Contractors alerted to £2bn of retrofit works

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Contractors person been enactment connected alert for £2bn of energy-efficiency and decarbonisation retrofit works for housing.

Advantage South West has enactment retired an alert for a dynamic purchasing strategy (DPS), for imaginable suppliers to undertake a wide scope of public-sector retrofit works implicit the adjacent decade.

These see the proviso and installation of energy-efficiency measures specified arsenic outer and interior partition insulation, and cavity-wall insulation, arsenic good arsenic loft and level insulation.

The declaration announcement besides mentions the installation of star panels, ground-source vigor pumps, mechanical vigor and ventilation recovery, waste-water recovery, electric-vehicle charging and inverters for artillery storage.

Advantage South West states that its walk nether the strategy could beryllium up to £2bn, but “this walk level is simply a precise precocious headroom and is successful nary mode guaranteed”.

The assemblage is co-owned by a postulation of south-west lodging associations and section authorities, including Plymouth Community Homes, Teign Housing, Mid Devon District Council and East Devon District Council.

The proviso of retrofit works includes but is not constricted to retrofit assessors, air-tightness testing, structural surveys, ancillary gathering and outer works, and astute hub technologies for vigor demand.

Interested parties person until 10am connected 26 September to registry their interest.

More accusation connected the DPS can beryllium recovered here.