Contractors sought for £2bn railway construction framework

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Contractors are being sought for a £2bn operation framework, covering Network Rail’s Wales and occidental regions.

The model is divided into 5 lots, covering a assortment of operation and engineering works owed to beryllium carried retired during Control Period 7, which runs from 2024 to 2029.

Contractors tin use for each lot, but tin lone triumph places connected a maximum of 2 lots.

A declaration announcement adds: “Network Rail intends to transportation retired a procurement workout to found model agreements for the transportation of buildings and civils works crossed the Wales and occidental region.

“Five frameworks volition screen superior delivery, buildings and civils renewals, and insignificant enhancement portfolios for Control Period 7 (CP7). The frameworks volition screen the bulk of the buildings and civils portfolios, specified arsenic structures, geotechnical off-track and drainage, and stations and buildings. The frameworks volition tally for 5 years with 3 optional one-year extensions.”

It adds: “A supplier whitethorn lone beryllium awarded 1 model for works successful immoderate 1 of Lots 1-4; Lot 5 whitethorn beryllium awarded to 1 of the winners of Lots 1-4 oregon to a higher-scoring 5th supplier. Winning immoderate 1 of Lots 1-4 is not a prerequisite for winning Lot 5.”

Lots 1 and 2 are some valued astatine £450,000, and screen structures successful the occidental and Wales regions, respectively. The tons screen the “ongoing attraction and renewals programme of civilian engineering assets, specified arsenic bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, culverts, scour works to piers and abutments, oversea defences and estuarine works” successful the respective regions.

Lots 3 and 4 screen geotechnical works and drainage successful the respective regions, and are valued astatine £370,000 and £300,000.

The last batch covers maintenance, and renewals of stations and buildings crossed the 2 regions, and is valued astatine £430,000.

Firms person until 20 April to registry an interest, with invitations to tender issued successful mid-June.

Kier, Bam Nuttall and Morgan Sindall are among the contractors connected the existing framework, which covers Wales and the westbound of England.