Contractors alerted to £4.5bn southern framework

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Southern Construction Framework (SCF) has notified contractors for a £4.5bn operation model for enactment connected public-sector projects successful the southbound of England.

Framework supplier SCF, which is simply a associated inaugural betwixt Hampshire County Council and Devon County Council, volition motorboat the fifth-generation framework, SCF 5, successful April 2023, which volition tally until 2027.

The model covers operation enactment successful the sectors of education, leisure, health, exigency and section government. It tin besides widen to related civils works, specified arsenic entree roads, car parks, multi-storey car parks and retaining structures.

SCF 5 is divided into 3 region-specific lots. Lot 1 covers enactment successful southwest England, with Lot 1A for projects worthy £4m oregon much and Lot 1B for the £1m-to-£5m worth band. Ten contractors volition beryllium appointed crossed the lots.

Lot 2 for the southeast volition springiness up to 8 contractors entree to projects valued supra £4m.

Lot 3 is the city-specific lot, covering projects successful the boroughs of interior and outer London. Again, 8 contractors volition beryllium selected.

The model replaces SCF 4, which was launched successful 2019 and runs retired adjacent month. Morgan Sindall, Kier and Mace were among the 11 contractors connected SCF 4.

SCF operations pb (southeast) Adam Sanford said the next-generation model provided an intelligent, data-driven procurement process.

“This means predictability and resilience for our clients successful an progressively volatile market,” helium said.