Black and white living room ideas – 13 monochrome looks that make a statement

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Black and achromatic surviving country ideas are fashionable with those looking for a blase and timeless feel. 

A classical and versatile pairing, achromatic and achromatic tin beryllium utilized to make myriad interior looks, from Parisian chic to mid-century modern, plus, the two-tone operation works good with astir each shadiness connected the colour wheel.

Here we've rounded up an array of living country colour ideas (opens successful caller tab) that clasp the monochrome palette alongside immoderate tips from the experts to assistance you maestro two-tone decorating.

Black and achromatic surviving country ideas – 13 connection looks to inspire

Black and achromatic surviving country ideas tin beryllium tricky to get right, the cardinal is to archetypal determine connected the look and temper you privation to make arsenic this volition dictate the tones and the proportions of achromatic and achromatic you use. Do you privation a calming sanctuary to retreat to astatine the extremity of a engaged day, oregon a luxurious strategy with play and wow-factor? 

Used successful isolation successful their axenic form, the achromatic and achromatic pairing is cleanable for creating a head-turning look, but, by introducing a bid of antithetic shades from the tonal spectrum, from off-white and grey done to charcoal, there's scope to make an array of antithetic looks.

A neutral pairing, decorating with achromatic and white is simply a large basal for layering prints, accent colors, antiques, artwork and cherished possessions, but the two-tone operation tin besides marque for a striking strategy utilized successful isolation, oregon with greys arsenic portion of a monochrome design.

1. Use achromatic arsenic an accent successful a achromatic room

Decorating with white

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

Decorating with white is guaranteed to marque your living country ideas consciousness airy and bright, making it a fashionable prime for small surviving rooms. For a chic, modern look, see punctuating the abstraction with stark achromatic and achromatic accessories, furnishings and lighting and artwork. 

Using axenic achromatic and achromatic arsenic portion of a high-contrast look is simply a superb mode to bring luxury, but it tin sometimes consciousness acold and stark. In this space, a deep-pile achromatic and achromatic rug and agelong flowing curtains assistance bring an constituent of softness.

2. Balance achromatic with black

Black and achromatic  surviving  country   with accent chair

(Image credit: Future)

All-white open-plan surviving rooms tin consciousness immense and deficiency a focal point, but introducing ample blocks of achromatic tin assistance anchor the abstraction and marque it consciousness much balanced. In this scheme, a sleek, debased achromatic couch, unneurotic with a achromatic partition panel, assistance to specify the surviving country portion inactive keeping it feeling unfastened and contemporary. 

3. Add a bold accent color

Black and achromatic  surviving  country   with modern  yellowish  armchairs

(Image credit: Future)

White surviving rooms are superb spaces for introducing bold accent colour ideas, particularly erstwhile they diagnostic high-contrast operation of achromatic and achromatic oregon graphic prints. Primary colors specified arsenic yellow, bluish and reddish enactment peculiarly good with stark achromatic and white, and are fashionable accent colors for mid-century modern surviving country ideas. 

In this modern surviving room, the connection acerb yellowish chairs and a achromatic and achromatic zig zag rug enactment unneurotic to make a playful and engaging space.

4. Combine shades of grey for a softer look

Living country   with ceiling lighting

(Image credit: Bergman Design House)

Pure achromatic and achromatic is simply a bold operation which tin consciousness stark and beryllium hard to unrecorded with. Decorating with grey successful varying tones is an casual mode to execute a softer instrumentality connected the monochrome surviving room. 

In this space, the textured grey rug, lukewarm grey walls and grey fireplace each assistance soften the beardown achromatic lines and shapes wrong the room.

5. Use achromatic and achromatic successful a mid-century scheme

Living country   plan  by Jamie Nesbitt-Webber

(Image credit: Jamie Nesbitt-Webber / Photographer Regan Wood )

Sculptural furnishings with beardown architectural lines and biomorphic shapes are iconic features of mid-century modern decor – if you're readying to furnish with these iconic pieces, alongside vibrant artworks, past opting for a elemental achromatic and achromatic backdrop is an effectual mode to amusement them off, arsenic demonstrated successful this strategy by Jamie Nesbitt-Weber (opens successful caller tab)

'The vintage Arne Norell Sirocco chairs from Sweden and George Nelson slat seat paired with the caller modern Striad Lounge Chair and grid patterned Kasthall tufted Swedish rug springiness this country a mid-century aesthetic,' says the NYC-based interior designer. 'The agleam primary colors successful the creation and accessories are a fantastic opposition against the  white walls and achromatic slate floor.'

6. Bring softness with elegant curves

A whiteliving country   with achromatic  sofa, achromatic  java  array  and achromatic  chandelier

(Image credit: Arteriors)

Opting for living country furniture and lighting with sinuous curves tin marque a fantastic antidote to high-contrast achromatic and achromatic colour schemes. In this minimalist surviving room, the elongated sofa, java table, broadside array and armchair each boast beauteous rounded silhouettes which assistance temper the two-tone drama. 

To support the country feeling clutter-free, sleek and sophisticated, the walls person been kept bare and alternatively a sculptural living country ceiling light serves arsenic a portion of functional art.

'This play we’ve seen a increasing inclination for oversized fixtures and fittings, peculiarly pendants and lamps. Statement lighting adds a wow origin and successful the lawsuit of pendant lights, helps to gully the oculus up to make a feeling of abstraction and luxury,' says Helen Pett, plan ambassador astatine Arteriors (opens successful caller tab).

7. Introduce signifier with upholstery

living country   with achromatic  and achromatic  houndstooth cheque  mid period  armchairs successful  Victorian mews location   successful  London with modern  interior designed by Kitesgrove

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Covering a living country sofa oregon a brace of armchairs successful patterned, monochrome cloth is simply a gentle mode to adhd texture and involvement to a two-tone scheme, arsenic demonstrated successful this abstraction designed by Kitesgrove.

'We chose these Jaggar armchairs from Pure White Lines (opens successful caller tab) upholstered successful a classical duotone houndstooth to introduce visual interest and nuance to the space,' says Clara Ewart, caput of plan astatine Kitesgrove (opens successful caller tab). 'Houndstooth is simply a bold yet timeless pattern, and the fabric’s jagged geometry works good connected the armchair’s curved mid century design, helping to specify the layered and distinctive quality of the space.' 

'To support the achromatic and achromatic surviving country feeling cozy, the abstraction has been softened with a assortment of earthy materials including lukewarm woody furniture, portion a agelong heap wool rug, and quieter accents specified arsenic the textured cushions and the plants to bring the abstraction together,' adds Clara. 

8. Create play with achromatic walls

Living country   diagnostic   partition  successful  Rebel by Crown

(Image credit: Crown)

For a melodramatic instrumentality connected the monochromatic country surviving room, effort coating your walls achromatic and utilizing achromatic arsenic the accent color. While radical often shy distant from curating a predominantly black surviving room, it tin beryllium a large mode of making this household abstraction consciousness much intimate and cocooning, particularly if warmed up with brownish wood, arsenic done here.

'Dark colors person go much mainstream – charcoal tin truly springiness a country a feeling of luxury and sophistication and works amazingly good successful a tiny country to springiness it immoderate grandeur,' says Justyna Korczynska, elder decorator at Crown (opens successful caller tab).

'We consciousness achromatic adds drama, spot and solidity to a space. It tin either beryllium utilized to make a bold living country diagnostic wall, oregon if that isn’t your benignant it tin beryllium incorporated successful much subtle ways via accessories and furniture.'

9. Add a decorative wallpaper

Black surviving  country   with monochrome wallpaper

(Image credit: Lisa Cohen / Future)

Monochrome wallpapers are a fabulous mode to present signifier and texture to achromatic and achromatic schemes. When choosing living country wallpaper ideas deliberation bout standard – elaborate architectural designs specified arsenic this are large for adding involvement without dominating, alternatively large-scale florals volition bring play and wow-factor. 

To framework the plan see coating the skirting oregon doorframe successful a acheronian color. 'Blacks and acheronian greys enactment fantastically good connected woodwork, skirting oregon arsenic a item stripe successful spot of a dado rail, adding explanation and opposition to a plan scheme,' says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene (opens successful caller tab)

10. Introduce achromatic furniture

white surviving  country   with achromatic  bookcases

(Image credit: Corine Maggio / CM Natural Designs)

Painting furnishings oregon architectural features successful a contrasting colour to the walls is simply a superb mode to adhd instant extent and operation to surviving space, arsenic demonstrated successful this strategy by interior decorator Corine Maggio, wherever the living country shelving has been picked retired successful black.

'This is 1 of my favourite surviving rooms we've done due to the fact that it's truthful stately without being stuffy. The built-in bookcases were existing, but we painted them and added the golden wallpaper to fortify that partition and abstracted them from the fireplace,' says Corine Maggio, laminitis of CM Natural Designs (opens successful caller tab).

'The remainder of the furnishings we kept neutral with conscionable a flimsy hint of orangish present and there. The neutral elements, which play connected some modern and accepted forms are meant to consciousness arsenic though they were acquired implicit time.'

11. Add a assemblage wall

living country   with reddish  seat  and assemblage   wall

(Image credit: Corine Maggio / CM Natural Designs)

Hanging a bid of achromatic and achromatic photographs successful graphic achromatic frames is simply a speedy and casual mode to make an eye-catching gallery wall.

'Despite being a rental, the lawsuit wanted a abstraction that made an interaction which is however we settled connected the level to ceiling achromatic and achromatic images. It had the added payment of hiding the living country TV,' says Corine Maggio of this space. 'We besides added play by layering arsenic overmuch arsenic felt reasonable. The abstraction feels affluent and lively due to the fact that of this maximalist approach.'

'One of the fewer pieces the clients already had was the burgundy chairs, truthful successful bid to incorporated them, we had to either truly clasp a batch of colour oregon fto them sing by neutralizing the remainder of the space, which is what we yet decided on,' adds Corine.

11. Layer the pattern

White surviving  country   with achromatic  sofa, greenish  cushions and achromatic  and achromatic  geometric rug

(Image credit: Interior by Anne Hepfer / Photograph by Stacey Brandford)

In this achromatic and achromatic scheme, interior decorator Anne Hepfer (opens successful caller tab) has utilized signifier liberally to make abstraction afloat of involvement and personality. A bold geometric living country rug sets the tone, portion decorative room details are besides introduced on the basal of the sofa, implicit cushions and done the chairs, which are upholstered successful a leopard-print design. A chimney bosom with marble-effect wallpaper besides adds to the layers of pattern.

For those that emotion signifier but are cautious of hanging wallpaper, a bold rug is an effectual alternative. A graphic achromatic and achromatic geometric plan tin bring instant wow-factor to a space, however, it tin easy beryllium rolled up and switched if tastes change. Patterned rugs besides also large for mundane spaces arsenic they tin disguise stains and deterioration and tear. 

13. Use achromatic to portion an area

Black and achromatic  surviving  country   with a marble fireplace

(Image credit: The New Design Project)

In this scheme, NYC decorator Fanny Abbes from The New Design Project  (opens successful caller tab) has cleverly utilized a paint idea to instrumentality the eye.

'Black was utilized arsenic the earthy concealer of the TV stand – hidden successful plain sight. However, to marque it much of a plan feature, alternatively than conscionable a specified achromatic wall, we added achromatic millwork and decorative shelving. If anything, we didn’t soften the opposition connected this information of the wall, we afloat committed.' 

How bash you liven up a achromatic and achromatic surviving room?

Adding an accent colour is an casual mode to liven up a achromatic and achromatic surviving room, and luckily, arsenic achromatic and achromatic are some neutral tones, the operation works good with astir shades connected the color wheel. 

For stark achromatic and achromatic schemes, adding successful superior colors and bold jewel tones specified arsenic teal, emerald green, cobalt and orangish tin look peculiarly effective. Alternatively, brushed blush pinkish and myriad greys are harmless choices for creating a softer much feminine look.

'If you’re looking to present colour into your interior, see coating a portion of furniture oregon adding a highlight to woodwork in an different monochromatic scheme,' says Ruth Motttershead. 

However, accents don't conscionable person to beryllium colors – adding successful hints of metallic into a monochrome strategy is simply a fantastic mode to bring warmth. for a interaction of glamorous effort adding successful a gilt reflector framework oregon brass airy fittings, alternatively conscionable elemental accessories similar elemental metallic candlesticks tin beryllium capable to assistance the look. 

How to bash you benignant a achromatic and achromatic surviving room?

How you benignant a achromatic and achromatic surviving country depends connected the temper and look you are trying to create. If you are utilizing axenic achromatic and achromatic arsenic portion of a melodramatic high-contrast strategy see opting for curved furniture, tactile fabrics and plentifulness of cushions arsenic good arsenic pops of monochrome signifier to soften the look. 

Bold accent colors volition enactment good against the beardown two-tone look if you're seeking to make impact, portion much muted accent colors volition assistance calm the scheme. Mustard, olive and blush pinkish volition bring colour without overpowering the look and volition enactment peculiarly good arsenic portion of a softer monochrome strategy which layers antithetic grey tones.