Cottage living room ideas – 16 inspirational ways to add comfort and style

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Cottage surviving rooms are loved for being cozy spaces afloat of quality and rustic charm. When it comes to decorating yours, archetypal look to what you person – historical cottage surviving rooms are awash with beauteous archetypal features from rustic beams, timber weatherboarding oregon exposed chromatic – truthful physique a strategy astir these features to truly marque them shine. 

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Secondly, instrumentality inspiration from nature. Cottages are often surrounded by idyllic countryside, truthful cottage decorating ideas should people see earthy and muted colors inspired by the landscape. These are a superb instauration to physique upon, alongside neutrals to support spaces calm and bright. Furnishing with earthy materials and finishing with flora and fauna prints, oregon classical checks and stripes, volition besides guarantee timeless charm. 

Cottage ideas for a surviving room

'If it’s not cozy, past it’s not a cottage!' says LA based interior decorator Stefani Stein (opens successful caller tab). 'Start with comfy seating, incorporated a assortment of textures and past furniture successful a patterned propulsion pillow oregon two... for a large cozy-yet-calm vibe, I similar to see earthy hues, dusty palettes and a hint of leather.'

Read connected to observe much cottage surviving country ideas and inspiration for creating the cleanable state retreat. 

1. Embrace architectural features

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – with exposed chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

Cottages are loved for their archetypal features, from their rustic woody ceiling beams and chromatic flagstones, to inglenook fireplaces. If you're fortunate capable to person a spot with beauteous architectural features, past it's a bully thought to usage them arsenic the starting constituent for your interior design, creating a strategy astir them that complements their aged patina. 

Taking halfway signifier successful this surviving room, these exposed Cotswold chromatic walls truly sing erstwhile acceptable against greyish bluish tones.

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2. Furnish with earthy materials and textures

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Cottage surviving  country   with log burner

(Image credit: Future)

Intertwined with the landscapes which surrounded them, historical vernacular cottages are often built with the precise chromatic they beryllium connected oregon wood sourced locally, truthful what amended mode to wage homage to their origins than to furnish them than with earthy earthy materials? 

Lay a textural sisal oregon seagrass rug and choose handcrafted furnishings made from FSC timber, oregon cane and rattan, with seating upholstered successful earthy fabrics specified arsenic wool, fabric and linen. 

3. Choose an uplifting colour palette

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Vanessa Arbuthnott surviving  room

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

As spaces to unbend and unwind in, it's important that a cottage surviving country has a calming, uplifting colour scheme. Fabric decorator Vanessa Arbuthnott (opens successful caller tab) explains however bluish and yellowish marque a large pairing for cottage surviving rooms. 

'Lemon yellowish and brushed fume bluish complement each different truthful perfectly. The code of each of these colors is gentle which draws you into a room. This shadiness of yellowish (above), which I telephone Hay, is truthful fresh, making you consciousness happy, afloat of anticipation and sunshine. On the different manus bluish if often seen arsenic peaceful and secure.'

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4. Create a cozy consciousness with a woodburning stone 

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Cottage surviving  country   with wood   burner

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer)

If there's 1 happening a cottage surviving country can't beryllium without it's a fireplace. The cozy bosom of the country which everyone gravitates towards, the occurrence is the cleanable spot to footwear your boots off, enactment your feet up and unbend by aft those agelong state walks. 

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5. Choose comfortable, accepted sofas 

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Living country   with pick  sofas and fireplace

(Image credit: Future / Johnathan Gooch)

A sofa is simply a large acquisition – it's wherever we unwind aft agelong days and is the centerpiece of the surviving room, truthful getting the equilibrium of comfortableness and benignant conscionable close is important. 

To make a classic, cozy cottage consciousness see a accepted Howard-style plan with a brushed curves and a dropped, scroll arms. Choosing escaped feather-wrapped foam cushions volition springiness that comfy sink-in consciousness and relaxed look without the changeless request to fluff up. 

6. Mix up modern and vintage furnishings for an eclectic look

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Stefani Stein cottage surviving  room

(Image credit: Stefani Stein)

Cottage surviving rooms are places to unbend and unwind but besides to socialize and entertain, truthful factoring successful an array of versatile seating options to accommodate guests is simply a bully idea. 

Mixing up styles and materials is simply a large mode to execute a layered, homely look, arsenic interior decorator Stefani Stein explains. 

'I similar a abstraction that has a spot of the unexpected and that means you tin premix a structure limb piece, a transmission tufted item, a fastener tufted constituent and immoderate large vintage finds. And, don’t beryllium acrophobic of allowing the abstraction to beryllium eclectic – it's cleanable if a signifier oregon colour doesn’t rather lucifer with the rest. 

7. Use mirrors to maximize airy successful a cottage surviving room

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Brent Darby Bee Osborne surviving  room

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Hanging a bid of mirrors is simply a large mode to maximize earthy airy successful tiny spaces, and tin marque for a stylish diagnostic wall, too. For classical elegance, effort achromatic frames connected bluish walls – you can't spell incorrect with this timeless colour combination. 

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8. Create a cozy model seat

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Window spot   with Vanessa Arbuthnott blind

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Cottages are each astir feeling relaxed and cozy, and what could beryllium amended than curling up connected a model spot with a bully cupful of beverage portion you instrumentality successful views of surrounding countryside?

'Window seats are ace utile successful a tiny cottage sitting country for other places to be. The cleanable spot to beryllium to ticker the extracurricular satellite from and work a book,' says cloth decorator Vanessa Arbuthnott. 

'Make definite you marque a truly bully heavy model spot and adhd tons of cushions to truthful that the abstraction is truly comfortable. Either formal the model with a unsighted oregon person curtains that gully backmost past the recess bash they don’t interfere with the model seat.'

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9. Layer neutral shades to support spaces agleam yet interesting 

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Cottage surviving  room

(Image credit: Kate Lester / Lauren Pressey)

Cottage surviving rooms tin beryllium tiny and deficiency airy owed to tiny windows – opting for achromatic oregon disconnected achromatic walls passim is an casual mode to maximize immoderate earthy light. However, it tin permission a country feeling acold and empty. 

To antagonistic this, guarantee you furnish with tons of texture and neutral shades. Try woody pieces successful a washed, airy grey decorativeness with armchairs upholstered successful an oaty, textural linen ticking cloth arsenic pictured successful this space.

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10. Bring a cheerful colour popular with vibrant floral prints

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Buxton location   surviving  country   Period Living

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer)

Keeping cottage surviving rooms neutral is simply a large mode of making them consciousness bigger, but it doesn't mean you can't present immoderate bold prints. Try adding successful floral prints done curtains and cushions to bring colour and signifier to your abstraction – they tin beryllium easy changed with the seasons and if tastes change.

11. Fit level to ceiling bookshelves 

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – Jody Stewart Spiurling

(Image credit: Future / Jody Stewart)

Fitting level to ceiling publication shelves are not lone large for retention successful tiny spaces, but volition springiness cottage surviving rooms a snug, homely feel, too. While we emotion them, the irregular angles and deficiency of consecutive lines successful aged cottages tin origin difficulties erstwhile furnishing, truthful getting a carpenter to physique successful bespoke shelving is simply a superb solution. You could adjacent overgarment them to marque a diagnostic of them arsenic pictured here. 

12. Add color, signifier and comfortableness with curtains

Cottage ideas for a surviving  country   – cottage lounge inspiration – kate forman floral curtains

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Though they tin beryllium overlooked, cottage curtain ideas are an important finishing interaction of immoderate strategy – they power light, privateness and adhd a furniture of insulation to cottage surviving rooms that tin endure from acold drafts. 

To marque cottages cozy, homely spaces, curtains oregon cloth blinds – oregon some – are 1 of the champion options; their brushed pleats lend a relaxed consciousness to a space. 

What’s more, determination are infinite prints to take from, wether it beryllium state checks oregon bold botanical prints. If you’re looking. to make a feeling of quintessential state charm you can’t spell incorrect with a faded floral linen specified arsenic this Roses plan from Kate Forman (opens successful caller tab).