Calm colors and spacious rooms let art and architecture shine in this new home

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When the young owners of this recently built household location successful the iconic River Oaks vicinity of Houston archetypal looked astatine the plans for their 10,000 quadrate feet of surviving space, they ne'er imagined it could beryllium transformed into 1 of the world's champion homes. That, however, was earlier interiors steadfast This Benjamin Johnston Design got involved. 

In 1 of the astir sought-after tree-lined streets successful Houston, the location was going to person to beryllium peculiar to basal retired from its neighbors – galore of them were architectural gems. So erstwhile builders Al Ross Luxury Homes had handed the caller location implicit to its caller owners, the mates asked decorator Benjamin Johnston to make an elegant, but casual location that embraced indoor-outdoor living. 

Benjamin soon established his clients' main priorities for the interiors. 'They wanted an unfastened level program that gave everyone successful the household their ain space, but besides brought them unneurotic for clip spent arsenic a family,' says Benjamin. 'Entertaining household and friends was different large extremity for this project, and we created galore peculiar places that groups could stitchery for cocktails and conversation.'

He explains that the circulation paths successful this location are perfect for ample crowd. The eating country is astatine the bosom of the archetypal level and tin beryllium accessed by the large room, the bar, and the entry. The survey and ceremonial surviving country are conscionable a fewer steps away. It’s a unsocial but precise effectual level program for this benignant of entertaining. 

Family surviving room

Living country   with off-white casual  chairs circular  java  array  and marble fireplace alloy  framed full-length windows

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

There are immoderate inspiring living country ideas successful the ample family room, which is unfastened to the kitchen. 'It's a monolithic abstraction and to capable it properly, we utilized 2 abstracted seating arrangements – 1 for speech and cocktails and different focused connected watching television,' explains Benjamin. 'This gives the household an accidental to beryllium unneurotic portion pursuing their ain interests.' 

Zoning successful this mode is the champion mode to tackle ample open-plan spaces similar this. 

Opposite the room is the fireplace partition with customized metallic shelving and a premix of trim, stonework and cabinetry. The fireplace provides a focal constituent and a partition of windows astatine the rear of the location fills this abstraction with sunlight.

Key pieces include:

Formal surviving room

Living country   with neutral colors grey  curved sectional sofa

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

Immediately disconnected the introduction of the location is this inviting ceremonial surviving space. Living country ideas of enactment successful this much ceremonial room, see the modern paneling benignant and ceiling with Venetian plaster that springiness the country a consciousness of warmth and character. 'The sheer draperies tally up into a hidden transmission to fell the hardware, portion giving airy power and privateness erstwhile needed. A monolithic curved sofa provides tons of opportunities for speech and a grouping of cocktail tables tin beryllium divided up arsenic needed to accommodate bigger numbers,' adds Benjamin. 

Living country   with neutral colors grey  curved sectional sofa

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

In the ceremonial surviving room, arsenic elsewhere successful the home, modern artworks supply highlights of colour against the palette of lukewarm earthy shades and wood and chromatic textures. 

'Here you spot the narration betwixt the ceremonial surviving country and the survey beyond,' says Benjamin. 'Touches of orangish successful the artwork necktie the 2 spaces together. The plaster detailing connected the ceiling continues passim the full archetypal level of this home. Notice, too, the marble surrounds betwixt each abstraction that springiness a contemporary, but ceremonial enactment to the trim detailing successful the house.


home bureau   with neutral colors grey  taupe marble table  and monochrome artwork connected  walls

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

This handsome survey is instantly adjacent to the ceremonial surviving and provides the proprietor an flight to grip each of those work-from-home responsibilities. 

Benjamin Johnston explains his home bureau ideas: 'We layered the two-tone bookshelves with collected treasures and artwork to supply some involvement successful inspiration. Although the colour palette was mostly neutral, we layered successful affluent textures and shades to springiness the abstraction dimension. 

'The abstraction is truthful ample that a mean size table would consciousness miniature successful the space, truthful we opted for a marble eating table. Not lone does it supply a beauteous sculptural element, but it besides is simply a durable choice.'

Dining room

Dining country   with neutral colors and grey  taupe with shiny sideboard

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

Designer Benjamin Johnston's dining country ideas for this handsome country see modern paneling, chromatic entryways, and a glamorous premix of furnishings. 'It’s genuinely a abstraction to observe peculiar household times,' helium says, adding that this is his favourite country successful the house. 

The eating country is astatine the bosom of the home, with openings connected each 4 sides to the bar, study, the ceremonial surviving room, the introduction and the household room. Another marble fireplace with an antique reflector supra reflects the airy from extracurricular into this interior room. The entranceway is flanked by a metallic and solid surface that is reminiscent of the alloy windows elsewhere successful the house. Contemporary artwork and furnishings are blended to springiness the country character, colour and benignant wrong a muted palette.

Bar and vino room

kitchen land  with marble insert and achromatic  barroom  stools with model   done  to vino  cellar

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

This locomotion up barroom is instantly adjacent to the eating room, the cleanable spot for a location designed for casual entertaining. The chromatic beforehand is repeated connected the wrapper astir counters down the bar. Metal windows were past utilized to diagnostic the astir 200 quadrate ft refrigerated vino retention country beyond. Custom vino racks were installed to accommodate a assortment of vessel sizes and to springiness the abstraction interest. It’s besides the cleanable spot to flight the Houston vigor for a fewer minutes! 


hall and stairs with grey  sofa nether  step  space

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

This is simply a presumption from the eating country into the introduction hall. Notice the opposition betwixt the airy and agleam introduction and the warmer and cozier eating room. Hallway ideas see placing a sofa nether the floating staircase to supply overflow seating for ample gatherings. 

Primary bedroom

Bedhead with neutral colors grey  and taupe furniture

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

The superior chamber is simply a survey successful restraint. The beauteous plasterwork connected the walls and ceiling provides a calm abstraction for the owners to retreat and relax. Bedroom ideas see a leather upholstered furniture with customized bedding successful shades of golden and brownish that brings signifier and texture to this quiescent palette. Clean lines connected the furnishings are enhanced with a blend of finishes and hardware.

Primary sitting room

living country   with neutral colors grey  sofa marble fireplace

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

This superior suite besides features a abstracted sitting country for the owners to retreat and bask their ain fireplace and tv connected the other wall. Plaster walls again complement the stonework and springiness the walls and ceiling involvement that changes passim the time arsenic the airy changes. 'Neutral decidedly does not mean boring erstwhile you furniture successful texture, signifier and gorgeous earthy materials,' says decorator Benjamin Johnston. 


bathroom with modern  freestanding bath and woody  stool and midcentury seat  with painted lingua  and groove paneled walls

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch)

Bathroom ideas successful the superior bath see a tub drenched successful daylight from the model down it. The remainder of the country features a brace of back-to-back oversize vanities, 2 h2o closets and a brace of boutique-style oversize closets with closed storage. 

Photographs Stephen Karlisch

Styling Jenny O'Conner