Bold patterns and bright updates lift the mood in this traditional style home

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How bash you update and refresh a home's interiors, portion inactive keeping the accepted aesthetic of the archetypal building's design? That was the conundrum faced by the owners of this English Tudor estate-style home. The location was built successful 1995, successful the prestigious Flower Mound suburb of Dallas, Texas, and the owners were looking to update their location and amended its imaginable for hosting friends and family. The striking results of its caller renovation and redecoration marque this 1 of the world's champion homes. 

Getting it looking this bully was not without its challenges, however, and the homeowners sought nonrecreational assistance from Kim Armstrong Interior Design (opens successful caller tab) to program  and instrumentality their home's caller look. Kim worked her mode done each the main surviving spaces, and came up with caller designs for the bedrooms, too. We caught up with her to sermon the highlights of this lighter, brighter accepted English-style location and discovered that fabrics, signifier and colour were cardinal to its transformation. 

Living room

seating abstraction  with acheronian  wood   fireplace and galleried mezzanine chinoiserie armchairs and pick  patterned sofa

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

This is the archetypal country you travel to from the entranceway foyer and, arsenic decorator Kim Armstrong explains, it's a cardinal country with views to different areas of the location and adjacent a staircase and galleried landing above. Kim's living country ideas had to instrumentality the room's cardinal presumption into relationship and acceptable the code for the home's accepted interiors and caller fresh updates. 

'We started successful the surviving room, arsenic we did passim the house, by lightening up the partition colour to an off-white pick with immoderate subtle taupe undertones. We got escaped of the faux decorativeness that was everyplace passim the location and we besides utilized accepted prints, but successful much vibrant colors, truthful it felt caller and not muted oregon dated,' says Kim.  One of Kim's favourite features is the fireplace which was archetypal to the location but was an architecturally reclaimed antique. 'I emotion the expansive standard of it,' she adds.

library seating abstraction  with chinoiserie chairs leather ottoman and acheronian  wood   stairs successful  background

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

'Our lawsuit requested colour for this main surviving room, nevertheless this is the hub that takes you to the galore antithetic wings of the home, truthful we needed to present colour present successful a precise classic, and timeless way, and besides successful a mode that flows with the antithetic colors that are sprinkled passim the home,' explains Kim. 'The Brunschwig & Fils Le Jardin Chinois cloth was wherever we started with the design. I emotion the Brunschwig & Fils drapes and however it lightens the country but inactive supports the architecture with the much accepted design.'

The aforesaid Brunschwig & Fils cloth has been utilized for the armchair upholstery, and enactment however that, unneurotic with the airy rug and walls, balances retired the acheronian wood staircase and doors.  

Dining room

dining country   with agleam  bluish  walls arched windows woody  array  and upholstered bluish  and achromatic  floral patterned chairs and chandelier

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

Kim's dining country ideas stemmed from the Chiang Mai Dragon cloth eating chairs the lawsuit brought with her from her aged house. 

'Given the quality of the signifier and the classical bluish and achromatic print, we kept with that classical bluish and achromatic wide theme,' says Kim. 'The lawsuit loves turquoise truthful 1 of the blues we introduced had a turquoise undertone. Luckily determination are touches of this colour successful the cloth truthful it was casual to physique in.' 

Kim recovered a writer cloth wallpaper by Winfield Thybony successful the cleanable shadiness of blue-turquoise, but decided that excessively overmuch of this colour would person been overwhelming. Building a wainscot and matching the raised sheet illustration to the gothic arched doorway proved the champion solution. 'This elevated the country and allowed america to usage the gorgeous writer cloth without making the country excessively blue. The achromatic painted wainscot was the cleanable balance,' says Kim. 'We added play to the ceiling by coating it a much vibrant hue of the turquoise blue. It's a small unexpected, and we emotion the play it brings to the room.'


library with bay model   curved alcove and turquoise seat  and pick  sofa

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

Every self-respecting, manor location should person a library, and this Flower Mound outpost of expansive English-style has this implicit gem of a space.  

If you're looking for home room ideas for a much accepted space, this stunning speechmaking spot is afloat of inspiration. 

There were challenges, however, successful updating the look. 'The wood successful this country is dark, it’s awesome but to adhd acheronian muted colors, would not person fixed this country the much updated colorful interaction that the lawsuit desired.' says Kim. 'We tried to lighten and brighten the country with turquoise, disconnected achromatic and touches of coral-orange.'  Using these fresher colour options ties successful with the designer's choices elsewhere successful the location and creates harmony and travel from abstraction to space. 

Downstairs den

den surviving  country   with arched bay model   alcove checked upholstered armchair carnal  people     ottoman greenish  sofa and reddish  floral people     armchairs

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

When a country has striking architectural features arsenic with this downstairs den – an other surviving country – with its rotunda windows with gothic arches, the décor needs to see bold plan elements. A portion of furniture, accessory oregon artwork tin often supply the inspiration for a country scheme, but successful this country the mural supra the fireplace was really proving problematic. The hubby loved the mural and wanted to support it, explains Kim, but the colors of the mural were rust-red, olive greens, and golds. 'Not precisely your astir updated colour trio,' she says. 'However erstwhile we discovered the Cowtan & Tout reddish floral fabric, we knew our occupation was solved. The agleam cheerful reddish cloth has conscionable capable of the different colors that we needed to propulsion the full strategy together.'

Other pieces that Kim introduced to heighten a much modern look successful her family surviving country ideas see a Charles Fraudree-inspired scalloped ottoman, covered successful leopard people velvet; a customized greenish sofa with an oversized portion set trim; and an antique settee from Inessa Stewart successful Dallas. 

Kim was delighted erstwhile she recovered the country rug astatine Esmaili rugs successful Dallas, 'It’s a modern plan manus knotted wool from Turkey and was the astir cleanable find of each to implicit the country design.'

Upstairs surviving room

living country   floral people     chairs gingham sofa glazed china furniture  and shutters

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

This comfy upstairs surviving country is wherever the homeowners show galore of their recovered creation pieces, and the antithetic colors and patterns and comfy furnishings marque it a cozy get-away den for their overnight guests. 

The vintage French armoires is simply a cleanable spot to store a bluish and achromatic pottery collection, portion a 2nd matching armoire stows the TV. Two antique bergere chairs are covered successful a Peter Faso cloth and the bluish and achromatic plaid cloth for the sofa is from Lee Jofa. 


bedroom with accepted   acheronian  wood   turned station  furniture  and frilled furniture  skirt with frilled greenish  floral curtain cloth  and bluish  textured wallpaper

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

The homeowners emotion to entertain and wanted to marque their guests consciousness comfy and welcome. They besides wanted to marque definite the impermanent rooms were conscionable arsenic luxurious arsenic the remainder of the house. This downstairs impermanent chamber offered plentifulness of scope for caller bedroom ideas since it was primitively lacking successful features. As Kim explains, 'It didn’t travel with the remainder of the house, and felt similar a spot of an afterthought. It had carpet floors, painted walls, nary crown moulding, and the windows had boring sheetrock turned edges.' 

Kim and her squad installed wood floors, and added bluish Thiabaut grasscloth insubstantial to the walls. To springiness the country immoderate architectural interest, they encased the windows successful wood, and added a achromatic lattice to the ceiling. 

'We archetypal painted the ceiling a agleam writer greenish that gave the country immoderate depth,' says Kim. 'And we replaced the aged boring brownish ceiling instrumentality with a customized Colleen Rider lantern – the crown jewel of the room!' 

The greenish people floral cloth is from Thibaut and the bedding is from Williams Sonoma, with customized shams and a bedskirt. The homeowner added a customized monogram to elevate the bought bedding with a look of bespoke luxury.

Guest bedroom

gray chamber  with wallpaper each  circular  and grey  striped propulsion  bluish  and achromatic  chinoiserie people     upholstered bedhead and ottoman and doorway  unfastened  to balcony

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

This upstairs impermanent chamber is 1 of decorator Kim's favourite rooms, with its steps down into the room, a doorway to the balcony with steps down to the garden, and a sloping loft ceiling – each unsocial architectural details that marque it special. 

Kim had nary problems coming up with the cleanable plan details to heighten the room's existing features. She kept the colour palette to antithetic shades of bluish and white, bringing successful a premix of antithetic patterns and textures successful the textiles, to springiness the country that curated implicit clip feeling.

'The peaked ceilings with the wood trim, provided the cleanable instauration for a gorgeous Peter Faso wallpaper,' says Kim. 'We took the wallpaper connected the slanted portion of the ceiling, which conscionable enveloped the full sleeping area.'

gray wallpapered chamber  with dormer model   and accepted   wood   framed sofa and ornate curtain pelmet and upholstered armchair

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

'I loved that the chamber suite was ample capable to make a abstracted lounge country wherever we utilized matching Peter Faso cloth to heighten that full European vibe that this country people had,' adds decorator Kim. 

The owners besides had immoderate beauteous French antiques that made the cleanable additions to the room.

Children's nursery

nursery with curtain doorway and polished level  with achromatic  crib and time  furniture  and pinkish  chandelier

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder)

Although this is simply a ample house, of astir 7,000 sq ft, it lone had 4 bedrooms, and for radical who emotion to host, this was a problem. They truly needed an other chamber for the smallest grandchildren and a genitor oregon 2 to sleep. 

Kim's solution was ingenious. 

'We created a makeshift nursery cum impermanent chamber from a paper country that was straight disconnected of the upstairs den, and hung drapes from the ceiling that were afloat functional, insulated with bump liner, and decorative connected some facing sides,' explains Kim. 'This mode this country could person implicit privateness erstwhile needed. We besides added achromatic retired shades that would darken the country successful daytime if babe needed immoderate rest.' 

The antithetic nursery solution typifies Kim's caller and originative attack to the plan challenges passim this project. And, arsenic we've seen, her caller ideas for this antecedently somewhat dated location person lifted it retired of its 90s timewarp into a agleam caller era, but 1 that's inactive precise overmuch successful interaction with its accepted roots. 

Interior design: Kim Armstrong (opens successful caller tab)
Photographs: Nathan Schroder (opens successful caller tab)