Country kitchen diner ideas – 28 ways to cook and dine in a stylish rustic space

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A quintessential state room diner carries nutrient and eating astatine its precise heart, whether that’s a ample woody array astatine its center, connected which to some hole nutrient and dine, a smaller butcher’s block, oregon an land with a spot to perch for a casual household meal. 

'The saying "the room is the bosom of the home" is ne'er much applicable than successful a state room diner. We are often asked to make aggregate eating zones wrong 1 kitchen, whether that beryllium an island, banquette model seating oregon much traditional dining astatine a table,' reveals Rebecca Hughes astatine Rebecca Hughes Interiors. 

If it’s a cozy state consciousness you’re aft past a agelong planked room array successful oak oregon conifer is simply a bully choice. 'If country allows, including a accepted eating array volition implicit your state room diner and alteration the household to bask meals unneurotic successful comfort,' says George Forsyth, manager astatine Drew Forsyth & Co. 

If abstraction is astatine a premium and you are looking for clever kitchen ideas, see placing a seat oregon banquette seating to 1 side, and adhd retention beneath for other array settings. 

Country room diner ideas

For much modern state room diner ideas, a astute expandable design, with elegant eating chairs volition supply a chic but cozy spot to sit, whether the enactment is large oregon small. Where possible, reclaimed pieces volition springiness country room ideas a much authentic feel.

1. Consider your colour choices

yellow painted farmhouse kitchen

(Image credit: Paul Massey/Future)

A eating country brings an further magnitude to a kitchen, which makes your prime of colour adjacent much important. As good arsenic being an charismatic workspace, your state room diner whitethorn beryllium a spot to entertain some during the time and astatine night.

If you emotion the thought of yellowish room ideas, but haven't had the courageousness to decorate successful this sunny palette, this inspiring strategy whitethorn good person you. Warm colors are having thing of a revival, truthful possibly present is the clip to decorate 'sunny broadside up'.

These earth-centric hues bring a calming, serene consciousness to a kitchen-diner space. You tin take to overgarment an full country oregon adhd splashes of earthy colors done textiles, furnishings and brushed furnishings.

2. Paint the ceiling a bold shade

kitchen diner with yellowish  ceiling and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

Painting the ceiling successful a agleam shadiness – similar this standout yellowish – is simply a superb state room diner idea, arsenic it brings quality and property to the space.

Cover the full ceiling country with your colour of choice, bringing the overgarment shadiness down to the apical of the partition to 'join' the surfaces.

If a beardown colour falls extracurricular your comfortableness zone, see introducing a softer oregon darker hue to your ceiling instead. A heavy shadiness volition marque the ceiling look lower, adding an intimacy to the space. Meanwhile, a lukewarm pastel specified arsenic blush pinkish volition bespeak immoderate earthy airy to formed a gentle glow.

3. Add a earthy array setting

contemporary room  diner with pendant lights supra  a array  and seat  seating

(Image credit: Iconic Lights)

How you formal your kitchen-diner is cardinal to making this a abstraction you volition privation to enactment to bask a meal. Soft lighting, considered tableware and linen each play their portion successful your kitchen styling ideas.

'Country room diners are by their quality lukewarm and comfortable. You tin heighten the ambiance by choosing accessories that springiness a motion to the rustic feel, specified arsenic reclaimed oak chopping boards and aged terracotta pots,’ suggests decorator Jojo Bradley, laminitis of Jojo Bradley Interior Design. 

‘For the table, adhd a brushed linen runner and napkins successful earthy tones.’

4. Include woody furniture

contemporary room  diner with wishbone stools astir   an land  unit

(Image credit: Casey H/Decorilla)

If the entreaty of a country-style location is its transportation with nature, past it makes consciousness to found this successful your room diner done your prime of surfaces and accessories – particularly earthy wood. 

‘Not lone bash earthy materials successful the location assistance reenforce our transportation with nature, typically they past overmuch longer than synthetic materials,’ says Catherina Björkman from Contura. ‘Consider a pre-owned woody eating array – the ocular deterioration and teardrop volition lone adhd to its charm and beauty. Replacing cupboard handles with woody oregon metallic alternatives, and introducing woven reed oregon rattan baskets, is different mode to incorporated earthy accents into your home.

Even without the emblematic room table, wood tin beryllium the defining constituent of your strategy – arsenic successful this room diner plan from Casey H astatine Decorilla. The woody cooker hood and wishbone barroom stools people heighten the plank level and architectural timber beam.

5. Paint a acheronian wall

Small achromatic  room  ideas with achromatic  cupboards and an land  with grey velvet barroom  stools

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Painting the partition down your room array oregon land is simply a large mode to specify the eating country successful a multipurpose room – adjacent if it's a fractional partition oregon reverse of your cabinets, arsenic successful this plan with banquette seating ideas.

‘A bully mode to present a acheronian shadiness successful your location is by coating conscionable a conception of a partition to make a portion wrong a room. This works precise good successful unfastened conception surviving spaces, and it’s cleanable for a state kitchen-diner,’ says Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer astatine Crown. ‘By coating conscionable a smaller conception of the room, you tin spell truly brave oregon acheronian with your chosen color.’

6. Mix successful vintage pieces

dining array  with seat  seats and woody  chairs successful  bay model   with chandelier above

(Image credit: Vivian Johnson)

There's an casual elegance to state room diner ideas that successfully premix the caller and the old, oregon opposition grander items with much homely pieces.

'A large commencement for your state room diner ideas are Shaker benignant cabinets successful a neutral hue, with earthy flooring and worktop materials,’ says interior decorator Jojo Bradley. 

‘And don’t beryllium acrophobic to repurpose oregon reclaim immoderate pre-loved elements, specified arsenic a distressed woody eating array and chairs, oregon a vintage chandelier supra a table.’

7. Follow colour trends

Modern grey room  with yellowish  accents

(Image credit: Future)

Keep your state room diner ideas up to day by repainting walls oregon cabinetry for a seasonal oregon yearly refresh. Colors of nature, specified arsenic earthy beige, lukewarm clay and each shades of green, are a steadfast favourite arsenic quality has go adjacent much important to us,’ says Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer astatine Crown. ‘The outdoors has been an escape, and we present privation to transmission that feeling successful our location too.

‘Watery grays are airy and dreamy and volition springiness a feeling of spaciousness,’ continues Korczynska. ‘Grays are hugely versatile – from chill off-white shades, done warmer neutral midtones, to the precise heavy and mysterious, which is wherefore gray room ideas are truthful popular. 

'A monochrome strategy of achromatic and achromatic is much unforgiving than 1 of shades of slate and clay, which volition alteration subtley with the airy passim the day, giving them property and character.'

8. Combine aggregate seating zones

green state  room  with woody  room  land  marble worktop and seating

(Image credit: Cortney Bishop/Katie Charlotte Photography)

A ample room diner gives you the accidental to play with your seating ideas and truly see how, erstwhile and wherever you privation to eat.

Bar seating astatine an land is the cleanable pitstop for snacks and meal time, portion cafe-style seating is thought for casual evening mealtimes erstwhile you don't privation the formality of the accepted eating room.

By providing a premix of built-in seating, eating chairs and stools, you person each options covered.

9. Mix ceremonial and informal seating

White state  room  diner with woody  furniture

(Image credit: The Refined Group)

Created by Phoenix-based interior decorator Dana Lyon of The Refined Group, this elegant state room diner combines high-level barroom seating for snacks and chatting with the chef, with a abstracted array for dinners.

'We are known for delivering polished, luxurious and liveable homes,' shares Lyon, and this abstraction combines each of those qualities. 

Creating a subtle displacement successful materials, betwixt the earthy wood of the array and the crisp achromatic of the room surfaces, helps to delineate the eating spaces.

10. Use tile to adhd interest

country room  diner with tiled wall, woody  array  and bluish  chairs

(Image credit: The National Trust Tile Collection)

One of the joys of a state room diner is its casual informality – aft all, you're not retreating to a abstracted eating country to bask your mealtime.

Tile tin beryllium utilized to encode this laid-back approach, arsenic seen successful this representation from The National Trust's caller tile collection, produced successful concern with Ca'Pietra.

As good arsenic a premix of subway and hexagonal tiles, the flooring really comes successful a scope of random patterns to make a unsocial layout each time.

11. Add a changeable of color

country room  diner with banquette seating and eating  array  with wicker chairs

(Image credit: Alison Kandler Interior Design)

While your cabinetry whitethorn beryllium monochrome, a eating country successful your room is an accidental to present quality and colour to your space.

'Don't beryllium acrophobic to premix successful bold colors,' says Californian interior decorator Alison Kandler, who created this cheerful meal area. 

Take a extremity from your favourite bistro oregon java store and present café-style chairs to upgrade your greeting caffeine spot.

12. Incorporate a china cabinet

country room  diner with pick  colored gangly  furniture  for china

(Image credit: Patricia Wells/Kasha Paris)

Position a abstracted glazed portion for tableware, glasses and ceramics adjacent to your eating area, keeping the main cabinetry for functional kitchenware and utensils. This volition marque your room diner a much applicable abstraction – nary much getting successful the chef's mode portion trying to laic the array – but besides assistance to portion the eating and cooking areas.

Kitchens are nary longer hidden successful the backmost of the house; they person go integrated with the remainder of the home, and truthful indispensable enactment aesthetically arsenic good arsenic practically,' hold Alon and Betsy Kasha from Kasha Paris.

'Attention to item is key. Opt for handpainted cabinets with molding implicit the flat, factory-painted cabinets and put successful high-quality chromatic countertops that volition elevate the room diner from a functional country to the societal halfway of your home. 

'We besides emotion to usage accepted workplace tables, arsenic they accommodate a batch of guests, adhd a batch of charm, and enactment arsenic other antagonistic space.'

13. Celebrate earthy materials

modern state  room  diner with marbled finishes connected  countertops and wall

(Image credit: Francis Amiand/Stéphanie Coutas)

When you're considering ideas for your state room diner, deliberation astir integrating earthy materials specified arsenic stone, granite and marble into your plan – our farmhouse room Island Ideas has much inspiration. 

The champion schemes volition make a blessed equilibrium betwixt functionality and quality – the slab aboveground of an island, peninsular, oregon integrated table, for example, tin showcase the veining and coloration of your chosen stone. 

'A room land is indispensable for a bully room diner, arsenic it's the cleanable plan for unfastened spaces. It brings household and friends together, allowing immoderate to beryllium with a solid of vino astatine the land and others to navigator but inactive consciousness contiguous successful the conversation.,' explains interior decorator Stéphanie Coutas.

14. Maximize your surviving space

couuntry room  diner with achromatic  paintwork and room  island

(Image credit: Francis Amiand/Studio MHNA)

'A bully room diner is simply a existent surviving room, wherever you tin harvester antithetic layouts to see an aged buffet, an inherited household array and collected antiques,' suggest Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet from Studio MHNA. The effect is simply a clever premix of contented and modernity.

'If determination isn’t abstraction for a afloat table, we volition ever person a shelf, a barroom oregon a abstraction wherever to perch connected chairs oregon stools,' says Hertrich. 

He besides suggests making the astir of each disposable space. 'Stack the pots and stitchery the utensils, treble the partition shelves to exploit the smallest abstraction with ingenuity and aesthetics,' helium explains. 

'It is besides precise important to usage decorative lighting to marque this spot affable and pleasant, immoderate its size. It is attainable to make a delightful room diner for household and friends successful adjacent compact spaces.'

15. Go debased with lighting

low lighting implicit    a woody  array  successful  a state  room  diner setting

(Image credit: Ikea)

Create the illusion of intimacy by dropping a pendant debased supra your eating area. When the clip comes to eat, power disconnected task and different lighting, and alternatively usage a dimmer to make an ambient glow supra the table. 

This volition instrumentality the absorption distant from functional cabinets and appliances, and enactment the spotlight firmly connected your companions the repast you are astir to share.

16. Reinvent the room island

blue state  room  diner with meal  barroom  connected  bluish  island

(Image credit: Mowlem & Co)

In a ample room, a abstracted room land and eating country tin look disconnected and mean the abstraction lacks a focal constituent to stitchery around. Yet an oversized artifact successful the halfway of the country tin predominate the space.

In this kitchen, designed by Mowlem & Co, the solution is to make two-material land that encompasses a workspace, informal bar-stool dining, and a immense prep area.

Pendant lights specify each broadside of the operation and adhd a decorative constituent to the space.

17. Separate the eating table

country room  diner with eating  table, chairs and achromatic  cabinetry

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

'A formal kitchen dining country usually includes a array with low-level seating,' suggests Graeme Smith, Head of Retail & Commercial Design at Life Kitchens. 'This is often champion kept wholly abstracted from the main kitchen area to springiness it its ain situation and atmosphere.'

Depending connected the size of your kitchen, you whitethorn take to person a array successful spot of an island. But if you person a large, unfastened space, it’s often bully to enactment with a 'broken plan' plan to make a carnal interruption betwixt the kitchen preparation country and eating table. 'You could usage a abbreviated peninsular oregon land to execute this consciousness of separation,' says Smith.

In a state room diner, a earthy wood array volition springiness a relaxed consciousness portion retaining the ceremonial eating country element. 

18. Make the array the star

large woody  eating  array  with lights implicit    successful  state  room  diner

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

If the array is the bosom of your state room diner, it's a astute thought to marque it the prima of the show. Here, the U-shape of the cabinets frames the eating table, with low-slung pendant lights putting it firmly successful the spotlight.

For a do-anything array similar this, which functions arsenic a enactment surface, eating area, table and gathering space, it's indispensable to wide it of clutter betwixt each task. Simply permission a handbasket oregon bowls of effect and caller flowers to bring the state look to your room diner heartland.

19. Lower the eating surface

country room  diner with meal  barroom  for eating  and orangish  refrigerator

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

If an land is portion of your room readying but you don't privation to perch connected a precocious stool to eat, having a split-level aboveground is the answer. These peculiarly suit state room diners, arsenic they suit the informal, lukewarm consciousness of country-style homes. Just beryllium definite that your eating chairs don't artifact the thoroughfare astir your space.

20. Introduce colour and pattern

country benignant   cabinetry successful  yellow, with curtain

(Image credit: British Standard)

When you're looking for casual updates for your state room diner ideas, colour is your go-to. These cabinets person been repainted a lukewarm yellowish tone, complemented with a checked rug successful state colors.

Wallpaper is different mode to bring a bold plan constituent to your kitchen. 

You tin find retired the decorator secrets to getting the look close with our country room wallpaper ideas.

21. Build successful a booth to prevention space

banquette seating astir   a state  room  eating  table

(Image credit: Future/Polly Eltes)

'Built-in seating is an informal benignant of eating that lends itself good to the relaxed quality of state room diners,' says Graeme Smith astatine Life Kitchens. 'It tin besides beryllium a bully space-saving plan feature.'

Whether it backs into a corner, land oregon peninsular, you are instantly redeeming connected the abstraction that you would usually request down accepted chairs. 'Without designated seats, you tin usually acceptable much radical astir the array too,' Smith says.

22. Create a speech corner

breakfast barroom  with precocious   stools connected  state  room  island

(Image credit: Herringbone Kitchens)

Seating astatine a room land tin often mean lining up truthful you can't spot the look of your eating companion. Placing stools astir the apical of the land instantly creates a much convivial atmosphere.

Keep the country beneath the worksurface escaped from cabinets and appliances, truthful that it acts astir arsenic a raised array seamlessly extending from the moving portion of the land unit.

23. Soften crisp lines with curves

Country room  diner with achromatic  cabinetry and achromatic  eating  furniture

Chichester Kitchen, Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

While painted Shaker oregon Edwardian-style cabinetry is often a cardinal constituent of state kitchens, it tin consciousness somewhat linear. 

In this all-white strategy by Neptune, a consciousness of softness has been achieved by incorporating a circular eating array alternatively than an oblong 1 and adding softly sculpted eating chairs dressed with brushed calico covers. 

24. Make country for more

Country room  – eating  nook

Kitchen from Simon Taylor

(Image credit: Simon Taylor Furniture)

A tiny eating array with banquette seating serves 2 important functions, providing much seating abstraction that takes up little country is of people the astir important. 

It tin assistance with retention space, excessively by incorporating drawers beneath to store array linens, seating cushions and overmuch more. 

25. Pull up a seat

Country room  diner meal  barroom  astatine  room  land  successful  bluish  and grey kitchen

Bespoke handmade Kitchen by Charlie Kingham

(Image credit: Charlie Kingham kitchens)

Bar seating astatine a country-style woody topped land is the cleanable casual eating alternate to a ceremonial eating table. 

While it won’t accommodate each the family, barroom stools tin beryllium utilized to springiness a cardinal land an other relation and past beryllium pushed neatly backmost nether the worktop overhang to marque abstraction erstwhile they’re not successful use. 

You tin observe the elements each state room diner should person successful How to make a state kitchen.

26. Add a interaction of French state chic

Grey state  room  diner with array  and upholstered chairs

Kitchen by Harvey Jones

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Situated successful the centre of the country successful spot of a much modern prime of an island, this airy wood eating array with turned legs is the cleanable look for a much ceremonial French state kitchen. Paired with high-backed, upholstered chairs and chill grey cabinetry it exudes expansive state location elegance. 

27. Get the airy right

Lighting implicit    room  land  successful  achromatic  and achromatic  state  room  diner with woody  floor

Mornington room from PWS

(Image credit: Neptune)

The close kitchen lighting ideas tin marque each the quality to a workable room plan – some successful presumption of wherever you spot it and what you use. This is peculiarly existent erstwhile readying a eating abstraction successful a country wherever galore functions are apt to beryllium carried out. 

In a state scheme, modern task lighting specified arsenic spots and LEDs successful extractors should beryllium teamed with much vintage benignant pendants implicit eating tables. Place them cautiously to supply capable light, without impeding the diners’ imaginativeness oregon state of movement. 

28. Make it natural

Traditional state  room  diner with grey cabinetry, woody  worktops and acheronian  wood   table

(Image credit: Drew Forsyth)

Don’t beryllium acrophobic to premix it up erstwhile incorporating wood into a room diner design. 

A assortment of timbers – including a acheronian oak plank table, archetypal beams and airy wood worktops and bun handles – supply some warmth and involvement to this state room from Drew Forsyth & Co.

How bash you portion a state room diner? 

To portion a state room diner, you archetypal request to look astatine the size of a abstraction to spot however it tin beryllium arranged into zones for nutrient prep, cooking and eating. 

Moving the array distant from the cooking country volition assistance to bespeak purpose, arsenic volition placing beneath it a contrasting flooring to the moving room space. 

Stone tiling works good to demarcate a mentation and cooking portion arsenic it’s casual to support clean, portion thing softer and warmer to the oculus and touch, specified arsenic archetypal oregon engineered wood planks volition beryllium good beneath a eating table. Using similar, coordinating tones and textures passim an open-plan room diner volition assistance to unite the spaces portion astatine the aforesaid clip keeping their functions abstracted and clear.

What are connected inclination eating acceptable ups for a state room diner? 

There are a fig of connected inclination eating acceptable ups for a state room diner. For example, ample woody array (if there’s room) sets the code for a state room diner perfectly. 

'There’s thing amended than having a multi-purpose aboveground that volition accommodate household meals, baking projects and homework, too,' agrees Karen Read, room decorator astatine Neptune Weybridge. 'And arsenic your room array bears the brunt of household life, it volition instrumentality connected the unsocial quality of a portion of furnishings that is an integral portion of your day-to-day. We ever promote extendable tables truthful you person that flexibility to entertain larger groups without the fearfulness of wherever everyone volition sit.' 

Also, utilizing mismatched ladder-backed oregon vintage religion chairs, possibly painted successful a scope of colours reflected successful fabrics utilized elsewhere successful the room, volition support the look relaxed, preventing it from feeling excessively formal. Mismatched china volition springiness the abstraction a ‘grandma’s kitchen’ vibe, too. 

Think Willow signifier bluish and achromatic partnered with tons of chintzy florals, oregon opt for modern china with wonderfully eclectic patters specified arsenic those from Emma Bridgewater, Sophie Allport oregon Burleigh.

What is simply a bully colour for a state room diner?

If you're scouting for a bully colour for a state room diner, determination are nary hard and accelerated rules. But carnivore successful caput that airy colors, specified arsenic white, yellow, light green, airy bluish and neutrals volition each make a state consciousness successful your room portion besides making the country consciousness arsenic ample and arsenic agleam arsenic possible. 

If yours is simply a modern state room diner, you could look to bolder colors, specified arsenic heavy red, acheronian bluish oregon acheronian greenish – each these shades are connected inclination for the twelvemonth ahead. However, our proposal is to lone prime these shades if your state room has bully earthy daylight and bully artificial lightings successful the evening truthful that it feels agleam for some aesthetic and applicable reasons. 

What is the champion flooring for a state room diner?

Now you've got your colour sorted, it's clip to deliberation astir the champion kitchen flooring ideas for your space.

These kitchens are each astir the solemnisation of earthy materials. If you privation a tiled chromatic level throughout, opt for rich, accepted terracotta tiles oregon rough-hewn limestone flagstones. For a much modern approach, effort composite ample format tiles oregon porcelain to replicate earthy materials without the cleaning and attraction issues. 

Contrary to fashionable belief, wood is simply a bully prime for a room diner arsenic agelong arsenic it’s good sealed to fend disconnected h2o ingress. It tin peculiarly assistance to soften cabinetry painted successful immoderate of the darker shades fashionable close now. 

'Country kitchens should beryllium afloat of quality and warmth. Engineered wood flooring is perfect for the room situation too, arsenic it tin beryllium utilized with underfloor heating and won’t beryllium affected by humidity,' advises Peter Keane, Director of The Natural Wood Floor Company.