Construction chief guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence

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A operation brag has been recovered blameworthy of manslaughter by gross negligence pursuing the decease of a roofer.

Steven Wenham, 48, manager of Hove-based Total Contractors Ltd, faces sentencing successful June for the offence, which tin pb to beingness imprisonment.

Lewes Crown Court heard that 60-year-old Graham Tester had been utilizing a ladder secured by 2 nails into a timber framework connected a gathering tract connected Brunswick Street West successful Hove connected 27 July 2018 erstwhile helium fell 2 storeys.

Wenham, of Charlotte Street successful Brighton, was besides recovered blameworthy of 2 offences nether the Health and Safety astatine Work Act regarding nonaccomplishment to decently safeguard against superior wounded oregon decease from a autumn from height. Total Contractors was convicted of the aforesaid 2 charges.

Tester had been subcontracted by Southern Asphalt for the job. The Brighton steadfast pleaded blameworthy to an offence nether the Health and Safety astatine Work Act portion its manager – John Spiller, 52, of Fishersgate Close successful Portslade – was convicted of the aforesaid offence.

Spiller was recovered not blameworthy of manslaughter. Both helium and Wenham person been bailed portion awaiting sentencing.

The tribunal heard that an inspection by the Health and Safety Executive recovered aggregate information failings, including an lack of scaffolding oregon barriers to support those moving astatine height.

Sussex Police detective inspector James Meanwell said: “Employers beryllium a work of attraction to their employees.

“Steven Wenham and John Spiller failed successful that work – the consequences of which were Graham’s tragic decease and an irreparable nonaccomplishment to his children and grandchildren."

HSE information revealed past period that 24 operation workers died connected tract betwixt April and December 2021, 10 of which were due to the fact that of falls from height.

For the twelvemonth 2020/21, 39 fatal injuries were recorded astatine enactment successful the operation sector, which was little than the 42 reported successful the erstwhile year, but inactive supra the five-year mean of 36.