Boho bathroom decor – 13 beautiful laidback looks for your space

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Bohemian décor ideas are defined by a divers premix of styles, affluent with color, signifier and texture. 

Exploring boho bath décor for your bathroom ideas tin alteration a clinical, functional bath abstraction into a divers situation bursting with quality and charm. 

Your bath should beryllium an inviting, relaxing abstraction that inactive mirrors the remainder of the plan strategy successful your home. Using boho bath décor ideas, from colorful tile designs, inviting brushed textures and beauteous decorative objects, you tin make an impressionable, stylish abstraction that embodies overmuch much than conscionable practicality.

Boho bath decor

Bohemian décor ideas tin sometimes beryllium hard to specify arsenic determination are nary acceptable rules, but that is what makes this benignant truthful expressive, unsocial and wholly individual.

A boho benignant is often described arsenic combining a assortment of contrasting materials, textures and colors, often looking to quality and the thought of question for inspiration. The effect tin beryllium some bold and laid back, with galore designs embodying an organic, free-spirited look that is relaxed and informal.

Below we person gathered our apical boho bath décor ideas to assistance you make this eclectic look successful your home.

1. Use earthy materials

Contemporary bath  with striking natural, earthy feel. Brown painted walls with paneling, ample  window, rustic, earthy  chromatic  descend  connected  apical  of woody  plinth, earthy  floorboards with textured rug successful  a natural, achromatic  and achromatic  finish. Linen benignant   hanging curtain, geometric console array  with curved array  lamp and accessories,

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

A large spot to commencement erstwhile readying your Boho bath décor ideas, the usage of earthy materials, specified arsenic wood, chromatic and rattan, tin make a beautifully relaxed situation that effortlessly transports you to the extracurricular world. 

In this bath space, the elegant premix of decorative objects and earthy materials are agreed done a calming, neutral colour palette, creating a stunning abstraction that appears thing similar a accepted bathroom.

2. Choose a bold wallpaper design 

Bathroom abstraction  with bold tiger wallpaper with achromatic  background, accepted   descend  with exposed piping, oval reflector  with bamboo benignant   edging

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

'The bath is simply a large spot to beryllium adventurous with bathroom wallpaper ideas, arsenic it is smaller than astir different rooms successful the home, allowing for you to take a stand-out, unexpected plan that tin make a genuinely unsocial bath space,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle.

When considering wallpaper for your boho bath décor, choosing a bold plan tin make a striking, maximalist look.

The intricate, tiger patterned wallpaper successful this bath evokes feelings of question and warmth, and the plan is perfectly complemented by the bamboo style, oval mirror, adding a consciousness of extent and earthy texture to the space.

 3. Create a relaxed, calming space 

Spa similar  bath  plan  with fluted, woody  paneled ceiling, textured achromatic  walls, ample  rounded mirror, 2  oval mirrors attached to the level  and ceiling, striking freestanding bath plan  successful  a warming taupe, matching sink, bath positioned connected  a stepped level, 3  hanging shades successful  a cluster, woody  accessories.

(Image credit: Ripples)

Luxury bath ideas are becoming progressively fashionable erstwhile readying bath designs for the home. Creating a serene abstraction that takes inspiration from a luxurious spa is simply a large mode to make your precise ain relaxing retreat astatine home. 

The materials and textures often utilized successful boho bath décor, specified arsenic wood and stone, are cleanable for creating a dreamy, spa-like space. 

In this bath suite, the warmth of the fluted, woody paneled ceiling creates an instantly welcoming space, perfectly complemented by the woody flooring. The usage of contrasting shapes, height-levels and warming, earthy colors and materials make a genuinely stand-out space. Finished with a stunning free-standing bath, the wide look embraces a relaxed boho benignant with a luxurious twist.

4. Use people textured lighting designs

Bathroom abstraction  successful  a earthy  colour  palette, brownish  painted walls, lukewarm  woody  flooring, duplicate  freestanding achromatic  sinks with textured, woven pendant lights hanging above, woody  shelving portion   with decorative accessories and books

(Image credit: Ripples )

Natural materials specified arsenic wicker and rattan person agelong been associated with Boho décor. Using these types of materials successful your bath is simply a elemental mode to execute a relaxed Boho look, with natural, textured pendant lights adding warmth and inviting texture to your bath space.

Woven pendant lights and lanterns should not conscionable beryllium reserved for Bohemian surviving country ideas, erstwhile styled and hung successful the close way, these timeless lighting designs tin found a unique, carnal and ocular texture successful your bathroom.

5. Choose an earthy colour scheme 

Bathroom by Beata Heuman

(Image credit: Simon Brown/Beata Heuman)

When readying your bathroom overgarment ideas for your Boho bath scheme, utilizing an earthy, grounding colour palette tin make a harmonious situation that pays tribute to the colors of the earthy world.

Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer astatine Crown Paints states for Boho overgarment ideas, 'burnt orangish and terracotta are colors that harvester the qualities of a earthy earthiness with a beardown modern style.'

The warming terracotta overgarment utilized successful this bath adds an uplifting vigor to the room, arsenic good arsenic making you consciousness instantly relaxed and welcomed into the space. Complemented by the acheronian woody furniture and greenery, the wide look effortlessly transports you to warmer climes.

6. Embrace contrast

View done  doorway to wallpapered country   with woody  vanity portion   and grey marbled manus  basin.

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography)

A Bohemian benignant is defined by beauteous contrasts, whether that beryllium successful print, worldly oregon color. 

Amanda Telford, Marketing Manager astatine CTD Tiles states, 'creating a Boho aesthetic successful the bath is each astir combining antithetic colors, textures and finishes. A communal taxable wrong a Boho bath volition beryllium to furniture antithetic pieces. For the cleanable scheme, you privation to execute a ‘busy’ look without it being excessively cluttered, it’s a tricky equilibrium but if done correctly tin make a lukewarm and inviting ambience.'

In this bathroom, the beauteous basin creates a striking opposition with the elaborate wallpaper design, with the layered opposition further enhanced by the wooden, partition mounted mirrors. This assured usage of contrasting materials, textures and prints harvester elements of accepted and modern styles, moving successful harmony to make a sophisticated, Boho inspired strategy for the bathroom.

7. Be inspired by nature

Bathroom inspired by nature, with wood   rim bath, metro partition  tiles and 2  windows with shutters, bamboo chair, log-style stool and diagnostic   wallpaper

(Image credit: Chris Everard)

Bohemian décor ideas are often influenced by the timeless quality of the earthy world, whether that beryllium done the usage of earthy materials specified arsenic wood, utilizing a botanical wallpaper print, oregon accessorizing with plants and greenery.

Being outdoors and immersed successful quality is renowned to marque america consciousness much relaxed and calm, truthful incorporating elements of the earthy satellite into your boho bath abstraction is lone going to elevate feelings of tranquillity and restfulness – cleanable besides for boho nursery decor.

8. Add a rug for warmth and texture

Blue painted bath  with bluish  tiled diagnostic   wall, bluish  lavation  basal   with 2  sinks, 2  mirrors and 2  partition  lamps, pinkish  rug and seat  successful  country   of the room

(Image credit: Neptune)

Rugs are not often associated with bath spaces, but bathroom rug ideas are becoming progressively popular, particularly for large bathrooms, to make a cozy and inviting space.

Dena Kirby, Senior Designer astatine Ripples states, 'I consciousness that making the bath consciousness much similar a country is important erstwhile styling a Bohemian space, truthful incorporated tons of greenish plants to spot astir the country on with brushed furnishings specified arsenic bath mats and towels.'

A emblematic diagnostic of boho décor, rugs are a elemental mode to adhd a brushed furniture of inviting texture to a space. Using a rug for boho bath décor ideas tin marque your bath consciousness much welcoming, with tactile texture underfoot effortlessly grounding you to the space.

 9. Create quality with colorful tile designs 

Topps Tiles Cliq Hot Pink bath  partition  tiles

(Image credit: Topps Tiles Cliq Hot Pink tiles)

Tiles are often the main diagnostic successful a bathroom. With determination being an array of patterns, colors and shapes to take from, done tile designs you tin explicit your benignant and property successful your bath abstraction with ease.

When readying bathroom tile ideas for Boho bath décor, embracing colour and signifier volition assistance to make a unique, characterful design.

Dena Kirby states, 'there are truthful galore antithetic styles of tiles disposable now, and with the Bohemian look being rather versatile, you could opt for brightly colored patterned tiles to springiness a Boho Moroccan look, oregon spell down the way of utilizing calming tones and floral/nature printed tiles to springiness a much subtle appearance'.

10. Decorate with unsocial objets and decorative pieces 

Large bath  with woody  paneled ceiling, ample  circular reflector  hanging supra  descend  and vanity unit, marble flooring with ample  achromatic  bath, woody  manus  seat/decorative entity  beside bath, geometric solid  pendant airy  supra  bath

(Image credit: GRAFF)

The essence of Bohemian benignant is routed successful collecting objects and artefacts from travels astir the world, creating a unique, blended ambiance that encompasses antithetic styles, cultures and history.

Decorating your bath with unsocial objects and decorative pieces volition yet marque the abstraction consciousness much inviting and connected to you and your idiosyncratic style. Mixing old, vintage items with modern pieces volition make an eclectic and unsocial appeal, truthful bash not hide to accessorize erstwhile readying your Boho bath décor ideas, arsenic these decorative items tin marque a full strategy travel together.

11. Use furniture curtains 

Green duplicate  reflector  and lamps, bluish  tiled splashback

(Image credit: Vanrenen GW Designs)

This accepted plan diagnostic tin beryllium a stylish mode to adhd tactile texture and eye-catching people and signifier to your bath space. 

Often associated with boho room décor, furniture curtains tin besides make a decorative focal constituent successful your bath space, adding a unsocial interaction to the space.

Whether you're opting for a much vintage Boho look, oregon are creating a subtle Boho ambiance successful a modern bath space, transforming your furniture designs with beauteous curtains tin adhd elegant softness to your bathroom. 

12. Incorporate seating for a relaxed vibe 

Pink Victorian bath  plan  by Anna Haines

(Image credit: Andrew Steel)

'Incorporating seating successful your bath tin make a luxurious ambiance wherever relaxation is astatine the forefront. Placing a seat oregon ottoman successful your bath tin alteration however you usage the space, it tin besides adhd a contrasting constituent of texture and character,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

A bath that is affluent with colour and texture but inactive remains calm, the usage of the traditional, rustic woody and woven seat present adds a beautiful, vintage constituent to the beauteous pink, Boho scheme. The seat is further grounded to the abstraction by the usage of the brushed rug beneath, with the relaxed, reclined plan welcoming you into the room.

13. Create a subtle boho look

Relaxed bath  abstraction  with ample  reflector  successful  achromatic  with rounded, scalloped edging, brass and opal slender hanging pendant, acheronian  wood   vanity furniture  and descend  with marble countertop

(Image credit: Kimberley Harrison Interiors)

In this tranquil bathroom, designed by Kimberley Harrison Interiors, the originative usage of shape, standard and texture each notation Boho décor but successful a relaxed, modern way. 

The serene, minimalist plan is elevated by the ample standard reflector plan and ornamental decorative objects. Bathroom boho décor ideas bash not ever request to beryllium big, bold and colorful, they tin enactment conscionable arsenic good erstwhile pared-back and understated.

What is boho benignant for a bathroom?

Boho benignant for a bath should beryllium a solemnisation of shape, color, texture and, of course, the earthy world. 

Boho bath décor is ever going to beryllium flexible, determination are nary acceptable rules – that would spell against what it genuinely represents. What makes boho bath décor truthful amusive and breathtaking is that it tin beryllium fluid and unsocial to your idiosyncratic benignant and possessions.

Embracing the unconventional and the unsocial is simply a large spot to get started for Boho bath décor ideas, with the extremity end being a relaxed, inviting abstraction that reflects your personality.

Whether you take a layered, maximalist plan affluent with vibrant pattern, oregon opt for a much calming, earthy colour palette, Boho bath décor ideas let for you to beryllium creative, adventurous and diverse.