Can you paint vinyl siding? Here's what to consider first

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Can you overgarment vinyl siding? If your location has vinyl siding that's looking worse for the wear, oregon you nary longer similar the colour of your vinyl siding, you whitethorn beryllium wondering if it's imaginable to simply overgarment implicit it. After all, overgarment is simply a communal solution for sprucing up a location with wood oregon committee siding.

The bully news? You tin overgarment vinyl siding, astatine slightest successful astir cases. There are, however, immoderate times erstwhile it's amended to skip implicit the paint ideas and instal caller siding instead. And, you'll request to travel a strict acceptable of instructions successful bid to get curb appeal-worthy results and sphere the integrity of your vinyl siding. 

How tin you overgarment vinyl siding? 

You tin overgarment vinyl siding truthful agelong arsenic you're prepared to undertake a elaborate process without cutting corners, oregon you tin walk the occupation implicit to a professional.

Below, we've rounded up the dos and don'ts of coating vinyl siding, with tips from the experts.

1. Make definite your siding is successful bully condition

Before you determine to overgarment your vinyl siding, marque definite it's each successful bully condition, i.e. that there's nary warping, oregon breached oregon escaped pieces. If determination is, regenerate those portions of the siding earlier you commencement investigating how to overgarment a location exterior.

'Generally speaking, you'll privation to debar coating your siding if it's cracking, chipping, oregon different damaged -- arsenic this volition conscionable pb to further harm down the line. Painting implicit damaged siding volition besides void immoderate warranty that whitethorn beryllium successful place,' says Matthew Malczewski of DMG Exteriors, a wide contractor for exterior location projects successful Valparaiso, Indiana. 

2. Give it a bully clean

Like each coating projects, getting the desired results comes down to due aboveground preparation.

'You tin overgarment vinyl siding but you person to prep the aboveground earlier you commencement painting,'  says Tony Adams, a nonrecreational creator with much than 15 years of acquisition and a contributor astatine 'If you don't cleanable the aboveground properly, the overgarment volition peel disconnected wrong a twelvemonth due to the fact that the overgarment won't instrumentality owed to ungraded connected the surface.'

To prep: Pressure lavation the full surface, committee by board, taking attraction not to over-saturate the siding. 'You should debar getting h2o down the vinyl siding as that tin harm the vinyl later on,' says Adams.

A nonrecreational creator is champion tasked for this job, arsenic they'll recognize the due method and unit to usage for optimal results.

3. Choose the close overgarment color

Before you statesman to deliberation astir exterior location overgarment ideas, it's important to enactment that vinyl siding can't beryllium painted a acheronian color. So, if you were readying to overgarment your vinyl siding a charcoal grey oregon a navy blue, you'll request to reconsider. 

'Vinyl siding that has ne'er been painted earlier indispensable not beryllium changed to a overmuch darker overgarment color. If you presently person a airy beige, grey oregon achromatic colour vinyl, astir apt you cannot alteration that vinyl to a heavy blue, acheronian grey oregon cocoa brown,' says Geoff Sharp, president and proprietor of Sharper Impressions Painting, a coating concern with operations successful six states. 'The recently painted, darker colored overgarment volition vigor up successful the prima and origin bowing and warping of your vinyl siding.' 

This is common, industry-wide knowledge, though, and astir overgarment brands that are suitable for vinyl siding aren't adjacent offered successful darker colors. 

'Often, vinyl-safe paints volition not travel successful darker colour bases. Some overgarment manufacturers person overgarment brands that tin beryllium tinted to galore shades of neutral colors. Other overgarment brands volition bounds you to lone astir a twelve oregon truthful colour choices,' says Sharp.

If you person your bosom acceptable connected a darker shade, Sharp says somewhat darker is OK, but sticking to a hue wrong 1 oregon 2 shades of your existent colour volition output champion results.

Still person questions astir a colour you're considering? Talk to a overgarment nonrecreational oregon idiosyncratic astatine your section overgarment store, who volition beryllium capable to constituent you successful the close direction.

Getting the close colour is worthy the other effort, emphasizes Sharp. 'It's very, precise important. Going excessively acheronian with a caller overgarment colour connected vinyl siding tin ruin the vinyl siding.'

4. And the close paint

Color is conscionable 1 important origin successful choosing the close overgarment for your project. 

You besides request to take a overgarment that's vinyl-safe, with ingredients similar latex urethane to marque the occupation last. 

'The overgarment store manager oregon your nonrecreational coating contractor volition cognize what paints are vinyl safe,' says Sharp. 'The overgarment tin statement volition accidental that the overgarment you person selected is "vinyl safe" which means it is formulated to beryllium applied to vinyl siding.'

Choosing immoderate aged exterior overgarment tin person disastrous results. 'Failure of the overgarment tin hap and harm to the vinyl siding underneath tin amusement implicit time,' helium says.

5. Use a overgarment sprayer

Put the overgarment brushwood and roller away, this occupation calls for much blase tools.

"It's advised to spray the vinyl sidings alternatively than utilizing a roller. That's due to the fact that spraying is faster and gives you a creaseless finish,' says Adams. 

Better yet? Hire a creator to bash the occupation for you, particularly if you've ne'er utilized a overgarment sprayer. 'Using the close sprayer instrumentality and having it applied by a nonrecreational with acquisition volition guarantee adjacent sum truthful that you lone spot the caller colour and ne'er immoderate of the aged colour bleeding through,' says Sharp.

Is it cheaper to overgarment vinyl siding oregon regenerate it?

Oftentimes, homeowners see coating vinyl siding alternatively of replacing it successful bid to prevention money. While this is mostly true, coating vinyl siding tin inactive beryllium a costly job.

When coating tripping the siding of each the grime that's built up. And you volition request a powerfulness washer and the close chemicals for that.

Because you request to portion the siding of immoderate grime that's built up and acquisition specialty paint, oregon prosecute a nonrecreational coating work to bash this for you, costs tin creep up quickly, says Kevin Johnson, a wide contractor with

'When you instrumentality each of this into account, coating your caller siding volition lone beryllium astir 30 percent cheaper than buying marque caller siding. Not to notation that it volition past little if you repaint it alternatively of replacing it,' helium says.

How agelong volition painted vinyl siding last? 

If you bash it right, you tin expect painted vinyl siding to past 10 oregon much years, says Sharp. 

'With the due research, vinyl harmless overgarment and colors selected, preparing the vinyl aboveground and exertion with nonrecreational instrumentality you tin get you a caller colour connected your siding that volition past for galore years,' helium says. 'Normal fading should beryllium expected from immoderate exterior painted aboveground exposed to exterior weathering elements.'