Black kitchen ideas – 14 tips for dramatically beautiful cooking spaces

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Don’t beryllium acrophobic of shadows, due to the fact that these achromatic room ideas volition marque that travel implicit to the acheronian broadside wholly worthy it. 

If you’re looking for kitchen ideas that dabble successful some style-forward play and calming poise, the undeniable chic of achromatic is the cleanable fit. 

‘Like the enduring ‘little achromatic dress’, a achromatic room is simply a classical which volition basal the trial of time,’ says Richard Atkins, Managing Director astatine DesignSpace London. 

‘These deep, striking tones tin alteration the temper of a abstraction and springiness a consciousness of quiescent and calm that cossets and cocoons,’ adds Jonathan Stanley, Vice President of Marketing UK & EMEA astatine Caesarstone. ‘Not lone that, but they besides make an ambiance that encourages america to stitchery and devour and drink.’

Black room ideas

From stunning materials that volition adhd extent to your abstraction to the added extras that volition marque a acheronian room dazzle, we recovered immoderate stylish inspiration for your achromatic kitchen, and asked the experts to explicate wherefore achromatic should person a spot connected your database of apical kitchen colour ideas. 

1. Make a luxurious connection with achromatic marble

A achromatic  room  thought  with ample  achromatic  marble land  and achromatic  cabinets

(Image credit: Eggersmann)

Carrara-style achromatic and grey marble has been making its beingness felt each implicit white room ideas successful caller years, but don’t neglect its darker counterpart. Black marble tin marque a striking interaction successful a kitchen, whether it’s done the white-flecked patterns of marquina, the golden lightning bolts of Noir Saint Laurent, oregon the luxurious crackle oregon Nero Portoro. In this illustration by Eggersmann Design, the stunning marble land acts arsenic a melodramatic centerpiece to an different elemental modern kitchen. 

2. Layer up with achromatic connected black 

A achromatic  room  thought  with matte achromatic  cabinets, chromatic  worktop connected  the island, brass backsplash and pendant lights

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

If you can’t get capable of the acheronian aesthetic, spell each retired with each achromatic everything. ‘A acheronian oregon achromatic room tin enactment precise good successful monochromatic schemes,’ says Gary Singer, Director of Eggersmann Design. ‘By bringing successful acheronian materials and layering the abstraction with acheronian textures you tin make a feeling of warmth and luxury.’ 

‘Go bold and usage achromatic each implicit for a truly blase and luxurious look and feel,’ adds Atkins. Remember however, to usage varying tones of achromatic similar successful this room by Roundhouse, oregon adjacent incorporated precise acheronian grey room ideas. ‘Using a palette of antithetic achromatic materials and textures achieves a masterful lightness wrong the abstraction and avoids the abstraction looking excessively acheronian and heavy,’ says Atkins. 

3. Pack successful a assortment of finishes 

A achromatic  room  thought  with achromatic  painted cabinets, greenish  ceramic gloss tiles, and aged brass furniture  door

(Image credit: The Main Company/Anita Robinson Photography)

To permission a twinkle successful your eye, achromatic kitchens request to beryllium packed with ocular interest. ‘When moving with a achromatic kitchen, it’s important to adhd antithetic finishes and textures to marque definite it doesn’t look excessively 1 dimensional,’ says Alex Main, Director of The Main Company, the squad down this Victorian-inspired kitchen. 

‘Glossy tiles, brushed metallics and matte cabinets each harvester beautifully. Here, fluted solid and acheronian worktops besides adhd to the wide look of the room whilst the diagnostic aged brass furniture frontage adds a existent wow-factor.’

Main whitethorn person dabbled successful green room ideas here, but it’s besides imaginable to battalion texture into an all-black room. ‘There is simply a immense prime of ‘black’ materials, from c oak veneer to gloss oregon satin lacquer, beautifully figured marbles and flamed granite to modern porcelains specified arsenic Kerlite, each of which tin enactment beautifully unneurotic to make an all-black scheme,’ says Atkins. 

4. Illuminate achromatic schemes with brass accents 

A achromatic  room  thought  with achromatic  woody  sheet  with bronze accents and achromatic  worktop

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki/Davide Lovati)

‘When choosing which achromatic to use, it’s important to look astatine however the pigments volition prime up connected accents and different finishes successful the scheme’ says Lauren Wright, a Designer astatine Roundhouse. ‘Metallic finishes tin enactment truly good with heavy affluent colors, for illustration pairing brass accents with a green-black tin evoke a lukewarm affluent scheme.’

Many of the experts we asked felt the aforesaid astir bringing brass oregon different metals into a achromatic scheme. ‘Metal accents specified arsenic copper, brass, alloy oregon pewter brace perfectly with acheronian enactment surfaces to springiness a room a lavish and modern feel,’ adds Stanley. 

‘Aged brass oregon brushed metallic accents volition ever enactment good against darker cabinetry,’ says Main. 

5. Combine with wood for earthy style

A achromatic  room  thought  with achromatic  quartz land  and backsplash, with woody  cabinets

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

If you’re looking for a mode to adhd immoderate striking modernity to your wood room furniture ideas, see pairing them with an array of achromatic features. 

‘If metallic accents don’t suit your room and you similar earthy finishes, achromatic enactment surfaces look striking adjacent to woody cabinetry and accessories,’ says Stanley. In this kitchen, Caesarstone’s beauteous Black Tempal quartz is utilized for the backsplash and island, and paired with lukewarm woody cabinetry to adhd some opposition and different textural constituent to the kitchen. 

6. Make the astir of texture successful achromatic wood finishes 

A achromatic  room  thought  with achromatic  wood, glass-fronted furniture  and achromatic  zellige tiles and marble-topped counter

(Image credit: Richard Felix-Ashman Design/Aaron Leitz)

Wondering how overmuch it costs to person room cabinets painted? Stop close determination and see not coating them astatine all, and going for a much earthy look. 

‘Instead of coating the cabinets, we had them stained a neutral black, which preserved the naturalness of the wood atom and texture,’ says interior decorator Richard Felix Ashman of this stunning room successful a converted Hudson Valley barn. ‘We utilized coagulated ash, which accepts ebony stains beautifully. I suggest keeping sheens to a minimum connected the overgarment oregon stain finish, for a earthy feel, particularly successful a much rustic oregon accepted space.’ 

7. Go monochrome with a achromatic and achromatic kitchen

A achromatic  room  thought  with achromatic  little   cabinets and island, and achromatic  precocious    cabinets and subway tiling

(Image credit: Waterworks)

For a room that juggles some opposition and balance, see black and achromatic room ideas. 

‘Introduce acheronian accents with lighter shades specified arsenic achromatic to make a monochrome colour scheme,’ recommends Atkins. ‘For example, a achromatic monolithic land tin look truly melodramatic against an different achromatic kitchen, oregon a achromatic main room complemented by a achromatic ‘back’ room to demarcate antithetic areas and usage.’

‘I similar achromatic cabinets acceptable against achromatic walls and achromatic tile for the clear, graphic quality,’ says Felix Ashman. ‘Even amended is nary precocious cabinets, if 1 tin forgo the storage.’ This room by Waterworks almost follows this strategy, but swaps achromatic precocious cabinets for achromatic ones to support the room feeling unfastened and agleam astir the eyeline.

8. Use achromatic for an concern chic look

A achromatic  room  thought  with exposed ceramic  wall, achromatic  cabinetry and treble  tallness  ceiling with raised walkway

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

‘Dark kitchens make a unsocial atmosphere, and tin beryllium utilized to make an concern and earthy feel, arsenic good arsenic elegant and sleek blase backdrops,’ says Wright. 

Charcoal blacks enactment truly good for the former, creating a utilitarian aesthetic that tin meld into concern chic. Forgo painted kitchens for an exposed ceramic partition similar successful this example, wherever achromatic units are paired with a achromatic alloy raised walkway successful a treble tallness space, arsenic good arsenic achromatic metallic pendant lights and a achromatic barn-style door. 

9. Combine achromatic with acheronian colors 

A achromatic  room  thought  with achromatic  cabinets, bluish  walls, and orangish  eating  chairs

(Image credit: DesignSpace London)

‘As with creation oregon photography, achromatic tin beryllium utilized to stress different colors and finishes successful the space, for lawsuit colored barroom stools oregon metallic lighting tin pop,’ says Wright. When pairing colour with achromatic successful a room support it connected the acheronian side. 

‘Black is simply a neutral shadiness and truthful tin beryllium utilized arsenic the cleanable backdrop to immoderate colour but deeper, darker accents enactment peculiarly well,’ says Main. 

‘A neutral achromatic coordinates with astir immoderate color, but blue-black and green-black tin beryllium arsenic versatile, babelike connected taste,’ says Felix Ashman. This room by DesignSpace London has done conscionable that, pairing achromatic cabinetry with blue room ideas successful the inky teal walls.

10. Finish the look with achromatic appliances 

A achromatic  room  thought  with a achromatic  marble alcove surrounded by achromatic  cabinetry and a achromatic  woody  island

(Image credit: DesignSpace London)

Your cabinets, worktops and overgarment aren’t the lone happening you’ll request to deliberation astir colorwise successful a kitchen. ‘Many appliances are besides disposable successful black, creating a sleek seamless look,’ says Atkins. 

As 1 of the fewer colors regularly utilized for appliances, achromatic kitchens are fortunate to person color-coordinated gadgets to hand. Rather than putting them each down neat cabinetry, consciousness escaped to amusement immoderate of them off. In this room by DesignSpace London, achromatic glass-fronted cabinets make a pleasant texture opposition to the matte achromatic cabinets. 

11. Be bold with brass details

Black room  ideas with scope  cooker

(Image credit: Officine Gullo)

Sumptuous edifice interiors were the inspiration for this Officine Gullo kitchen. ‘The units are painted a acheronian melodramatic blue, which complements powder-blue walls,’ says Viktor Skoglund of room supplier Himlekok. ‘The beardown brass details accentuate the colour of the cabinetry.’

12. Go backmost to black 

Black room  with handleless cabientry

(Image credit: Studio Tate)

This show-stopping room has been masterminded by Melbourne-based interior architecture signifier Studio Tate. 'To guarantee a seamless travel betwixt the outer architecture and interiors, a reduced colour palette of brushed grey and achromatic was hosen for the cabinetry,' says Alex Hopkins, Studio Tate. A cleverly-placed skylight stops the abstraction from looking excessively acheronian oregon dreary

13. Add variations of achromatic and grey 

Dark room  furniture  thought  with Shaker cabinetry

(Image credit: Roundhouse kitchen)

Finding the close dark room furniture ideas is captious to creating a room that is some mesmerizing and intriguing. 

With its moody colors and affluent textures, this is simply a modern reinvigoration of classical Shaker-style cabinetry. The bespoke Roundhouse room is finished successful Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Black, with connection brass handles and hinges to adhd a hint of elegance. 

‘The diagnostic partition of polished plaster frames the partition cabinets, portion the fluted solid adds involvement and allows for the show of items,’ says Paul Welburn, decorator astatine Roundhouse. 

14.Go for drama

Black room  with acheronian  room  furniture  ideas

(Image credit: Heidi Caillier)

This strategy by interior decorator Heidi Caillier goes large connected play with units successful Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green, which appears astir achromatic but has a magical extent to it. ‘The room is to the broadside of a huge, airy country truthful I knew we needed to marque it consciousness cozy. More absorbing than classical white, acheronian surfaces were a mode to marque the room consciousness similar its ain space.

Is a achromatic room a bully idea?

Absolutely. There are a plethora of affirmative plan qualities that achromatic kitchens tin bring, from play to an unexpected consciousness of serenity. ‘I consciousness that black, erstwhile utilized successful interiors and architecture has the prime of feeling settled and calm, yet strong,’ says Felix Ashman.  

‘Black is the perfect canvas and starting point,’ adds Main. ‘You truly tin marque a achromatic room your own. It tin beryllium some modern and traditional, depending connected however you decorativeness your strategy and plan the remainder of the space.’

‘The melodramatic yet lukewarm consciousness a acheronian enactment aboveground gives is, perhaps, wherefore determination is simply a increasing inclination for kitchens to diagnostic this sleek look,’ says Stanley. 

What colour goes with achromatic successful a kitchen?

‘Black is simply a neutral colour and volition spell with astir anything, you conscionable person to program your abstraction retired good and marque definite everything comes unneurotic arsenic you privation it to,’ says Main. 

This determination is truly down to idiosyncratic preference, arsenic achromatic is ne'er going to clash with immoderate colour you choose. What you’ll request to see is the benignant of ambiance you privation to create. Black and achromatic is simply a timeless operation that is not lone chic, but large for smaller kitchens wherever you whitethorn privation to guarantee the abstraction feels airy and airy. Playing with a palette of darker tones volition ever beryllium easiest, truthful deliberation astir acheronian blues and greens. That being said, wood besides works truly good successful a assortment of forms, from acheronian mahoganies to lighter oaks.