Council flags £130m strengthening deal for Hammersmith Bridge

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The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham has alerted contractors to £130m of strengthening enactment astatine the troubled Hammersmith Bridge.

The assembly published a anterior accusation notice regarding the woody to screen Stage 2 of its programme to reconstruct the 135-year-old structure.

Hammersmith Bridge, which carries the A306 implicit the River Thames successful westbound London, has been closed to centrifugal vehicles since August 2020, erstwhile cracks successful the operation were recovered to person expanded during a heatwave.

Although it reopened to pedestrians and cyclists successful July 2021, and a £9m stabilisation task led by contractor FM Conway began earlier this twelvemonth to support this impermanent arrangement, acold much extended works are required to let the crossing to revert to afloat use.

A method survey by architects Foster + Partners and span engineers Cowi past twelvemonth recovered that a impermanent double-decker crossing, utilizing the existing span foundations, would outgo astir £100m – getting cars crossed the stream again much rapidly and cheaply than alternate proposals.

The assembly said it was investigating its “engineering options” and that the “indicative superior cost” of Stage 2 works was betwixt £80m and £130m.

It added that it was considering a scope of options for the transportation of works, including a design, build, concern and support model, and a much constricted design-and-build contract.

“London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham wishes to behaviour an aboriginal marketplace consultation workout to question feedback from the marketplace connected the projected commercialized structures and hazard allocation, and to gauge the level of appetite for the projected approaches,” said the notice.

Further marketplace engagement whitethorn beryllium carried retired earlier a afloat declaration announcement is issued aboriginal this year.

A row broke retired astatine Richmond Council earlier this year implicit proposals to supply £2m towards works to Hammersmith Bridge.