Deck railing ideas – materials and styles for every garden

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Deck railings are an important portion of the plan of immoderate platform – on with being a captious information diagnostic for raised surfaces and stairs. 

And whether you’re reasoning astir replacing railings that fto an existing platform down due to the fact that they’re not successful large condition, oregon look old-fashioned, oregon you’re readying the railings for a marque caller platform design, determination are plentifulness of stylish options to take from. Either way, erstwhile you are looking for deck ideas, this is an constituent that needs to beryllium connected your list.

‘Deck railings request rails, posts and an infill which could beryllium either balusters (wood oregon metal) oregon panels (wood oregon glass),’ says Zoe Goff, decking adept astatine Richard Burbidge. ‘Wood creates a rustic look that is cleanable for a accepted state house. Alternatively, solid is simply a large enactment for much modern properties. By reflecting light, solid paneling creates the illusion of abstraction and enhances the presumption of the garden.’

We’ve enactment unneurotic the champion platform railing ideas to animate you to marque yours stylish.

Deck railing ideas1. Stick with accepted achromatic railings

fourth of july beforehand   porch

(Image credit: Homegoods / Jenny Reimold / Evin Photography)

For a accepted home, it's hard to bushed a simple, white-painted wood railing. This versatile options works for a assemblage home, a classical Georgian, oregon a coastal Southern style, similar astatine the Florida location of interiors stylist and HomeGoods benignant adept Jenny Reimold. 

Wood is the accustomed prime for this benignant of railing, but for a low-maintenance, virtually weatherproof enactment you won't person to repaint oregon seal, looks for a railing made of polycomposite material. Visually, it's astir indistinguishable from wood. 

2. Alternate horizontal and vertical railings

outside of a Mediterranean benignant   house

(Image credit: TKTK)

If your spot has aggregate tiers, decks, and balconies, utilizing 1 benignant of platform railing tin beryllium a deck plan mistake.

To interruption up a oversea of sameness and adhd explanation to assorted areas of your home, effort alternate horizontal and vertical railings wrong the aforesaid style. Designer Annie Carolin of Pride of Place Design did conscionable that for this Los Angeles country home., choosing horizontal metallic railings for the bulk of the property, and a complementary vertical benignant for the balcony deck. 

3. Choose a solid railing to instrumentality successful a view

deck astatine  sunset

(Image credit: TimberTech)

Whether you unrecorded precocious connected a elevation overlooking the metropolis below, connected a wooded batch with views of the forest, oregon successful a waterfront spot wherever you ticker the sunset, your platform railing shouldn't impede a cardinal dollar view. The champion enactment if you privation to support a wide sightline to the scenery beyond your table is simply a solid sheet platform railing, similar connected this platform by TimberTech. 

From a benignant standpoint, this look besides works good for modern homes, and modern apartments oregon condo buildings.

4. Use alloy cables for a clean-lined look

modern platform  with achromatic  furniture

(Image credit: J Holt Manning Design)

Choosing a clean-lined platform railing, similar a cablegram system, creates a consciousness of airiness that is simply a earthy acceptable for modern homes specified arsenic this 1 by Christie Manning of CQM Interiors. Like solid railings, cablegram systems let astir unobstructed views. 

Cable platform railings whitethorn look much delicate than a modular wood-rail, but they're conscionable arsenic strong. Cable systems are typically made with corrosion-resistant alloy oregon aluminum to guarantee spot and longevity. 

5. Choose a two-tone look

deck with a occurrence  pit

(Image credit: TimberTech)

For an updated instrumentality connected the achromatic wood platform rail, effort pairing achromatic posts with achromatic oregon dark-stained rails that coordinate with your decking.

Another platform railing thought we'd bargain from this photo? Hanging bistro lights. String the strands crossed the platform railing, utilizing hooks oregon zip ties to unafraid them to the posts for a deck lighting idea that packs large ambience. 

6. Keep it natural

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / Joanna Henderson)

Create a relaxed mounting with platform railings successful a airy wood decorativeness to lucifer the wood platform surface. They tin beryllium accordant with the hue of the furnishings – similar this outdoor barroom – arsenic well, and adjacent that of planters. 

Textural opposition is cardinal erstwhile moving successful a monotone palette and present ridged platform boards opposition with creaseless railings portion woven furnishings and a palm-style extortion implicit the picture. 

7. Match platform railing to architecture

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / Matthew Williams)

Consider the architectural features of your location erstwhile weighing up platform railing ideas to guarantee the summation is sympathetic. An imposing pillar is champion teamed with important platform posts, balusters and handrails to support the elements of the plan successful proportion. Matching your deck colour ideas volition besides assistance marque the effect harmonious.

8. Combine materials

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Composite Prime)

A solid platform baluster opens the outdoor abstraction up to the plot and views beyond, but it needn’t beryllium the lone worldly utilized for the railing. For a much important plan a debased partition tin signifier the basal of the railing with wide solid above. The outlook volition stay unimpeded from a seated arsenic good arsenic lasting presumption and with full-length windows down the platform it volition beryllium conscionable arsenic bully from the interior arsenic the outside.

9. Pick dual-purpose platform railings

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Trex)

Consider going for platform railings that treble arsenic seats to marque the astir of the abstraction and entertain much radical successful comfortableness astatine once. Using decking alternatively than much accepted railings tin unfastened up the presumption beyond the plot and assistance the platform blend into the surroundings.

‘Gone are the days of elemental squared-off decks,’ says Leslie Adkins, Vice President of Marketing astatine Trex. ‘Remodelers and landscapers study accrued involvement from customers successful decks with aggregate levels, curves, railings, seating options built into the design, and adjacent walls to make three-dimensional involvement and specify antithetic functional areas.’

10. Zone the garden 

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes)

Deck railings could beryllium desirable for benignant and to portion the plot adjacent erstwhile the deck’s debased height doesn’t request them for safety. ‘I would basal the enactment of the platform railing connected the benignant and conception of the garden,’ says award-winning plot decorator Jack Dunckley. ‘You truly privation these to complement the look you are trying to achieve, not combat against it.’

‘You mightiness besides privation to instrumentality into information immoderate themes successful the section area/of the spot that you could necktie into the garden,’ helium adds. 

11. See intelligibly with glazed platform railings

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Sadolin)

Full tallness solid railings are a bully enactment for a debased level platform – oregon for small plot decking ideas wherever you privation to heighten space, not disagreement it. They tin supply structure from the upwind for a eating oregon seating country but permission the presumption wholly open. They’re tempered for safety.

Bear successful caput that solid is apt to request much predominant cleaning than different platform railing materials, truthful beryllium prepared to support it sparkling. Glass panels tin besides marque the platform hotter, truthful solid balusters mightiness beryllium a amended prime for those who unrecorded successful hotter climates allowing a invited breeze through.

12. Let successful light

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes )

A structure platform oregon 1 with a extortion enjoys little daylight than a platform that’s unfastened to the sky, truthful utilizing solid arsenic portion of the railings tin beryllium a boon here. But wherever the modern benignant of a afloat solid sheet connected its ain would neglect to complement a home’s architecture, framework it with akin materials to that of the house.

The effect volition besides beryllium little vertiginous than solid unsocial for a platform astatine immoderate tallness supra ground.

13. Go horizontal 

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

Deck railings don’t person to beryllium vertical, and horizontal railings person modern style. Light falling done adjacent horizontal slats tin bring a pleasing signifier to the deck’s surface, too.

While this platform railing is made from wood that blends with its riverside surrounds, cablegram railings are an alternate horizontal design. Bear successful caput that they whitethorn not conscionable code, depending connected your location, though.

14. Embrace accepted style

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes)

White picket fence-style railings look charismatic and tin marque a platform much of a diagnostic by adding tallness without blocking the views from and towards it. They tin besides nexus location and plot by repeating an exterior model trim shade.

A matching pergola with a climber trained astir it makes for a beauteous entranceway to a plot platform and 1 with scented blooms makes this deck planting idea adjacent much of a sensory experience.

15. Try geometric pattern

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Richard Burbidge)

Let a plan similar this accepted crosshatch sheet from Richard Burbidge make a focal constituent of platform railings. Its lines separate it from the horizontals of the platform itself and the verticals of the posts.

Wood railings person the vantage that they tin beryllium stained oregon painted to lucifer the deck. They bash request regular maintenance, though, to support them successful large shape. 

16. Select a modern design

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Jay Graham Photographer)

This California location is cleanable and modern successful benignant and the elevated ipe platform by Gary Marsh Design  had to grant the home. ‘I elected to plan a customized pulverization coated alloy railing to code 3 components,’ explains Gary Marsh. ‘First to guarantee minimal obstruction to the sweeping view, 2nd to blend the colour into the surrounding trees, and yet to supply a consciousness of strength and information owed to the deck’s elevation.’

17. Choose cocktail railings

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Future / David Giles )

A wide level manus obstruction tin beryllium combined with the pickets oregon balusters preferred for platform railings, and it’s a functional feature, allowing drinks oregon adjacent tiny plates to beryllium acceptable down connected it. 

The cocktail obstruction is perfect for a platform that’s an entertaining space, and tin beryllium peculiarly utile connected a tiny platform erstwhile other furnishings for the aforesaid intent would permission it overcrowded. 

18. Use curves

deck railing ideas

(Image credit: Trex)

Deck railings don’t person to beryllium consecutive and curved versions on with a curved platform tin beryllium utilized astatine ample standard for an content of grandeur, oregon to soften the lines of a smaller design.

These Trex Transcend railings are composite similar the platform itself and person the vantage of needing precise small maintenance; the worldly isn’t taxable to rot oregon warping and volition clasp its colour with nary coating oregon staining ever needed. 

What is the cheapest platform railing?

A railing volition beryllium a important portion of your deck cost. The cheapest platform railing is mostly made from wood, though prices volition alteration depending connected the benignant of wood selected. Stainless steel, aluminum, composite and cablegram railings are often mid-priced options portion solid balusters are mostly the astir costly choice. 

Be mindful that if you bash opt for wood you volition request to bash overmuch much attraction than with different materials, truthful though it’s cheaper to bargain successful the archetypal spot it volition impact higher costs implicit the years.

What is the champion railing for a deck?

The champion railing for a platform depends connected its situation, the clip disposable for upkeep, and budget. ‘As with immoderate design, signifier follows function, and you indispensable archetypal found what the railings request to achieve,’ says Richard McLane, Design Director astatine Bisca. ‘Is it a ocular explanation of the abstraction oregon guarding a alteration successful level? If protecting a alteration of level, you request to see the spot of the railings and spacing betwixt them. 

‘You should besides see the magnitude of maintenance; timber handrails specified arsenic teak volition people property well, whereas stained timber finishes volition request much TLC. Metal handrails tin supply a much sculptural and unfastened plan to the railings, with options for decorativeness depending connected the desired look. 

‘Options for the successful capable beneath the handrail are vast, and fund whitethorn power decisions.  Rope works good to visually disagreement the abstraction but does not supply the structural guarding of timber oregon metallic railings. 

‘For minimal ocular interaction but maximum guarding and extortion from the upwind solid tin besides beryllium a large enactment to decorativeness your decking and tin beryllium finished with oregon without a handrail.’

How acold isolated should platform railing posts be?

Deck railing posts (aka pickets oregon balusters) should not let a 4 inch sphere to walk done (US), oregon a 100mm sphere (UK), but ever treble cheque specifics wherever you live.

Can I usage 2x4 for platform railing?

You tin usage 2x4 for the precocious and little rails if you privation to conception your ain platform railings successful wood. Remember that you should ever cheque the section gathering codification oregon gathering regulations earlier you plan and physique your ain platform railings to guarantee that they volition beryllium compliant.