Decorating with mirrors – ideas and rules for how to use mirrors in your home

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Decorating with mirrors is casual to maestro – but you tin truly lone marque the astir of their effects if you cognize the tricks of the commercialized to presumption them correctly, take the close value of framework and framework design.

Mirrors are a wonderfully versatile plan feature, adding instant glamor and interest, portion maximizing airy and boosting the consciousness of space.

We look astatine fabulous ways to usage mirrors successfully to marque your location consciousness brighter and bigger.

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Decorating with mirrors is much progressive than you whitethorn think. Of course, immoderate rooms connection an evident prime of placement and immoderate frame-styles are an casual choice... but clasp these interior plan tips to marque the astir of your reflector decorating.

1. Ensure the mirror's reflection is worthy

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

‘We ever urge going for the largest reflector you tin spend to marque the astir of each ray of airy from your mirror’s reflection,' says Lucy St George of Rockett St George. 'Traditionally mirrors are often hung from the walls oregon placed connected a mantlepiece to bespeak your ceiling and other walls. So, marque definite you see what volition beryllium shown successful the reflection and opt for a show-stopping chandelier oregon fabulous assemblage partition of artwork to widen the wow factor. The clever instrumentality of the reflection means you’ll present person 2 of these features, truthful the bolder and much beautiful, the better.'

2. Invest successful bespoke solid panels for alcoves

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Henry Prideaux)

Alcoves are an highly utile architectural abstraction successful a surviving room, they tin beryllium utilized for bookcases, displaying artwork, or, usage them to brighten and bespeak instead.

‘Adding customized antiqued reflector partition panels successful the recesses either broadside of the fireplace successful a ample surviving country creates a subtle reflective aboveground and a gentle, diffused airy wrong the space,’ shares London-based interior designer, Henry Prideaux. ‘Using this verre églomisé method is simply a beauteous mode of distracting the oculus beyond the main elements and emphasising each the unexpected small vignettes wrong the country instead.’

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Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

While a ample representation mightiness overpower a country – and peculiarly a tiny country – a ample reflector volition bash the opposite. As agelong arsenic the framework isn't excessively bulky (more connected that below), a larger reflector volition lone service to marque a country consciousness bigger and brighter, truthful situation to prime a plan that's connected the larger broadside alternatively than 1 with much humble proportions. 

And if there's small partition abstraction to bent a mirror, a floor-standing reflector is simply a large option. However, if a melodramatic interaction is your goal, you tin inquire a specializer to acceptable an full mirrored partition to treble the size of your surviving country – visually, anyway. This clever plan by VSP Interiors fits astir the occurrence situation and the coating has been hung arsenic if it's a mean wall, and the effect is striking. 

Also enactment the symmetry created by the 2 chandeliers and sofas, this gives a operation to the scheme, you don’t privation it to beryllium excessively engaged arsenic it volition bespeak backmost successful the mirrored wall.

4. Create a assemblage partition of mirrors to make a vignette

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

Not lone are mirrors large for reflecting light, they tin besides springiness you the accidental to make a vignette, particularly erstwhile hung arsenic a gallery, creating a light-reflecting, space-enhancing focal point. 

Round mirrors tin besides soften a abstraction that's furnished with hard materials – and volition beryllium a amended acceptable than quadrate oregon rectangular pieces connected an awkward-shaped wall.

5. Get the proportions of an overmantel reflector conscionable right

decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Getting the size of your reflector close is captious – and going excessively tiny volition beryllium much of a plan contented than choosing 1 that's excessively ample for the space. 

So, erstwhile it comes to choosing a reflector for a mantelpiece, guarantee that it is the aforesaid width arsenic the mantel oregon conscionable a fewer inches smaller connected each side. To marque a ceiling consciousness higher, beryllium generous with the tallness of your mirror, excessively – enactment however the perfectly proportioned reflector successful this surviving country designed by Katie McCrum Interior Design reaches conscionable supra the apical shelves of the alcoves.

6. Ensure reflector placement is maximized

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

'Strategically placing mirrors wherever the airy people falls is 1 of the oldest but champion tricks successful the book, it enhances the earthy airy and makes the country look overmuch larger and brighter,’ explains Jenna Choate, Co-Founder of interior plan studio, Interior Fox. 

‘A cautiously placed reflector that is crossed from a model volition echo the earthy airy and greenery into a smaller room, helping to bring the outdoors in.’

It’s besides worthy noting however a reflector tin acceptable into a strategy – taking this representation arsenic an example, the slim achromatic framework is followed done successful the java table, model frames and artwork, creating a cohesive look that’s stylish to boot. 

7. Add a decorative interaction betwixt 2 windows

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Matthew Williams)

The quality of mirrors is that they travel successful each shapes and sizes, minimalist and maximalist. We notation placement above, and it’s not ever astir popping up a reflector successful the evident places similar supra the mantel, they tin enactment fabulously good erstwhile placed successful much obscure spots too.

This stunning vintage reflector with its ornate detailing perfectly reflects the remainder of this surviving country strategy by interior decorator Athena Calderone, tricking the oculus into believing the abstraction is larger than it is. 

8. Pick a reflector plan that looks similar a window

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

The larger the mirror, the much airy you tin bounce astir and bespeak backmost – which is the cleanable antidote to a abstraction that’s connected the tiny broadside and lacking successful light. 

We don’t conscionable mean picking 1 that’s a basal rectangle either, beryllium inventive and take a plan that has a decorative entreaty – a beauteous curved apical that mimics an aged Victorian model pane volition wholly heighten your abstraction from some a applicable and benignant constituent of view. 

9. Pick a framework benignant to suit your scheme

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future / Alexander James)

Frame value is important erstwhile it comes to decorating with mirrors. Grand, sculpted, dense oregon dark-colored reflector frames are champion suited to large mirrors successful large, traditionally-styled rooms oregon to tiny mirrors that you've chosen to beryllium a focal constituent (again, much connected that below). 

In much modern spaces, mirrors with much subtle framing are a amended choice. If your country is peculiarly small, frameless mirrors volition heighten the abstraction without impinging connected it. 

10. Choose mirrors arsenic a decorative element

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)

Mirrors tin beryllium utilized similar pictures and paintings – arsenic a diagnostic successful themselves. So, if you person a abstraction to capable successful a country and person recovered a reflector with a beauteous frame, guarantee it's displayed and positioned conscionable similar a representation would beryllium – to beryllium shown off.

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Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

If a mirror's main relation is to bespeak light, its champion presumption is adjacent to a model alternatively than other it – that mode it tin boost the maximum magnitude of light.

If your country is truly light-starved, placing a lamp oregon partition airy adjacent to oregon successful beforehand of a reflector tin treble its light-boosting effect. 

12. Get the mirror's tallness right

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

When you bent a picture, you would usually spot the mid-point of the creation astatine eye-height – oregon astir 5ft disconnected the ground. Mirror placement is subtly different: it needs to beryllium positioned to supply the champion reflection. In a hallway, this mightiness mean astatine eye-height truthful that you tin cheque your reflection earlier you permission the house; successful a surviving space, it whitethorn bent higher to amusement disconnected that fantastic airy fitting. 

Having a portion of furnishings beneath wherever a reflector hangs volition impact its tallness too. Ideally, bent the reflector truthful that the bottommost of the framework is nearer to the furnishings beneath it than to the ceiling above, truthful that the transportation betwixt the furnishings and the reflector is clear. Hang a reflector excessively precocious and it volition consciousness disconnected from the remainder of the room.

13. Set the code of your strategy with a mirror

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Mark Bolton)

The overmantel reflector has agelong been favoured arsenic a mode to make a focal point. It is simply a fantastic mode to bespeak the items connected the mantlepiece and different items successful the room, specified arsenic a beauteous airy fitting. 

If you are choosing a reflector for a mantlepiece, its proportions are important – excessively tiny and it volition look misplaced, truthful guarantee it fills retired astatine slightest two-thirds of the width of the mantelpiece. 

'By reflecting each the beauteous plan details astir you, mirrors enactment perfectly with lighting to acceptable the code successful your scheme. From the subtle ambiance of broadside lights to the shadows that bounce disconnected the walls, a show-stopping reflector enhances earthy airy and projects glowing reflections each astir the room.

'With truthful galore styles and sizes available, determination are myriad of options for introducing the magic of mirrors to your home,' says Lucy St George of Rockett St George.

14. Use mirrors to marque a tiny abstraction consciousness bigger and brighter

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Nick Smith)

Alcove mirrors are little accepted than overmantel mirrors but they person a chiseled vantage – oregon two. First, they connection treble the partition abstraction for mirrors, truthful a small, acheronian surviving country volition consciousness doubly arsenic agleam arsenic with a azygous reflector – and peculiarly the country furthest from the window. 

Secondly, they connection the accidental for array lamps to beryllium successful beforehand the mirrors connected console tables, which means that erstwhile lit, artificial airy has much of a brightening, space-enhancing effect, too.

15. Layer an ornate reflector implicit mirrored panelling

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Mark Bolton)

Artwork oregon adjacent an ornate reflector looks fantastic connected a mirrored wall. It's important to see the value of the portion – contacting your glazier for proposal oregon assistance connected drilling done solid is simply a omniscient option.

16. Make a debased ceiling consciousness higher and a tiny country larger

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Mel Yates)

A mirrored decorativeness connected retention pieces, specified arsenic a fitted wardrobe, minimizes its interaction connected the look and consciousness of a scheme. It helps to make the illusion of spaciousness and is simply a large mode to cheat the narrowing effect

17. Make a tiny bath consciousness larger with mirrored walls

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

This country is simply a superb illustration of however antiqued reflector solid tin bring play and ambiance to a scheme, with panels featuring lightly foxed edges for further authenticity. 

The partition besides makes this comparatively small, low-ceilinged country consciousness overmuch much spacious. 'Heavily antiqued reflector is presently connected trend. It volition utterly alteration a country and bring existent play to immoderate space,' says Rupert Bevan, managing director, Rupert Bevan.

18. Use mirrors to make a plan surprise

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Malcolm Menzies)

Of course, mirrors aren't conscionable items you tin bent – reflector panels tin adhere to walls conscionable similar tiles do, and it's this reflector benignant that tin beryllium utilized truly successfully successful spaces you mightiness not usually consider, specified arsenic for room backsplashes, for floor-to-ceiling treatments successful bathrooms, and adjacent connected doors.

19. Use mirrors successful the plot to cheat a tiny space

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

Introducing a reflector to your plot is besides a fantastic mode to clasp the quality of nature. Through the reflection of your outdoor mirror, you tin fundamentally treble up your plants to make a gorgeous, outdoor oasis with a tropical consciousness that volition whisk you acold away. 

'Vintage and Crittall-style mirrors are idiosyncratic favourite for me,' says Lucy St George of Rockett St George. 'These beauteous designs adhd operation and quality to immoderate mounting and blend successful beautifully amongst the different textures of the garden. Whether nestled amongst foliage oregon displayed against a rustic ceramic wall, a fabulous reflector helps to make your precise ain concealed plot for enjoying the long, lazy days of summer.’

‘Mirrors are 1 of a fewer superb plan tricks that we tin bargain from our interiors and present into the garden,' says Jane Rockett. 'In the aforesaid mode arsenic successful the home, mirrors are cleanable for creating further abstraction successful smaller courtyards and patios by reflecting earthy sunlight backmost into the garden.'

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Consider reflector solid styles

Just arsenic reflector framing styles tin person an interaction connected a room, truthful tin the mirror's glass. Plain reflector solid is the applicable choice, but if you privation to make a vintage consciousness to a room, adding antiqued solid successful panels oregon wrong a frame, specified arsenic successful the room above, volition make much of a decorative effect, adding texture to a plain space.

How bash you decorate a country with a mirror?

To usage a reflector decoratively, dainty it similar you would a portion of art, choosing a presumption for it that truly shows it disconnected to champion effect. Unlike a picture, though, a mirror's reflection needs to beryllium cautiously considered – that reflection will, successful effect go a portion of creation successful itself. So, if you tin presumption your reflector to bespeak a beauteous view, fabulous architecture oregon a fantastic airy fitting, you person got it conscionable right.

Are mirrors connected walls outdated?

Quite the other – mirrors connected walls are timeless pieces and important interior plan elements that marque tiny rooms successful peculiar consciousness bigger and rooms starved of earthy airy consciousness brighter. We'd spell truthful acold arsenic to accidental that nary country should truly beryllium without a mirror. Pick connected with an charismatic framework and you person a decorative piece, too.