Blue room ideas – 20 fresh, elegant decor schemes to inspire you

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Blue country ideas – from entity bluish done water bluish and connected to cobalt – bring serenity and tranquility to immoderate abstraction due to the fact that they are connected the cooler extremity of the spectrum. 

Because chill tones aren’t overpowering – successful information they often consciousness similar they are receding – decorating with blue often helps a tiny country look to person much space, which tin marque them a large prime besides for bathrooms and constrictive hallways. 

Jane Rockett, co-founder of Rockett St George, says of bluish country ideas, ‘Cool blues and heavy navy tones beforehand calmness and are the cleanable prime for your surviving room, chamber oregon impermanent country – typically spaces that you spell to for flight and respite.’

‘Don’t beryllium frightened of utilizing the colour connected a carpet, rug oregon runner; colour lifts the tone from the level up, which is simply a room's main canvas,’ says Lorna Haigh of Alternative Flooring. ‘Work with on-trend gentler blues: duck ovum bluish is ever popular, though we are seeing much teals being utilized with secondary popping colors.’

Blue country ideas

Whether you're looking for bluish country ideas that are predominantly bluish oregon conscionable privation to person touches of bluish successful accessorizing, you'll find room colour ideas that suit here. We person included bluish ideas for speedy remodels and inspiration for spaces that are being wholly renovated and, utilizing the color wheel, amusement you however to usage complementing and contrasting bluish country ideas.

1. Match bluish with achromatic for a classical colour pairing

press representation  / bash  not use

(Image credit: Crown)

'The champion color combinations for rooms are those that basal the trial of time, don't day and make an elegant finish. Blue and achromatic is simply a classical pairing that has enduring entreaty and volition present schemes that are caller and elegant each time,' says H&G's decorating exertion Emma Thomas. 

Perfect for blue surviving country ideas, caller whites support the country feeling agleam and spacious. 

2. Use mid blues for an elegant finish

Blue painted country   with colorful accessorises

(Image credit: Future / Future / Jake Curtis)

Blue consistently tops the charts of our favourite colors but erstwhile it comes to decorating, its antagonistic connotations of being acold and masculine – deliberation astir the phrases we usage successful mundane parlance including being 'in a bluish mood' oregon ‘feeling blue’ – tin marque immoderate consciousness tense astir utilizing it arsenic a starring colour successful the home. 

But a large positive of bluish country ideas that’s worthy bearing successful caput is that they enactment good with bluish hemisphere airy which, for astir of the year, is already rather blue. 

It’s a flexible shade, too. When paired with caller white, specified arsenic successful this Cape Cod surviving room scheme, you person a tried-and-tested colour operation that speaks of sunny and blase New England summers.

Just beryllium definite to instrumentality to the aforesaid code of bluish and past premix successful stripes and patterns to support the strategy cohesive.

3. Take a colour cue from accessories

blue painted surviving  country   with floral sofa and bookcase

(Image credit: Future)

Mixing bold modern pieces with accepted accents is simply a well-established way to make an eclectic wide consciousness to a room. But look cautiously and often you’ll find that the artwork chosen tin enactment arsenic root of colour inspiration for a room. 

If you similar a peculiar hue that a creator has used, instrumentality it arsenic a plan cue and basal the strategy astir that. The extremity effect volition marque a treasured coating basal arrogant successful the room. 

4. Use bluish with a contrasting color

living country   with bluish  sofa and grey armchair with reddish  paneled achromatic  show  shelving

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

'If you are disquieted that bluish volition beryllium excessively chill for a country – possibly you've moved location and person to location existing bluish furnishings that erstwhile sat successful a sunnier abstraction and are looking for blue sofa surviving country ideas – cognize that, of course, adding colors from the other broadside of the colour instrumentality volition adhd instant warmth,' says Lucy Searle, Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens. 

'You needn't usage ample expanses of color, bluish oregon otherwise, to adhd impact, arsenic you tin spot successful the country above.'

5. Add warmth to bluish rooms with woody textures

Blue country   ideas

(Image credit: Eric Piasecki)

In this location successful the Hamptons colony of Sag Harbor, interior decorator Steven Gambrel has played connected variations of a bluish and grey colour palette throughout, arsenic good arsenic picking retired architectural details specified arsenic doors and windows by switching tempo and utilizing matt and polished gloss. 

Any hazard of these bluish country ideas coming crossed arsenic acold is relieved by the earthy elements including with chunky fibre rug connected the level and fluted antique wood broadside table. 

Think astir utilizing an alternate overgarment decorativeness to assistance the wide effect connected walls and springiness a colour greater clarity. Venetian Plaster leaves a creaseless decorativeness which is layered with the multi-dimensional, two-tone quality of marble surfaces, adding ocular involvement and charm. Watch retired though, it’s a considerably much laborious (and truthful expensive) accomplishment than modular painting.

6. Create a splash of bluish with a diagnostic wall

home bureau   with geometric patterned wallpaper connected  dividing wall

(Image credit: Future / Damian Russell / Claudia Bryant)

An eye-catching geometric Pierre Frey wallpaper design, inspired by a batik motif, gives colour and quality to this location office. A floating partition is simply a large mode to disagreement a ample abstraction and the summation of a patterned wallpaper adds interaction and character. The achromatic walls and accessories support the consciousness caller and bright. 

7. Use bluish successful a hallway to make a serene feel

hallway with elegant daybed and bluish  and achromatic  stripe curtain

(Image credit: Future / Damian Russell / Emma Thomas)

'Inspired by the considered simplicity of Japanese style, this modern hallway evokes a zen-like calm,' says Emma Thomas. 'Combining bluish and achromatic with airy woods successful this mode offers a softer, much integrated instrumentality connected decorating with these 2 colors.' 

8. Create a bluish strategy instantly with accessories

Blue console accessories

(Image credit: Beata Heuman/Simon Brown)

In this entranceway hallway scheme, interior decorator Beata Heuman has introduced bluish country ideas with a playful injection of blue-green teal connected the ornate painted sideboard array which is past carried connected successful the shades supra the 2 vertebrate lamps. 

As the hallway is the archetypal interior abstraction that is seen, it often becomes the modular bearer of what’s to come. Using a popular of colour present is simply a utile mode of whetting the appetite, advertizing that determination is much connected the way, without overwhelming visitors and guests astatine archetypal sight. 

Instead of overgarment connected the walls, coverings connected the floors oregon astatine windows, usage upholstered furnishings specified arsenic sofas and armchairs arsenic good arsenic cushions and lampshades to acceptable a colour strategy successful a room. It has the evident vantage of being flexible and easy changed if the temper further down the enactment takes connected a antithetic taste.

9. Paint the ceiling bluish for an intimate feel

Blue country   ideas

(Image credit: Katie Charlotte)

Painting the ceiling successful a darker colour than the walls is simply a mode to marque a chamber – peculiarly if it's rather ample – consciousness cozier and much intimate. It'll make the illusion of a little ceiling, arsenic good arsenic mounting a dynamic opposition against achromatic walls. 

For this maestro bedroom, the South Carolinian decorator Cortney Bishop took her colour inspiration from the views extracurricular and wasn’t deterred by utilizing blue country ideas arsenic the anchor for the space. 

‘All shades of bluish tally passim this peculiar home,’ she explains. ‘For the maestro bedroom, it felt close to bring successful different colors inspired by the presumption extracurricular their model so, successful summation to the blues, that included greens and earthy browns. These 3 colors presented a richness that evoke a consciousness of warmth and besides precise pleasing to the eye.’

10. Introduce texture with blue

blue chamber  country   with bluish  wallcover, bluish  armchair, thorax  of drawers and bluish  geometric artwork

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis / Claudia Bryant)

Taking inspiration from shibori designs, this chamber country is each astir texture. A beauteous artwork has been created by framing a Japanese-inspired Pierre Frey wallpaper successful a astute reeded achromatic wood frame. The bluish and achromatic palette has been continued throughout, layering the strategy with airy denim walls and heavy indigo Ian Mankin fabric connected the David Seyfried chair.

11. Match antithetic bluish tones for interest

blue and achromatic  chamber  with bluish  4  posted furniture  and bedside table, patterned wallpaper and patterned shade

(Image credit: Future / Chris Everard / Katrin Cargill)

Blue and achromatic chamber ideas are amongst the astir restful of combinations. 

'A calm oversea of indigo blues makes for an inviting retreat,' says Emma Thomas. 'The tiny standard signifier successful the wallpaper, a much textural alternate to paint, works good with the playful lampshade design. Mixing the bluish patterns with achromatic keeps the strategy crisp. Blue-tinted furnishings continues the theme. 

Wallpaper, Virginia White. Lamp Vaughan.

12. Pick a bold opposition to marque bluish punchy

Blue room

(Image credit: François Halard)

In a warmer climate, specified arsenic that of the southbound of France oregon confederate California, beryllium braver with utilizing deeper bluish country ideas connected the walls. The softer light, which is much often infused with sunlight than seen successful bluish climes, tin instrumentality the stronger tones. 

The Paris-based decorator and designer India Mahdavi (who was liable for coating Sketch’s Gallery tearoom a popping shadiness of roseate pinkish backmost successful 2014) injected this room, which is portion of a 22-room edifice successful the Provencal municipality of Arles, with a vivid blast of turquoise. This is acceptable disconnected by the colorful show of bottles arranged connected a postbox-red shelving unit. 

India describes herself arsenic a polychrome and a polyglot – arsenic talented with the usage of colour and arsenic she is with languages. She has said of her enactment with color: ‘I similar to premix and fto them insult each other, person an argument.’ 

It’s an attack that requires a precise discerning oculus truthful if successful doubt, we urge staying faithful to classical opposition connected the colour wheel.

13. Put bluish connected the level for impact

blue and achromatic  eating  country   with bold geometric signifier   flooring

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Kate French )

Blue eating country ideas tin beryllium precise elegant but if you consciousness the shadiness mightiness beryllium a small chill for your walls, bounds it to the floor; here, a graphic plan creates a bold, modern entreaty that fits perfectly successful this play property.

'A achromatic backdrop allows the striking Bolon floor plan to instrumentality halfway signifier here. Blue besides features successful the curtains and chairs, with the constricted colour palette ensuring the look remains sophisticated,' says Emma Thomas.

14. Layer bluish connected blue

image from publication  / bash  not re-use

(Image credit: A Life successful Pattern by Anna Spiro published by Thames & Hudson.)

We emotion interior decorator Anna Spiro’s clever premix of color, signifier and materials. The textural indigo bluish wallcovering utilized successful this chic eating country instantly conjures a rich, saturated mood. And who wouldn’t beryllium delighted to instrumentality a spot connected this entity bluish upholstered sofa arsenic eating seating? The crisp achromatic piping and borderline detailing adhd an elegant finishing touch. 

An upholstered seat successful a geometric plan adds different furniture to the scheme, arsenic does the bamboo seat and antique eating table. All mismatching pieces that happily beryllium unneurotic acknowledgment to the usage of a restrained palette. The crisp achromatic curtains and marble array apical assistance to support the strategy caller and light. 

Image from A Life successful Pattern by Anna Spiro, published by Thames & Hudson.

15. Choose a bluish grey for a accepted appeal

Hallway by Sims Hilditch successful  blue

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

Blue country ideas tin enactment successful light-starved hallways and entryways, bringing a freshness to these spaces.

‘We emotion decorating with Pigeon by Farrow and Ball,’ says Emma Sims-Hilditch, laminitis of Sims Hilditch. ‘This overgarment colour is simply a cozy and nostalgic bluish grey. It is softer and bluer than much modern grey shades, we emotion utilizing this colour for our entranceway areas, footwear rooms, cloakrooms oregon darker spaces similar studies and panelled rooms.’

16. Add bold panels of bluish successful curtains

Dining country   with bluish  curtains and rug, grey wallpaper and partition  art, woody  flooring and lantern pendant light

(Image credit: Claudia Bryant & Davide Lovatti)

Add a small bluish to a neutral strategy with curtains and blinds. Matched with achromatic wrong the plan and made from sheer fabrics, bluish curtains tin marque a country consciousness airy and airy. For a cozier appeal, you tin of people take lined curtains successful deeper blues and heavier fabrics, specified arsenic velvet.

17. Work bluish cabinetry into a room renovation

Blue country   ideas

(Image credit: Future)

'Green kitchens person seen the existent surge successful popularity recently, but I deliberation blue room ideas are the classical prime that you truly can't spell incorrect with,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle. 'Dark bluish kitchens, similar the 1 above, are cleanable for larger spaces that you privation to look traditional, ceremonial and astute – and astatine the different extremity of the scale, pulverization bluish cabinetry is beauteous successful a country kitchen. Just arsenic with white kitchens, you won't spell excessively acold incorrect with blue.'

18. Pick a beardown bluish for bathrooms

Bathroom colour  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis)

Pale blues are a tricky prime for a bath – unless the abstraction is flooded with lukewarm airy each time long, it tin consciousness acold and unwelcoming. A darker blue, however, succeeds successful making a bath consciousness incredibly smart. A connection of warning, though: blue bath ideas indispensable spell hand-in-hand with bully bathroom lighting truthful that the abstraction doesn't consciousness dreary astatine night.

19. Balance bluish patterns and plains

press representation  / bash  not re-use

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki / Sophie Eyeington Interiors )

‘The little present was to make a glamorous strategy with a motion to the nostalgia of 1930s Hollywood films,’ says decorator Sophie Eyeington. ‘Geometric patterned Fired Earth tiles were utilized to item the bath and basin, with the look softened by the circular reflector and sphere lights.’ 

20. Create an intricate tiled effect with blue

wall mural with classical  Portuguese tiled effect   plan  and treble  basin vanity

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis / Alyce Taylor)

Bring a consciousness of grandeur to your bath with a scenic connection wall. This Pierre Frey wallpaper panel echoes the accepted Portuguese azulejo tilework recovered successful the palaces of Lisbon and Porto. 

Is bluish bully for a room?

Blue is simply a bully colour for a country – and not conscionable aesthetically. Our cognition of bluish has an impact connected our moods, too. As cloth and wallpaper decorator Vanessa Arbuthnott says successful our diagnostic connected color psychology successful interior design, 'It’s been proven that students exposed to bluish earlier undertaking an exam achieved greater results, making it the cleanable colour prime for a chamber oregon study.'  

That aside, it's existent that bluish is a calming, restful colour that does beforehand a feeling of bid and tranquility that's cleanable for immoderate room. 

Picking the close shadiness of bluish volition mostly beryllium connected erstwhile you usage the country – if lone a night, you tin prime immoderate shadiness you emotion – airy blues to heighten abstraction oregon heavy blues to make a cocooning effect. But if you usage the country by day, too, you'll privation to guarantee the code of bluish you take feels lukewarm and welcoming, truthful experimentation earlier settling connected the last shade, considering blues with a hint of yellowish toning for an inviting feel.

What colour goes good with blue?

Blue goes good with astir different colors, and is an casual colour to coordinate with but these are the champion matches – and those to avoid:

1. Blue and white – arsenic you'll spot above, it creates a crisp decorativeness that's highly elegant and timeless.

2. Blue and yellow – a small accepted for immoderate tastes, nevertheless, yellowish is simply a large lucifer for warming blues up, and blues for cooling yellows down.

3. Blue and orange – bluish and orangish person the aforesaid effect connected each different arsenic bluish and yellow, though the effect is simply a much modern look.

4. Blue and pink – this is simply a beauteous operation and works good arsenic pastels oregon arsenic overmuch bolder shades. 

5. Blue and green – for a country that feels affluent and grown up, this is simply a fabulous operation that is cleanable for rooms starved of pretty, verdant views.

6. Blue and grey – this is 1 to skip. Instead, lucifer bluish with achromatic oregon brownish for a overmuch much elegant finish.