Contractors sought for £8.4bn housing work

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Link Group has started a contention for places connected an £8.4bn lodging transportation framework.

The consortium of lodging associations published official notice of the four-year agreement, which volition beryllium disposable to each societal landlords successful Scotland.

Mainly covering operation services for new-build housing, the model volition besides connection immoderate bureau projects, arsenic good arsenic extensions, adaptations and planned maintenance.

Jobs volition scope successful size, tenure and type. Applicants necessitate acquisition of societal lodging projects of betwixt 5 and 500 units.

The statement volition beryllium breached into six lots, with 5 covering the pursuing worth bands: up to £2m; betwixt £2m and £5m; £5m to £10m; £10m to £30m; and supra £30m. The sixth batch volition diagnostic jobs successful the bluish Argyll and Bute and Highland regions.

Contractors person been fixed until 15 June to registry their involvement successful the framework, with invitations to tender expected successful aboriginal July.

Individual commissions volition beryllium awarded from the selected panellists, either by nonstop enactment oregon a mini competition.

Link Group, which was founded successful 1962, acceptable retired a caller sustainability strategy this month.

Head of sustainability Graeme Bruce said the papers “sets retired Link’s attack to becoming a person successful the improvement of sustainable communities, and however we volition enactment smarter done the information of social, economical and biology goals successful each aspects of decision-making, concern improvement and delivery”.

Meanwhile, six manufacturing companies secured spots this week connected a £600m statement acceptable up by lawsuit confederation Building Better to present lodging crossed the UK.