Cottage kitchen ideas – 21 pretty ways to decorate homey spaces

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Whether you unrecorded successful a classical state cottage and are looking for cottage room ideas to complement it, oregon simply emotion the cottage look, we've rounded up the cardinal things to consider, arsenic good arsenic plentifulness of inspiration and adept proposal from the large names successful room plan to assistance program your interior.

From layout, retention and materials to lighting, partition colors and model treatments, determination are plentifulness of kitchen ideas to see erstwhile creating the cleanable cozy and rustic space, but possibly the champion spot to commencement is to see what you have. 

What is simply a cottage benignant kitchen?

Traditional cottage kitchens are prized for their archetypal features – whether chromatic flagstone floors, rustic ceiling beams oregon weathered inglenooks – it’s these details that springiness cottage kitchens their unsocial charm and homely feel. 

When reasoning astir cottage room plan ideas, it’s important to see however champion to marque these features truly radiance portion besides creating a abstraction which is applicable and welcoming.

Now that you cognize a cottage room is each astir earthy materials, perfectly curated pieces and archetypal architectural features, instrumentality a look astatine our favourite ideas.

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1. Create a welcoming consciousness with a rustic timber array and chairs

cottage room  ideas Devol

(Image credit: Devol)

Cottage kitchens are truthful overmuch much than places to hole food, they truly are the bosom of the location and a vintage room array is indispensable to creating that cleanable societal hub and homely cottage feel, arsenic Helen Parker, originative manager astatine Devol (opens successful caller tab) explains. 

'The charm of cottage kitchens is often their quirky and eclectic premix of aged and caller arsenic this gives the feeling of a cosy and welcoming space. A vintage room array and chairs is simply a must; each cottages request a spot for chatting and drinking beverage and the ubiquitous jug of chaotic flowers.’ 

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2. Maximize earthy airy with cabinets successful muted colors

cottage room  ideas Neptune Henley kitchen

(Image credit: Neptune)

Cottage kitchens often person debased ceilings and tiny windows, truthful the cardinal to a bully plan is taking each accidental to optimise connected earthy airy arsenic Nerine Vacher, Kitchen Designer astatine Neptune (opens successful caller tab), reveals.  

‘Making usage of the earthy airy volition spell a agelong mode successful creating a harmonious travel successful your kitchen. By including cabinetry successful brushed colors, similar Neptune's Sage (pictured above) oregon Snow, you volition spot however airy and airy the country feels, nary substance however large oregon small.'

3. Choose existent wood Shaker-style cabinetry

cottage room  ideas Darren Chung Fennick Period Living cottage room  green

(Image credit: Future Owns / Darren Chung)

As immoderate cottage proprietor knows, there's seldom a consecutive enactment to beryllium found, with this successful mind, bespoke cabinetry is often the champion solution to getting the astir retired of awkward spaces. The simple, paired-back plan of classical Shaker-style cabinetry volition beautifully complement rustic architectural features. 

4. Showcase rustic play features

cottage room  ideas

(Image credit: Unique Home Stays)

Cottage kitchens are brimming with desirable play features, truthful marque definite your plan makes the astir of them. Rather than conceal rustic exposed ceramic oregon chromatic walls with cabinets, effort opting for elemental partition shelves which volition let the past of your spot to radiance through. Cabinets and a backsplash created from reclaimed timber heighten this vintage French look.

5. Create a blank canvas for layering vintage finds

cottage room  ideas

(Image credit: British Standard)

Keeping walls and cabinets achromatic is simply a superb instauration for showcasing the vintage pieces which springiness cottage kitchens their unsocial charm, arsenic Adrian Bergman, elder decorator astatine British Standard by Plain English (opens successful caller tab) explains. 

'With a cleanable and airy palette you tin make a layered interior with an eclectic premix of furnishings - deliberation cookware committee dressers, farmhouse tables, Windsor chairs, unfastened shelves and cookware racks. Finish with idiosyncratic knick knacks and trinkets to adhd a lived-in charm.' 

6. Consider freestanding furniture

cottage room  ideas play  living

(Image credit: Future / Malcolm Menzies)

When abstraction is astatine a premium, arsenic it often is successful tiny cottage kitchens, it's a bully thought to origin successful immoderate freestanding pieces to bring flexibility to your room layout. Try opting for a moveable room land oregon butchers block, oregon tiny vintage table, arsenic pictured above, which volition make other prep abstraction but tin besides beryllium easy moved to the broadside of the country if you request to marque abstraction for guests.

7. Factor successful plentifulness of storage 

cottage room  ideas

(Image credit: Neptune)

'Effective small room storage is different elemental mode to make a blessed and homely kitchen.' explains Nerine Vacher, room decorator astatine Neptune (opens successful caller tab). 'Including a azygous portion of furniture, specified arsenic a cabinet, oregon larder, you tin wholly alteration your kitchen, by creating much aboveground abstraction and keeping clutter retired of sight.' 

Freestanding furnishings is handy, specified arsenic our Chichester potboard, arsenic it provides shelving and drawer space, arsenic good arsenic an other spot of enactment surface.'

8. Add a vintage dresser to show collectibles 

vintage dresser cottage room  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Malcolm Menzies)

An iconic, applicable portion which has furnished kitchens crossed the centuries, a classical woody dresser is simply a mainstay of the cottage kitchen. It offers the cleanable abstraction for displaying those prized brocante finds and vintage ceramics, but besides lends a homely feel. 

'Shelves with a higgledy-piggledy array of French porcelain bowls, books and vintage glassware is the champion mode to make a feeling of a location that is much than conscionable stylish, but a motion of a blessed good lived life,' reveals Helen Parker, originative manager astatine Devol (opens successful caller tab).

8. Create a lukewarm cardinal absorption with an accepted scope cooker

cottage room  ideas with aga and ceramic  Lovatt play  living

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby )

At the bosom of the location for centuries, the scope cooker would not lone person been utilized for cooking, but would person heated the full house. With its changeless radiant heat, a accepted formed robust Aga is hailed by galore arsenic the champion oven for accepted location cooking, but it volition make a cosy, lukewarm welcome. 

It's the cleanable spot to unbend  in a rocking seat with a bully book, for dogs to snuggle, oregon to bent the laundry to adust supra connected a pulley dryer. Alternatively, determination are plentifulness of modern electrical scope cookers disposable with the bully looks of the accepted Aga but with accrued power and functionality.

9. Choose a existent wood room worktop

cottage room  ideas British modular  achromatic  kitchen

(Image credit: British Standard)

The beautiful, varying atom of existent timber is the cleanable complement to the weathered architectural features of a cottage kitchen. Revealing his cardinal tips for creating a cottage kitchen, Adrian Bergman, elder decorator astatine British Standard by Plain English (opens successful caller tab), says: 

‘The beaded item connected our Stowupland doors beryllium perfectly successful a cottage kitchen. We would suggest pairing the cupboards with a rustic woody worktop to adhd warmth and texture. Choose 1 that weathers gracefully, Oak, oregon reclaimed Pitch Pine some enactment truly well.’ The wood volition necessitate periodic oiling, but the effect is beauteous and the worktop volition basal the trial of time.' 

10. Introduce vintage textiles

cottage room  ideas - quirky cottage room  hadleigh play  living

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer)

Whether its chintzy florals, classical ginghams oregon a hint of elegant gallic linen, vintage textiles are guaranteed to lend a homely consciousness to a cottage kitchen. Curtains successful a beauteous cloth are a superb mode to fell achromatic goods and a vintage floral tablecloth volition surely make that vintage state feel. A custom-made roman unsighted astatine a model successful a nature-inspired people to bring colour and signifier to a space.

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11. Create a cozy consciousness with a lukewarm partition color 

cottage room  ideas - orangish  accepted   cottage kitchen

(Image credit: Future / Darren Chung)

Cottage kitchens are each astir capturing a cosy, homely atmosphere, and partition colour tin person a immense interaction connected the look, consciousness and ambiance of a space. With its subtle earthy tones and brushed mottled texture, this orangish limewash from Ingilby paints brings a lukewarm cheery consciousness to this cottage room without being harsh connected the eye. 

A natural, breathable formula, limewash is perfect for preserving archetypal plasterwork successful accepted cottages. 

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What is simply a cottage benignant kitchen?

Traditional cottage kitchens are prized for their archetypal features – whether chromatic flagstone floors, rustic ceiling beams oregon weathered inglenooks – it’s these details that springiness cottage kitchens their unsocial charm and homely feel. 

What does cottage room benignant mean?

Cottage benignant is simply a look that is warm, homely, compact and important, afloat of eccentricities. Of course, cottage kitchens' tiny proportions and irregular angles tin contiguous unsocial challenges, too, but there’s nary request to fret, arsenic tiny tin inactive beryllium beauteous arsenic Helen Parker, originative manager astatine Devol (opens successful caller tab) explains. 

‘A cottage room is tiny truthful everything you enactment successful it should beryllium precise cautiously chosen, determination is nary country for nasty appliances oregon ill-considered pots and pans,’ she reveals. ‘You don't person overmuch abstraction truthful marque each vignette and aboveground look arsenic beauteous arsenic you can, walk wealth connected choosing things that are perfectly cleanable and beautiful. Never settee for "okay" successful a cottage, it volition extremity up looking mismatched and messy.’