Decorating above kitchen cabinets – 10 ways to make a beautiful statement

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If you person a spread betwixt your room cabinets and the ceiling, past you mightiness good beryllium wondering however to capable this space. Decorating supra room cabinets is simply a fantastic mode to capable the abstraction with an charismatic feature, alternatively than conscionable letting it stitchery dust. 

Whether you similar a classical look with tons of detailing oregon thing much modern, these decorating supra room furniture ideas volition supply you with the inspiration you request to make a strategy that fits your home's period, your decorating benignant and the room's proportions. 

If you're looking for much kitchen furniture ideas, these clever ways to decorate supra room cabinets volition supply kitchen styling inspiration for each your kitchen partition decor desires.

Decorating supra room cabinets – 10 ways to adhd interest

We asked the experts for their apical decorating supra room furniture styling ideas and tips. Adding them to your database of must-have kitchen ideas volition guarantee a much charming space, and needn't thrust up your budget, but volition make a unsocial country you, and your guests, volition privation to walk clip in.

1. Use an accent colour supra cabinets

Colorful room  with colour  opposition  connected  cabinets

(Image credit: Neptune)

‘An accent colour supra oculus level is simply a elemental mode to adhd beardown opposition to a room, without overpowering. As it’s not instantly noticeable, the accent colour volition gully the oculus up for a ocular surprise,’ says George Miller, location designer, Neptune (opens successful caller tab). ‘This tin person peculiarly bully results successful rooms with taller ceilings oregon expansive cornicing, accentuating either diagnostic to large effect.’ 

Continuing the kitchen color thought crossed antithetic surfaces and planes – for instance, the cooker hood present – has a blocking effect that feels modern and tin assistance creaseless retired immoderate awkward architectural junctures.

2. Enhance the ocular interest 

French state  room  with unfastened  shelving and art

(Image credit: Jessica Summer)

Bring a small joie de vivre to your room by decorating with art supra cabinets and shelving. Many would reason that creation belongs successful the room conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic it does immoderate different room, and we can't assistance but agree.

Here, interior decorator Jessica Summer (opens successful caller tab) sets the country with earthy tones and plentifulness of texture. ‘The cabinetry is minimal and modern to let the materials supra to basal out, but besides to equilibrium the accepted features similar the antique butcher’s artifact and unfastened shelves,’ 

3. Take paneling to the ceiling

French state  room  with partition  panels, land  and partition  hung plates

(Image credit: Charlotte Crosland Interiors / Radu Palicia)

Add involvement to the abstraction supra a room furniture with partition panels.  In play properties, wall paneling ideas that lucifer oregon complement the archetypal benignant and architecture of the spot are a fantastic mode of marrying aged with new. Alternatively, successful a plain room that is lacking decorative details oregon immoderate archetypal architecture of its own, adding a paneled country is simply a clever mode of bringing quality to a featureless space.

Here, tongue-and-groove paneling, linen curtains and wall-hung retention each lend to a French state kitchen consciousness successful this abstraction designed by Charlotte Crosland (opens successful caller tab). Keeping your batterie de cuisine successful presumption and adjacent to manus via magnetic weapon blocks, utensil racks and cookware stands adds to the laid-back, ‘unfitted’ ambience. Decorate with emblematic brocante finds similar chic vintage china, enamelware and artwork inspired by state pursuits.

4. Fill the abstraction supra cabinets with objects you love

Country room  with antiques and freestanding island

(Image credit: Alice Naylor-Leyland of Mrs. Alice)

'Colorful room ideas person been enjoying alternatively a renaissance, and we’re seeing brighter colors connected walls, cabinets and adjacent ceilings,’ says Emma Bulmer, caput colour advisor astatine Edward Bulmer Natural Paint (opens successful caller tab). ‘The colors and color combinations being utilized are besides becoming much originative and confident.' 

Use the abstraction betwixt cabinets and ceiling to truly marque your abstraction sing. 'An lack of apical cupboards truly opens up this kitchen, allowing the dusky pinkish overgarment colour and artwork to adhd quality and personalize the space.’ 

5. Raise your game

Wood room  with sheet  ceiling, achromatic  land  and pendants

Urbo and In-Frame Classic room cabinetry, Roundhouse. Project by SPPARC

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

The entity – oregon successful this lawsuit – the ceiling is the bounds erstwhile decorating supra room cabinets. On maximizing the imaginable of connection ceilings, architectural signifier SPPARC has the drop. 

‘Ceiling ideas featuring absorbing shapes and materials tin beryllium utilized to execute an articulation and bushed with architectural features elsewhere – successful this lawsuit the floating stairs that pb from the room to the surviving spaces above,’ says Trevor Morriss of SPPARC (opens successful caller tab). Crafted from stained ash and oak, this chunky ceiling is definite to person everybody talking.

6. Decorate to delight 

English room  with whimsical wallpaper, freestanding land  and wood   floor

(Image credit: deVOL )

Put a performative and decorative stamp connected a country with wallpaper ideas that delight the senses. Kitchen wallpaper ideas connection a beauteous mode to decorate supra room cabinets – and determination is simply a immense scope of overgarment colors, arsenic good arsenic wallpaper and cloth patterns, to take from. Traditional insubstantial patterns, which were often inspired by quality specified arsenic here, are often block-printed successful the aforesaid mode present arsenic erstwhile they were archetypal produced. Classic motifs, specified arsenic botanicals, checks and stripes, are eternally popular, portion besides being peculiarly connected inclination astatine present. 

Wallpapers made for kitchens and bathrooms are peculiarly durable, and we spot galore clients combining tiled walls with wallpapers to large ocular effect – successful fact, radical look to spell bolder successful the room arsenic it is simply a originative space,' says Paula Taylor, caput stylist and inclination specializer astatine Graham & Brown (opens successful caller tab).

7. Curate a astute display

Kitchen with greenish  cabinets and marble backsplash with storage

(Image credit: Paul Massey / Sculleries of Stockbridge)

Building a room backsplash retired into the country whitethorn beryllium of much worth to your room than the abstraction it initially takes up. Here successful the room of Roddy Murray, laminitis of interior plan signifier RJ Murray Design (opens successful caller tab), is simply a marble kitchen backsplash providing clever cubby-style kitchen storage within, arsenic good arsenic creating a support supra to show the couple’s favourite pieces of crockery and kitchenware.

8. Light the way 

Kitchen with bluish  cabinets, factual  land  and led lighting

(Image credit: Kitchens By Holloways)

When decorating supra room cabinets it tin beryllium each excessively casual to hide astir kitchen lighting. However, a fewer LED strips tin spell a agelong mode successful the kitchen, bringing shelving to beingness and dialling the temper to relax. The astir blase solutions are wholly hidden erstwhile the lights are off, which requires aboriginal discussions with your designer. 

‘It is indispensable to guarantee that the LED strips are decently acceptable into recesses wrong the shelves oregon cabinetry,’ explains Mark Holloway, managing director, Kitchens By Holloways (opens successful caller tab). ‘Angling them astatine 45 degrees, backmost towards the wall, volition execute the champion lighting effect and forestall garish reflections oregon disposable fittings.’ 

9. Introduce decorative elements

Wood room  furniture  ideas with brownish  painted cupboards

(Image credit: Studio Jake Arnold)

The full intent of interior plan is to make decorative country ideas that reply the needs of the individuals surviving successful them portion reflecting their personalities with bully design, and that is conscionable what Jake Arnold (opens successful caller tab) has achieved here.

Careful information of materials and their placement has the quality to alteration your existing room ideas into a decorative country that is genuinely spectacular. The room of this Californian location is anchored by the carefully-chosen decorative objects supra the room cabinets. These materials adhd involvement yet they don’t vie nor bash they overpower the country of this size.

10. Install a assemblage wall

Gallery partition  ideas for a room  with metallic  backsplash

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

Unexpected arsenic it whitethorn seem, we are seeing much and much radical experimentation with beauteous gallery partition ideas successful the kitchen. Now this whitethorn not look similar a astir sensible abstraction for displaying an costly creation collection, done right, it could beryllium your astir admired.

If you are dedicated to the cause, past we suggest taking your assemblage partition supra the backsplash, oregon perched connected a support distant from the kitchen sink oregon stove. However, it is imperative that you talk to a specializer framer earlier doing so. ‘Objects you mightiness not notice, specified arsenic kettles and toasters, tin origin damage,’ says Daniel Syrett, Runway Gallery owner. ‘If the artwork is going to spell successful a room it needs to beryllium sealed successful a peculiar way.’

Is decorating supra room cabinets outdated?

The abbreviated reply is no. There are truthful galore beauteous ways to decorative supra room cabinets that volition inject modernity, textural involvement and decorative benignant to your kitchen. 

There are galore absorbing room styling techniques and designs to chose from. First and foremost, you should absorption connected what you love, whether that beryllium definite colors, patterns oregon textures. Next, deliberation astir however these elements tin enactment unneurotic to make a harmonious strategy that is bursting with decorative flourishes. 

If you are not readying a afloat revamp, past creation and ceramic objects are the cleanable spot to statesman adding colour and signifier opposition to the abstraction supra your room cabinets.