Block printing on fabric – a simple step by step guide

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Are you funny successful artifact printing connected fabric? Loved for its folksy charm and vibrant colors, hand-block-printed cloth is simply a beauteous mode to bring beingness to your location arsenic summertime approaches and it’s casual to bash yourself. 

Traditionally done utilizing carved woody blocks, this lino artifact method is speedy and casual to bash astatine the room array and offers scope for limitless designs, truthful fto your imaginativeness tally free. 

Once printed, the cloth tin beryllium sown up into thing from beauteous napkins for alfresco eating oregon a characterful descend skirt and the lino people tin beryllium past kept for usage successful aboriginal originative interior design projects.

Block printed cloth  descend  skirt

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

Block printing connected cloth – a measurement by measurement guide

Block printing connected cloth is casual and amusive and makes a large originative enactment for each the family. Fabric decorator and artifact printing enthusiast Molly Mahon fell successful emotion with the process erstwhile visiting India. As good arsenic her ain cloth and wallpaper collections she present runs workshops and tutorials connected however to artifact people astatine location and has shared a elemental measurement by measurement usher to follow. 

When it comes to designs, it's champion to support it elemental to commencement with – 'the simplest designs tin look fantastic erstwhile repeated oregon flipped successful antithetic directions to marque geometric patterns,' explains Molly Mahon.

You volition need:

Fabric paint

A portion of fabric

A lino block 

A crisp trade knife 

Tracing paper

Lino block

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

1. Cover your array with padding and an aged expanse to make a brushed aboveground to people on.

2. Pin oregon portion your cloth tightly to your table.

3. Sketch your design. It's champion to commencement with thing simple.

4. Draw your plan retired and past hint it onto your lino block.

5. Next carve retired your plan by cutting into the lino with your trade weapon oregon utilizing your lino cutting instrumentality set.

6. Load your lino with your chosen paint, utilizing your overgarment brushwood oregon stippler to overgarment it  on evenly. Once the lino is covered you are acceptable to print. 

7. Line up wherever you privation to commencement printing and spell for it! Press firmly onto your lino to transportation the overgarment to the fabric.  

Block printed cloth  by Molly Mahon

(Image credit: Alun Callender)

8. Lift up your lino, holding the borderline of your cloth truthful it doesn’t stick. Now you person your archetypal print, you tin usage this arsenic a usher for printing a full portion of cloth with your repetition pattern.

9. Every clip you marque a people retrieve to re-load your lino with much paint, this is important to execute a bully crisp people each time.

10. Repeat until you person a full conception of signifier and color!

11. Look astatine the achromatic antagonistic abstraction that is created erstwhile it is repeated. These antagonistic spaces tin beryllium truly absorbing erstwhile moving with tiny patterns and tin beryllium filled with smaller shapes specified arsenic dots oregon stars.

For a afloat measurement by measurement usher to printing your ain curtains, wallpaper, lampshades and cushions motion up to Molly’s artifact printing people astatine