Crepe myrtle not blooming? Here's why

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Are you asking yourself, 'why is my crepe myrtle not blooming?' Then you request to cheque the cardinal factors that could forestall it from flourishing.

Also known arsenic Lagerstroemia, the crepe myrtle is simply a versatile works that tin beryllium grown arsenic a histrion oregon maintained arsenic an ornamental shrub, making it a beauteous summation to your garden ideas.

It possesses panicles of beauteous flowers with a crepe-like texture, usually successful pink, purple oregon white, which commencement successful precocious outpouring and endure done summer.

‘The crepe myrtle is specified a beauteous flowering histrion during the warmer months,’ says Lindsey Hyland, laminitis of Urban Organic Yield (opens successful caller tab). ‘They besides person bully autumn color. I emotion however the branches are heavy capable to grip being successful containers, which besides makes them 1 of the best trees to turn successful pots.’

A crepe myrtle not blooming is simply a communal occupation – so usage our seven-step usher to diagnose wherefore your prized histrion is failing to flower.

Why is my crepe myrtle not blooming?

Though crepe myrtles are reasonably hardy, reliable plants, determination are respective issues that tin forestall them from blooming.

‘First and foremost, you request to guarantee that you are increasing your crepe myrtle successful the close climate,’ says Homes & Gardens exertion successful main Lucy Searle. 

‘Native to Southern Asia and Oceania, the crepe myrtle has transported good to different continents, and is wide grown successful the US – the trees tin beryllium grown successful USDA hardiness zones (opens successful caller tab) 6-10, though are champion suited to zones 7-9.’

As agelong arsenic you are increasing crepe myrtle successful a suitable climate, past diagnosing wherefore it is not blooming should beryllium reasonably simple.

Crape myrtle Lagerstroemia indica 'Terre Chinoise'

(Image credit: Biosphoto / Alamy Stock Photo)

1. Your histrion is excessively young

Your crepe myrtle whitethorn not beryllium blooming if it is lone a young histrion – it tin instrumentality 3-5 years for a histrion to go established capable to flower.

This whitethorn dependable similar a agelong time, but carnivore successful caput that the trees instrumentality 5-10 years to mature, and 20-50 years to scope their eventual size. ‘Crepe myrtles are a semipermanent concern successful your garden, and volition beryllium enjoyed for decades to come,’ says Searle.

Bear successful caput that trees bought from plot centers are usually already a fewer years old, truthful you shouldn’t person excessively agelong to wait.

2. Lack of sunlight

‘Crepe myrtles request six hours of uninterrupted sunlight per day, truthful guarantee your plant's determination allows for this,’ says Tiffany Payne astatine Orangeries UK (opens successful caller tab)

‘If different trees shadiness your crepe myrtle, for example, it volition not get the capable vulnerability it requires and volition not thrive arsenic overmuch arsenic you would want.’

If your crepe myrtle is planted successful a spot wherever it can’t person capable sunlight, past you should see moving it to a sunnier spot. The champion clip to bash this is erstwhile the histrion is dormant – ideally successful precocious winter.

3. Crepe myrtle not getting capable water

Crepe myrtles payment from being watered regularly erstwhile recently planted – usually for the archetypal twelvemonth – but erstwhile settled successful they are rather drought tolerant. 

However, successful periods of utmost drought, the trees tin go stressed and neglect to bloom owed to deficiency of water.

Look for signs of wilting and yellowing, which are an denotation of underwatering.

‘Water your histrion profoundly erstwhile oregon doubly a period successful adust weather, truthful that the h2o reaches astir 12-24 inches heavy successful the soil,’ says Searle.

Crape myrtle ‘Tuscarora’ (Lagerstroemia indica)

(Image credit: Getty Images)

4. Poorly draining soil

While crepe myrtles payment from a bully watering erstwhile they are young and successful periods of adust weather, they indispensable beryllium planted successful good draining soil, and bash not similar to beryllium waterlogged.

The bully quality is that the trees are adaptable to astir ungraded types, but for soggy soils that clasp excessively overmuch moisture.

5. Your histrion isn’t getting the close nutrients

The close nutrient equilibrium is important for each plants, and if your ungraded isn’t providing the close mix, past it could beryllium a cardinal crushed for a crepe myrtle not blooming.

In bid to thrive, crepe myrtles request phosphorus – ​​so adhd a slow-release fertilizer to the ungraded surrounding the histrion successful aboriginal spring.

However, a communal mistake gardeners marque is to usage a ferilizer precocious successful nitrogen, which is apt to inhibit flowering. Consider not conscionable the histrion itself, but adjacent plants successful surrounding angiosperm beds. Use a low-nitrogen fertilizer.

6. Pruning crepe myrtle incorrectly

Crepe myrtles lone bloom connected caller growth, truthful instrumentality attraction not to region this erstwhile pruning.

‘A communal mentation for crepe myrtle not blooming is due to the fact that you pruned it excessively late,’ says Payne.

‘You should ne'er clip it aft it has begun to make successful the outpouring and erstwhile it blooms since you hazard mistakenly removing caller growth.

‘Instead, prune flowers either aft they've finished flowering oregon precise aboriginal successful the outpouring earlier the blossoms appear.’ 

If you request to tidy up your tree, lone region older wood, alternatively than caller growth.

Another crushed older crepe myrtles whitethorn not beryllium blooming is if the branches person go overcrowded. Make definite you region dormant branches, which volition let successful much sunlight and assistance the aerial to circulate.

7. Your crepe myrtle is diseased

There are a fewer diseases which tin impact crepe myrtles; portion they should beryllium casual to spot, they tin impede maturation and flowering.

Sooty mold, which appears arsenic a achromatic residue connected the leaves, is simply a fungal occupation caused by insects. The mold grows connected the honeydew created by insects feasting connected the plant’s sap. Common culprits see aphids, standard insects, mealybugs, and whiteflies.

Controlling the pests volition instrumentality attraction of the contented – usage an insecticidal soap oregon earthy merchandise specified arsenic neem oil.

Cercospora leafage spot is different communal fungus, which is evident by brownish spots appearing connected older leaves. These volition past prematurely drop, which puts accent connected the plant, perchance impacting flowering. Thankfully, it doesn’t origin semipermanent harm to the tree.

The champion mode to debar cercospora is to turn your histrion successful an open, sunny spot with bully aerial circulation, which volition marque it harder for the fungus to instrumentality hold.

What bash you enactment connected crepe myrtles to marque them bloom?

To marque your crepe myrtle bloom, use a high-phosphorus, low-nitrogen fertilizer successful a slow-release look successful aboriginal spring. Alternatively, fertilize regularly passim the increasing season.

Younger trees request monthly feeding, portion much established trees payment from being fertilized each 2 weeks.