Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer HM5100 review

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The Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer has an extended scope of powerfulness levels to usage erstwhile baking oregon mixing astatine home, but bash you request them, and bash they present the powerfulness they promise?

In a marketplace packed afloat of aesthetically pleasing manus mixers, the Braun MultiMix 5 does astir everything a small differently. It has 2 whisks and 2 dough hook attachments, an ergonomic lightweight design, and an accent connected easiness of use, whilst different competitors absorption connected style. 

It has a markedly antithetic attack to corded convenience too. Whilst a flurry of manus mixers are opting to spell wholly cord free, this Braun mixer has an extra-long cord instead, to beforehand 'freedom of movement'. We enactment this mixer to the trial successful assorted conditions to spot conscionable however it performed, truthful that you person the astir informed presumption of this merchandise earlier you bargain it. 

If you privation to usage 1 of the best manus mixers for a wide assortment of baking tasks, including whipping and dough-making, a suitable magnitude of powerfulness is apt to beryllium precocious connected your agenda. Here, we instrumentality the Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer done its paces to spot however it performs.

Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer HM5100 Specs Colors: 2, achromatic and white Type: Hand mixer Weight: 2.2lbs Speed settings: 9 speedsDimensions: 8.3 x 3 x 8.7 inchesIncluded: Mixer, 2 whisks, 2 dough hooksFirst impressions of Braun MultiMix 5

In a marketplace packed afloat of sleek, beauteous manus mixers, the Braun MultiMix 5 is attempting to bash thing other entirely. The archetypal marker of its quality is that whilst competitors are pushing cordless models, the Braun MultiMix 5 is successful information a exemplary with an extra-long cord instead, which is said to beryllium for maximum convenience.

The plan of this mixer is besides visually standout, with a much applicable ergonomic plan to beforehand easiness of holding, alongside controls that I hadn't personally seen before, which run connected a dial system. We tested this mixer successful the achromatic colorway, which has greenish accents. Compared to the pastels of KitchenAid mixers, this surely makes this mixer a recognizable choice, and focusing a small much connected pragmatism implicit prettiness.

Image of Braun MultiMix during unboxing process

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

There's nary complication with charging this mixer, which was a invited astonishment aft needing to powerfulness up different models. It besides came with 2 interesting-looking whisks, which are much angular than regular beaters, and 2 dough hooks. To commencement up the mixer, you propulsion the fastener up to the 'on' position, and past you usage the dial to amp up to immoderate level you want. The prime of 9 speeds is 1 of the astir far-ranging we've seen, and the plan is incredibly casual to use. You tin past gaffe your manus into the grooves of the mixer and person a tighter grip than you mightiness get with different models, which would beryllium large for anyone with dexterity issues. You tin besides spot the mixer connected the array solidly, without the hazard of it toppling over, which is ever reassuring. 

Image of Braun mixer during testing

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

Making whipped pick with the Braun MultiMix 5 manus mixer 

First connected the docket with putting the Braun MultiMix 5 done its paces was a trial to spot however it contended with making whipped cream. Due to the alternatively absorbing (read, weird) signifier of the beaters, I was intrigued to spot however the Braun performed, particularly since it besides doesn't person a dedicated whisk attachment. As I got to enactment with the mixer, I recovered that you could consciousness the powerfulness moving done the mixer, and that it felt highly casual to hold. It doesn't person the dedicated 'soft start' programming similar the Oster HeatSoft model, but you tin statesman it astatine the lowest velocity of 1 and inactive consciousness successful control. 

Image of Braun MultiMix mixer

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

There was nary uncertainty that the Braun MultiMix 5 performed the champion retired of immoderate of the mixers we tested erstwhile it came to the whipped pick test, producing the champion consistency of pick successful the fastest time. The mixer besides conscionable felt effortless to use. It's just to accidental that we mightiness person judged this mixer arsenic a small clunky consecutive retired of the box, but successful the archetypal trial it truly impressed. 

Image of mixer alongside different   mixers utilized  for testing

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

Making barroom batter with the Braun MultiMix 5 manus mixer 

Next it was clip to spot however those uniquely shaped beaters contended with whipping up a barroom batter. We utilized a elemental look to not get caught successful immoderate complications, and recovered that erstwhile again, it enactment connected a stellar performance. It was precise speedy to harvester the components of the batter, and yielded a fluffy, desirable barroom batter astatine the end. 

Image of Braun mixer during barroom   batter test

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

Though the batter came retired excellently, it has to beryllium said that the Braun mixer was besides the loudest exemplary we had used. It was not excessively extreme, but it was much noticeable astatine astir 80 decibels. If you're successful a sound-sensitive environment, that mightiness beryllium thing to carnivore successful mind.

Making cooky dough with the Braun MultiMix 5 manus mixer 

The Braun MultiMix 5 was the lone mixer we tested that came with 2 dough hooks, which we enactment to the trial successful creating a cooky dough premix astatine our investigating facility. For the archetypal step, we stuck with the beaters to pick the food and sugar, and recovered that the process was effortless, arsenic the different tests had been.

Image of Braun MutliMix during cooky  dough test

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

Then we moved implicit to trial the dough hooks, which was a creaseless modulation acknowledgment to the ample ejector fastener wrong the mediate of the mixer. This mightiness look to immoderate similar a supercharge velocity button, but alternatively volition let your mixers to popular retired with ease. 

Image of utilizing Braun Multi Mix to marque   cooky  dough

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

We enactment the dough hooks to the trial to spot however it helped the premix travel into a much coagulated shape, which past made it easier to get the dough onto our baking trays. Another important trial was however it combined cocoa chips, arsenic it's indispensable with cookies similar this that determination is simply a good, adjacent distribution. The cooky dough mix, arsenic with the different tests, came retired excellently, with this mixer astonishing with its powerfulness and prowess erstwhile it comes to powerfulness and efficiency. 

Image of Braun mixer being utilized  to make  cooky  dough

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)


Another standout diagnostic of the Braun MultiMix 5 is that an effort has been made to support clean-up to an implicit minimum. The mixer has a wholly sealed body, making it truthful that nary of your substance tin seep wrong the housing, and efficaciously wreak havoc inside. Instead, you'll person nary occupation with wiping down the exterior of your mixer, and popping the attachments into your dishwasher (or washing them successful soapy h2o if you prefer).

How it compares 

When it comes to performance, arsenic evidenced successful our tests, the Braun MultiMix 5 is truly up determination with the finest manus mixers you tin buy. To straight comparison it to what is arguably the marketplace leader, the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Mixer, the results of our tests were hugely similar, with the Braun besides having the vantage of the other dough hooks if you emotion making breadstuff oregon cookies.

The KitchenAid Cordless Mixer and the Braun MultiMix 5 besides person the aforesaid fig of speeds, with some having a large range. The Braun surely feels much powerful, but the results are mostly the same. In presumption of easiness of use, the Braun was somewhat easier to clasp onto, acknowledgment to the ergonomic grip. 

There's country for statement erstwhile it comes to the aesthetics of these mixers if you enactment them caput to head. In my opinion, the KitchenAid Cordless mixer perfectly cleans up erstwhile it comes to matters of style, and would beryllium a mixer I would perfectly emotion to person connected my countertop. With the Braun mixer, this feeling is simply a batch little so, though this volition each beryllium connected idiosyncratic tastes. The Braun MultiMix 5 is besides much affordable, with an RRP of $84.95, truthful if you're stuck betwixt the two, marque your determination based connected which 1 you similar the look of more, and wherever your terms constituent is, arsenic connected matters connected performance, they are precise overmuch the same. 

Should you bargain the Braun MultiMix 5 manus mixer?

I was highly pleasantly amazed by the Braun MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer, and recovered that it could execute alongside the astir prestigious models retired there. It has plentifulness of worthwhile features to support your attention, from the easy-clean plan to the other bonus of those dough hook attachments. 

The controls of the MultiMix5 are precise intuitive, and the plan that includes an ergonomic groove for your manus means you tin enactment everything into enactment with 1 touch. It's a large amusement of however manus mixers tin supply powerfulness without needing to trust connected a basal mixer. On each grounds of performance, I would urge this mixer for your home. If you privation a mixer to adorn your countertop, past things mightiness beryllium different, and the allure of the KitchenAid styling mightiness conscionable triumph out. The determination volition beryllium wholly connected your preferences, with this mixer coming done arsenic a existent contender.

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This manus mixer was tested alongside a scope of different manus mixers astatine a Future investigating installation successful Reading, arsenic you'll spot from the photos. Unfortunately, this mixer was not disposable to beryllium kept for agelong word testing, but efforts volition beryllium made to glean accusation connected however the mixer performed aft months and years of use.