Commonwealth Games safety crackdown: sites were at ‘good level’

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Construction successful the run-up to the Commonwealth Games was mostly harmless and compliant with information law, contempt its choky deadlines, an inspector has said.

Earlier this year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) ramped up its operations successful Birmingham, aft the fig of operation sites successful the metropolis astir doubled successful 2021.

Birmingham has besides seen enactment connected HS2 summation successful caller months.

HSE inspector Sarah Hill was 1 of the inspectors starring enactment successful March and saw proactive inspections instrumentality spot astatine astir 30 sites successful a abbreviated abstraction of clip arsenic portion of its run successful the city.

“The bulk of the enactment we looked astatine crossed that run was mostly of a bully level, with bully compliance. [There was] immoderate betterment enactment [needed] with moving astatine height, and payment and particulate control, which we mostly find crossed each sites we thin to spell on.

“Most of the sites were compliant and determination was precise small ceremonial enactment taken.”

She said this was contempt galore sites being taxable to strict deadlines: “There was a batch of clip pressure, possibly to get things completed earlier the Commonwealth Games, truthful we benignant of went to summation our illustration and our beingness conscionable to fto companies cognize we were retired there, and [to] marque definite they were complying with the regs.”

As antecedently highlighted by Construction News, Birmingham is the taxable of a £750m regeneration strategy that volition see the operation of 5,000 caller homes and a caller presumption successful Perry Barr by 2040.

Hill added that the regulator would proceed to inspect sites erstwhile the Games had concluded. “There volition beryllium a batch of enactment going connected afterwards, arsenic overmuch arsenic determination was before, and it volition go portion and parcel of our mean authorities of work.

“There’s that overmuch operation enactment going connected crossed the portion [that] we’re ne'er going to tally retired of visits to bash proactively.”

CN has antecedently investigated the decreased enactment carried retired by HSE inspectors arsenic the watchdog had its fund and fig of inspectors chopped by a third.