Blue couch living room ideas – 10 ways to complement this standout color

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Blue sofa surviving country ideas travel successful each shapes and sizes – and shades, and tones, and tints. That’s due to the fact that bluish is 1 of the astir multi-functional colors successful the interior plan spectrum. 

Asked to sanction their astir indispensable portion of living country furniture, astir radical would opt for the couch. Cosseting and useful, upholstered seating has been a diagnostic of the occidental location since the 18th century.

Blue couches are a amazingly versatile colour prime that tin enactment successful conscionable astir immoderate surviving country layout. Its antithetic tones person the powerfulness to convey a assortment of moods, from bold to peaceful, truthful they tin beryllium easy introduced successful immoderate benignant of living country idea, nary substance the size oregon style.

Blue sofa surviving country ideas

Couches and living country seating ideas are becoming much multi-purpose arsenic the routines of household beingness blur. So whether you are buying caller oregon decorating astir an existing one, look to these bluish sofa surviving country ideas for inspiration.

1. Let a heavy bluish sofa instrumentality pridefulness of place

living country   with bluish  couch, level  lamp, broadside  table, pick  carpet

(Image credit: Arteriors )

Blue is 1 of the astir fashionable colors for surviving country sofas – and truly palmy astatine creating a calming, elegant decorativeness successful a abstraction that's often busy. 

'Season aft season, we person seen interior designers opt for heavy Royal bluish tones erstwhile adding a colour of absorption into neutral décor schemes,' says Helen Pett, plan ambassador astatine Arteriors London. 'Shades of bluish thin to brace good with monochromes, woods, metals and brass accents. It’s a timeless colour prime that tin beryllium easy varied and styled successful truthful galore antithetic ways.'

2. Use achromatic to opposition against a airy bluish couch

living country   with bluish  couch, retro furniture, rug, nest of tables, rug, woody  floor, drapes

(Image credit: Interior Fox/Daniel Villarreal)

'Choosing a sofa successful a shadiness of bluish alternatively than a accepted pick oregon grey, tin assistance elevate your surviving country plan and supply an anchor to experimentation with caller and absorbing colors,' accidental Jen and Mar, co-founders of Interior Fox. 

This fashionable turquoise color trend is casual connected the oculus – and a precise bully prime for those who similar a louder hue, alternatively than subtle, quieter shades. ‘This is simply a guaranteed crowd-pleasing colour with tons of affirmative associations. It embodies some the recessive prime of a bluish and the calming prime of a green, making it precise casual to enactment with,' says Annie Sloan, colour and overgarment expert. 

To make a cohesive look, take 2 oregon 3 colors to complement your bluish couch. Pair with caller accents of pinkish and equilibrium with warmer tones of rust and heavy yellow. Although not an evident choice, furnishings with achromatic accents tin supply a opposition against a vibrant blue, ensuring the sofa is the standout piece.

3. Use bluish to inject property into a restful scheme

living country   with bluish  couch, pick  drapes, console, array  lamps, patterned cushions, footstool

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

'With precocious ceilings and ample windows looking retired onto the astir beauteous views, we wanted to ensure we connected the surviving country with the large outdoors,' says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative manager astatine Kelling Designs. 'The wide strategy featured muted bluish hues mixed with neutrals, whilst the popular of bluish velvet connected the sofa helped to crushed the abstraction and gully the oculus retired to the grounds behind.

Blue hues ever look great, and a connection bluish sofa volition not lone inject colour and property into the space, but volition besides beryllium restful and adhd a consciousness of calm to the surviving room.'

4. Complement your electrical bluish sofa with duck ovum walls

blue surviving  country   with walls and woodwork painted 1  color, woody  floor, rug, bluish  couch, java  table, leather armchair, fireplace, artwork

(Image credit: Mylands)

From indigo to navy and cobalt, bluish hues beryllium peculiarly good together, truthful connection large scope for signifier mixing. 

Here, 'the colorwash of Mylands’ grey-blue Long Acre™ No. 102 works arsenic a brushed and glamorous backdrop for the connection bluish sofa, creating a space that feels cocooning and stylish, with a variety of tones, materials and textures,' says Dominic Mylands, CEO of Mylands.

5. Add extent with navy bluish to an different neutral scheme

white surviving  country   with turmeric drapes, navy couch, ample  java  table, bookcases, artwork, chandelier, rug, woody  floor

(Image credit: ND Studios)

This is simply a precise classically proportioned reception country successful a Georgian townhouse; a immense portion of its entreaty are details similar the ornate cornicing and afloat French windows.  

The navy velvet sofa adds immoderate colour extent and opposition to an different airy palette, arsenic good arsenic giving a modern twist to a accepted space. 'Dark upholstery erstwhile chosen with attraction is chic and besides – susurration it – applicable if you person pets oregon children,' says Natascha Dartnall, manager astatine ND Studios. 

6. Color drench with blue

living country   with bluish  toile benignant   wallpaper, bluish  fringed lamp, artwork, bluish  stripe classical  couch

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

Color drenching is the process of choosing 1 colour and coating it crossed aggregate surfaces successful 1 space. The effect is brilliantly bold and thoroughly modern, though its entreaty extends beyond its fearless aesthetic. 

'This elegant blue-striped couch, with its classical roll-curve ends and carved feet, adds an instant interaction of Regency glamor into your home,' says Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages. 

'In keeping with the opulence and grandeur of the Regency benignant we person added a playful twist with our Safari Soirée wallpaper, perfectly poised successful the aforesaid shades of blue. On archetypal glimpse each appears good and dandy but connected adjacent inspection you’ll find cocktail-sipping tropical birds and a champagne loving safari fantasy. It surely adds the exuberant and playful charm existent successful the regency period.'

7. Match your sofa colour to a favourite cloth  

white surviving  country   with grey damask wallpaper panels, bluish  chaise, floral armchair, matching blind, coir rug

(Image credit: Nina Campbell)

Blues are cleanable for mixing erstwhile decorating – and you tin execute this easy with a sumptuous layering of texture and pattern, each featuring a antithetic shadiness of bluish with similar, complementary tones. In fact, this is the cardinal to a serene blue-and-white surviving country colour scheme. 

'In this country I utilized florals to springiness maine the palette of colors I wanted to usage successful the remainder of the room,' says Nina Campbell, laminitis of Nina Campbell. This peculiar floral people has this beauteous blue-grey colour successful the foliage and that gave maine the accidental to premix the people connected the seat with the blue-grey connected the couch.'

8. Take bluish sofa ideas to the country 

farmhouse benignant   surviving  country   with bluish  sofa and armchair, shiplap walls, rug, java  table, array  lamps

(Image credit: OKA)

Don't beryllium acrophobic to usage bluish successful a state home. Done right, bluish sofa ideas enactment beautifully erstwhile paired with textural influences and rustic furnishings. 

Getting accent colour ideas spot connected isn’t ever simple. We urge enhancing the dramatics with a regal bluish colour palette. The quality of beige, is that it's casual to decorate with and goes with conscionable astir anything. It's a fabulous neutral that tin header with beardown colour pops – similar this bluish couch.

9. Go acheronian with a brace of midnight bluish couches 

living country   with matching midnight bluish  couches, achromatic  bookcase, artwork, reddish  rug, solid  java  table, yellowish  armchair

(Image credit: Maestri Studio/Stephen Karlisch)

Dark colors 'ground' a strategy and that's precisely what this brace of midnight bluish couches bash successful this bold surviving room. Together with the achromatic bookcase, they make extent successful this strategy and opposition against the reddish and yellowish accents.

10. Team a bluish linen sofa with a reddish rug for contrast

living country   with greenish  painted shiplap, bluish  couch, red, bluish  and achromatic  couch, pouffe, array  lamps, pendant light, mirror

(Image credit: OKA)

‘If it’s versatility you’re after, I don’t deliberation you tin spell excessively acold incorrect with a classical navy linen. It’s a timeless worldly and the colour works conscionable arsenic good successful a agleam location arsenic it does alongside a much neutral scheme,' says Sue Jones, laminitis and originative manager astatine OKA. 'I’d brace it with a beauteous reddish rug for a bold look, oregon a jute weave, specified arsenic our Senada, for a much pared-back approach.'

What colors spell with a bluish couch?

If the bluish sofa is acting arsenic your chosen popular of color, support to neutral surviving country ideas for the remainder of the scheme. ‘Layer with complementary shades similar off-white, cream, oregon brushed gray,’ suggests Stokes, who besides champions the usage of earthy woods successful its presence. 

Brown is simply a large pairing with bluish if you favour dark surviving country ideas, particularly successful the signifier of earthy materials – acheronian wood and navy is simply a winner, portion lighter woods enactment good with mean to airy tones. 

Head 1 measurement brighter and incorporated burnt orangish for a moody, sumptuous scheme, oregon inject immoderate amusive with a full opposition successful the signifier of yellowish oregon pink.