Deck color ideas – how to choose the color to stain or paint your deck

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Deck colour ideas mightiness beryllium connected your database of decisions to marque if you are transforming your backyard. A deck, aft all, tin beryllium the design's focal point, truthful to exploit its imaginable to the maximum, it’s worthy considering which colour is the champion enactment for you.

Or, possibly you are improving your existing platform and looking for deck ideas? Its archetypal shadiness whitethorn person deteriorated implicit clip and a platform colour revamp whitethorn beryllium due. Simply staining oregon coating your platform a caller colour mightiness beryllium each you request to alteration your outdoor space. 

'You tin lucifer a platform to a warm, affluent hard and brushed landscaping palette, oregon code a silvered platform with a planting scheme,’ says Catherine MacDonald, Principal Landscape decorator astatine Landform Consultants (opens successful caller tab). ‘If the decking is adjacent to the house, tonally matching the interior level colour with the decking colour tin assistance make a consciousness of abstraction and bring the extracurricular in.’

Deck colour ideas

To get you started, we’ve enactment unneurotic the champion platform colour ideas to marque yours a handsome portion of your outdoor landscape.

1. Take a cue from indoors

pale wood   deck

(Image credit: TimberTech)

'Homeowners are starting to deliberation astir the outdoor surviving abstraction arsenic an hold of their location – bringing trends from the indoors, similar multi-width boards and lighter flooring, to the outdoor space,' says Sam Toole CMO astatine The AZEK Company (opens successful caller tab), a flooring institution that produces decking. 

Especially if your platform connects straight to your surviving space, see continuing the colour of your indoor flooring retired onto your deck. 

2. Let the earthy quality radiance through

back platform  with eating  area

(Image credit: Sam Wadieh)

If your fund for your deck costs allows for a precocious quality, real-wood decking similar cedar, determination whitethorn beryllium nary request to overgarment oregon stain it astatine all. Instead, take a clear, oil-based wood sealer that volition marque your decking waterproof without loosing the quality of the earthy wood tone.

This California gait by scenery decorator Sarita Jaccard (opens successful caller tab) plays up the home's desert-midcentury vibe, and proves that sometimes, earthy wood tones makes the champion colour choice. To settee connected the amber colored decking above, Jaccard looked for a worldly that would offset the deep-gray gravel successful the yard.

3. Go for a heavy espresso

deck with a occurrence  pit

(Image credit: TimberTech)

A acheronian wood stain straddles the enactment betwixt accepted and modern styles, making it a bully prime for those who emotion a transitional decorating scheme, oregon are looking to springiness an older outdoor country an updated feel. Darker wood tones, similar the espresso-colored decking above, besides consciousness much blase than paler-toned options. 

4. Encourage weathered decking

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / David Giles )

While staining and sealing your platform tin summation its longevity, you don't technically person to seal your platform to support it bully shape. If you similar your platform to instrumentality connected a weathered look oregon a silvery hue (think woody Adirondack chairs that get near retired year-round oregon an aged dock successful the water), past you tin simply permission the wood untreated and fto quality instrumentality it's course. 

This benignant of weathered, unsmooth hewn decking is simply a beauteous lucifer for cottage plot ideas oregon coastal properties. 

5. Go for a modern look

deck connected  a modern   flat  building

(Image credit: Brittany Farinas, House of One / Lifestyle Production Group)

If you unrecorded successful a modern home, beryllium definite to take a platform colour thought that suit the benignant of the architecture, arsenic good arsenic much modern deck railing ideas. Generally, that means choosing a platform colour with grey undertones, similar the platform above, oregon 1 that's either precise pale, oregon precise dark. In betwixt colors similar oaks, reddish wood tones, oregon medium-browns won't complement a modern location arsenic well. 

6. Choose an understated platform colour arsenic contrast

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you privation to enactment the absorption connected the astir colorful elements of a plot – which mightiness beryllium an array of flowers oregon a imperishable diagnostic similar this blue-painted wall, oregon some – opt for a subtle grey colour for the deck. 

Make definite you usage exterior masonry overgarment for a plot partition similar this one, and opt for blooms connected the bluish and violet parts of the colour instrumentality if you prime a akin shadiness successful bid to make a harmonious effect.

7. Keep platform shades soft

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Arterra Landscape Architects)

This metropolis plot successful San Francisco by Arterra Landscape Architects (opens successful caller tab) features a platform for relaxing connected that extends into a way starring down the constrictive space. ‘We utilized cedar and fto it people grey retired for debased maintenance,’ says spouse Gretchen Whittier.

Some decking woods tin instrumentality years to gray, truthful if you privation the aforesaid gentle colorway to complement a planting scheme, coating the platform is simply a speedy shortcut to the aforesaid look.

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8. Create a continuous effect

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Ronseal)

If your platform is surrounded by fencing, take a colour you tin usage to overgarment some it and the obstruction for an country that truly does accidental ‘outdoor room’. 

Select a shadiness that volition bespeak the airy and recede from the oculus for coating what are the walls and the level of an exterior country to support it agleam and open. They’ll besides bespeak candlelight for a platform that’s atmospheric aft dusk.

This instrumentality is peculiarly utile astatine enhancing abstraction – cleanable if you are looking for small plot decking ideas.

9. Take your cue from nature

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

In this backyard, the platform has been designed astir the beauteous trees that bring shadiness astatine the water’s edge, and the acheronian platform colour echoes the shadiness of the bark. It’s a strategy that harmonizes the earthy and the built parts of the plot truthful they look arsenic if they’re meant to beryllium together.

You’ll privation to take a platform overgarment that promises to beryllium gaffe resistant to renovate oregon alteration a platform successful immoderate case, but it’s a peculiarly important property for a platform beside a pool.

10. Team with pavers

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Kate Eyre Garden Design)

Decking whitethorn beryllium conscionable 1 of the hard surfaces underfoot wrong a plot scheme, and choosing the close platform colour tin guarantee each works happily alongside the other. In this London plot by Kate Eyre Garden Design (opens successful caller tab) the curvilinear plan which makes the agelong bladed plot consciousness wider features porcelain pavers and pebbled areas, too.

‘I emotion the neutral tones successful a plot arsenic it feels much earthy whilst inactive looking chic,’ says Kate. ‘Personally successful our plan team, we emotion the opposition of the porcelain against the decking successful presumption of textures and color.’

11. Match outdoors with in

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Anna Stathaki)

For a platform beyond sliding oregon bi-fold doors that tin unfastened the interior close up to the backyard whenever the upwind is bully enough, effort a platform overgarment that matches the colour of interior flooring. It volition marque the 2 antithetic surfaces look arsenic one, blurring the part betwixt indoors and retired for space-stretching effect.

Laying interior level boards and exterior platform boards successful the aforesaid predisposition if you’re putting them successful caller is besides a maneuver worthy adopting to further blur the favoritism betwixt the 2 areas.

See: How overmuch does a platform cost? Find retired successful our indispensable guide12. Make planting popular with a acheronian platform colors

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Paul Whicheloe)

Just similar wrong your home, a acheronian backdrop tin marque the accent shades you take for a plot strategy pop. Inside, it’s walls you’d overgarment to execute this effect, but outside, overgarment the platform successful a slate, charcoal, oregon heavy colour code to acceptable disconnected lounger upholstery, level cushions, oregon modern furnishings successful superb shades.

Combined with an outdoor room successful gray, this acheronian connection platform has fabulous modern credentials.

13. Contrast the platform colour with the house

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Adam Wallis)

Consider platform overgarment that volition opposition with the exterior of your location – peculiarly for a tiny deck. It volition assistance specify the exterior seating area. Black and achromatic is simply a classical combination, but you could get a akin look with immoderate acheronian and airy pairing. Follow the pb of this location with furnishings that continues the home’s colour and containers that repetition that of the platform boards to propulsion the look together. 

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14. Tone with pebbled areas

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Douglas Gibb)

If your platform boards oregon squares are laid adjacent to pebbles oregon gravel, opt for platform overgarment colour successful a tonal shade. The antithetic textures of the materials volition supply plentifulness of involvement underfoot, truthful you needn’t beryllium acrophobic that the effect volition beryllium bland. 

In this plot platform boards, platform squares and pebbles successful bleached tones are a brushed opposition to the vibrant greenish of foliage plants grown amongst them.

15. Harmonize decking with furnishings colors

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: John Lewis)

You could instrumentality a akin tack arsenic above, but coating the platform to co-ordinate its colour with plot furnishings instead. Here, the palette is neutral for a calming ambience with airy wood furnishings positive a airy decorativeness for the deck. 

Woven eating chairs supply textural opposition to the smoother timber of the eating acceptable and deck, truthful the monochromatic strategy isn’t flat. Follow this design’s pb by finishing a eating oregon seating country with cushions successful linen and a faux fur propulsion to boost the tactility of the space.

16. Repeat a doorway color

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Annaick Guitteny)

Here’s different maneuver for linking the platform with the location for coherent style. Paint the platform successful a colour that repeats that of exterior doorway frames. In this backyard it’s the affluent shadiness of the treble doors that pb from the interior to the garden, but with a fabulous scope of antithetic platform overgarment colors connected offer, it’s besides casual to lucifer doorway oregon model frames successful blues, greens, grays and more.

17. Make a country-style plan look modern

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Sadolin)

If you privation to springiness a rustic backyard a modern edge, overgarment your platform black. The shadiness volition look striking alongside softer hues that you mightiness much typically find successful a state crippled specified arsenic creams, greens and blues. A colour similar this 1 needs to beryllium kept perfectly crisp truthful slope connected repainting your platform much often than you mightiness with different overgarment shades to support it.

18. Take a modern approach

deck colour  ideas

(Image credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design)

If you privation to make a modern scheme, grey could beryllium the champion colour for a deck. ‘If the location windows oregon bi-fold doors are anthracite grey utilizing grey for the decking helps to necktie the full strategy unneurotic and unify plot and house,’ says Simon Orchard of Simon Orchard Garden Design (opens successful caller tab), who created this blase garden.

‘In this garden, the decking colour is echoed successful the seats, firepit and metallic framework astir the decorative laser-cut screens,’ helium explains. ‘The simplicity of this pared-down colour palette is precise effectual successful creating a calming space and the acheronian grey creates a fantastic foil for the much colourful planting.’

What is the champion colour for a deck?

The champion colour for a platform is 1 that fits your garden’s benignant – beryllium that modern oregon much classical – works with the remainder of its hardscaping, arsenic good arsenic the planting, and is sympathetic to the house, too. But that really gives you a wide choice, which tin consciousness a spot overwhelming. 

If that’s the lawsuit cheque retired our ‘How bash I prime a platform color?’ section, below, for ways to attack the dilemma.

How bash I prime a platform color?

You tin prime a platform colour successful a assortment of ways. ‘We’re taking much of our cues from the earthy world, truthful choosing a colour that reflects the benignant and tones successful your plot is simply a large starting point,’ says Jimmy Englezos, Ronseal (opens successful caller tab) Decking Expert and Senior Product Manager.

‘Consider a shadiness that matches borderline oregon different plants – oregon co-ordinates with plot furniture, fences oregon sheds.

‘Bold shades are everyplace this year, and choosing affluent oregon darker shades volition supply a large showcase for greenish foliage and complement flowers and shrubs, providing an outdoor oasis feel.

‘If your abstraction is smaller, opt for a lighter oregon adjacent a achromatic colour scheme, utilized crossed decking, sheds, furniture, walls and adjacent planters to marque the astir of the country and make a fresh, stand-out, summertime look.’

Should location and platform beryllium the aforesaid color?

A location and platform tin beryllium the aforesaid color, but they don’t person to be. ‘If you're aft a matching look, the exterior of your location should ideally person immoderate timber elements successful bid for the decking to look similar a cohesive portion of your home,’ says Matthew Brown, Sadolin (opens successful caller tab) Technical Consultant. ‘These features could beryllium arsenic ample arsenic timber cladding oregon arsenic subtle arsenic a fewer exposed beams, a woody structure oregon a woody balcony. The code of wood of these outdoor elements volition assistance usher your prime of overgarment oregon stain erstwhile treating your decking.’

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But a platform tin beryllium a antithetic colour to the house. ‘Let the elements surrounding the decking power the prime of colour you make,’ suggests Matthew. ‘For example, a mostly greenish country mightiness animate you to take a earthy palette of greens and muted browns.’

Or, if the platform connects straight with the house, different elements could beryllium the starting point. ‘Why not take the aforesaid colour utilized for the beforehand doorway oregon the model frames or, alternatively, opt for a colour that’s akin to the shadiness of your location exterior,’ says Matthew.