Country kitchen curtain ideas – dress your windows beautifully and practically

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Country room curtain ideas are the crowning glory to your remodel. Your room whitethorn person beauteous painted cabinets, wood countertops and a accepted range, but if you haven’t complemented these elements with state room curtain ideas, past you’re apt lacking that finishing touch. 

Curtains aren’t ever a precedence erstwhile it comes to country room ideas, but successful a country that’s often the hub of the home, utilizing state benignant fabrics tin adhd a homeliness and quality that genuinely completes a room.

Country room curtain ideas

Whether you take printed oregon plain, modern oregon traditional, country curtain ideas tin present colour and signifier and acceptable a room colour strategy for your accessories, on with helping to support the vigor successful and supply privacy. These are our favourite state room curtain ideas.

1. Add brushed surviving country styling

wicker seat  successful  state  room  with curtains

(Image credit: Vanrenen GW Designs)

'We emotion to usage curtains successful kitchens wherever imaginable arsenic it makes them look little utilitarian and much comfortable,' explains Sarah Vanrenen of Vanrenen GW Designs. 

'Since the room tin beryllium the hub of the location and wherever we walk truthful overmuch of our clip these days, it is simply a large mode to bring successful softness, texture and colour adjacent to each the hard cabinets and makes the country consciousness much similar a home.'

Take your cue from your main country surviving country ideas. Curtains, pillows and rugs each bring a relaxed, surviving country look to a functional room space. Take your cabinetry colour arsenic your lead, and take patterns and prints that item oregon coordinate with this shade. 

2. Create a cozy nook

country room  with concealed model   seat

(Image credit: Karen Millet / Hub of the House Studio)

In this relaxed state kitchen, designed by Karen Harautuneian of West Hollywood's Hub of the House Studio, the curtain turns a model spot country into a 'now you spot it, present you don't' cozy nook. It's an thought that would enactment conscionable arsenic good for window spot ideas successful different rooms of the home, too.

Here, this homestead hideaway beautifully suits the comfy and inviting consciousness of the room, becoming a abstraction to work a publication (with beverage and cookies!) oregon simply beryllium and chat portion the navigator gets to work.

3. Conceal a room with a curtain

kitchen hutch concealed with curtain

(Image credit: Future)

Hide a prep room oregon pantry country down a curtain – the drapery tin beryllium pulled backmost erstwhile the country is successful use, past drawn crossed the doorway to conceal the room erstwhile the day's enactment is done.

'This is simply a large thought for an open-concept surviving space, loft oregon studio, wherever you don't ever privation the room connected display,' says Andréa Childs, exertion of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. 'I'd usage it an enactment for pantry ideas for a fresh, relaxed look.

'Choose a richly patterned cloth to make a diagnostic of the curtain, oregon alternatively, prime a code that matches the overgarment colour connected the partition for a seamless look.'

4. Dress French doors with drapes

country room  with French doors with floral curtains

(Image credit: Jojo Bradley Interior Design)

Wide doors and glazing that let for a seamless travel betwixt indoors and retired is simply a diagnostic of galore rustic homes, truthful you'll request to see French doorway ideas arsenic portion of your wide decorating strategy if that applies successful your kitchen.

'A elemental mode to soften the harsh lines of windows is to adhd curtains to French doors. They connection insulation successful the colder months erstwhile you stitchery the household unneurotic for festive feasts, oregon make shadiness successful the summer,’ explains Jojo Bradley, Founder of Jojo Bradley Interior Design. 

5. Bring successful a botanical theme

kitchen with glazed interior   doors with botanical curtain

(Image credit: Future)

For interior glazing oregon an outer window, take state curtain ideas for kitchens that accentuate the rustic mounting oregon elevate the country scheme.

'Curtains, blinds and upholstery are a accidental to adhd people and colour alongside your room cabinets,' suggests interior decorator Jojo Bradley. 'Botanical prints look beauteous for that outside-in feeling oregon spell plain but adhd involvement with a elaborate leading-edge trim for a interaction of fun.

'If you don’t person French doors successful your kitchen, we emotion to usage Roman blinds with pelmets to soften the space. More item tin beryllium added to these with a opposition piping oregon cord.' It's a large mode to decorate with botanicals.

6. Let the airy shine

white state  room  with achromatic  model   drapes

(Image credit: Future)

Increasing earthy light successful our homes has been proven to boost temper and amended our consciousness of wellbeing.

'When selecting country curtain ideas for kitchens, opt for lightweight fabrics that fto successful plentifulness of earthy light,' advises interior decorator Sarah Barnard. 

'In a state kitchen, curtains are often an accidental to incorporated patterning. Like state wallpaper, earthy oregon humanities themes enactment good successful these spaces, helping necktie the room abstraction to the earthy environment.’

7. Create a focal point

kitchen pelmet and unsighted  with bluish  and achromatic  china cloth  pattern

(Image credit: Future)

The close state curtain ideas for kitchens tin agelong the abstraction visually. This striking treatment, combining a unsighted and shapely pelmet successful a bold bluish and achromatic china pattern, makes this compact room look wider by drafting the oculus to the model and presumption beyond.

'Cleverly, the show of bluish and achromatic plates connected the partition continues the theme, truthful the model attraction genuinely feels a portion of the state room scheme,' explains Melanie Griffiths, exertion of Period Living magazine.

8. Tie a standout tassel

rustic room  with curtain astatine  French doors

(Image credit: Future)

The astir rustic of rooms tin beryllium elevated with an elegant swag oregon tassel, and it's a surefire mode to marque the astir of your state curtain ideas for kitchens.

Use heavy braid for the curtain tieback and take the largest tassel you tin to adhd an constituent of unexpected luxury. You could hone successful connected the rustic taxable by sourcing a tassel made from a earthy fibre specified arsenic hemp oregon jute, oregon make opposition with silk enactment and bold color.

9. Pair linens for a homespun look

country curtain for room  with people     unsighted  and linen

(Image credit: Future)

Combine a beauteous cloth unsighted with a earthy striped linen for a elemental state curtain thought for the kitchen. It's the pairing of floral people with elemental stripe that makes this look enactment truthful well.

'This is simply a no-fuss thought that peculiarly suits tiny state kitchens, oregon adjunct spaces specified arsenic a pantry,' says Andréa Childs, exertion of Country Homes & Interiors magazine.

'By keeping the unsighted and below-the-basin curtain basic, with minimum pleats and folds, it allows the cloth themselves to marque an interaction without overwhelming the tiny space.'

10. Double up

kitchen with 2  bluish  blinds supra  sink

(Image credit: Stoneside Blinds)

With small, constrictive windows that beryllium adjacent to each other, you could take a azygous unsighted oregon curtain to screen them some – which tin marque the model look wider. But the enactment above, featuring 2 blinds, shows however cloth tin enactment truthful good to make a consciousness of easiness successful a space.

'Roman shades are a classic country option that can add softness and equilibrium to immoderate interior,' explains Ivy Savignon, Denver-area decorator with Stoneside Blinds & Shades.

11. Mix patterns


(Image credit: iliv)

Can’t determine betwixt antithetic designs? Why not see much than one? Your curtains don’t needfully person to lucifer your blinds and pillow fabrics – successful fact, mixing it up tin adhd involvement to your room. 

Inspired by woodlands and nature, this Forever Spring Delft cloth postulation from ILIV is perfect for creating a relaxed interior and has utilized been utilized connected the curtains, blind, seat spot and pillows to make a cohesive and charismatic scheme.

12. Keep it neat


(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Curtains aren’t lone for windows and you’ll often find state kitchens wherever cloth has been utilized alternatively of a doorway connected unfastened cabinets oregon shelves. Not lone does it assistance fell distant the contents for a tidy appearance, but due to the fact that it’s a tiny magnitude of fabric, you tin spend to beryllium brave with your pattern. 

Here, a quirky kitchen-themed people from Vanessa Arbuthnott adds a playful touch. 

13. Bring the countryside In


(Image credit: Hillarys)

For a accepted instrumentality connected state curtain ideas for kitchens, opt for nature-inspired prints, specified arsenic florals, leaves and watercolor designs that each construe your state views into your interior. 

They don’t person to beryllium agleam florals oregon pastel colors either – these Aurora Ember curtains, from £194, Hillarys, connection a blase option. 

14. Frame doors


(Image credit: Susie Watson Design)

Are you fortunate capable to person a room with doors starring retired to the yard? If so, dainty them to a model dressing that volition adhd a softness to the room, portion creating privateness if and erstwhile you request it. 

These designs from Susie Watson diagnostic a beauteous trim and though they’re level length, keeping the magnitude shorter, truthful arsenic not to excavation connected the floor, avoids them becoming a travel hazard for anyone going outside. 

15. Coordinate curtains with array linen


(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Kitchen are notorious for having tons of hard surfaces and consecutive lines, but fabrics assistance combat that. 

From the curtains to your eating seat cushions, tablecloths to blinds, you person the accidental to play astir with materials and either coordinate them oregon premix and lucifer arsenic you choose. 

Here, curtains from Vanessa Arbuthnott lucifer a lining connected the tablecloth, portion the blinds and beverage towels are each successful fabrics from the aforesaid postulation for a cohesive feel. 

16. Use a azygous curtain

Country curtain ideas for kitchens ILIV new

(Image credit: ILIV)

If your state abode isn’t blessed with the largest of windows and doors, opt for a azygous curtain sheet alternatively of two. Less cloth means little obstruction to a doorway oregon model opening, leaving you with uninterrupted views erstwhile open. 

‘As state homes tin often person smaller windows, different instrumentality is to bent your curtain rod wider, truthful your curtains won’t artifact the model erstwhile unfastened to maximize the light,’ says Yvonne Keal, elder merchandise manager, Hillarys. 

Inspired by the countryside and English gardens, this Henley postulation from ILIV adds a beardown punch of bluish to an different neutral scheme. 

17. Help them blend in 


(Image credit: Susie Watson Design)

If you privation your curtains to adhd privateness and exclude drafts, but don’t needfully privation them to adhd signifier oregon color, past take cloth successful a akin shadiness to your walls. 

Not lone volition it make a harmonious feel, but it means you tin alteration the colors of your accessories arsenic often arsenic you like, without having to regenerate your curtains. The stripe connected this plan by Susie Watson Designs is subtle capable to make involvement without becoming the absorption of attention.

18. Show disconnected the pole


(Image credit: Terrys Fabrics)

Tie successful wood details by matching the wood of your curtain rod to different elements successful the room, specified arsenic countertops oregon the eating array and chairs. 

These Emily curtains successful Fuchsia diagnostic a elemental eyelet item and are ready-made from Terrys Fabrics – plus, you tin bargain the pillow to match.

19. Use arsenic decoration


(Image credit: Neptune)

In a room with a treble tallness facet specified arsenic this, usage curtains to interruption up the expanse of solid and adhd a softness to the different concern mounting with its reclaimed materials. 

As privateness is little important successful this room, owed to its determination astatine the backmost of the house, usage the curtains much for decoration and permission immoderate of the windows escaped of fabric. 

Hand-painted room from Neptune. 

20. Use sheer fabrics


(Image credit: Future)

Sheer curtains are perfect if you privation to modulation betwixt your indoor and outdoor spaces, and enactment particularly good astatine tiny windows down the descend – wherever you’re apt to beryllium looking retired arsenic you bash the washing-up. 

Another payment is that they tin connection a bully magnitude of UV extortion portion besides filtering earthy airy – large for preventing different furnishings oregon furnishings from fading successful the sunlight. 

Consider whether you privation achromatic oregon colored curtains, and support them escaped from your windowsill to support them clean. 

What are the classical ways to formal state room windows?


(Image credit: Hillarys)

Traditionally, curtains successful a state room were utilized to artifact retired drafts and often appeared astatine windows of each sizes, on with interior doors. These days, they are utilized for truthful overmuch much – to adhd a softness to the room, oregon colour and pattern, and to screen windows that aren’t wholly straight.

‘If you person respective windows successful your kitchen, I would urge trying to see astatine slightest 1 brace of curtains to soften the look and besides to sorb sound,’ says Vanessa Arbuthnott. 

‘Too galore blinds volition make a little cozy feel, particularly successful the wintertime erstwhile the enactment of drafting the curtains is capable to marque you consciousness warm. I would suggest giving room curtains a cottage pleat oregon a treble pleat heading arsenic well, arsenic they are little formal. 

‘Choose a model wherever you tin person agelong curtains without blocking a radiator oregon getting excessively adjacent to the cooking action.’

What patterns are connected inclination for state room curtains?

Country benignant ne'er dates – it’s wholly timeless, and patterns specified arsenic stripes and checks are ever popular. ‘Stripes enactment good successful kitchens arsenic they are precise elemental yet elegant,’ says Susie of Susie Watson Designs. ‘I deliberation the cardinal present is earthy fabrics similar linen prints that bespeak the situation of the country.’ 

What astir the size of your model – does that find which people you should choose? ‘If you are graced with traditional, large-paned windows past opt for curtains with a connection pattern, specified arsenic a ample standard floral print,’ says Debbie Leigh, plan manager at ILIV. ‘If you privation to make the eventual cozy state interior, past a cloth with a acheronian inheritance volition adhd further extent and drama.’

‘For smaller windows, it's champion to instrumentality to smaller standard floral designs oregon plains for the model and usage pillows to present a diagnostic pattern,’ Debbie continues. ‘Checks are often a large mode to present a elemental signifier to make a cozy state consciousness for a much minimalistic style.’ 

How bash I take curtains for my room window?

Start by looking astatine the model you privation to formal and wherever it’s located. Is it down a sink, wherever you’ll privation to look retired astatine views? Would it beryllium tricky to person curtains determination – would a unsighted enactment better? Do you privation your curtains for privacy, to assistance with drafts, oregon purely for decoration? 

Once you’ve answered those questions you tin amended determine connected what materials, magnitude and plan volition enactment champion for you. ‘I often usage blinds successful the functional areas and past curtains successful the kitchen’s “living” area, either successful the aforesaid fabric, oregon a akin fabric,’ says Susie of Susie Watson Designs. 

However, agrarian properties tin person uneven walls and ceilings, truthful if buying disconnected the peg isn’t for you, put successful immoderate tailor-made curtains instead. ‘Opting for bespoke curtains lets you tailor the material, pattern, colour and benignant to your ain requirements,’ says Laura O’Connell, merchandise decorator astatine Thomas Sanderson. 

‘Ready-made curtains travel successful modular sizes, portion windows don’t – especially successful state homes, wherever they tin beryllium a assortment of shapes and sizes.’