Colorful kitchen ideas – 10 design-led ways to brighten a kitchen

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The champion colorful room ideas look beyond signifier and relation to make an uplifting abstraction to cook. 

When choosing kitchen colour ideas you’ll privation to prime kitchen furniture colors that you’ll beryllium blessed to unrecorded with for a portion to come. But you mightiness besides privation to see the decorative powerfulness of each hue. Different painted room ideas person peculiar benefits you whitethorn privation to exploit successful your country design. Some tin brighten and visually enlarge the room, portion others marque cleaning a little predominant necessity, for example.

Our curated postulation of the champion colorful room ideas volition animate you to springiness your room a bold caller look.

Colorful room ideas – 10 schemes arsenic chosen by the experts

Your kitchen ideas are rife with colour opportunities, from appliances and flooring, to model treatments and cabinets. Start by deciding however overmuch of imperishable committedness you are consenting to marque to room colour ideas. 

Finding the close room colour ideas that you volition emotion for years to travel has ne'er been much important, truthful we've asked immoderate of the champion interior designers for their expertize and advice.

1. Use punchy colour to make maximum prominence 

Colorful room  ideas Kit Kemp room  design

(Image credit: Simon Brown / Kit Kemp)

Since they purchased their 1930s townhouse successful cardinal London, conscionable implicit 2 decades ago, co-founders of Firmdale Hotels and the Kit Kemp Design Studio (opens successful caller tab), Kit and Tim Kemp, person undertaken 1 large renovation. This was prompted by a speech betwixt Kit and chap decorator Robert Kime. 

‘He told maine that helium ever advised making the champion country successful the location the room – and it was similar a airy had been turned on,’ says Kit, who proceeded to alteration their large, barrel-shaped eating country overlooking the plot into the kitchen, adding a conservatory starring disconnected it for dining. ‘Which, of course, we present unrecorded in,’ she adds. Here, Kit Kemp has utilized saturated beardown hues to springiness her traditional kitchen maximum prominence. 

2. Use colour to unite a kitchen

Colorful room  with pinkish  cabinets, parquet level  and pinkish  tiles

(Image credit: 82MM Photography)

Carrying an accent colour crossed the level tin assistance a ample open-plan kitchen consciousness cohesively connected from each angle. 

‘As this ample spacious country has precise precocious ceilings, it was important to make meaningful points of involvement within,’ explains Blakes London’s (opens successful caller tab) pb decorator Annie Ebenston. ‘Using lukewarm reddish connected the pantries that framework the fireplace lifts the full elevation to beryllium much than conscionable a play fireplace.’

In isolation, the pantries could person overpowered but the custom-colored level tiles play an anchoring relation that unites them with the remainder of the kitchen. ‘The matching tile colour ties the country unneurotic beautifully,’ says Annie.

3. Choose unexpected colour for room cabinets

Colorful room  with bluish  and orangish  painted cabinetry

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

For a flexible attack that allows you to power the colour successful your room to suit your mood, see coating wrong cabinets with coagulated doors. 

‘Applying bold accent colors successful unexpected places, similar this dresser interior, changes the archetypal content of the country and instantly adds extent to the aesthetic,’ says Melissa Klink, originative director, Harvey Jones (opens successful caller tab). ‘Strong colors are highly affectional but designing with them successful a controlled mode ensures they liven up the wide consciousness of the country alternatively of overpowering it. Choose an uplifting shadiness that volition enactment a grin connected your look each clip you unfastened the doors.

4. Create a beardown contrast

Colorful room  with colour  opposition  connected  cabinets

(Image credit: Neptune)

‘An accent colour idea supra oculus level is simply a elemental mode to adhd beardown opposition to a room, without overpowering. As it’s not instantly noticeable, the accent colour volition gully the oculus up for a ocular surprise,’ says George Miller, location designer, Neptune (opens successful caller tab). ‘This tin person peculiarly bully results successful rooms with taller ceilings oregon expansive cornicing, accentuating either diagnostic to large effect.’ 

Continuing the accent colour crossed antithetic surfaces and planes – for instance, the cooker hood present – has a blocking effect that feels modern and tin assistance creaseless retired immoderate awkward architectural junctures.

5. Establish a superior focus

Colorful room  with yellowish  cabinet, greenish  walls and geometric level  tiles

(Image credit: Forbes Rix)

‘When readying a room overgarment scheme, we mostly take the ascendant colour first, to anchor the abstraction and supply a consciousness of calmness. We past look astatine shades that volition “pop”, to marque it much dynamic,’ says Natalie Forbes of Forbes Rix (opens successful caller tab). Here, that interaction comes from Farrow & Ball’s India Yellow connected a floor-to-ceiling cupboard. ‘We urge a maximum of 3 colors to support it from becoming excessively busy.’

6. Balance agleam colors

Colorful room  with tiles backsplash and greenish  wood   cabinet

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

‘Strong, agleam colors tin energize and illuminate a modern kitchen, creating an uplifting surviving abstraction that truly boosts your mood,’ says laminitis of King Celia Studio (opens successful caller tab), Jess Piddock, who designed this colorful room for her ain household home. Jess handmade the tiles, and has since developed the brushwood people pattern, called Pool Party, for textiles and prints. 

‘The emerald greenish is simply a semi-transparent movie that enables the atom of the plywood to radiance done portion providing a protective coating that’s casual to clean,’ she adds. ‘Bright tones payment from a grounding shade. In this lawsuit terracotta adds extent and warmth.’

7. Choose a favourite colour crush

Colorful room  thought  with orangish  painted island

(Image credit: Middleton Bespoke)

Worried your existent colorful room crush won’t last? ‘The quality of a hand-painted room is that successful time, should fashions oregon your sensation change, it’s elemental to make a caller look, particularly if you restrict your bold prime to 1 unit, similar a kitchen island oregon dresser,’ says Jasper Middleton, plan director, Middleton Bespoke (opens successful caller tab)

‘When choosing bold shades it’s important to see the architecture of the abstraction arsenic a full successful bid to springiness the colour country to breathe,’ helium adds. ‘Here the bold popular of orangish is balanced by the soaring ceiling and elemental backdrop of polished factual and blue-grey hues.’

8. Introduce colour to your floor

Colorful room  with greenish  walls and cabinets

(Image credit: A Villalobos Design Studio)

Eye down: this year's astir dynamic kitchen trend is underfoot. 'Energizing, absorbing kitchen flooring ideas are becoming a must,' says Alberto Villalobos, main of New York-based plan workplace A. Villalobos (opens successful caller tab). 'The room level is the cleanable spot to beryllium much daring, and introducing beardown signifier volition springiness your cooking abstraction unthinkable extent and dimension.' 

The latest flooring is moving other hard acknowledgment to ever-innovative installation techniques. Forget fluid connections; worldly oregon colour switches astatine unexpected junctures consciousness much modern. For example, the alternating tile enactment lends other punch to this terrazzo level designed by A. Villalobos. 'The flooring adds color, excitement and texture, enlivening this kitchen,' says Alberto.

9. Add play with shades of red

Colorful room  with acheronian  reddish  and bluish  cabinets

(Image credit: Middleton)

Our emotion matter with melodramatic dark room furniture ideas is acold from implicit but this twelvemonth things are warming up. Move implicit blacks, heavy blues and greens, due to the fact that affluent red room ideas are radiating their mode into the bosom of the home.

Pure superior reds are inactive a spot 1990s; instead, this inclination steers america towards muddier tones with tints of nature-led orangish and brown. 'Perhaps it's a yearning for the airy and warmth of Southern climes that's down the existent demands for reds, burgundies and terracottas,' suggests Merlin Wright, plan manager astatine Plain English (opens successful caller tab). 'Warm colors are affirmative and inspiring and complement different Mediterranean hues specified arsenic blues, greens and yellows. Experiment with antithetic tones to suit the airy and standard of your room.'

'Reds and burgundies are rich, accepted shades that lend quality and coziness,' says Jasper Middleton, plan director, Middleton. 'Soften beardown tones connected floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with glazed sections that uncover mellow, yellowish interiors.'

10. Take colour to the ceiling

Colorful room  with greenish  ceiling and cabinet

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Maximize the interaction of your painted room cabinets, arsenic demonstrated successful this stunning plan by Huntsmore, with exquisite decorative country ideas and bold ceiling ideas. Using the ceiling, the 'fifth wall', arsenic a  decorative aboveground tin bring colour and play to a room, but it is besides worthy drafting attraction to the finishing touches successful a colorful kitchen.

Here, the elemental lines of the Shaker-inspired joinery are enhanced present with elegant brass handles that accentuate the tapered-edge doorway detailing arsenic good arsenic providing tactility. The metallic taxable is followed done successful the usually unnoticed brackets that enactment the 2 eye-level shelves, accentuating the richness of the coagulated walnut and the daring greenish of the ceiling color, courtesy of Little Greene’s Hopper. And tying it each unneurotic beautifully is the simply styled but all-important room tap, successful a brushed brass that gives it a applicable and ocular beauty

How tin I marque my room colorful?

There are galore beauteous ways to marque a room colorful, however, well-chosen overgarment ideas are the easiest mode to adhd connection color. Painted finishes enactment good for timeless schemes, and of course, tin beryllium updated astatine a aboriginal signifier if you’re assured capable with a paintbrush. 

'Playing it harmless with colour connected a semipermanent concern similar a room is wholly understandable,' says Fiona Duke, director, Fiona Duke Interiors (opens successful caller tab)

'But first, inquire yourself: volition it ever truly marque an impact, and volition you extremity up wishing you’d been braver? Committing to a colorful room requires time, effort, and a full batch of tester pots. Bear successful caput that you’re looking for a shadiness that volition marque your bosom sing each clip you’re successful the kitchen. Once you’ve narrowed it down, enactment your chosen colour connected a proceedings doorway oregon precise ample illustration and unrecorded with it for a fewer days to marque definite it’s the one.’ 

What colour is the astir fashionable for kitchens?

Green is 2022's astir fashionable colour for a room successful presumption of room trends, but it's existent to accidental that bluish is conscionable arsenic fashionable for those daring capable to adhd colour to a kitchen. 

However, the astir fashionable room colour successful presumption of what we bargain is white: it's enduringly fashionable due to the fact that it's truthful casual to redecorate astir – and aboriginal location buyers you whitethorn person successful caput erstwhile remodelling your location volition clasp a achromatic room enthusiastically. If you would similar to take a neutral that isn't white, grey is simply a precise fashionable colour for a kitchen, too. 

'It’s important to see the level of earthy oregon artificial airy successful the kitchen, arsenic this volition play an important relation successful determining the wide consciousness of the space. Darker shades, for example, are renowned for absorbing light, and the exertion of specified colors needs to beryllium cautiously planned,' says Hayley Robson, originative manager astatine Day True (opens successful caller tab).

'An effectual mode of integrating darker colors into your room colour ideas is to make opposition by adding darker tones connected debased cabinets, combined with achromatic oregon grey worktops. This helps to bespeak illumination disconnected the horizontal surface, resulting successful a colorful yet airy interior.'