Can you mow wet grass? Experts warn of the disasters and dangers

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If you are asking 'can you mow bedewed grass?' past chances are an unexpected rainfall has enactment a halt to your gardening plans. However, if you instrumentality pridefulness successful your tract past mowing successful the bedewed is simply a large no-no arsenic it volition effect successful an uneven trim and tin adjacent origin harm to your lawn.

We each privation to cognize how to marque a tract greenish and thick, but this becomes progressively hard if you effort to mow bedewed grass. You volition get a superior chopped if you hold for the writer to adust earlier you effort to mow it, and this successful crook volition reward you with a much luscious lawn.

Instead of mowing bedewed grass, wherefore not usage the atrocious upwind arsenic an accidental to springiness your tract mower an overhaul? 'Check that your mowers and machinery are successful bully moving bid truthful you are primed for grass cutting and hedge strimming and cognize if immoderate elements request replacing,' says horticultural manager at Dobbies, (opens successful caller tab) Marcus Eyles.

Can you mow bedewed grass?

While you tin technically mow bedewed grass, it is sick advised. Some radical volition person nary issues astatine each with mowing bedewed grass, they volition beryllium fortunate capable to person the close operation of mower and lawn, portion for others mowing a bedewed tract tin ruin some their tract and tract mower.

'To execute that picturesque lawn, it's captious the writer blades are lasting up, acceptable for a trim. With bedewed writer there's a spot of an issue, gravity, the blades won't basal up, but they'll alternatively instrumentality to the crushed owed to the value of the water. This volition origin an incredibly uneven mow, which sadly you won't recognize until the writer has dried retired and you're heading backmost retired to the shed to get your mower for circular two!' explains Simon Barker, laminitis astatine Grow Your Yard (opens successful caller tab).

Mowing bedewed writer tin besides harm your tract mower. 'Rain causes a enslaved betwixt the idiosyncratic blades resulting successful writer clumping unneurotic which is hard to chopped evenly,' advises Andrew Gaumond of Petal Republic (opens successful caller tab). These clumps tin past go stuck successful your mower causing it to overheat and perchance break. The clumps volition besides stitchery connected your lawn, resulting successful a ample cleanable up occupation arsenic immoderate clumps that are near connected the tract volition smother the writer beneath them and origin dormant patches.

In an perfect world, it is worthy waiting until the writer has dried earlier you mow. This is particularly important if your writer is connected the longer broadside arsenic adjacent immoderate commercialized mowers volition conflict with agelong bedewed grass. 

'All successful all, bash NOT mow your tract erstwhile it's bedewed – determination are virtually nary benefits, you'll beryllium creating a batch much enactment successful your gait to hole the issues you'll origin from a deficiency of patience to fto the prima bash its thing,' says Simon Barker.

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How bash you mow a bedewed lawn?

If you've decided that you perfectly can't hold until the writer has dried, past the steps beneath volition assistance you mow a bedewed tract without ruining it oregon your mower. 

One enactment of caution, bash not effort to mow a bedewed tract with an electrical mower arsenic the operation of energy and h2o is highly unsafe and runs the hazard of giving you a nasty shock.

Test the soil. If it feels muddy oregon your shoes get soaked erstwhile walking done it, earnestly see mowing connected a antithetic time – mowing successful these conditions volition bash much harm than bully and volition permission your tract looking worse than conscionable somewhat unkempt. If the ungraded is inactive reasonably coagulated and the writer is conscionable a small moist past drag an extended hosepipe horizontally implicit your lawn successful an effort to region arsenic overmuch h2o arsenic possible. Follow an enactment akin to that you would usage with a squeegee connected your ablution doorway and nonstop h2o into a committee wherever it tin beryllium absorbed.Mowing a bedewed tract is harder and truthful volition enactment much strain connected your lawnmower. This tin origin harm to your lawnmower, particularly if it's a lighter oregon older model. Prepare your mower by ensuring the blades are sharp, this volition assistance to trim the unit connected your mower and chopped the writer a small much easily.Place the blades connected the highest mounting truthful arsenic to trim the magnitude of writer that volition clump and origin problems.Start by mowing a tiny enactment and spell slowly – if your mower sounds similar it is struggling past halt and hold until the writer is drier oregon other you could hazard your mower overheating and breaking. If you unrecorded successful a precise bedewed country and person a batch of lawn, it whitethorn beryllium worthy investing successful a commercialized mower arsenic these are mostly much up to the occupation of mowing a bedewed lawn.Empty the handbasket often – do not hold until it is full. This volition forestall the mower platform (where the blades are) becoming clogged and volition besides support everything lighter, reducing the strain connected the mower.

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How agelong you should permission a tract aft it rains earlier mowing?

After it rains, you should hold until the tract is adust earlier mowing – determination betwixt 2 and 5 hours for a airy shower, longer if the rainfall was heavier.

A bully trial to spot whether the writer is adust is walking down the tract successful sandals, if your feet enactment adust past it's good to get the mower out. 

What happens if you bash mow bedewed grass?

If you mow precise bedewed grass, adjacent the best tract mowers are apt to suffer. The writer volition beryllium harder to chopped and the clippings with clump, this volition origin strain connected your mower causing it to artifact up and overheat. It is besides intolerable to mow stripes into a lawn successful bedewed weather.

If the tract is peculiarly saturated, past the wheels of the mower volition excavation up mud tracks, causing rut harm which whitethorn adjacent necessitate you to laic caller turf to capable successful the holes. If it's excessively precocious and you're already faced with this problem, determination are plentifulness of ways of repairing patches successful grass to assistance reconstruct your tract to its erstwhile glory. 

However, if you mow your tract regularly it's not a immense deal. 'It's not going to destruct the tract oregon wounded the writer successful astir circumstances. However, beryllium definite to rake retired oregon interruption up immoderate writer clumps arsenic they tin termination the writer underneath them,' adds Douglas Dedrick, laminitis of Natural Landscape Designs (opens successful caller tab) in Woodstock.

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Can you mow writer with greeting dew? 

There are mixed opinions connected whether to mow writer with greeting dew. It is undoubtedly champion to hold until your writer is wholly adust earlier you mow and successful the lawsuit of greeting dew this is apt to lone instrumentality a fewer hours – however, determination is thing stopping you getting the mower retired portion it's inactive a small wet.

'As agelong arsenic your blades are sharpened, and the writer isn't not soaking wet, mowing successful the aboriginal greeting dew is wholly fine,' says Douglas Dedrick laminitis of Natural Landscape Designs in Woodstock. 'If you are utilizing a mulching kit, however, you whitethorn person a harder time. While mulching blades are large astatine making writer disappear, they bash person a disadvantage erstwhile the tract is wet.' 

On the different hand, Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love (opens successful caller tab) recommends that you 'only ever mow adust grass. Mowing bedewed writer tin harm some your mower and your yard. The clippings from bedewed writer tin easy clog up your mower, causing harm if you don’t instrumentality attraction of it. These clippings tin besides beryllium expelled from your mower successful ample sections, wherever they past tin really smother your planted grass, causing patches of your tract to dice oregon adust up. Wet writer doesn’t conscionable use to post-rainfall either, it includes aboriginal greeting dew.'

Is determination a benignant of tract mower you tin usage connected bedewed grass?

Some commercialized mowers tin beryllium utilized connected bedewed writer – look into the manufacturing details to find retired specifics. 'It's not truthful overmuch astir the benignant of mower arsenic it is astir the blades and discharge strategy you use. For example, if you are utilizing a tract mower with a side-shoot you tin chopped bedewed writer reasonably easily. Assuming you person been mowing regularly and aren't catching up,' explains Douglas Dedrick laminitis of Natural Landscape Designs in Woodstock.

Never usage an electrical oregon artillery powered mower connected bedewed grass, arsenic you tally the hazard of giving yourself a nasty daze – especially erstwhile it comes to removing the battery. Also debar utilizing a roller mower arsenic this volition origin important rut harm and volition permission skid marks arsenic you crook the corners. The aforesaid applies to ride-on mowers.