Ceiling paneling ideas – 10 ways add drama and detail to architecture

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Including ceiling paneling ideas successful your room's remodel is each astir attraction to detail, and volition guarantee for an impactful, well-thought retired strategy that makes the astir of each inch of abstraction available.

Suited to some classical and modern interiors, ceiling paneling ideas tin adhd depth, quality and texture to your home.

For ceiling ideas, paneling tin adhd an architectural, accepted constituent to a space, arsenic good arsenic making a country consciousness much cozy and intimate done the layering of materials. Plus, of course, they tin complement paneling ideas for walls beautifully.

 Ceiling paneling ideas 

From modern paneling overgarment ideas to accepted coffered panels, determination is an array of styles to take from to marque a diagnostic retired of your ceiling space.

Paneling is not conscionable suited to play properties, it tin heighten homes of each shapes, sizes and styles, and arsenic Helen Shaw, UK Director astatine Benjamin Moore states, is 'an inexpensive mode to marque a abstraction consciousness luxurious'.

With determination being a postulation of antithetic options to take from, we person gathered our apical tips for ceiling paneling ideas for immoderate timeless inspiration.

1. Use overgarment to make a paneling effect

Hallway with achromatic  painted walls and ample  rectangular panels, ceiling painted successful  achromatic  and brownish  to make  a painted paneling effect, woody  flooring and natural, textured rug, concern   benignant   hanging pendant and metallic circular decorative diagnostic   hanging connected  wall

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

An casual mode to make a luxurious paneled effect, utilizing paint ideas to make a unsocial paneled plan is simply a large enactment for the modern home. 

In this hallway, the accepted paneled ceiling creates a beauteous opposition with the modern airy fittings and decorative partition accessory, with the ample achromatic panels utilized connected the walls complementing this notation to a classical style.

2. Coordinate with your partition paneling

Traditional eating  country   with painted greenish  partition  and ceiling paneling, acheronian  eating  array  with 4  matching chairs, works  successful  halfway  of table, woody  furniture  with array  lamp and candelabra and framed map

(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)

For a bold and cohesive look, matching the paneling connected your ceiling with your partition paneling tin make an enhanced, enveloped effect. 

In this eating room, the ceiling and partition paneling astatine the entryway perfectly portion the space, inviting you into the eating country mounting and creating a transportation with the paneling utilized connected the little walls.

3. Choose a contemporary, fluted wood effect


(Image credit: WoodUpp)

In this large, open-plan eating space, the walls and ceiling person been beautifully decorated successful sustainable WoodUpp acoustic woody slat panels. 

The panels person been designed to not lone bring the quality of the earthy satellite into your home, but to assistance amended the the acoustic situation also

Defined by a neat, fluted design, the panels make an inviting rustic effect, moving good for the ceiling arsenic good arsenic for paneling ideas for walls.

4. Pick warming woody panels

Large eating  country   with woody  ceiling paneling, ample  rectangular marble eating  array  with six upholstered chairs, achromatic  and pick  carpet, achromatic  metallic clump   pendant, achromatic  debased  sideboard with framed artwork and vase of flowers

(Image credit: Kimberley Harrison Interiors, photography by Kathryn MacDonald)

For a timeless look that pays homage to the quality of earthy materials, utilizing woody panels connected the ceiling volition adhd inviting texture and depth.

In this eating room, the woody panels adhd warmth and make a beauteous opposition with the luxurious marble eating array and metallic accessories.

The operation of accepted materials and modern styling creates a stand-out plan with a unsocial indoor-outdoor effect.

5. Create extent with coffered panels

Gray painted eating  country   with achromatic  coffered ceiling paneling, achromatic  eating  array  and 4  achromatic  eating  chairs, geometric achromatic  metallic  hanging pendant, works  successful  achromatic  vase connected  table, partition  creation  and partition  lamps mounted connected  wall, achromatic  and pick  geometric benignant   rug

(Image credit: Ginny Macdonald Design, photography Raquel Langworthy)

A coffered sheet is simply a sunken ceiling sheet that tin adhd impactful extent and play to a space. 

Dating backmost to Ancient Rome, the panels were primitively made retired of stone, creating a genuinely melodramatic connection of architectural design. 

Today, this benignant of paneling is crafted from wood, and is simply a large mode of creating an added illusion of abstraction and extent successful a room, 

In this eating room, designed by Ginny Macdonald Design, the coffered ceiling panels make a beauteous constituent of grandeur and height. The connection achromatic pendant airy besides mirrors the geometric features of the ceiling paneling, creating a elegant premix of the aged and new.

6. Embrace an each achromatic scheme

White painted surviving  country   with achromatic  woody  paneling and beams, ample  striped rug, pick  sofa and duplicate  lounge chairs, achromatic  and achromatic  java  table, metallic hanging pendant, mountainscape artwork

(Image credit: Genna Margolis, photography by Amy Bartlam)

For a relaxed look that is utterly timeless, utilizing achromatic painted panels tin elevate the feeling of abstraction successful a room. 

Creating a agleam and uplifting atmosphere, achromatic paneling tin seamlessly integrate into an array of styled spaces, providing a textured yet subtle backdrop for the remainder of your design, cleanable for living country paneling ideas.

In this bright, each achromatic surviving country abstraction by Genna Margolis from Shapeside Design, she states, 'originally the surviving country ceilings were a acheronian wood...the extremity was to brighten it up, support it minimal but interesting wherever each portion serves a purpose, and wide springiness it a calming and unfastened feel'.

7. Choose acheronian wood for a classical look

Dining country   with acheronian  wood   beams, paneling and features. Dark wood   eating  array  with 4  achromatic  wood   eating  chairs, ample  pick  rug, model   spot   with cushions

(Image credit: Caillier Phinney, photography by Haris Kenjar)

For a much accepted design, utilizing acheronian wood tin make a cozy, cottagey feel. 

Designed by Heidi Callier Design, the process for the country is described, 'we had to enactment with the existing woodwork successful the eating country and it felt precise dense astatine archetypal truthful my mandate was to find ways to brighten and richen. The wallcovering is simply a linen and I conscionable deliberation it's the cleanable foil to the woodwork'.

The acheronian wood utilized passim this eating country abstraction celebrates classical plan and the quality of earthy materials. The pairing of the acheronian wood with modern airy fittings and brushed materials creates a much balanced look that elegantly combines the accepted with the contemporary.

8.  Refresh accepted benignant paneling with paint 

Seating abstraction  with painted greenish  walls and ceiling, ceiling with paneling, seating country  crafted from woody  paneling, finished with pinkish  cushions and accessories, earthy  rounded rug and java  table, shelves with decorative accessories and books

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

A elemental mode to adhd colour and a much modern benignant to your paneling, utilizing overgarment and bold colour choices volition marque for a striking plan successful your interior space.

The greenish overgarment utilized passim this seating country is some impactful and relaxed simultaneously. The pinkish accents and postulation of ornaments and decorative accessories assistance the space, with the ceiling paneling adding characterful texture to this blanketed colour design. 

Using overgarment connected paneling tin enactment good for stair paneling ideas also, adding vibrancy and colour to an country that is often over-looked.

9. Opt for a rustic wood effect

View from unfastened  program  room  towards surviving  area. Restored erstwhile  station  office. Rustic woody  paneled ceiling, debased  hanging pendants, grey  painted walls and room  cabinets

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

For a plan affluent with texture and character, utilizing rustic wood panels connected the ceiling volition make a unsocial focal point, particularly if they make an elegant opposition with the remainder of the design. 

This distressed and aged look is simply a becoming a existent inclination for paneling ideas, nary substance the property and benignant of your home, earthy materials similar wood volition ever make a timeless and inviting effect.

10. Create a unsocial paneled effect with lighting

Ceiling ideas with lighted ceiling

(Image credit: Richard Powers)

For a paneling-inspired look for your ceiling, wherefore not get ace originative with lighting ideas. 

For bathroom paneling ideas, this connection ceiling plan is some applicable and beautiful. The unsocial paneled lights make a stunning decorative effect, arsenic good arsenic creating an elegant opposition with the earthy veins and texture of the marble.

Design signifier Collett-Zarzycki, authorities of their design, 'we person created a grid of stainless alloy angles supporting opalescent acrylic panels that conceal bathroom lighting ideas behind'. 

The shapes and styles of panels tin make a scope of unique, inspired designs for the home, with creations similar the supra being a large enactment for modern hallway paneling ideas.

Can you enactment paneling connected the ceiling?

Many play properties travel with existing, accepted paneled ceiling designs, often made retired of coagulated wood. 

Paneling designs tin beryllium enactment onto new, bare ceiling spaces to reflector this classical effect. 

One happening to see erstwhile putting caller paneling connected a ceiling is the value of antithetic sheet types and if these volition enactment with the operation of your home.

What benignant of paneling tin beryllium utilized connected ceilings?

There is simply a scope of antithetic paneling styles for your ceiling, from accepted wood designs to much outgo effectual options.

Wooden paneling tin beryllium installed onto a ceiling successful an existing property, nevertheless not each sheet designs and materials are suitable for the ceiling owed to their value and size.

Using options specified arsenic MDF, foam and vinyl are an casual mode to adhd lightweight paneling designs to your ceiling space.