straps oregon mechanisms to connect the topper straight to the furniture (see above), which, connected the positive side, makes it precise casual to acceptable up. 

I added a mattress protector implicit the topper and my mattress, followed by a sheet, and setup was complete. 

One much note, I was a spot acrophobic that the deficiency of straps oregon buttons would marque the mattress topper determination astir a lot, but I was pleasantly amazed to find retired that it stays put.

Birch warranty and proceedings period

Like the remainder of its products, Birch offers a 100 nighttime slumber proceedings play for the mattress topper. If, aft 100 nights, you don't emotion the mattress topper, you tin instrumentality the merchandise for a afloat refund.

The mattress topper besides comes with a 10 twelvemonth warranty.