Bird house ideas – 10 homes for your feathered friends

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Incorporating immoderate of these vertebrate location ideas into the gait should beryllium a precedence for each gardener. By encouraging birds to marque your backyard their home, you volition beryllium providing them with a harmless spot to rise their young, helping to support the adjacent procreation of their species. 

A cardinal portion of immoderate wildlife plot ideas, a vertebrate location tin beryllium installed astatine immoderate clip of year, though the optimum clip is precocious February, conscionable earlier the birds commencement looking for a spot to physique their nests.

'Individual taxon often necessitate circumstantial sizes and designs of nest boxes. If you question to people definite birds, see searching online for blueprints oregon for well-reviewed nest boxes listed for sale,' says Marc Parnell, writer of The Birding Pro's Field Guides.

Bird location ideas

With its rectangular shape, sloped extortion and tiny spread successful the front, we are each acquainted with accepted vertebrate location ideas. However, this benignant of container is lone utilized by a proportionality of birds, specifically those who people marque their nests successful histrion cavities. So portion the accepted nest container is simply a bully summation to the yard, you besides request to deliberation astir catering for the different birds who sojourn using, for example, cup-shaped nesters for swallows oregon platforms for hummingbirds. Think bird bath ideas, too, to support them happy.

1. Opt for a classical vertebrate house

bird location   with bird

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The classical vertebrate location is simply a large prime for the backyard. Creating a invited location for wrens, bluebirds, purple martins and galore more, they are a speedy and casual mode to marque your gait much vertebrate friendly. 

'Wood is the champion worldly for vertebrate houses, the rougher the better. It’s good to overgarment the extracurricular – paint volition assistance the location endure the elements longer – but the wrong should stay arsenic untreated earthy wood,' says Kevin Lenhart, plan manager astatine Yardzen. 'Also drill a fewer tiny holes, astir ⅛ to ¼in (3 to 6mm) diameter, successful the sides to supply ventilation.'

2. Pick an unfastened nest box for bluish jays and robins

open nest container  connected  a ceramic  partition  surrounded by climbing plants rspb

(Image credit: RSPB)

Blue jays, American robins and doves each gravitate towards open-style nest boxes. While accepted nest boxes person a tiny spread done which birds tin travel and go, unfastened nest boxes lone person a fractional broadside astatine the front. 

Due to its open-fronted design, the close positioning is vital. In a video for BBC's Gardener’s World, Monty Don recommends selecting a spot that feels secluded and hidden but with bully access. ‘If you’ve got a partition with a roseate increasing up it oregon immoderate ivy, you could enactment a container down the roseate – that would beryllium ideal,' helium says.

It is besides important to guarantee that the nest container is protected from winds and atrocious upwind arsenic the eggs and chicks volition beryllium much susceptible than those successful closed nest boxes. 

bird container  successful  garden

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When adding vertebrate location ideas to your backyard, it is important to guarantee that it’s protected against predators. A secluded place, distant from beardown winds and nonstop sunlight, volition support the vertebrate location astatine a regular temperature. It is besides cardinal that you spot it successful a hidden spot, distant from the scope of predators. Consider positioning it successful the foliage of a histrion oregon successful amongst a hedge to connection a unafraid location.

The threats aren't conscionable from the upwind and mammals though; different birds tin besides predate connected smaller species. ‘Woodpeckers tin bore successful to get astatine the young,’ says Monty Don for Gardener's World, ‘so it’s a bully thought if you’re putting a vertebrate location up successful your plot to get a metallic plate, and spot it astir the spread to enactment arsenic a protection.’

4. Add a nesting ceramic into your location for swifts

swift nesting ceramic  successful  house

(Image credit: Alamy)

The fig of swifts person been successful steep diminution successful caller years, and 1 of the reasons for this is simply a deficiency of nesting sites. Swifts mate for beingness and physique their nests successful the aforesaid tract each year. However, they bash not usage accepted nest boxes and are renowned for their pickiness.

Special swift nest boxes tin beryllium added to the eaves of your location oregon your shed ideas, truthful agelong arsenic they are placed astatine slightest 16ft (5m) from the ground. These agelong rectangular wood boxes person a tiny lozenge-shaped introduction spread which is designed to fto the swifts participate but support starlings out. Inside the container besides features a tiny interior nest cupful to promote the swifts to marque the container their home. 

However, these outer nest boxes are not the preferred nest enactment for swifts. Swifts similar to nest wrong houses and eaves, truthful if you’re exploring home summation ideas oregon are gathering a caller property, past see installing a swift brick, similar that above. These bricks diagnostic a tiny spread that leads to a ample cavity successful which the birds tin nest. Positioned precocious successful the walls of your location oregon addition, they connection a harmless spot for swifts to rise their young. 

5. Think astir nesting pockets

giant roost pouch  vertebrate  box

(Image credit: Sue Ryder)

While nest boxes are made retired of wood, nesting pockets, besides known arsenic roosting pouches, are made from earthy woven works and wood fibers. While astir vertebrate houses are designed for the birds to rise their brood, these pockets are much popularly utilized arsenic a spot successful which the birds tin remainder overnight, protected from the cold, upwind and rain, and from predators. Though these roosting pouches are chiefly utilized by a azygous vertebrate to sleep, immoderate birds whitethorn determine to physique their nests here, too.

6. Consider a hanging vertebrate house

hanging woody  nest box

(Image credit: Gardenesque)

Hanging vertebrate houses are an often overlooked mode to adhd 1 of these to your yard. Rather than being fixed to a histrion oregon post, it’s hung from a histrion oregon bracket. 

There are galore benefits to installing a hanging vertebrate location successful your backyard, including greater extortion from predators. These vertebrate houses are often kept cooler, too, arsenic they are much shaded successful the tree's canopy. Hanging the nest container successful a higher presumption besides makes it easier for fledglings arsenic they don't person to person immoderate clip connected the crushed earlier heading into the trees.

Decided to instal 1 of these hanging vertebrate houses? Be definite to regularly inspect its fixings to guarantee it remains securely attached. 

7. Select a cup-shaped nest for swallows

swallow successful  nest

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Barn oregon cliff swallow's nests look to defy gravity. Constructed from mud and grass, past lined with feathers, the birds make a cup-shaped nest they connect to the eaves of barns and sheds oregon the overhangs of cliffs.

However, it is getting progressively hard for swallows to physique their nests – our buildings and barns person go much unafraid with little introduction points for the birds and drier springs person led to a alteration successful the availability of suitable nest-building mud. As gathering nests becomes harder, it means these birds person to expend a batch much energy, astatine a clip erstwhile nutrient is not arsenic plentiful, meaning galore volition conflict to physique sufficiently unafraid nests successful which they tin laic their eggs. 

Installing cup-shaped terracotta nests to your front structure ideas, eaves oregon outbuildings tin person a transformative effect. Mimicking the size and signifier of the nests that swallows physique for themselves, they supply a framework connected to which the swallows tin adhd their ain nests. 

Simply connect the cupful to a partition oregon extortion overhang, leaving astatine slightest 2.4in (6cm) of escaped abstraction supra truthful that the swallows tin travel and spell with ease. If you're readying connected having much than 1 nest cup, marque definite they are positioned astatine slightest 3.2ft (1m) apart.

8. Bring successful a woodpecker nest box

baby woodpecker looking retired  of nest

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Woodpeckers are known for pecking holes successful trees to marque their nests but this tin origin superior problems, damaging trees and inviting disease. Offering a safer alternate tin assistance debar these issues portion inactive providing woodpeckers with a location successful your yard.

At archetypal glance, a woodpecker location looks similar a ample hanging log. However, this log has really been hollowed retired and blocked disconnected astatine either extremity to make a agelong conduit with a tiny spread successful the front. These holes are overmuch excessively tiny for woodpeckers to enter, but alternatively enactment arsenic a starting point, enabling the woodpeckers to found their ain nests, conscionable arsenic they would successful the earthy world.

9. Try a hummingbird nest builder

baby hummingbird opening   rima  for nutrient  from mother

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Hummingbird nests, similar the birds themselves, are tiny. In fact, they are smaller than a postage stamp. Unlike different taxon of birds who physique their nests from sticks and twigs, hummingbirds physique theirs from cobwebs and moss, on with recovered carnal fur, stray feathers and cotton. 

Consider adding a hummingbird nest builder to your yard. They don't connection a structure but alternatively diagnostic 2 spikes astir which the hummingbirds tin trade their nests. These spikes assistance to unafraid the nest successful place, protecting the hummingbird eggs and babies from being blown away. The nest builder besides features a small spot of nesting material, attached down a ligament grate, to pull the hummingbirds and assistance with their nest building.

10. Provide a tiny vertebrate location for chickadees

chickadee leaving a painted vertebrate  box

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If you're looking for vertebrate location ideas for chickadees, size is key. It should person an opening that is 1.125in (2.9cm) successful diameter and positioned betwixt 4 and 6in (10 and 15cm) from the level of the vertebrate box. The container itself should beryllium astir 8in (20cm) gangly and 5in (13cm) deep.

'Place your nest container from 5 to 15ft (1.5 to 4.6m) supra the crushed and distant from prevailing winds,' urge experts astatine Nest Watch. 'You tin besides spot an inch (2.5cm) of wood shavings connected the container level to marque it much inviting to chickadees.'

Bird location coating ideas

It is not indispensable to overgarment your vertebrate house. ‘Most vertebrate boxes are made of wood and volition beryllium good erstwhile hung successful their earthy state. Untreated and unpainted wood astir intimately resembles birds’ earthy nesting environments,’ says Becky Rackstraw, manager astatine overgarment institution Protek. 

However, if you privation to springiness a vertebrate location a decorative interaction oregon assistance it blend into your garden colour schemes, it is important that you take a overgarment that is harmless for wildlife; water-based oregon latex-based overgarment are bully options. ‘Oil-based treatments tin proceed to springiness disconnected fumes and VOCs for rather a agelong clip aft treatment, truthful these are champion avoided,' advises Becky.  Also debar coating your vertebrate location a acheronian colour arsenic this volition sorb excessively overmuch vigor and tin origin the vertebrate location to overheat.

Painting a vertebrate location tin besides assistance to prolong its beingness by preventing mold and h2o ingress. 'While unpainted hardwood vertebrate houses, specified arsenic those made from cedar oregon cypress, volition withstand the upwind rather good and tin past for years, softwood vertebrate houses made of conifer oregon plywood tin rot rapidly successful bedewed upwind and truthful would past longer with a overgarment of paint. Don’t dainty the wood with a preservative, but you tin usage a debased VOC stain oregon overgarment to assistance shield it against the elements and prolong the beingness of the box,' adds Becky.

bird container  successful  garden

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What is the champion worldly for a vertebrate house?

Wood is the champion worldly for a vertebrate house. Breathable and akin to their earthy nesting sites, wood is an affordable and sustainable option. 'Materials specified arsenic integrative oregon metallic tin trap moisture and nutrient unhealthy somesthesia spikes, which tin trim the agelong word viability of the nestlings,' explains Marc Parnell.

There are 2 main exceptions to the rule. For half-cup swallow nests, terracotta, wood chromatic oregon resin are preferable materials and for swift bricks a foamed cement with a coagulated facing are the materials of choice. 

What is the champion spot to enactment a vertebrate house?

The champion spot to enactment a vertebrate location is defined by the structure provided astir it. 'Nest boxes are often champion positioned successful a determination astatine slightest 66ft (20m) from immoderate vertebrate feeders (to trim the hazard of funny visitors disturbing the nest), and adjacent plentifulness of earthy shelter, specified arsenic heavy shrubbery oregon low-hanging branches,' says Marc Parnell.

Direction is besides a cardinal consideration. The absorption a vertebrate nesting container should look volition apt beryllium impacted by the presumption of buildings and trees. ‘The fig 1 regularisation is ne'er to presumption a nest container wherever it gets day-long nonstop sunlight,’ adds Nicholas Watts, proprietor of Vine House Farm Bird Foods. ‘So debar south-facing aspects, positive besides exposed west-facing aspects, which are apt to get blasted by upwind and rain. The perfect presumption is simply a sheltered northbound oregon north-easterly aspect.'