Bird motifs are trending – here's why they're taking off this season

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It is nary astonishment that vertebrate motifs are trending this 2022. This carnal represents freedom, optimism, and the quality to flight – each of which are (understandably) astatine the forefront of our minds this year. 

The bird's ageless symbolism has appeared everyplace – from aboriginal Biblical texts and Shakespearean plays to hand-painted Victorian wallpaper; this motif is surely much than a fleeting feature. We caught up with immoderate of our favourite experts to find retired however to incorporated this whimsical interior plan trend into your scheme. 

Why are vertebrate motifs trending?

Bird motif printed wallpaper

(Image credit: Elizabeth by Travers)

'The resurgence of vertebrate motifs for interiors are inspired by the tendency for flight and healing that quality provided to america during the aboriginal days of the pandemic, and our tendency to bring them indoors,' explains Allison Block, Travers Creative Director (who worked with Zimmer + Rohde to plan the people above). 

The large outdoors whitethorn person brought comfortableness to galore during the turbulence of the erstwhile 2 years, but its creatures person ne'er felt truthful sought aft – and this play is the astir due clip to reinvite quality backmost into your decorating ideas. 

Bird motif printed wallpaper

(Image credit: Colefax and Fowler)

'Whether exotic oregon not, vertebrate patterns bring the thought of state and lightness,' adds Olivia Deruelle, the Design Director for Manuel Canovas. They designed the people supra with Colefax and Fowler – and it's acceptable to predominate our wallpaper ideas for a agelong clip to come.

'[Birds] unfastened up to an endless position and soothing entity inheritance and suggest a privation of flight to the outside,' the decorator adds.

How to benignant vertebrate motifs successful your location  

Bird motif printed wallpaper

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

1. Incorporate the motif into your fabric 

Perhaps the easiest mode to benignant vertebrate motifs successful your strategy is done fabrics. These prints brace good alongside assorted colour ideas – from neutral tones to integrated hues that further stress the motif's narration to nature. 

'Bird patterns blend successful easy successful a transitional decoration style, mixed with caller and modern tones, earthy oregon painted wood, and earthy look fabrics similar stonewashed linen,' Olivia suggests.

2. Whimsical model dressing

Bird motif printed wallpaper

(Image credit: 'Ellingham' by GP & J Baker)

In a akin mode to printed fabric, vertebrate motif model dressings stay a time-honored mode to bring this motif into your scheme. We suggest opening with GP & J Baker's Ellingham design (pictured above), which epitomizes this nineteenth-century connection with a modern twist. 

Ellingham from Baker Lifestyle is simply a pretty, romanticist hand-painted plan featuring herons, ducks, and h2o lilies with a consciousness of whimsy,' says Ann Grafton, the Creative and Managing Director astatine GP & J Baker. 'I judge that designs including delicate, painterly birds successful stylized, naturalistic settings entreaty to our existent temper for a instrumentality to quality and relaxed, informal living.'

3. Invest successful a symbolic connection portion  

Bird motif printed wallpaper

(Image credit: Kit Kemp / Firmdale Hotels)

Nobody knows however to curate a focal constituent rather similar Kit Kemp. So, it is unsurprising that the decorator has turned this motif into a striking connection portion – exhibited successful her Rockin' Robin collection with Porta Romana (seen above). 

'We designed this postulation during the lockdown, truthful successful hindsight, it seems rather fitting that a Robin signifies anticipation and 'good things to come,' Kit shares successful her blog. 'Each plan has a branch-like frame, softened with integrated twine, accompanied by a beautifully crafted funky robin and a glorious lukewarm glowing egg. It's our mode of bringing the extracurricular in.'

This motif is acceptable to instrumentality formation into your surviving room, kitchen, and bedroom ideas, and the experts couldn't beryllium happier.