Blue bathroom ideas – 15 ways to use this nature-inspired color in your bath space

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These astute bluish bath ideas volition assistance you present this popular, serene colour into your bathing space.

Blue tin correspond the heavy bluish oversea and bring backmost memories from a overmuch loved holiday, oregon the colour of the entity that you tin spot from your bath window. It’s evocative and relaxing, and plays good with galore different colors, too.

Below, we've listed our favourite bathroom ideas successful this astir relaxing of colors – determination are lukewarm and chill tones to suit each taste, country size and orientation.

Blue bath ideas

From navy bluish to turquoise, we’ve sourced our favourite bluish bath ideas to animate your scheme, whether it’s reminiscent of the beardown colors of the Med, oregon simply a shadiness that you recovered connected a overgarment paper that resonates with you. 

And if you're searching for bathroom colour ideas that volition assistance you unbend and unwind, you request look nary further. Blue country ideas are perfectly suited to bathroom. We've curated antithetic ways to decorate with blue.

1. Embrace the versatility of blue

A acheronian  bluish  bath  with marble worktops, a shower, and a patterned tiled floor

(Image credit: Drummonds/Kingston Lafferty Design))

‘We are profoundly influenced by the colors which situation america and blue, the colour of oversea and sky, is amongst the astir almighty shades, evoking a existent consciousness of wellness and wellbeing,’ says James Lentaigne, Creative Director of Drummonds.

‘It’s an casual palette to enactment with and cleanable for bathrooms. From agleam cerulean seaside shades done to paler, softer entity blues, they tin enactment truly good together, but steer distant from the ‘cold’, greenish blues and towards the purple-tinged shades, which springiness a warmer and much luxurious look.’

There’s thing elegant and blase astir a navy-white combination. It exudes a hint of sophistication and luxury and it looks large with marble, which of people has beauteous gray-blue veining. 

2. Add the perfection of a entity bluish shade

An illustration  of bluish  bath  ideas showing a pastel bluish  bath  successful  play  setting, pinkish  people     curtains, an ornate mirror, partition  lights, and rattan broadside  units

(Image credit: Penny Morrison/Mike Garlick)

Nothing beats looking up astatine the entity and seeing the fabulous shadiness of bluish we get erstwhile the sun’s out. You tin mimic that feel-good infinitesimal successful your bath by choosing a akin shade.

This entity bluish bath designed by Penny Morrison, Founder of London based interior plan studio, Penny Morrison, shows however beauteous the shadiness tin look erstwhile teamed with shades of pinkish and different darker tones of blue. It's cleanable if you're looking for easy-to-coordinate bathroom overgarment ideas. 

Add successful a stripy carpet to necktie successful the colors and your strategy volition enactment wonderfully.

3. Use patterned level tiles to adhd decorative color

An illustration  of a navy bluish  bath  with bluish  units, a treble  reflector  and patterned level  tiles

(Image credit: Melinda Kelson O'Connor Design/Wendy Concannon Photography)

You tin marque an existing bluish bath much absorbing by changing the level to thing akin to this striking bathroom level tile idea, for example. 

We asked the decorator Mindy O’Conner, Principal Designer of Philadelphia-based Melinda Kelson O’Connor Design her thoughts connected adding signifier to a bluish bath scheme:

‘Tile is 1 of the simplest, astir beauteous and lasting ways to adhd signifier and colour to a space. A decorative level tile similar the 1 successful this bath sets the colour palette for the room, adds a amusive vigor to the abstraction and connects to imagery from question and past – each portion providing a applicable aboveground for a bath floor.

'Picking 1 bold tile signifier allows different choices successful the country to stay simple, similar the Carrara marble backsplash and countertop, and streamlined achromatic mirrors and sconces here.’

4. Don't usage bluish each over

A achromatic  and bluish  bath  successful  a play  spot   with a achromatic  descend  and a 21 motion   supra  the toilet

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

There’s nary regularisation that says you indispensable overgarment each of your walls, though that’s the benignant you’ll spot much often than not! 

Your house, your rules, truthful if you fancy lone coating ¾ of the mode up past bash conscionable that. We emotion this look which features Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue and School House White. 

We asked Joa Studholme, Colour Curator astatine Farrow & Ball, wherefore this bluish is simply a bully choice, particularly if you're looking for a complementary shadiness for your gray bath ideas:

‘Inchyra Blue is the astir analyzable of the acheronian blues, being a magical premix of gray, greenish and blue, which volition endlessly fascinate you successful antithetic airy conditions. 

'Inchyra Blue connected the walls gives an old-fashioned solidity and consciousness of drama, which works perfectly with immoderate gray-on-gray scheme. Its uncertain code makes it the cleanable colour successful which to relax.’

5. Blue tiles are a large prime for the shower

An illustration  of bluish  bath  ideas showing acheronian  bluish  herringbone tiles successful  a ablution  space

(Image credit: Melinda Kelson O'Connor Design/Wendy Concannon Photography)

Herringbone is an implicit classical signifier dating backmost to Egyptian jewelry and Roman paving systems. While ever beauteous connected wood flooring, I emotion utilizing herringbone patterns connected bath walls, too,’ says Mindy O’Conner.

‘Herringbone allows the plan to trust connected a single, elemental rectangular tile shape, with the involvement and quality created successful the interlocking signifier and color. The aggravated bluish of this tile makes the walk-in ablution idea shown supra a heavy satellite of its own. 

'I emotion however the herringbone and the richness of the bluish harvester successful a mode that is sophisticated, timeless and yet precise modern and a spot dreamy. This tile is besides made from 58.6% pre-consumer recycled content, making it arsenic conscientious arsenic it is beauteous to look at.’

6. Zone a country of your bath with bluish tiles

A bluish  bath  with bluish  tiles successful  a neutral bedewed  country   with a partition  hung basin portion   and towel rail

(Image credit: Ikea)

Color is large for zoning areas. This hexagonal bathroom tile idea has been utilized to make impact. 

The tiles are placed connected the retention broadside of the bathroom, whereas the shower-wet country broadside is neutral successful a brushed gray. The bluish tiles are the predominant feature, which makes it casual to accessorize with. The artifact colour bluish towels adhd a darker shadiness to the scheme. 

Using bluish successful this mode ensures the bath doesn’t consciousness excessively ‘blue’ but inactive has much of that colour than immoderate other. 

7. Torn betwixt 2 shades? Go ombre 

A bluish  and greenish  ombre partition  effect   successful  a bath  with a greenish  painted bath

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

If you are a dab manus with the overgarment brush, past make your ain one-off bluish bath strategy that volition beryllium eye-catching and bold.

Ombre is simply a large overgarment decorativeness to usage particularly if you can’t determine connected 1 peculiar colour – conscionable usage 2-3 instead.

Annie Sloan, Color and Paint Expert, explains wherefore bluish is specified a large colour for a bathroom:

‘I’m noticing radical going for much connection bathrooms arsenic they’re spending much clip successful their bathrooms and alternatively than being objective achromatic spaces we privation them to beryllium glam flight rooms from the stresses of mundane life. 

'Rich, jewel colors similar Aubusson Blue volition make an elegant and cozy feeling cleanable for candlelit bath times.’

8. Not keen connected plain bluish walls? Choose a stylized wallpaper instead

A bluish  bath  with greenish  and bluish  wallpaper with a rattan reflector  and a peg rail

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Where erstwhile wallpaper was frowned upon for being impractical successful the bathroom, it is present a large bathroom trend. 

And you tin lucifer the inheritance shadiness of astir wallpaper ideas to a overgarment colour to make a fabulously cohesive look these days, conscionable similar successful the dark bathroom shown above. 

Little Greene’s National Trust wallpaper postulation includes this stylised plan called Bruges Snail, and the bluish is their Juniper Ash – an casual connected the oculus bluish that has lukewarm tones, perfect for a bath that gets a ‘cooler’ airy during the day. 

9. Go for a airy and oh-so-interesting color

A tiny  bath  with bluish  walls and a rotation  apical  bath adjacent  to plants

(Image credit: Future/Lizzie Orme)

A precise airy bluish volition assistance lighten and brighten your bath if it's tiny and mostly dark. This beauteous shadiness works good successful grey and white bathrooms, arsenic the operation of shades gives a caller feel. 

Note besides that the ceiling is painted successful the aforesaid colour arsenic the walls. This is simply a inclination that's not going away. In fact, it's 1 we foretell volition tally and run. 

The coving is painted successful achromatic to make opposition betwixt the 2 bluish painted sections, which provides a ocular break. 

10. Go agleam and bold with electrical blue

An illustration  of bluish  bath  ideas showing a bath  with bluish  walls, bluish  wallpaper and bluish  woodwork achromatic  bath presumption    from a chamber  done  to the ensuite

(Image credit: Little Greene)

A airy and airy abstraction tin instrumentality a agleam vibrant shadiness of blue. Smalt by Little Greene is 1 specified color, and it looks fabulous with white. We emotion however this en-suite bathroom is framed by woodwork painted successful the aforesaid colour and enhanced by the Camellia wallpaper successful the aforesaid colorway. 

Sometimes it’s worthy going the other mile and truly considering the wider presumption and however rooms nexus from 1 to another. Choose accessories successful a akin shadiness to bring the look together. The finishing touches are cardinal to a palmy scheme. 

Is bluish a bully colour for a bathroom? 

Blue is possibly the astir fashionable colour for a bath owed to its nautical references, which means it is simply a large shadiness to choose. 

There are truthful galore options to take from – aqua, cornflower, azure, cerulean, indigo and French blue. 

You tin usage antithetic shades to lukewarm up oregon chill down a abstraction too, for example, a lukewarm bluish volition assistance a North-facing bathroom, whereas a cooler shadiness similar navy volition enactment good successful a country that gets tons of sun. 

What colors spell with a bluish bathroom? 

It’s ace versatile and goes good successful green bathrooms arsenic good arsenic with different shades of blue, crisp white, blush and neutrals similar taupe, olive, ivory and vanilla. Or, you tin premix and lucifer different shades of bluish together. 

Winning combinations that we emotion are airy bluish and coral, navy and achromatic and entity bluish and stone. If you privation to adhd successful immoderate brights, see a blistery pink, agleam yellowish oregon an emerald green.