Country wallpaper ideas – for beautiful period properties, cottages and more

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These state wallpaper ideas connection plentifulness of appeal, whether you are restoring a state cottage with a affluent history, aspire to execute a quaint aesthetic, oregon privation to marque the astir of a expansive play property. 

From accepted country-inspired schemes to modern takes connected state classics, our round-up provides applicable proposal connected choosing a state wallpaper that works for your property. Plus, you’ll find tips and tricks to marque your abstraction consciousness inviting, cohesive and well-considered. 

Country wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper whitethorn look 1 of the braver country decorating ideas – your prime of pattern, color, standard of plan and wherever you determine to bent your wallpaper will. each marque a large interaction successful a country scheme. But arsenic the ideas beneath show, wallpaper tin beryllium a item connected a azygous wall, a representation successful a frame, oregon an immersive 360 grade decorating experience.

The much you experimentation and effort antithetic decorating ideas, the much assured you volition consciousness with pushing retired of your plan comfortableness zone. Discover however to usage state wallpaper ideas, tips and tricks to bring quality and charm to your home.

1. Why not wallpaper the ceiling?

country surviving  country   eating  country   bath  wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Future)

A sunroom similar this lacks vertical abstraction for decorating, arsenic the windows instrumentality up truthful overmuch partition area. The solution? Take the wallpaper up and implicit the ceiling.

'I emotion the joyousness and exuberance of this state wallpaper idea,' says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. 'It celebrates some the beauteous wallpaper design, works with the standard and signifier of the room, and makes a beauteous transportation betwixt the overgarment colour utilized for the cabinetry and that of the plot outside.'

When you're considering wallpaper ideas for your home, covering a ceiling is simply a bully solution successful awkwardly shaped rooms, oregon those with precise precocious extortion points.

'Here, the desks and windows are rather low, portion the vaulted extortion soars above,' explains Andréa. 'By utilizing the wallpaper betwixt the windows and up connected to the ceiling, it connects the little and precocious parts of the country together, creating a characterful space. 

'Finally, the chandelier appears to "lower" the tallness of the ceiling, again bringing that consciousness of connection.'

2. Put up a mural

country wallpaper mural and panels

(Image credit: Diane Hill for Harlequin)

A Chinoiserie mural oregon frieze plan brings echoes of expansive state location benignant to immoderate country – cleanable if you privation to accommodate your state wallpaper ideas to make a rustic luxe scheme. This wallpaper is based connected archetypal designs printed connected silk, updated for a modern aesthetic. 

'Chinoiserie is specified a beautiful, elevated creation form. In challenging the limits successful presumption of colour and style, it's creating Chinoiserie successful a mode that's ne'er been seen before,' explains Diane Hill, who created this postulation for Harlequin.

A landscape-themed mural brings a caller instrumentality connected wallpaper for immoderate state home, creating a transportation with the earthy satellite successful large-scale format.

3. Don't beryllium acrophobic of geo designs

country chamber  with wallpaper and woven bedhead

(Image credit: Amechi for Dado)

Country homes are often known for florals and nature-inspired wallpaper patterns, but geometric prints supply a fantastic backdrop to earthy textures, specified arsenic rattan oregon exposed beams. These patterns tin besides enactment good erstwhile you're searching for bedroom wallpaper ideas to suit a mates with antithetic tastes!

'Opt for a small-scale geometric, specified arsenic Diyenay from the Amechi for Dado collection, suggests Kate French, Creative Director astatine wallpaper brand, Dado. 'It features neat rows of stitch-effect chevrons successful 2 subtle shades. The signifier feels decidedly modern, portion its softness and textile-effect motif makes it suitable for a multitude of interiors, from state bedrooms to much ceremonial surviving spaces and hallways.'

4. Add signifier to the bathroom

country surviving  country   eating  country   bath  wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Bring an abundant hothouse vibe to a bath with a botanical wallpaper. 

'Using wallpaper successful the bath is simply a superb thought for state homes,' says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. 'Too often a bath strategy tin look retired of measurement with the decor elsewhere successful a rustic-style home, but wallpaper fills that gap.'

Choose a insubstantial designed to withstand moisture, and usage it connected the precocious fractional of the walls, acold distant from splashes. You'll find tons much inspiration successful our country bath ideas.

5. Consider the view

US state  room  with greenish  and achromatic  wallpaper

(Image credit: Allison Knizek)

'For me, state wallpaper ideas are ever an “indoor/outdoor” consideration,' says interior decorator Allison Knizek, laminitis of San Fernando Valley-based Allison Knizek Design. 

'When wallpaper is making an quality successful a country filled with windows, specified arsenic a meal nook oregon eating room, I usage what is extracurricular to assistance usher the absorption of the patterned wallpaper. Don’t forget, this country is being viewed from the inside-out arsenic good arsenic from the outside-in, particularly astatine nighttime erstwhile the country is illuminated. 

Country room wallpaper could scope from stripes and checks to botanicals. 'I often usage leafy and floral wallpapers with shades of greenish arsenic it is simply a naturally, unifying colour from wherever it is viewed,' Allison says. 

6. Use wallpaper arsenic a gallery

country surviving  country   eating  country   bath  wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Future)

If you're unsure astir utilizing wallpaper crossed an full country oregon partition – or simply cannot take your favourite plan – this gallery partition idea is simply a winner.

Frame country-style floral and botanical papers and put them connected a wall. 'Think astir however the colors tin coordinate with different decor features successful your room,' suggests Homes & Gardens stylist and contributor, Sara Bird. 'And see either a acheronian oregon airy inheritance truthful that the wallpaper pieces themselves basal out.'

7. Match your walls and your comforter

bedroom with Morris wallpaper

(Image credit: Ben Pentreath for Morris & Co.)

Bring the optimism of outpouring and summertime into your country strategy with cheerful colors and prints successful an immersive chamber scheme.

'I created this postulation with colors of tangerine, citrus yellow, primrose, brushed pinks, blues and agleam pome greens – the colors of outpouring and summer,' says decorator Ben Pentreath, who created the Cornubia postulation for Morris & Co. 

Use wallpaper arsenic your start, past accepted state patterns crossed walls, brushed furnishing and bedding, and support the remainder of the country elemental for a modern mentation of state style.

8. Put insubstantial successful panels

country wallpaper mural and panels

(Image credit: Diane Hill for Harlequin)

Use wallpaper to item decorative features specified arsenic molding oregon wood trim, by insetting the insubstantial successful panels.

'This brings a lovely, relaxed consciousness to a room, particularly if you take a trailing floral oregon leafage plan that adds a casual elegance to the much ceremonial features,' says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine.

For adjacent much impact, replicate the wallpaper plan successful the fabrics utilized passim the country – arsenic seen successful the headboard here, upholstered successful a Harlequin x Diane Hill pattern.

9. Paper implicit cabinetry

country hallway with wallpaper covering cupboards and walls

(Image credit: Future)

Using wallpaper crossed fitted cupboards and cabinets is simply a fashionable look for French state decor ideas, but it's a benignant that works good successful astir each rustic-look home. The vantage is that you tin decorate your full country successful the prettiest of paper, without the interruption of plain doors.

'One of the joys of surviving successful a agrarian location is being immersed successful nature. So whether you unrecorded successful the countryside, oregon simply privation to bring a consciousness of it into your metropolis oregon suburban home, usage wallpaper to marque that connection,' agrees interior decorator Jojo Bradley.

'There is simply a resurgence successful flora and fauna patterns truthful don’t beryllium acrophobic to clasp  fabulous florals connected your walls successful delicate greenish oregon bluish hues.'

10. Match your wallpaper with your drapes

bedroom with wallpaper curtains and ceiling fan

(Image credit: Jen Burner / Thomas Guy Interiors)

This beauteous chamber successful Lake Charles, Louisiana, was created by Thomas Guy Interiors and features coordinating wallpaper and drapes. By making the model curtains the feature, alternatively than hanging drapes astir the bed, the country is fixed a lighter, fresher feel. The wallpaper sets the code of the the full scheme.

11. Play with signifier and scale

bold cerise pinkish  state  wallpaper and curtains

(Image credit: Future)

A glorious bolt of cerise pinkish cheers immoderate country and its vibrancy is brilliantly modern instrumentality for state wallpaper ideas.

Here, there's a playful mismatch betwixt the small-scale wallpaper signifier and the larger people of the curtains. But by choosing a azygous standout shadiness arsenic the leader of this scheme, the look comes unneurotic beautifully.

12. Take a gentle approach

country chamber  with wallpaper down  furniture  and connected  ceiling

(Image credit: Pippa Blacker)

An charismatic signifier provides a dreamy presumption for anyone tucked into this furniture – the antithetic presumption of the wallpaper makes full consciousness successful a tiny room, wherever the main aboveground country is the ceiling, alternatively than the walls.

The strategy was created by wallpaper and cloth decorator Pippa Blacker, laminitis of Pippa Blacker Interiors. 'In a state home, I emotion to premix my wallpapers with earthy overgarment colours and gentle floral fabrics,' Pippa says. 'The purpose is to bring the extracurricular in, to make a calm and comforting atmosphere.'

13. Pair state wallpaper with acheronian accents

Country wallpaper ideas

Opium Blush Teal wallpaper, The Curious Department

(Image credit: The Curious Department)

A 2nd bath provides the cleanable canvas for much experimental styling. Here, the pairing of a bold state wallpaper with affluent acheronian paneling bridges the spread betwixt a modern interiors inclination and a accepted state scheme. Matching the vanity to a blue-green shadiness recovered successful the insubstantial ties the look unneurotic perfectly, creating a cohesive look that's a cleanable look of small bath ideas.

14. Embrace pinkish tones for an ultra-feminine finish

Country wallpaper ideas

Flowerberry Pink Wallpaper, Penny Morrison 

(Image credit: Penny Morrison)

If it is simply a feminine look that you privation to achieve, see pinkish your shadiness of preference. From softest marshmallow pinks to ammunition tones and coral, determination is truthful overmuch prime erstwhile it comes to pink country ideas. 

With their connotations of outpouring flowers and blossom, pinkish florals volition adhd a distinctly feminine consciousness to your state cottage. Opt for shades inspired by nature, alternatively than neon tones, for an authentically rustic look.

15. Let your abstraction beryllium inspired by nature

Country wallpaper ideas

Jasmine and Serin Symphony Wallpaper, Cole & Son (Image credit: Cole & Son / Lime Lace)

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

While neutral shades and nature-inspired prints whitethorn not beryllium the astir archetypal enactment for a location successful the country, it is surely a timeless look. Here, greenish adds abundant extent and involvement to the abstraction portion paying homage to agrarian surroundings.

Green country ideas person go progressively fashionable arsenic we question a greater transportation with the earthy satellite and outdoor spaces. And they person the payment of suiting each country of our homes, from bathrooms to bedrooms, eating rooms to hallways.

16. Allow terracotta shades to adhd a modern feel

Country wallpaper ideas

Highlands Collection, Hapeten Fabrik Rasch

(Image credit: Hapeten Fabrik Rasch)

Rich, earthy tones connection a stylish solution successful a state location and terracotta is 1 of our favorites. This affluent wallpaper adds warmth to the abstraction portion honoring its practice arsenic a play home.

17. Consider a matching shadiness for your ceiling

Country wallpaper ideas

Crane Fonda ‘Soft Copper’ Wallpaper, Divine Savages

(Image credit: Divine Savages )

If you are blessed with precocious ceilings and abundant earthy light, you mightiness see forgoing the accepted achromatic ceiling and opting for a shadiness that complements your insubstantial of choice. 

Ceiling ideas mightiness scope from wallpapering ceiling to adding molding. Here a dusky pinkish overgarment matches stunning vintage-inspired wallpaper.

18. Opt for a pinkish insubstantial with a blase feel 

Country wallpaper ideas

Mermaid Fuschia wallpaper, Milola Design

(Image credit: Milola Design)

If you similar the thought of a pinkish scheme, but besides privation your location to support its grown-up feel, see opting for a minimal repetition pattern. 

In this pink surviving room, the beauteous wallpaper combines a traditionally feminine shadiness with a elemental yet blase people for a tasteful decorativeness that works good successful a modern state home.

19. Incorporate a accepted people into a pulverization room

Country wallpaper ideas

VSP Interiors

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

Wallpaper request not beryllium constricted to bedrooms, surviving rooms, and different much societal spaces. In fact, powder rooms and bathrooms supply the cleanable canvas for experimenting with bold prints that you mightiness not beryllium brave capable to usage elsewhere. This gorgeous, golden-toned wallpaper fills the abstraction with quality and provides a large illustration of however to premix and lucifer prints, patterns, and textures.

20. Use mirrors to marque a tiny wallpapered abstraction consciousness larger

Country wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

Decorating with mirrors is 1 of those unsung skills interior designers bash truthful well.

If you are acrophobic astir a engaged wallpaper making a tiny abstraction consciousness adjacent smaller, see hanging a reflector that volition let your country to consciousness lighter, brighter, and much expansive. 

21. Combine prints and patterns for a maximalist look

Country wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

This cozy country proves that it is imaginable to harvester respective prints and patterns wrong a tiny space. The instrumentality to occurrence is ensuring determination is simply a accordant code passim the print, arsenic this volition make immoderate cohesion. For much ideas, instrumentality a look astatine our diagnostic connected maximalist wallpaper ideas.

How bash I take a wallpaper?

To observe patterns that you volition not lone love, but volition privation to unrecorded with for years to come, walk clip gathering samples from antithetic suppliers. Try them retired connected your walls truthful you tin trial however each benignant works for you. If you are drawn to a peculiarly vivid oregon striking paper, deliberation astir utilizing it successful a  smaller oregon little visited room, wherever you tin truly marque an impact. 

Looking to the past for inspiration tin assistance you to execute archetypal interior styles. The accepted designs of William Morris, 1 of the founding fathers of 19th-century wallpaper design, are fashionable again and tin beryllium bought connected the precocious street. 

Mix vintage and floral prints with modern furnishings and airy overgarment hues to halt them looking dated. Bold patterns and textured papers, from shimmering metallics to colorful flocks, are fashionable again and bespoke papers are becoming hugely popular. New printing techniques person made it easier than ever to make your ain designs oregon take circumstantial colors and  themes, truthful your wallpaper tin beryllium wholly idiosyncratic to you.

How bash I bent wallpaper?

Good mentation of your partition aboveground is indispensable to guarantee a creaseless decorativeness for your wallpaper. You'll besides request to see wherever you privation your wallpaper to beryllium – volition it beryllium the afloat country oregon a diagnostic wall? You whitethorn besides determine to usage wallpaper wrong a cabinet, successful panels, oregon adjacent connected the ceiling.

When it comes to putting up your wallpaper, you tin take products that you paste past use to the wall, oregon papers that applied adust to a partition that you person pre-pasted. For adept advice, spot our how to bent wallpaper guide.