Blue and white bathroom ideas – 14 ways to use this classic pairing

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Blue and achromatic bath ideas are cleanable for those looking to make a sanctuary with a timeless and tranquil feel. 

A classical and versatile pairing, bluish and achromatic tin beryllium utilized to evoke an array of antithetic styles, from chill coastal to elegant and luxurious. 

To assistance get you inspired to decorate successful this two-tone combination, we've rounded up a big of bluish and achromatic bathroom ideas on with immoderate useful bathroom colour ideas and proposal from interior plan experts.

Blue and achromatic bath ideas

Blue and achromatic bath ideas tin beryllium introduced successful truthful galore ways, from bath partition tiles and paint ideas, to beauteous vanity units and connection baths, not forgetting finishing touches similar accessories and model treatments.

If you're reasoning of decorating with bluish and white, 1 of the cardinal things to see is the shadiness of blue, arsenic the code and proportionality successful which it is utilized tin person a large interaction connected the look and consciousness of a space. 

'Blue has an enduring entreaty and is precise versatile. Light blue can beryllium precise soothing whilst much saturated blues tin beryllium stimulating; desaturated blues are a large prime for a quieter backdrop for different colours wrong a abstraction and brighter tones tin besides beryllium the prima of the show,' explains Dominic Myland, managing manager oregon Mylands Paints (opens successful caller tab).

1. Bring sophistication with navy bluish and white

dark bluish  bath  with marble worktops, shower, patterned tiled floor

(Image credit: Drummonds/Kingston Lafferty Design))

A precocious opposition operation of heavy navy and achromatic veined marble is perfect for those looking for a smart, luxury bath ideas.

In this blue bathroom, a marble-topped treble vanity unit, marble-clad ablution enclosure and polished chrome fittings from Drummonds each sing retired erstwhile acceptable against heavy navy walls painted successful a gloss finish. 

Leaving the ceiling achromatic prevents the abstraction feeling excessively dark, portion a ample bathroom mirror teamed with elegant partition lights helps to further brighten the space.

2. Make a connection with a mural

wall mural with classical  Portuguese tiled effect   plan  and treble  basin vanity

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis )

If you're fortunate capable to person a large bathroom with gangly ceilings, wherefore not marque the astir of it by hanging a connection wall mural?

A cleanable diagnostic for a master bathroom, this Trompe-l'œil wallpaper from Pierre Frey captures the accepted bluish and achromatic Portuguese azulejos tin-glazed tiles inactive recovered connected the palaces of Sintra, Lisbon and Porto and looks peculiarly effectual acceptable against yellowish and metallic accents. 

3. Color artifact with bluish and white

teal bath  with teal panelling and bath

(Image credit: Future)

Adding mid-blue painted paneling to the little fractional of the partition is simply a large mode to interruption up a elemental white bathroom and tin besides marque a beauteous backdrop to a luxurious rotation apical bath. When coating bathroom paneling, beryllium definite to usage a wipeable and h2o resistant paint finish specified arsenic an eggshell; satin; and semi- oregon high-gloss.

A classical operation of bluish and achromatic is guaranteed to make a coastal feel, particularly erstwhile combined with nautical partition decor – to support the look feeling caller effort adding successful reddish accessories. 

4. Zone a ablution area

Blue and achromatic  bath  with a tiled amusement   enclosure

(Image credit: Interior by Fran Hickman / photograph by Annabel Elston)

Patchwork bathroom partition tile ideas are a large mode to marque a focal constituent successful a bath arsenic good arsenic to portion a ablution area. In this space, interior decorator Fran Hickman (opens successful caller tab) has utilized textured zeillege tiles successful myriad bluish shades to make an eye-catching diagnostic partition which brings color, texture and signifier to the elemental space.

5. Introduce bold overgarment ideas

White panelled bath  with bluish  ceiling

(Image credit: Ceiling successful Deep Space bluish by Little Greene )

The ceiling is often overlooked erstwhile it comes to decorating, but coating it a bold colour tin beryllium peculiarly effectual successful the bath arsenic demonstrated successful this strategy by Little Greene. Not lone does this bluish ceiling idea make a playful talking point, it besides helps to gully attraction to the tallness of the room. 

'If you’re idiosyncratic who loves an indulgent bath, the ceiling is 1 of the most important considerations erstwhile it comes to color, opt for a shadiness that makes you consciousness calming and relaxed,’ says Ruth Mottershead, originative director at Little Greene. (opens successful caller tab) 

6. Embrace wallpaper

Bathroom papered successful  Matilija Moonlight wallpaper, Lake August astatine  The Fabric Collective

(Image credit: Matilija Moonlight wallpaper, Lake August astatine The Fabric Collective)

Wallpaper is simply a fabulous mode to bring property to the bath provided the country is good ventilated and it's hung successful an country that won't person nonstop interaction with water.

Showcasing an over-sized poppy plan successful affluent indigo blue, this Matilija Moonlight wallpaper y Lake August astatine The Fabric Collective (opens successful caller tab) makes a existent connection and is cleanable for bringing wow-factor to a maestro bathroom. Bathroom paneling painted successful achromatic gloss helps temper the bold plan portion the geometric level makes a calming yet robust opposition to the blowsy floral and helps to anchor the scheme. 

7. Create a serene consciousness with Chinoiserie

Ming Mountain Scenic mural successful  China Blue from the V&A Collection astatine  Surface View

(Image credit: Ming Mountain Scenic mural successful China Blue' from the V&A Collection astatine Surface View)

If you're looking for a bath wherever you tin truly drift distant from the stresses of the time past what could beryllium amended than a wallpaper that conjures the luxury and elegance of distant lands?

Taken from an archetypal Ming Dynasty Chinese scroll and featuring whimsical oriental landscapes successful a delicate bluish and achromatic palette, this show-stopping Chinoiserie partition mural would marque a stunning diagnostic successful a accepted bathroom. 

8. Use decorative tiles successful a bedewed room

Shower with Cats Cement encaustic tiles from Otto

(Image credit: Otto tiles)

Bringing property to wet country ideas and small bathrooms tin beryllium a situation owed to their size – adding decorative bath partition tiles is simply a fantastic mode to inject colour and pattern, but is besides utile for zoning ablution areas successful larger bathrooms.

‘Color, chosen well, tin bring a consciousness of luxury to a bathroom, nary substance its size,’ says Damla Turgut of Otto Tiles & Design. ‘And an accent partition is simply a large mode to bash this. Using a plain-coloured oregon patterned tile to specify a portion tin make a existent statement.’ 

9. Use sleek lines for a modern feel

Bathroom by Doherty Design Studio

(Image credit: Bathroom by Doherty Design Studio)

Pastel bluish and achromatic needn't beryllium reserved for state and coastal schemes, it tin look ace modern arsenic this strategy by Doherty Design (opens successful caller tab) proves. 

The graphic set of oversized mosaic tiles that dissects the country makes for a bold and edgy statement, portion achromatic fittings, a sleek floating bathroom vanity and metallic sculptural airy fitting each support the bluish and achromatic palette feeling up to date. 

10. Add a colour popular with a roman blind

Small bath  with a agleam  Roman blind

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

If you privation to support a tiny bath feeling airy and airy effort decorating with achromatic and utilizing bluish arsenic an accent color? In this en-suite plan by Sims Hilditch, a bluish patterned cloth bathroom blind brings a invited popular of colour and an constituent of softness to the achromatic abstraction without being overpowering. 

11. Create a bluish diagnostic wall

BC Designs marble bath

(Image credit: BC Designs)

If wall-to-wall bluish is excessively much, wherefore not make a sheet of bluish with tinted chromatic effect partition tiles?

'Advancements successful tile manufacturing has meant that large format tiles lend themselves to printing techniques that replicate the look of people occurring materials specified arsenic marble. It besides means that homeowners tin person much amusive by adding successful color, on with elements associated with worldly specified arsenic marble, arsenic seen present by the usage of affluent blues but with marbling veins,' says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs (opens successful caller tab).

'The look has been softened with BC Designs Bampton Bath successful a marble finish. Homeowners tin prime the colour of the marble vein – choosing a bluish vein for the bath present allows it to enactment successful harmony with the different bluish elements of the room.'

12. Decorate with chintz prints

Warner House Les Pecheurs wallpaper

(Image credit: Warner House Les Pecheurs wallpaper)

If you emotion signifier and are looking to make a accepted bathroom, past you can't spell incorrect with decorating successful ornate practice prints. Capturing an 18th-century Chinoiserie design, this Les Pecheurs wallpaper has the abstraction to radiance successful this tall-ceilinged Georgian bathroom. It besides comes successful a co-ordinating cloth if you privation to fortify the interaction with a matching bathroom model treatment.

‘Clients are seeking a multi-layered benignant with an accent connected colour and pattern,’ says Lee Clarke, manager of Warner House (opens successful caller tab). ‘Using the aforesaid plan connected the walls and connected blinds and curtains makes a melodramatic connection and is simply a large mode to inject property into a space.’

13. Use bluish arsenic an accent successful a ablution area

Bathroom by Four Brothers, Washtington D.C. with blue-tiled ablution  enclosure

(Image credit: Four Brothers)

Saturated indigo bluish tin predominate erstwhile utilized wall-to-wall successful a bath – introducing it done a shower tile idea, portion keeping the remainder of the strategy white, is simply a large mode to showcase the bold colour without disrupting the calm. 

Featuring glazed tiles which alteration successful code and texture, arsenic good arsenic a herringbone laying pattern, the ablution enclosure of this bath by Four Brothers Design + Build makes a beauteous focal point.

'This acheronian bluish tile was the inspiration for the bathroom. My clients fell successful emotion with the hue truthful we made each of the different elements and finishes successful the bath neutral and achromatic to assistance marque this bluish shine,' says Sondra Zabroske, AIA, Architect + Team Leader at Four Brothers Design + Build. 'If a colour tin marque you this happy, wherefore shouldn’t you beryllium surrounded by it daily?' 

14. Combine antithetic shades of blue

Blue and achromatic  tiled bathroom

(Image credit: Sophie Eyeington Interiors / Photograph Anna Stathaki )

Using conscionable 1 code of bluish with achromatic tin look stark and lifeless, but layering an array of antithetic blues is simply a fantastic mode to bring beingness and extent to a bathroom. In this strategy by Sophie Eyeington, a premix of plain and geometric bluish tiles are paired with pastel bluish paintwork to make a abstraction afloat of signifier and texture.

‘The little present was to make a glamorous strategy with a motion to the nostalgia of 1930s Hollywood films,’ says decorator Sophie Eyeington. ‘Geometric patterned tiles were utilized to item the bath and basin, with the look softened by the circular reflector and sphere lights.’

Is acheronian bluish bully for a bathroom?

Dark bluish tin enactment beautifully successful a bath and tin beryllium introduced successful galore ways, whether you privation to marque a lasting content with a bold overgarment thought oregon to present conscionable a hint of colour with acheronian bluish accessories.

When utilized wall-to-wall moody midnight hues oregon bolder royal navy tones are a fantastic backdrop for showcasing luxurious bath furniture, fixtures and fittings and make a pleasing opposition with achromatic sanitaryware, metallic fixtures and marble.

'Dark blues look instantly modern. What’s large is that this colour is cleanable against achromatic features, which are often recovered successful the bathroom,' says Polly Shearer, bath adept astatine Drench. 

As backstage spaces that aren't utilized connected a changeless basis, bathrooms are large rooms for being bold with decor. ‘Bathrooms are determination you tin indulge successful beardown signifier and colour without upsetting the travel of your wide interior design,' says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. 

Using acheronian blues wall-to-wall arsenic good arsenic implicit the ceiling, woodwork, skirting and doorway frames tin make existent wow origin and bring a cozy and cocooning consciousness cleanable for unwinding, this method is often known arsenic colour drenching.

'This cohesive modern attack delivers precocious interaction by coating woodwork, radiators, the ceiling and doors the aforesaid colour arsenic the walls, says Ruth Mottershead.
'The quality of colour drenching is that it tin beryllium applied to specified a assortment of different spaces. Whilst, you can’t marque a small room larger, you tin clasp the size of the abstraction to make something that feels truly engaging, inviting and contemporary. If coating each elements successful 1 shadiness feels a small overwhelming, prime a radical of tonally coordinating colors and utilize crossed the room.'

Alternatively, for a gentler attack to decorating with blue, effort introducing acheronian shades arsenic an accent and utilizing it implicit towels, partition decor and vanity ideas, oregon effort it successful a connected partition tiles successful a ablution enclosure.

How bash you lighten a bluish bathroom?

Using plentifulness of achromatic successful operation with bluish is simply a bully mode to lighten a bluish bathroom. Opting for a airy bluish overgarment connected walls volition bring colour whilst keeping the abstraction feeling airy and airy, alternatively, if you similar darker shades of blue, bounds them to conscionable the little fractional of the partition oregon present them done accessories and furniture. If you person a bath with acheronian bluish walls, see keeping the ceiling achromatic and introducing white bath level tiles to assistance the space. 

Hanging a ample reflector other a model oregon airy root volition maximize the airy successful the room, making it look larger and brighter. It's besides important to origin successful plentifulness of bathroom lighting including ceiling and partition lights arsenic good arsenic lights successful mirrors and cabinets volition guarantee the abstraction is agleam successful the