Coastal decor ideas – 15 breezy blue and white rooms inspired by sea and shore

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Coastal decor ideas are underpinned by definite benignant fundamentals, truthful whether your look is East Coast oregon West, Pacific oregon Mediterranean, determination are cardinal plan principles to follow. 

It starts with the colour palette, based successful seascape tones of blues and grays, crisp whites and creamy neutrals. Added to that are the accent colors, from nautical navy and red, to sandy yellowish and tints of seaglass green.

Next comes texture, channelling maritime ropes and sportfishing baskets, seagrass and weathered wood.

Finally, deliberation space, airy and state – elements associated with the distant horizons and sun-drenched vistas of coastal living.

'Coastal decor ideas are informed by the landscape, but besides by the architecture designed to beryllium among it, whether that's classical Cape Cod location style, Palm Beach villas, oregon bohemian California coastal,' says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. 'Natural light, open-concept spaces, an instinctive travel betwixt indoors and out, and a feeling of freshness specify the look of homes inspired by shoreline living.'

Coastal decor ideas: the fundamentals

'The colour palette successful a coastal-style location is foundational to achieving the look and consciousness you privation to create,' says interior designer Courtney Wollersheim, from FLOOR360. 

'Start with lukewarm gray, beige, achromatic and ivory arsenic your foundational colors and adhd a steadfast dose of cozy bluish and dusty greenish accents. The wide effect is sunny, soothing, light, and airy.

'Flooring options see hardwood oregon hardwood-look luxury vinyl plank successful a airy shadiness oregon whitewashed decorativeness of achromatic oak oregon with disposable textured grain.

'Juxtapose creaseless lines successful couches, chairs, tables and finishes, with chunky textures successful baskets and enactment oregon rattan accents.'

From stormy waters to calm seas, aureate sands to grey shingle, this is however to make your coastal decor ideas.

1. Paint a room land oversea blue

kitchen with bluish  land  with marble worktop

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet / Francis Amiand)

If you can't caput to a tropical island, bring the wide bluish waters to the land successful your room – it's a elemental but effectual instrumentality connected blue room ideas. 

This decor of this villa, designed by Humbert & Poyet, is informed by its determination successful Cannes, successful the South of France. Inspired by the Mediterranean, a bluish colour palette tin beryllium seen passim the interiors, adjacent present successful the kitchen, wherever it highlights the rosewood cabinets.

The unfastened spaces let for a earthy travel of light, creating a fluid transportation betwixt indoors and out. 

2. Use the decorator look for coastal style

coastal surviving  country   with pick  sofa

(Image credit: Future)

The cardinal to coastal surviving country ideas is creating a airy and airy abstraction with airy tones and neutral textures for a relaxed feel, past adding accents of bolder colour to make lively focal points. Leah Keggi, laminitis of autarkic creation workplace CoastL Studio, explains.

'You tin execute this by focusing 70 per cent of your colour (walls, furniture, focal patterns) successful a country connected lighter blues and neutrals that mimic the colour of the water and beach. Then adhd successful 20 per cent of greens and greenery, and 10 per cent of smaller decor and patterned pieces featuring richer pinks, corals, oregon navy.'

Here, weathered walls, earthy linen and driftwood furnishings and accessories make a backdrop for heavy bluish accent fabrics.

3. Dive into heavy bluish successful the eating room

dining country   with acheronian  bluish  walls and coastal decor

(Image credit: Future)

Don't beryllium frightened to instrumentality the plunge with deeper nautical tones of navy and inky water hues erstwhile it comes to blue eating country ideas. This beardown palette sits beautifully successful an entertaining abstraction wherever it creates a consciousness of enclosure and intimacy that works for some time and night.

For a fresh, coastal feel, adhd successful elements of achromatic and pick to assistance the scheme. Here, airy voile drapes, and whitewashed furnishings support the look beachy.

4. Use shiplap for a seaside look

green The Rebel Snug sofa and formation  benignant   rattan lamp

(Image credit: Snug)

Wooden panelling ideas tin alteration the look of a room, and are a communal diagnostic of coastal interiors.

'We emotion to usage shiplap successful our coastal decor ideas due to the fact that of the nautical consciousness it gives,' says Owner/Designer Anissa Swanzy, of SKD Studios successful Newport Beach. 'Don't conscionable see neutral tones; we've painted shiplap navy for a lawsuit successful a beachfront apartment.

You tin defy expectations successful different ways, too. Here, the greenish sofa swerves the accustomed coastal bluish and achromatic palette, but with the nautical pendant light, shiplap and unreserved lamp, the look puts a caller rotation connected the emblematic formation look.

5. Add nautical motifs

hallway footwear  country   with nautical wallpaper and bluish  and achromatic  stripe rug

(Image credit: Amy Leferink Interior Impressions)

Nautical wallpaper and seafaring motifs springiness a maritime makeover to the accustomed mud country ideas and marque this abstraction cleanable for a coastal home.

An entranceway abstraction similar one, designed by Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions, sets the code for a home, truthful the bluish and achromatic colour strategy with accents of reddish is conscionable right. To finish, a porthole-shaped reflector hung from a rope, complemented by a striped rug and coordinating towels, make a playful, uplifting space.

6. Add successful immoderate stripes

bed with airy   greenish  velvet headboard and achromatic  and achromatic  cushions

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet / Francis Amiand)

For an elegant, subdued instrumentality connected coastal decor ideas, present emblematic plan motifs successful an unexpected way. It mightiness beryllium a twist connected the accustomed coastal colour palette, oregon a reinterpretation of signifier and texture, similar this velvet headboard successful sea-glass green, created by Humbert & Poyet for a villa successful Cannes.

'Striped patterns are a nautical staple but bring these successful subtly – for example, successful cushion covers oregon delicately striped curtains,' suggests Connor Prestwood, interior decorator astatine location decor marque Dowsing & Reynolds.

'Light blues, whites and hints of yellowish are go-to colors for coastal, arsenic they punctual america of the formation and the water and people person a calming effect connected us.'

7. Create a transitional space

outdoor platform  with entity  bluish  sofa

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet / Francis Amiand)

Coastal-inspired deck ideas are a accidental to make a ocular span betwixt a formation mounting (or coastal plot planting scheme) and your home. 

On this terrace, designed by Humbert & Poyet, the wide bluish sofa and tiled level bring a look of the oversea and crook this transitional abstraction into different coastal setting.

8. Give coastal decor a modern edge

modern sitting country   with modern  bluish  and achromatic  artwork

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet / Francis Amiand)

Your coastal decor ideas tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic utilizing a colour palette inspired by oversea and shore, without immoderate evident nautical references.

'I emotion coastal designs that emulate the coastal manner and feeling without having a literal mentation of the coast. So I say, skip the seashell, formation and under-the-water-themed decor and elevate the look,' explains Andra DelMonico and I'm the Lead Interior Designer for Trendey.

'If you bash hap to similar these motifs, usage them sparingly. Focus connected selecting a colour palette that reflects the benignant of coastal surviving you privation to emulate. The colors you take volition look precise antithetic for a nautical northeastern taxable and a southern/Caribbean tropical theme. You can’t spell incorrect with a white, blue, and neutral combination. 

'Accent the abstraction with earthy materials, similar teak, acacia, cedar, oregon redwood.'

9. Create a painterly look

bedroom with question    patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Future)

The oversea and coastal landscapes person inspired generations of artists, truthful wherefore not usage a painterly attack arsenic a canvas for your coastal decor ideas?

Watercolor bedding, wave-patterned wallpaper and artworks with an water taxable each lend to this creator mentation of the coastal look.

Add successful weathered wood furnishings and panelling to crushed this airy, romanticist look.

10. Source immoderate oversea shells

resin oversea  shells for coastal decor ideas

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

While excessively galore seaside accessories and trinkets tin overwhelm a room, a fewer cautiously chosen accessories tin present the coastal taxable successful an elegant way.

Decorate with replica resin shells and coral, oregon show beachcomber finds specified arsenic pebbles, oversea solid and shells successful solid jars for a subtle coastal decor idea.

Keeping the palette muted volition support curated look.

11. Add successful coastal decoration

hallway with woody  level  and bluish  and achromatic  stripe rug golden  reflector  and oar artwork

(Image credit: Amy Leferink Interior Impressions)

Browse coastal markets and antiques stores for absorbing decorative finds. 

'Furnishings successful coastal rooms often person a nautical feel, with enactment accents, seashells, and different beach-inspired details. Decorative approaches tin alteration from country to room, but often see elements similar wicker baskets, driftwood sculptures, and seascape paintings,' says Lily Wili, Founder of Ever Wallpaper.

In this hallway, designed by Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions, rowing oars supply a graphic nautical show that is complemented by the stripes of the rug and  upholstered seat.

12. Decorate a deck

deck with grey panelling and sofa with bluish  and achromatic  cushions

(Image credit: Future)

All the principles to the coastal decor ideas you bring wrong the house, besides use extracurricular connected a platform oregon terrace.

'When it comes to coastal decorating schemes, colors play a immense role,' confirms Jen Stark Founder of Happy DIY Home. Think airy greenish and bluish hues, bleached whites, and sandy beige tones to mimic the soil and oversea look. You tin besides see incorporating driftwood browns and grays, formation pebble gray, dune writer green, and the colors you find successful seashells. For vibrant hints of color, adhd orangish oregon yellowish to mimic the sun, and the bold reds of umbrellas oregon enactment flowers.'

It's besides indispensable that you constrictive down to relaxed simplicity – particularly successful an outdoor surviving space. 

'Materials and furnishes that tin instrumentality deterioration and teardrop are key,' says Jen. 'Consider adding streamlined, elemental furnishings alongside distressed and weathered pieces. Using outdoor fabrics successful your rugs oregon connected your cushions is different viable option.'

13. Perk up your planters

blue and yellowish  planters connected  platform  successful  coastal garden

(Image credit: House of Dome)

Use a seashore-inspired colour palette to alteration elemental containers. Boardwalk brown, sandy yellowish and oversea bluish bring the beachscape to your balcony oregon garden.

For added authenticity, works them with coastal plants – not lone volition these suit your coastal decor ideas and scheme, if you are situated by the sea, they volition withstand salty aerial and harsh oversea breezes, too.

14. Use creation arsenic a coastal accent

blue armchair with seascape painting

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Interior designers often usage an artwork arsenic the ground for a room's colour scheme, whether they prime retired a azygous shadiness oregon incorporated the full palette from the picture. This attack works peculiarly good erstwhile you're refining your coastal decor ideas, arsenic you tin usage the representation arsenic your guide. 

'You mightiness take a seascape of predominantly bluish and grey tones, with achromatic crests connected the waves. Or look for formation country that incorporates sea, sand, enactment and adjacent radical and houses, for a much colorful palette,' suggests Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors.

15. Bring coastal decor into a bath – subtly

teal bath  with teal panelling and bath

(Image credit: Future)

A bath is the cleanable abstraction for coastal decor, but you tin overdo it, ending up with a abstraction that looks themed. 'I emotion the attack taken successful the bathroom, above,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle. 'Red, achromatic and bluish is ever elegant and smart, and if determination is the merest hint of a seaside motif, you tin get distant with what is rather a accepted approach.'

How bash you decorate with a coastal theme?

'Coastal plan has been astir for centuries, mostly due to the fact that it was the mode successful which radical decorated their waterfront oregon seaside homes,' explains Amy Leferink, Founder and Principal Designer of Interior Impressions. 

'This plan aesthetic began precise overmuch arsenic a merchandise of the situation erstwhile successful a formation oregon water house. For instance, pulling from the scenery surrounding the location to pass the interior colour scheme, oregon utilizing the earthy materials and items, including rope, raffia, oregon woven materials, that are usually recovered adjacent coastal lands. 

'Over clip this look has evolved to beryllium little literal, and much an wide mentation taxable to the decorator oregon homeowner and however they take to bring the extracurricular in, careless of the location being situated successful a coastal location. 

'It is meant to evoke a feeling of being adjacent the water; bringing the relaxation, ease, and casual vibe of waterside surviving to mundane life.'

What is modern coastal decor?

'Modern coastal decor has nary request to spot shells and "beachy" things astir to make a coastal inspired space,' says Connor Prestwood, interior decorator astatine location decor marque Dowsing & Reynolds.

'Stick to lighter, neutral colours to support the abstraction caller and relaxed. Then incorporated earthy textures similar linen and rustic wood finishes to adhd involvement and springiness your eyes places to people onshore astir the space.' 

What colors should I usage for my coastal decor ideas?

'When you are wanting to decorate your abstraction successful a coastal design, colour is key,' says Zara O’Hare, Interior Design Consultant astatine Land of Rugs.

'In presumption of the main colors for the space, you request to beryllium utilizing creams, blues and whites but you tin besides usage greenish if done smartly. Think of the colors you spot erstwhile you sojourn the seashore – these colors should beryllium cardinal successful your home! 

'You mightiness brace pick sofas and rugs with bluish connection walls. The greenish successful your abstraction tin besides beryllium added with plants to your space.'