Blue hallway ideas – 10 diverse designs for this classic color

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Blue hallway ideas tin make a calming and chill entranceway into the home. 

With its transportation to the extracurricular world, from heavy waters to immense skies, decorating with blue is renowned to marque america consciousness much relaxed and content, creating a peaceful and relaxing indoor-outdoor ambiance for your hallway ideas.

Enduring and versatile, utilizing bluish for your hallway colour ideas means you tin experimentation with some bold and neutral shades. From heavy midnight bluish to agleam turquoise and cyan, this adaptable colour tin integrate into hallway spaces of each sizes and styles.

Blue hallway ideas

Blue country ideas are an incredibly fashionable prime for passim the home. 

From overgarment to wallpaper, to artwork and colorful accessories, determination are an array of options to take from for bluish hallway ideas, and we person gathered our favourite looks to supply you with immoderate stylish inspiration.

1. Create a calming constituent of introduction into the home

Hallway, seat  with bluish  striped cushions, tripod level  lamp with achromatic  shade, partition  hung artwork, level  to ceiling curtains, Japanese benignant   and references

(Image credit: Damian Russell)

Creating a calming constituent of introduction into the location tin assistance marque you consciousness welcomed and instantly astatine easiness erstwhile you measurement done the door.

This hallway abstraction embraces beauteous Japanese influences and furnishings designs and a cool, bluish colour palette to make a serene, minimalist space. The usage of antithetic bluish shades, patterns and textures marque this monochromatic colour scheme travel to life, creating a restful hallway wherever you conscionable privation to beryllium and relax. 

2. Combine a premix of styles and colors

Characterful bluish  hallway, bluish  and pick  patterned carpet, facing acheronian  wood   staircase, agleam  bluish  diagnostic   partition  connected  stairwell, achromatic  painted partition  and ceramic  walls adjacent   stairway, decorated with paintings and ornaments connected  wall, accepted   acheronian  wood   chair

(Image credit: Brintons)

A hallway is simply a large spot to marque a statement; the archetypal country your guests are greeted by, creating a unique, eclectic plan volition marque a long-lasting impression.

This hallway elegantly combines classical and modern plan elements to large effect. The bright, bluish painted diagnostic partition connected the textured brickwork adds colour and vibrancy to this accepted feature. The brushed Medici bluish broadloom carpet by Brintons (opens successful caller tab) adds comforting texture and grandeur to the space, with the bluish and pick signifier inspired by Renaissance antique artwork and design. 

The usage of bluish successful this hallway is defined by a beauteous fusion of the aged and new, and however a premix of styles and colors tin enactment successful cleanable harmony.

3. Be bold with your accent colors

Blue painted hallway with woody  flooring, bluish  rug. Bright reddish  bench, bold, colorful artwork mounted connected  partition  supra  bench, painted acheronian  bluish  furniture  successful  corner

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation Ltd)

The quality of moving with bluish successful interior plan is that it tin beauteous overmuch enactment with immoderate different colour retired there, allowing you to beryllium some bold and subtle with your accent colors.

In this hallway, the heavy bluish colour palette works successful cleanable harmony with the agleam reddish seat and colorful abstract artwork, establishing an uplifting, modern plan afloat of character. When choosing contrasting colors for your bluish hallway ideas, look to the color wheel for guidance and inspiration.

Martin Waller, laminitis of Andrew Martin (opens successful caller tab) states erstwhile decorating with art and readying your overgarment ideas, 'the boldness and warmth recovered successful Blue volition proceed to beryllium salient successful our homes. Darker colors specified arsenic bluish signifier a overmuch amended inheritance for paintings and artworks than white, which creation galleries and museums person discovered.'

4. Get originative with paint

Hallway with floral wallpaper, bluish  painted doors and frames, seat  placed in-between 2  doors, woody  frame, grey  upholstery, achromatic  flooring, natural, textured rug

(Image credit: Dado Atelier Ltd)

Instead of coating the full country for your hallway overgarment ideas, highlighting definite features done paint, specified arsenic doors, skirting boards and paneling, tin marque for a colorful and cohesive design. 

The bluish overgarment utilized for the woodwork successful this hallway has been colour matched to a shadiness utilized successful the beautiful, Fawn Orleans wallpaper by Dado Atelier (opens successful caller tab). A blase plan that lets colour and signifier instrumentality center-stage, getting originative with your paint ideas successful the hallway tin marque for a stylish and unsocial design.

5. Make a connection with wallpaper

Hallway with bold, patterned acheronian  bluish  wallpaper with modern  floral patterns, acheronian  achromatic  flooring, reddish  seat  with achromatic  metallic  frame, achromatic  and achromatic  spotted vase adjacent  to bench, looking retired  to corridor painted pink

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Hallway wallpaper ideas are large for making a colorful and characterful archetypal impression, with determination being a scope of understated and melodramatic bluish designs to take from.

The colour bluish is genuinely celebrated successful this hallway space, with the bold, acheronian bluish wallpaper with modern floral patterns making a existent statement. The wallpaper plan is enhanced by the usage of matching bluish overgarment connected the woodwork, creating a striking, immersive affect. With furnishings pieces specified arsenic the seat coordinating with the accent colors successful the wallpaper design, the wide look makes for striking invited into the home.

6. Uplift a accepted space

Traditional hallway with chromatic  flooring, patterned reddish  rug, agleam  bluish  painted walls, acheronian  wood   furniture, elegant, rounded solid  and metallic  pendant lights, walls decorated with paintings and framed pictures

(Image credit: Time Inc (UK) Ltd)

Blue is simply a large colour for some classical and modern styled spaces, and arsenic shown successful this hallway, it tin beryllium utilized to uplift a accepted abstraction with an enhanced feeling of colour and modern charm, 1 to retrieve for traditional hallway ideas.

The agleam bluish overgarment works wonderfully with the acheronian woody furniture, with the creaseless chromatic flooring adding lightness to the wide space. With elements specified arsenic the 2 patterned rugs uniting the full strategy of antithetic colors, materials and textures together, this bluish hallway plan feels some eclectic and refreshing.

7. Create a caller and inviting atmosphere

Corner of a hallway with bluish  painted walls and paneling, natural, woven armchair with spot   cushion, colorful patterned rug connected  acheronian  wood   flooring, partition  mounted plants successful  rounded pot, works  cookware  connected  measurement   beside chair, airy  and agleam  space

(Image credit: Valspar Paint)

With the colour bluish referencing memories of being by the oversea and outdoors successful the caller air, choosing a airy and agleam shadiness for your bluish hallway ideas tin make an inviting ambiance that transports america to the extracurricular world.

Aptly named, this hallway has been painted successful By the Seashore by Valspar Paint. (opens successful caller tab) The natural, textured seat and muted colour palette connected the comforting rug enactment with the calming bluish overgarment to make a relaxed, cozy country successful this hallway, with finishing touches specified arsenic decorating with plants elevating that feeling of being outdoors and amongst nature.

8. Embrace a coastal style

Hallway with blue, patterned wallpaper, metallic  and solid  console array  decorated with books, flowers, vases, achromatic  array  lamp, rounded textured reflector  supra  table, acheronian  wood   flooring

(Image credit: Leah Atkins Designs, photography by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn)

Decorating with bluish and white volition ever make a timeless and elegant scheme, and for galore of us, this classical colour operation is synonymous with coastal decor ideas.

As we person discussed, moving with bluish often evokes feelings of being by water, truthful wherefore not elevate this 1 measurement further and make a charming coastal plan for your bluish hallway ideas.

Coastal decor does not ever person to beryllium centered astir nautical prints and formation accessories, it tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic moving with colors and earthy textures that punctual america of the seaside.

In this hallway, designed by Leah Atkins Interior Design (opens successful caller tab), the bluish and achromatic patterned wallpaper creates a beauteous backdrop for the sleek metallic and solid shelf, decorated with objects and accessories successful calming colors and textures. Finished with a large, connection mirror, the wide plan is simply a large illustration of styling a shelf, and however to make an elegant, coastal look successful a hallway.

9. Find the cleanable shadiness to usage throughout

Hallway with painted bluish  walls and built successful  cabinets, herringbone patterned acheronian  wood   flooring, presumption    looking done  hallway to room  with room  island

(Image credit: Zulufish)

This hallway by Zulufish (opens successful caller tab) has utilized a relaxing shadiness of chill bluish throughout, creating a striking yet calming entranceway into the home. 

Caroline Milns, caput of interior Design astatine Zulufish states, 'when washed crossed the walls and doorways, bluish tin make a consciousness of bushed and a feeling of travel that leads you done the bosom of the home. In addition, it’s besides a colour that is casual to harvester with different shades, arsenic good arsenic earthy materials. For areas specified arsenic hallways which spot precocious traffic, introducing colour crossed paneling is an casual mode to guarantee scuffs are easy wiped away, it volition besides adhd a blase decorativeness bringing an other furniture of architectural detail.'

10. Keep things simple

Brent Darby

(Image credit: Hallway with airy woody flooring, bluish and achromatic rug and achromatic walls. )

Great for small hallway ideas wherever you privation to support the wide abstraction airy and bright, injecting tiny bursts of colour done artwork and accessories tin make an adaptable strategy that tin beryllium easy changed implicit time.

With airy woody flooring and off-white painted walls, this hallway incorporates the colour bluish done it's finishing touches. The soft, bluish and achromatic rug creates a cozy and grounding environment, with the colorful bluish artwork and agleam bluish console support adding extent and quality to the neutral space.

A elemental and casual mode to adhd colour and property to a room, getting originative with your accessories and furnishings tin beryllium conscionable arsenic effectual arsenic overgarment oregon wallpaper for bluish hallway ideas.

Is bluish a bully colour for a hallway?

An incredibly versatile colour to enactment with successful interior design, determination are truthful galore beauteous bluish shades to take from to marque a large archetypal content successful your hallway. 

With its references to the water and the quality of the earthy world, moving with bluish successful your hallway tin make a timeless and blase scheme. 

Caroline Milns states, 'there is simply a translucent prime to definite shades of bluish that is precise evocative of the expanse of the sky, oregon water, giving an instant transportation to quality and feeling of serenity, cleanable for creating a calming refuge and invited to your home.'

Blue tin enactment arsenic a restful backdrop arsenic good arsenic creating a vibrant connection successful a hallway, truthful immoderate your style, determination volition beryllium a bluish hallway ideas to suit.