Boho kitchen decor – 10 designs for a laid-back scheme

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Boho room decor creates a look that is abounding with colour and texture and is definite to bring a burst of property to your home. A foil to the sleek minimalist look that is seen successful truthful galore modern homes, Boho room decor brings quality and property into your space.

Out of each the kitchen ideas, Boho room decor gives you the accidental to explicit yourself. 'Consider your room to ever beryllium successful flux: paintable materials tin beryllium updated connected a whim, plug-in lamp lighting tin beryllium moved around, unfastened retention with curtain fronts tin diagnostic an ever-changing rotation of textiles,’ says Victoria Sass, main decorator astatine Prospect Refuge Studio. ‘You mightiness adjacent spell truthful acold arsenic to plan a room composed of a postulation of repurposed furnishings pieces that tin beryllium moved astir the room. Be fearless and the abstraction volition consciousness decadent and wildly personal.'

10 Boho room decor ideas

A cardinal portion of room plan is the cabinetry. However, accepted fitted designs tin look retired of spot successful a Bohemian scheme. Instead, clasp the laid-back, ever-changing quality of Boho plan by incorporating freestanding room ideas into your space; this could beryllium a azygous pantry cupboard oregon a implicit kitchen. Mix and lucifer colors and styles to make a unsocial abstraction and accessorise with pieces that mean thing to you; puerility treasures, vacation mementos, household heirlooms and vintage finds each person their spot arsenic portion of Boho room decor.

'Boho room decor is the reflection of your traveling memories, some astir the satellite and astir your ain neighborhood; your passionateness for cooking; however you similar to entertain and however you privation to stock your idiosyncratic abstraction with household and friends,' says Ana Maria Torres, interior decorator and laminitis of At Architects. 'When designing a Boho kitchen, I’d urge taking a infinitesimal to research and observe your ain colour palette. Try mixing materials and shapes, combining some vintage and modern furnishings and layering eclectic patterns.'

1. Add a vintage lighting to illuminate your scheme

(Image credit: British Standard)

Kitchen lighting ideas are 1 of the cornerstones of room plan – done good it tin alteration your room. In immoderate space, the pendant volition beryllium the leader of your strategy and truthful should marque a statement. 

When deciding connected the close lighting constituent for your Boho room decor, see a vintage-style partition lamps that brings colour arsenic good arsenic illumination. 

Opting for vintage-style lighting, alternatively than authentic vintage fittings, means you get the characterful aesthetics without the challenges of ensuring that the electrics and fittings conscionable with existent information regulations.

2. Opt for a agleam and lukewarm colour scheme

boho room  with orangish  walls pinkish  array  cloth and greenish  and achromatic  spotted chairs

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

One of the champion things astir Bohemian room decor is the state that it offers, particularly successful presumption of partition color. While earthy browns, greens and grays tin acceptable a calming backdrop to your Boho room decor, determination is besides the accidental to spell for much vibrant paint ideas.  

'Boho benignant kitchens are a fantastic abstraction to spell bold and adhd a burst of lukewarm and joyful color. An eclectic kitchen filled with vintage furniture, unfastened shelves, patterned textiles and crockery are perfect for vibrant color. The bold ‘Marigold’ shadiness volition enactment fantastically alongside earthy wood finishes and accessories inspired by travel,' says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene.

3. Channel a vintage look with your Boho room décor

A achromatic  room  with off-white shaker cabinetry and shiplap wall, with woody  beams and circular  tableclothed table

(Image credit: deVOL)

Of course, Boho room decor doesn't person to beryllium bold and bright. Instead, you tin follow vintage room ideas that tin arsenic transmission Bohemian vibes – think frilled lampshades, lace array cloths and faded kilims.

'Choose freestanding pieces of furnishings alternatively than a fitted kitchen. It makes it overmuch easier to intermingle characterful accents with functional and beauteous room cupboards,' says Helen Parker, Devol's originative director. 'Create spaces that animate eclecticism and layers of involvement but that are not truthful cautiously curated that they consciousness similar a edifice oregon a museum. It takes clip and patience and isn’t instant but it’s decidedly worthy putting successful the time.'

4. Set the backdrop with a checkerboard level and woody cabinetry

kitchen with ample  chequerboard flooring woody  cabinetry and antique benignant   lighting

(Image credit: Cortney Bishop Designs/Katie Charlotte Photography)

While not associated with a peculiar benignant oregon look, checkerboard kitchen flooring ideas are the cleanable complement to Boho room decor. Opt for a monochromatic strategy for a classical look that volition fto the different elements of your boho room decor sing. 

If utilizing a bold signifier connected the floor, support the signifier connected cabinetry and walls to a minimum. In this Bohemian kitchen, the patterned level is complemented by the lukewarm atom of the woody cabinetry and subtle veining of the chromatic worktops and backsplash. A hint of further signifier is brought successful done the wallpaper, though the colour palette and standard is kept muted and minimum truthful arsenic not to vie with the bolder palette and standard connected the floor.

5. Add planting and vintage glassware to unfastened shelves

kitchen with unfastened  shelves displaying a scope  of vintage accessories and tons  of plants

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Celebration of the earthy satellite is simply a cardinal tenant of Bohemian style, truthful bring the extracurricular successful by incorporating surviving plants into your scheme. Display hanging plants from the ceiling and spot pots afloat of tumbling aromatic herbs connected shelves to bring the boho look to life.

Join the caller inclination of replacing fixed partition cabinetry with open-shelving for a brighter and much characterful space. In a Boho scheme, these open-shelves supply the cleanable signifier for showcasing favourite decorative features alongside applicable pieces specified arsenic colorful glassware and vintage cups. 'Boho benignant is eclectic, collected, worldly and good traveled. Plan up for a spot of unfastened partition abstraction oregon a fewer shelves to show creation and antiques,' explains Victoria Sass, main decorator astatine Prospect Refuge Studio. 

6. Don't place brushed furnishings successful your design

rustic room  with patterned boho benignant   rug

(Image credit: Future)

When designing a kitchen, the absorption tends to beryllium connected cabinetry and flooring, however, brushed furnishings should not beryllium overlooked. Rugs tin bring warmth, colour and texture to a scheme, aft each it is the finishing touches that genuinely marque a space. However, erstwhile considering kitchen rug ideas, it is important that they are hard-wearing and instrumentality washable arsenic good arsenic pretty. 

'To make the cleanable Boho benignant kitchen, I usage eclectic textiles specified arsenic a level weave rug which I premix successful with rustic benignant furnishings for a “worn successful look”,' explains Peti Lau, Kaiyo’s inclination expert. 'I don’t usage materials oregon furnishings that are excessively caller oregon shiny, alternatively I usage materials that person an aged aesthetic. I utilized pops of colour for lighting fixtures and vintage, antique oregon signifier tiles assistance curate a boho style.' 

7. Channel rustic vibes successful your Bohemian kitchen 

rustic boho room  with achromatic  lingua  and groove cabinetry and orangish  walls

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Boho benignant is defined by color, texture and eccentricity. However, it tin beryllium a situation to construe this laid-back look into the motor country of the home. Start with the backdrop to your space: the walls and floors – getting these close volition acceptable the signifier for your Boho room decor.

For walls, lukewarm shades are a large choice, whether you spell bold with a agleam orangish oregon prime a much neutral tone, specified arsenic a brushed pick hue, colors with a red, yellowish oregon pinkish undertone volition guarantee a cozy welcome. Consider an exposed plaster decorativeness –popular successful rustic room ideas –  to supply further texture to the space.

Complement your walls by opting for a earthy level specified arsenic woody flooring oregon 1 of the galore stone flooring types. 

8. Opt for earthy materials to transmission rustic chic

wood room  furniture  ideas - woody  kitchen

(Image credit: Base Interior)

When designing a Boho room prioritize materials that make a lukewarm and welcoming environment. Avoid excessively overmuch metallic and solid which tin lend a much modern oregon objective consciousness to the abstraction and alternatively incorporated ample areas of exposed wood. Layering antithetic colors and textures of wood tin make a lukewarm and welcoming backdrop to your room décor – for example, reclaimed woody cabinetry with a heavy patina and disposable atom that balances perfectly against the lighter shades of hexagonal floor.

‘Whatever timbers you usage successful the kitchen, the cardinal to avoiding a dense ‘wall’ of wood is to equilibrium retired the different finishes successful the country – specified arsenic airy painted walls, elemental handles and antique reflector backsplashes,' says Deborah Bass, director, Base Interior. 

9. Select agleam colors successful airy spaces to bring character

kitchen with reddish  land  and greenish  flooring

(Image credit: Alison Kandler Interior Design)

Boho room décor thrives connected colour and earthy light. One of the champion ways to adhd colour into your plan is to incorporated colorful kitchen land ideas – for example, this contrasting reddish land pops against the achromatic cabinetry. 

'When I plan a kitchen, I similar to premix memories with colors that bring joyousness and happiness,' says Alison Kandler, laminitis of Alison Kandler Interior Design. 'This room is my ain room and I wanted to bring successful everything I love: painted floors, agleam colors, gingerbread details, European lighting, whimsical hardware, and each of my favourite flea marketplace collections. The French bluish Lacanche scope and Raoul Textiles pillow cloth inspired the colour palette. What truly makes this room peculiar is the measurement ceiling with skylights. Natural airy is the champion mode to amusement disconnected agleam colors.'

10. Consider Boho décor for an open-plan space

industrial benignant   boho room  with mint smeg fridge and achromatic  textured barroom  stools

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

Due to its laid-back, manner aesthetic, Bohemian décor is simply a large prime for open program room ideas. Offering a softer look than the much concern oregon traditional room ideas, Boho room decor welcomes brushed fabrics and decorative accents that tin assistance to unite an open-plan room with the surviving and eating areas. 

In this kitchen, a meal barroom provides a carnal separation betwixt the room and surviving areas. However, it has been paired with 2 barroom stools successful a soft, achromatic boucle cloth which brings a softer, manner borderline to the Boho room decor. This is continued by the enactment of antique candles connected open-shelving and myriad houseplants which would beryllium arsenic good arsenic portion of your living country ideas.

What is Boho benignant kitchen?

A boho-style room has a laid-back look that brings involvement and quality to the space. Painting walls and cabinetry successful lukewarm colors volition bring property to the country and past accessorise with brushed furnishings, killim rugs, plants and sentimental decorations. 

‘Boho room decor offers the cleanable antidote to the brainsick satellite extracurricular our homes. With each 5 senses residing successful the kitchen, determination are fantastic opportunities to foster a Bohemian vibe,’ says Susan Serra, decorator astatine Susan Serra Associates.

Can you premix Bohemian and farmhouse?

Yes, you tin premix Bohemian and farmhouse styles to make a characterful kitchen. In fact, it is amazingly casual to harvester the warm, idiosyncratic elements of Boho decor with the rustic charm of much functional farmhouse room ideas. Both styles person earthy materials, particularly wood and stone, astatine their halfway and beforehand a akin ethos of welcoming, laid-back living. 

The main quality betwixt the 2 styles are the colour palettes. Boho room décor tends to thin towards brighter and bolder shades portion farmhouse kitchens clasp much neutral creams and whites. In bid to equilibrium the 2 opt for colorful accents specified arsenic rugs, airy fittings oregon singular pieces of furnishings wrong an different much neutral scheme.