Creating elegant coastal interiors in an open-plan space – this pied a terre gets it right

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One of the archetypal things that strikes you astir this two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat successful a recently constructed precocious emergence successful Boston, Massachusetts, is its breathtaking view. From this airy abstraction connected the 34th level you tin spot close crossed the metropolis to Boston’s Back Bay. That presumption unsocial makes this 1 of the world's champion homes, but origin successful its caller redesign with calm, elegant interiors, and the flat truly becomes thing special. 

The owners usage it arsenic a 2nd home, to beryllium adjacent to their grown-up children, and called connected the services of plan duo Vernon Applegate & Gioi Tran of Applegate Tran Interiors (opens successful caller tab) to assistance them marque the astir of the caller space. The owners wanted to harvester the laid-back sensibility of California plan (open spaces, airy filled, casual but elegant) joined with immoderate of the classical elements of the Boston and New England aesthetic. They wanted to incorporated playful but elegant touches that would service arsenic a instauration for erstwhile the household of 4 (plus the kids' important others) relax, bent out, cook, devour and rest.

The owners person worked with San Francisco-based Applegate Tran connected 3 erstwhile projects, forming a tight-knit squad who recognize however to get the champion results. 

Living-diner with a view

Round modern   eating  array  with views of metropolis  skyline

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

The apartment's main surviving abstraction is unfastened plan. So the 'great room' combines the living, eating room and meal spaces. As this is simply a caller construction, definite materials and finishes were inherited from the developer. Vernon and Gioi replaced the flooring with wide plank oak laid retired diagonally, which draws you into the bosom of the main space. 

The owners were looking to make a coastal, abrogation similar aesthetic wrong a applicable household home. With that successful mind, Vernon and Gioi chose a agleam and airy colour strategy complemented by airy oak flooring and sprawling windows to evoke a California- chic vibe successful the full abode.

Vernon and Gioi's dining country ideas for the open-plan abstraction focused connected putting the eating array close adjacent to the full-height windows to marque the astir of the magnificent views retired to the bay and implicit the city. The array tin beryllium extended to spot eight, and the prime of a circular array was portion of the program – connected a applicable level to prevention space, but besides aesthetically to echo the curve of the windows. A barroom portion adjacent to the array ensures casual entertaining. 

Key pieces include: array from Robert James Collection (Partridge SF); chairs by Mr. Brown London (Witford SF); barroom furniture from Rimadesio (Nido SF)


kitchen with achromatic  cabinets and land  with bluish  barroom  stools and meal  table

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

Kitchen ideas included extending and repainting the land and cabinets successful a precocious gloss finish, arsenic good arsenic adding a caller chromatic antagonistic apical and backsplash. The airy chromatic colors combined with a brushed oversea greenish are inspired by water shades to springiness the coastal look the homeowners wanted. Since the room is unfastened program and connected presumption to the main surviving country it was important to person capable retention abstraction to support things tidy. The room is by Siematic with Sterling Grey precocious gloss SimiLaque finish; marble antagonistic apical is Blue De Savoie; Wolf scope cooker; Sub Zero fridge; and Dornbracht plumbing fixtures. The leather-topped antagonistic stools supply a popular of colour and are from Berman Rosetti. 

Breakfast nook

breakfast nook successful  room  with achromatic  walls and views of metropolis  skyline

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

'The homeowner requested we root thing from his autochthonal Rhode Island, truthful we discovered O+G Studio and had the meal country array and chairs customized made,' says Vernon. 'It’s the cleanable nook for greeting coffee, day beverage oregon simply to beryllium and regard retired onto the Back Bay.' The striking airy fixture supra the array is by Lasvit. 

Entry hall

hallway with ceramic partition  art, seat  and rug presumption    done  to surviving  country   and metropolis  skyline

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

What could beryllium much welcoming than a wide, open-plan introduction hallway that allows you to spot close into the home's reception area. Hallway ideas see the caller wide oak flooring, laid diagonally specifically to adhd absorption into the main abstraction and bosom of the home. The introduction hallway proved the perfect abstraction for a striking monochrome wall-mounted ceramic installation by Elizabeth Strasser. The runner is by Stark Carpets and the immense globe ceiling airy is from Boyd Lighting. 

Living room 

living country   with achromatic  sectional sofa with circular  eating  array  and afloat  tallness  windows with views of metropolis  skyline

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

Living country ideas successfully blend a California-style unfastened and airy aesthetic with a brushed colour palette that evokes a coastal location. Applegate Tran suggested adding customized committee and batten connected some structural walls for texture, and warmed up the abstraction to marque it consciousness much residential, casual, coastal and welcoming. Fully automated black-out, and sheer roller shades hidden successful pockets tin beryllium drawn erstwhile the household sits connected the extra-large Juin Ho sectional sofa to ticker TV. 

'The unfastened surviving country is our favourite space,' says decorator Vernon Applegate. 'the accessibility of the kitchen, bar, and eating areas makes it the cleanable abstraction to entertain. You tin ticker a movie, person a amusive household crippled night, oregon simply big a cocktail party. With truthful galore chiseled zones that enactment effortlessly together, this bosom of the location is genuinely everyone’s favourite space.' 

Among the room's cardinal pieces are a rug from Kyle Bunting; helping seat and ottoman by Holly Hunt successful Jane Churchill Fabric; pillows successful Cowtan & Tout fabrics; reflector by Partridge, San Francisco; console from Taracea; java array and ottoman, Nido Living.

Primary bedroom

four poster chamber  bluish  headboard and afloat  tallness  windows with views of metropolis  skyline

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

When a chamber has full-height windows and a presumption similar this, it makes consciousness to support bedroom ideas calm and elemental to guarantee the presumption takes centre stage. 

'The superior chamber brings successful a much classical coastal aesthetic with the prime of colors and materials,' explains Vernon. 'It was meant to soften the harder architectural lines of this caller operation and springiness the abstraction the consciousness of a freestanding enactment house.' 

Key pieces see the contemporary-style four-poster furniture by Robert James Collection (Partridge SF); Curtain Fabric by Christopher Farr astatine DeSousa Hughes; seat by Bernhardt, covered successful Holland & Sherry Fabric; drinks array by Bunny Williams Home; seat by Marcali Designs from Hewn SF; bedside lamp from Salgado Saucier; and a rug from Safar Rugs. 

Guest bedroom

bedroom with bluish  daybed and pinkish  drapes and floral bedcover

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

Tight connected space, the impermanent country was designed to accommodate a daybed arsenic an further sleeping nook successful lawsuit 1 of the kids' friends joins them. The airy pinks, brushed greys and airy blue-green palette carries implicit to springiness this 2,200 quadrate ft location a consciousness of harmony and softness and to lukewarm up the modern architectural lines. 

In this abstraction the plan squad employed a layered effect connected walls and windows with aggregate textures to adhd a romanticist and astir feminine interaction to the clean-lined upholstery pieces.

The furniture is from Ironhorse, San Francisco; daybed from Lee Industries; wallpaper on back wall, Philip Jeffries; curtain fabrics, JAB; rug from Safar Rugs .


bathroom basin with circular  reflector  and modern   artwork

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

Bathroom ideas present see utilizing wallpaper and artwork arsenic a mode of adding quality and softness to what was a precise utilitarian abstraction erstwhile the owners archetypal took connected the apartment. The reflector is from Nido Living and the antithetic sconce is from Circa Lighting. 

The finished project

The designers and – much importantly – the homeowners are delighted with the apartment's caller look. 'We knew that it was indispensable for america to bring the homeowner's Rhode Island roots into this project. This allowed america to person a small amusive engaging with New England-based artists and makers to furnish immoderate of the pieces we needed for the plan,' explains decorator Vernon Applegate. 'The effect is an elegant premix of our clients' tastes with a beardown motion to New England and coastal living. The unthinkable views of Boston and the oversea inspired the colors and textures seen passim the apartment.'