Cottage lighting ideas – 20 pretty ways to brighten your cottage

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If you're redesigning your cottage, past cottage lighting ideas are a must. Often overlooked, lighting is simply a captious facet of renovating a country and should beryllium considered from the outset alternatively than added arsenic a finishing touch.

When opting for the cleanable lights to complement your cottage decorating ideas, it is important to prime pieces that volition some sing against your decor and illuminate your space.

'If you person a classical rustic vibe successful your cottage, past thing similar a alloy and oak chandelier could beryllium the cleanable touch. Alternatively, if you person a much rustic look past an concern partition airy whitethorn entreaty to you more,' says Mark Feldman, Chief Home Officer of Riverbend Home (opens successful caller tab). 'Coastal cottage benignant is ever fashionable and adding a brace of achromatic seashell lamps is simply a large mode to instil the coastal benignant successful a subtle way. There are a batch of large options retired there, enactment existent to your style, and the lighting needs of the country and you can’t spell wrong.'

Cottage lighting ideas to illuminate your home

Of course, cottage lighting ideas aren't conscionable astir beauteous designs – though that's a large portion of it – you indispensable besides deliberation astir the applicable intent your lighting needs to play.

'Begin by reasoning astir however you usage the room,' says Period Living mag exertion Melanie Griffiths. 'If it's a abstraction wherever you similar to relax, past make layers with dimmable lamps and partition lights that tin beryllium adjusted to suit your needs. Alternatively, if it's determination similar the kitchen, past bully task lighting is simply a must.'

1. Consider beaded chandeliers for characterful cottage lighting

beaded chandelier successful  eating  country   successful  cottage

(Image credit: Interior Impressions)

If you are searching for connection cottage lighting ideas to complement your dining country ideas, past it is important to opt for a plan that doesn't overwhelm the abstraction but inactive catches the eye. 

'I emotion the thought of taking an aged satellite plan constituent similar a chandelier, and modernizing it, the mode that you spot present successful this wood bead chandelier. It is the cleanable opposition betwixt accepted and modern, and creates a unsocial rotation connected a classical piece,' says decorator Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions (opens successful caller tab).

2. Glass shades to summation the propulsion of light

dining country   with sandberg wallpaper and solid  shaded pendant supra  the eating  table

(Image credit: Sandberg)

Cottages person a estimation for being a small connected the acheronian side. This means that your cottage lighting ideas person to enactment other hard to illuminate your room. One mode to maximize the propulsion of airy from a pendant is to opt for a plan with a wide solid shade. 

With an elegant, minimalist appearance, a solid shadiness creates a beauteous centerpiece supra your eating table, portion directing the airy each astir the room, alternatively than conscionable downwards. 

Whether utilized connected walls oregon arsenic a pendant, transparent shades are besides a large thought for tiny rooms, which cottages often person successful abundance. Glass shades adhd involvement without dominating the aesthetics of the space, and owed to their neutral plan besides brace good with an abundance of different small country ideas.

3. Add quality to a cottage surviving country with a handmade pendant

statement pendant airy  successful  surviving  room

(Image credit: Susan Currie)

You can't bushed the affluent quality that handcrafted pieces bring to a cottage-style interior. Oozing property successful a mode that is intolerable to replicate successful wide production, see adding a handcrafted airy into your cottage surviving country ideas. 

 'We similar including thing a small unexpected erstwhile lighting cottages. Often the rooms don’t person recessed cans, truthful we adhd ambient airy and play with hand-made chandeliers. This branching fixture from Luxe Light & Home with hand-blown milky solid globes is afloat of charm – which is the essence of cottage style! We emotion the integrated shape. It's decidedly a showstopper!' says Susan Currie of Susan Currie Design (opens successful caller tab).

4. Add practice charm with a mirrored sconce

mirrored sconce with electrical  candle

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

When homes were lit by candlelight the mirrored sconce was an indispensable feature. Holding a azygous candle, it was designed to bespeak the airy backmost into the room. 

For the modern cottage, see an updated design. Featuring an electrical candle-style airy acceptable against a vintage mirror, it provides applicable cottage lighting ideas portion besides bringing with it practice charm. ‘When moving with little ceilings, partition sconces are a crippled changer. They'll volumize the abstraction and volition besides supply a much architectural touch,’ says Devin Shaffer, pb interior decorator from Decorilla (opens successful caller tab).

5. Add a emergence and autumn pendant successful rooms with debased ceilling height

rise and autumn  pendant airy  successful  utility

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Rise and autumn lights person been astir since the 1900s and get their sanction from their ingenious design. Unlike mean pendants, which are installed astatine a fixed length, emergence and autumn lights tin beryllium adjusted via a propulsion cord. This is perfect for cottages, wherever debased ceilings mightiness preclude you from having a fixed pendant. Instead, you tin simply propulsion your airy down erstwhile needed and propulsion it backmost up erstwhile nary longer necessary.

Consider adding emergence and autumn pendant lights into your utility country ideas oregon walk-in pantry ideas for a flexible prime of illumination.

6. Create an relaxing ambience successful the bath with partition lights

cottage bath  with partition  lights, panelled walls and checkerboard floor

(Image credit: BC Designs/Darren Chung)

Lighting is simply a captious portion of your cottage bath ideas, ensuring that your bath is welcoming and cozy. 'The cardinal to creating the cleanable ambience successful your bath is to marque definite the airy reflects the benignant of sanctuary you are trying to achieve. Introducing symmetrical partition lights either broadside of your lavation basin volition bounds shadows, portion a bold yet beauteous pendant airy supra your basin tin truly marque a quality to the look of the room,' says Scarlett Blakey, originative spouse of Ophelia Blake Interior Design (opens successful caller tab).

7. Opt for materials that evoke a cozy atmosphere

cottage chamber  with woody  array  lamp and plaster pendant light

(Image credit: Chris Little Photography)

Cottages are lukewarm and welcoming spaces, and their interior benignant should embody this atmosphere, particularly arsenic portion of your cottage chamber ideas. Opt for cottage lighting ideas made from softer materials specified arsenic wood oregon plaster for a delicate interaction to the scheme. 

 'Cottages are retreats wherever comfortableness and quiescent elegance trump formality. Consider airy fixtures successful materials different than metallic and solid to make cozier atmosphere. Here, a achromatic plaster chandelier and painted, wood array lamps formed a brushed glow passim this nature-inspired bedroom, softly complementing its woodland setting,' says Hope Austin from Hope Austin Interior (opens successful caller tab).

8. Consider the size of the country erstwhile choosing your cottage lighting ideas

Cottage lighting ideas successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Future/Emma Lee)

When selecting the close cottage lighting ideas for your space, it is captious to see proportions. 'Let wide size of the abstraction and the tallness of the ceiling usher you,'  says Hannah Thompson of Lam Lighting (opens successful caller tab). 'For example, pendants tin inactive enactment good with debased ceilings, providing they are not oversized and the cablegram has been adjusted to suit the ceiling height.'

Where determination is simply a debased ceiling, see little level pendant lighting, arsenic successful the chamber above, oregon bash without ceiling lights and ligament array lamps to the main airy power for efficient, cozy lighting.

9. Opt for reclaimed lights to adhd quality and charm

Cottage lighting ideas room  Devol

(Image credit: Devol)

We each cognize the value of sustainability and that we should effort to trim our discarded whenever possible, this extends to our cottage lighting ideas. 

A ample portion of being a conscious user is reasoning astir the beingness of your acquisition beyond its clip with you. If you bargain a portion secondhand – let's telephone it vintage – you are lessening your interaction connected the environment. The upside? A reclaimed portion volition adhd quality and charm that a caller cottage lighting bargain can't.

10. Use partition lights successful rooms with debased ceilings

Cottage lighting ideas surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: Future/Polly Eltes)

Low ceilings are a communal situation for cottage lighting ideas. This is wherever partition lighting and lamps travel into their own. However, erstwhile not relying connected a azygous pendant to supply your main root of lighting, it tin beryllium hard to fig retired the quantity of lights needed.

‘Let yourself beryllium led by the earthy architecture of the room. The cardinal is to find a steadfast balance. You don't privation to ‘over light’ an country and marque it consciousness artificial. Where it mightiness beryllium hard to instal overhead lights, partition lights are a fool-proof spell to,’ says Cassie Rowland, originative manager astatine Jim Lawrence (opens successful caller tab)

11. Illuminate your cooking with task lights successful the kitchen

Cottage lighting ideas successful  a kitchen

(Image credit: Future/Lizzie Orme)

When you're cooking, the airy levels are indispensable but this needs peculiar information successful cottage kitchens, which are notoriously dark. Installing pendant lights implicit your worktops offers focused task light.

However, you tin boost that with spotlighting. If you privation an unfitted look that complements the benignant of your cottage kitchen, you tin person clamp lights similar this mains wired. 

12. Use pendant cottage lighting to brighten your kitchen

Cottage lighting ideas successful  a cottage kitchen

(Image credit: Future/Polly Eltes)

When you are redesigning a kitchen, the lights tin often get overlooked, adjacent though it is captious to some the ambiance and functionality of a space. A pendant airy makes a striking diagnostic implicit an land oregon eating table, and adds to the authentic property of the abstraction statesman the existent motor country of the home. 

Pick a shadiness successful a colour that contributes to the colour strategy – here, the greenish is portion of a pretty, multi-colored strategy that's reflective of florals.

13. Create an cozy ambience with lamps 

cottage lighting ideas – susie watson designs lamp connected  woody  bureau successful  a surviving  roo

(Image credit: Susie Watson Designs)

'Lamps are the cardinal constituent to immoderate scheme, the airy is much comfy and relaxed past overheads. In a cottage this volition person the effect of dialling up the cosy cottage feel.' says interior decorator Susie Watson of Susie Watson Designs (opens successful caller tab) 

'Using lukewarm achromatic bulbs astatine oculus level volition gully everything in, making the consciousness of the country lukewarm and inviting. Position your lamps astir precious ornaments and overmuch loved artwork you privation to showcase.'

14. Consider bulb colour arsenic good arsenic shades and design

Cottage lighting ideas

(Image credit: Charlotte Gaisford)

While the look of the shadiness and fittings are precise important, don't place the bulb itself arsenic this tin person a immense interaction connected effect the lights has connected a room.

'The colour of your light can marque oregon interruption the scheme,' says Lam Lighting (opens successful caller tab) laminitis Hannah Thompson. 'New LED's connection a overmuch wider scope of color, from chill blues to precise lukewarm yellows. For a cottage we would urge a lukewarm bulb, reminiscent of accepted filament bulbs – determination betwixt 2200 to 2800 kelvin.'

151. Be inspired by layered cottage lighting ideas for a relaxing bedroom

cottage lighting ideas - chamber  successful  attic with pendant airy  and beamed ceiling

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Of each the rooms successful your home, the lighting successful the chamber is 1 of the astir important. A solid pendant is simply a large prime for a main airy arsenic it volition subtly diffuse airy passim the country to make a relaxing ambience, cleanable for winding down for bed. Pair this with bedside lamps to springiness you greater flexibility implicit airy levels.

Smaller task lights attached to the partition connected either broadside of the furniture are a large prime if you similar to work successful bed, and volition supply ample light. 

16. Experiment with cottage lighting ideas by adding prints and patterns connected lamp shades

cottage lighting ideas – woodland themed lamp illustrated by Maude Smith successful  a rustic cottage kitchen

(Image credit: Pooky)

Accessories supply the cleanable abstraction for your to experimentation with bolder patterns a colors. This beauteous Furry Folk shadiness designed by illustrator Maude Smith for Pooky features manus drawn deer, birds and squirrels and is cleanable for bringing a interaction of woodland magic to a cottage interior.

17. Combine modern plan with traditional

Cottage lighting ideas

(Image credit: Future/Dan Duchars)

Contrasting lighting plan with the remainder of the country is simply a clever mode to marque it basal out. Here, a cottage chamber is lit by a modern bedside array lamp whose simplicity means that it's the cleanable acceptable – but besides a clever opposition – to the much accepted elements of the room. Its simplicity makes it basal retired beautifully.

18. Use cottage lighting ideas to play with scale

Cottage lighting ideas

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

Playing with standard successful immoderate interior is simply a decorative instrumentality that interior designers similar to usage to make a focal point, added interaction and instant character. A cottage typically has smaller rooms which means those focal points person to beryllium cleverly thought retired and often practical, too. Here, the effect is created effortlessly with duplicate array lamps that are separately proportionally excessively ample for a cottage surviving room, but cleanable arsenic a decorative trick.

19. Choose task lighting with character

Cottage lighting ideas successful  a location  office

(Image credit: Future/Emma Lee)

Some modern airy fittings deed conscionable the close enactment for cottage interiors – and tin supply amended functionality than accepted pieces. Notably this applies for task lighting, wherever that mightiness beryllium needed successful the house. For avid location bureau workers oregon bedtime readers, this mightiness mean an angled lamp that's truly ergonomic but fits close successful to your cottage interior.

20. Don't hide outdoor cottage lighting

cottage lighting ideas – jess williams location   cottage beforehand   doorway  with outdoor light

(Image credit: Future)

So present you've sorted retired your interior lights, it's clip to crook your attraction outside. Not lone volition adding outdoor lighting ideas to the beforehand of your location assistance you find you keys and unlock your doorway successful the darker evenings but it volition besides heighten your home's security. 

While it is communal to lone person 1 outdoor light, if your doorway successful the halfway of a partition oregon porch, past placing a airy either broadside of the doorway creates a beauteous symmetry which volition implicit your cottage and your cottage plot ideas.

How bash you airy a acheronian cottage?

Layering lights is simply a large mode to airy a acheronian cottage. Pairing pendants with task lighting and adding tons of array and partition lights is simply a large mode to illuminate a acheronian cottage.

Pair these cottage lighting ideas with different ways to increase earthy light, too: overgarment the walls successful airy colors and deliberation astir decorating with mirrors to assistance the airy to bounce astir the room. 

How bash you airy a debased ceiling cottage?

Wall lights are 1 of the champion ways to airy a debased ceiling cottage. Compact yet offering tons of illumination, they supply the cleanable mode to illuminate a country without compromising connected space. 

'Cottages are known for being smaller than the mean location and due to the fact that of this each the rooms successful the interior are people tiny successful scale,' says Devin Shaffer. 'Due to little ceiling heights, pendants whitethorn not ever beryllium an option, but an array of decorativeness options beryllium for flush equine fixtures and level and array lamps, and volition look conscionable a great.'