Blending both country and Shaker styles, this NY farmhouse is timelessly elegant

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‘We see ourselves stewards of this historical property, and our extremity was to sphere oregon reconstruct the home’s archetypal details wherever possible,’ says Keren Richter of the picturesque 1850s farmhouse, 1 of the world's champion homes, successful New York state, wherever she and her household live.

Keren and her hubby Thomas are the founders of interior plan institution White Arrow (opens successful caller tab). ‘We remodeled the location for our ain family,’ says Keren. ‘The archetypal iteration of the location dates backmost to the 1850s. It has undergone respective additions implicit the years – 1 successful the aboriginal 1900s, the 1950s, and now.’

The plan of the location took a twelvemonth and operation different year. ‘We restored the home's beforehand porch, which an earlier proprietor had eliminated,’ says Keren. ‘We returned the surviving country to its archetypal footprint and reoriented the house, truthful you present participate done the beforehand doorway again. We removed immoderate walls, shifted others, and raised the debased ceilings implicit 2 rooms. Our eventual extremity was to bring successful further functionality (we present person a walk-in pantry, a superior chamber closet, a location office, and an further bathroom). We besides added historical wavy-glass windows and shifted different locations to bring successful much airy and views and make much symmetry.’

And erstwhile it came to the decor, the mates were cautious to take a look that chimes with the property of the house. ‘Our imaginativeness was to make a retreat reminiscent of a Cotswolds state home,’ says Keren. ‘The location feels a spot British by layering successful artifact printed and antique floral patterning, affluent partition colors, and lukewarm textural upholstery successful velvets and wool. And ultimately, the ambiance is some storied and timeless, conscionable similar the location itself.’

The exterior played a immense portion and influenced the plan of the interior. ‘We added windows and prioritized the views from our home,’ says Keren. ‘We often thought astir however views oregon airy would interaction colour and the feeling successful each room. Five acres of meadow and trees situation our home, and we emotion however the 4 seasons impact the ambiance wrong the location and the colors you spot successful conjunction with furniture.

‘Now the location is beauteous some wrong and out!’

Living room

living country   with achromatic  walls, bluish  sofa, reddish  chairs, fireplace, grey  curtains and woody  floor

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

The house's historical charm influenced the interior strategy successful this abstraction with living country ideas centering connected creating a cozy, play feel. ‘The surviving country is the oldest portion of the home, and we often beryllium successful the country with a roaring occurrence going,’ says Keren. ‘To play up the warmth and history, we incorporated a layered premix of accepted furnishings portion mixing successful affluent textures and colors.’ 

The George Smith-inspired English rotation limb sofa is reupholstered successful a bluish Elitis linen, portion vintage armchairs are reupholstered successful a bordeaux-colored Sandra Jordan wool. The java array is vintage Maison Baguès and the broadside array is an 18th-century American antique. 

Kitchen diner

dark bluish  room  with lingua  and groove walls and cabinets, bluish  island, solid  pendants and achromatic  scope  cooker

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

The precedence successful the room was to make a larger abstraction and this was achieved by removing a partition and adding a pantry to accommodate the larger room footprint.

Evoking a state room look was apical of Keren and Thomas's wishlist and among their kitchen ideas was giving pridefulness of spot to a vintage achromatic Aga. ‘I recovered it connected an American Classifieds listing. Thomas flew to Montana and drove it successful parts backmost successful a U-Haul,’ says Keren.

To heighten the play feel, customized Shaker cabinets and beadboard were installed, with unfastened shelving added to show Keren's postulation of antique Ironstone ware. 

The country was past painted successful a astute heavy bluish by Fine Paints of Europe, with the antagonistic topped with a honed Arabescato and the land topped with chestnut wood. 

blue eating  country   with acheronian  bluish  walls, airy   bluish  distressed cupboard, woody  array  with spindle woody  chairs

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

Period furnishings specified arsenic the 19th period Italian chestnut table, vintage Windsor chairs and distressed furniture were among Keren's dining country ideas for enhancing the accepted feel.


playroom with acheronian  bluish  little   wall, golden  velvet sofa, pinkish  stools, blue, achromatic  and pinkish  patterned rug

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

Keren was keen to make a amusive strategy successful the playroom. The sofa was upholstered successful a Rose Uniacke velvet, portion vintage mushroom stools are reupholstered successful a airy pinkish velvet. A patterned rug injects quirkiness. 

‘We person 2 daughters nether five, truthful we walk astir of our clip successful the room and playroom. We emotion the travel betwixt the 2 rooms and however they are child-friendly, sophisticated, and a joyousness for our full household to use.’ 

Movie room

living country   with greenish  walls, reddish  sofas, bluish  rug and achromatic  stools

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

An atmospheric strategy has been created with heavy greenish walls helping to disguise the ample flat-screen television. Library lighting, lamps and a Hans Bergström pendant airy alteration the country to glow astatine night. 

‘We emotion the custom-designed sectional we created, covered successful Dedar velvet,’ says Keren. ‘We paired the seating with an antique Chinese Art Deco rug, a 1950s Gio Ponti seat successful marigold mohair, and a run java array that's heavy capable for enactment games.’ 

Powder room

powder country   with mural wallpaper, brass reflector  and marble basin

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

The downstairs pulverization country is the epitome of elegance with a French Ananbô scenic mural connected the walls and a 1900s antique pedestal basin. 

Main bedroom

bedroom with achromatic  spool bed, navy and achromatic  bedlinen, acheronian  bluish  trunk, woody  thorax  of drawers, equine  coating  and neutral rug

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

A scope of bedroom ideas person created a nostalgic scheme. The antique spool furniture takes centre signifier and has a cautiously crafted feel, portion the the thorax of drawers and printed fabric toile lamp shades are 19th period antiques. 

‘The country is tiny successful size, but a Shaker peg and obstruction and ensuite bath springiness it large functionality, and with views onto the onshore from 3 cardinal directions, it is 1 of our favourite rooms,’ says Keren. 

Ensuite bathroom

white bath  with achromatic  rotation  apical  tub, woody  floor, woody  occasional array  and airy  grey  panelling

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

Bathroom ideas for evoking a play look see a accepted benignant bath tub and a standalone footed ablution basin. 

white ablution  country   with standalone footed ablution  basin and airy  grey  panelling

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

Pale grey paneling injects an elegant interaction connected the walls.


bedroom with woody  Shaker benignant   bed, bluish  and achromatic  patterned throw, Gustavian nightstand and acheronian  greenish  curtains

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

The impermanent chamber features a historical Shaker-inspired bed, which is dressed with a patchwork quilt. 

Children's bedroom

kids' chamber  with achromatic  Gustavian benignant   beds, bluish  patterned wallpaper, patterned rug

(Image credit: Thomas Richter)

Elegant sleigh beds are teamed with William Morris wallpaper and a vintage Chinese Art Deco rug. A vintage 1930s frosted pendant airy finishes disconnected the look.