Decorating with teal – expert advice for using this bold and beautiful shade

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Decorating with teal is simply a fabulous mode to bring property to your interiors. Sitting betwixt greenish and blue, teal is simply a versatile shadiness that pairs good with a wide scope of different colors and tin beryllium utilized successful some modern and accepted schemes.

With a spectrum stretching from cyan tones done to vivid turquoise and heavy water blues, teal tin beryllium utilized to evoke an array of antithetic moods and styles.

Whether you’re looking to make a caller fresh strategy oregon to respire caller beingness into an existing room, determination are galore ways to usage teal arsenic a warmer enactment erstwhile decorating with blue. To assistance animate you to get it right, we’ve rounded up an array of beauteous teal rooms on with immoderate tips from the experts.

Not definite what colour teal is? Our usher volition assistance you get the close shadiness successful the close place.

Decorating with teal – what to consider

Decorating with teal is simply a fashionable room colour idea with interior designers and homeowners alike, acknowledgment to its versatility.

'A colour that is beautiful, bold and sits truthful good with astir each different colors, utilizing teal successful interiors is ever a large thought arsenic it tin beryllium truthful dynamic,' says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative director, Kelling Designs. 'Whether you spell for a agleam teal oregon opt for a moodier, deeper shade, it's versatile capable to adhd beingness and energy, whilst creating play and ambiance successful immoderate surviving space.'

Andy Greenall, caput of plan astatine Paint & Paper Library, besides highlights however teal tin beryllium utilized to make a scope of antithetic blue country ideas suitable for immoderate season. 'A perfectly balanced hue, it’s neither excessively lukewarm oregon excessively cool. It volition make a sumptuous cocooning feeling successful wintertime and an uplifting, astir Mediterranean decor consciousness erstwhile bathed successful airy connected sunny summertime days.'

For those assured with color, teal tin look stunning utilized wall-to-wall and is large for bringing a consciousness of play to surviving rooms and eating rooms. Alternatively, for a much pared-back attack to decorating, teal tin marque a fabulous accent color for bringing other extent to neutral schemes and for livening up restful spaces specified arsenic bedrooms.

Make an interaction with an each teal scheme

teal eating  country   with bluish  colour artifact  partition  mural painted woodwork, woody  floor

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

A bold, captivating shade, teal tin marque a stunning connection erstwhile utilized wall-to-wall. ‘Super beardown tones similar teal are lively and breathtaking and adhd vigor to a room, to marque it pop,’ explains Justyna Korczynska, elder decorator at Crown. 

When choosing teal paint ideas it’s important to instrumentality into relationship the code arsenic this tin person a large interaction connected the look and consciousness of the space. While agleam teals tin make a fresh, vibrant feel, darker teals with achromatic successful them tin make a much moody, melodramatic feel. 

Deep teals tin marque a large dining country colour ideas, arsenic they volition make an intimate ambiance which is cleanable for entertaining. To heighten effect, see utilizing teal connected the ceiling and crossed each skirting and woodwork, excessively – this is known arsenic colour drenching and tin look beautifully contemporary.

Think astir the lighting of the room

Teal surviving  room

(Image credit: Damien Russell)

If you're reasoning of decorating with teal it's important to instrumentality into relationship the predisposition of the country and the airy it receives arsenic this volition interaction however the colour looks and feels and what warmth of shadiness you choose, explains Andy
Greenall, caput of plan for Paint & Paper Library.

'As teals span the colour spectrum from agleam turquoise tones to luxurious cyan hues, the basal code varies from greenish to blue, truthful see selecting a bluer hue successful south-facing spaces and a greener teal successful a north-facing room, wherever the cooler airy volition stress the bluish wrong the color.'

Use teal with achromatic to make a feeling of serenity

teal bath  with teal panelling and bath

(Image credit: Future)

Conjuring the alluring turquoise and cyan tones of the Mediterranean sea, decorating with teal unneurotic with achromatic is simply a fabulous mode to bring a restful consciousness to interiors. With its soothing, watery connotations, the shadiness makes a large bathroom colour idea – aft all, if there's anyplace that deserves to consciousness relaxing it's the bathroom. 

If you're considering teal for your bathroom paneling ideas, arsenic demonstrated here, past 'opt for a satin finish,' suggests Andy Greenall caput of plan astatine Paper & Paint Library. 'As good arsenic being applicable and durable, it offers a 30-35 percent sheen level, this volition item the paneling and make a beauteous airy reflecting surface.'

Combine antithetic tones of teal

Little Greene Tea with Florence successful  a kitchen

(Image credit: Little Greene Tea with Florence)

Decorating successful a azygous hue, oregon with chill tones similar blue, tin sometimes permission rooms feeling acold oregon lacking successful atmosphere. If you're reasoning of an all-teal country past see utilizing a saltation of tones to make layers of depth. 

This is besides a utile maneuver for those cautious with utilizing artifact color, explains Ruth Mottershead, originative manager of Little Greene. 'If coating each elements successful 1 shadiness feels a little overwhelming, prime a radical of tonally coordinating colors and utilize crossed the room,' she advises.

Team teal with earthy wood

Teal diagnostic   partition  successful  a kitchen

(Image credit: Mary wadsworth)

Conjuring the beauteous tones of oversea and sky, teal works fabulously with earthy materials and stands retired beautifully erstwhile acceptable adjacent to the honeyed and blonde tones of earthy wood arsenic demonstrated successful this eating space. 

When decorating with teal, 'draw connected the integrated tones of the shadiness and see plentifulness of botanicals and earthy woods to make a caller and enlivening space,' says Helen Shaw, UK manager astatine Benjamin Moore. 'Alternatively earthy and lukewarm accents specified arsenic mustard oregon paprika volition make a mid-century and melodramatic feel,' she adds.

Pair teal with pinkish accents and navy

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with bluish  painted panelling bluish  curtains and pin cushion connected  bed

(Image credit: Future PLC / Emma Lee)

If you're looking for colors to brace with teal, see pink. Sitting other greenish connected the colour wheel, pinkish works peculiarly good for balancing greenish-blue tones. 'Teal and pinkish is simply a winning operation arsenic the colors beryllium truthful beautifully unneurotic and it is simply a pairing that tin beryllium seen utilized crossed galore of our plan schemes,' says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative director, Kelling Designs.

'Whether you spell bold with agleam teals and fuchsia pinks successful large pops connected your walls, joinery and furniture, oregon whether you present it to a neutral abstraction done accessories and brushed furnishings, you tin adhd an uplifting burst of colour and signifier that's arsenic casual connected the oculus arsenic it is beautiful.'

Introduce teal accents


(Image credit: Future/Michael Sinclair)

For a gentler attack to decorating with teal effort introducing it done accessories specified arsenic throws, cushions and lampshades. For those that similar pared-back neutral country ideas, adding colorful accessories successful vibrant shea blues are a superb mode to liven up the abstraction whilst maintaining a feeling of calm. 

Paint furnishings successful teal

Display furniture  with teal interior

(Image credit: Jon Day)

For a playful attack to decorating with teal wherefore not overgarment the wrong of a furniture oregon pantry for an unexpected colour pop? Painting a glazed furniture successful a bold hue tin marque a superb backdrop for displaying china arsenic it volition let pieces to truly pop.

Use teal to item play features

Window shutters painted successful  teal

(Image credit: Paper & Paint Library)

If you emotion bold colors similar teal, but are cautious of utilizing them successful abundance, past wherefore not present them implicit woodwork oregon different architectural features specified arsenic fireplaces?

'Architectural features are a fantastic big for making a connection with color, beryllium that skirting and doors, oregon if you’re fortunate enough, accepted model shutters which look resplendent successful a connection color,' explains Andy Greenall head of design, Paint & Paper Library.

Pair teal with achromatic and white 

Bathroom with teal subway tiles

(Image credit: C.P. Hart / Anna Stathaki)

If you're readying connected decorating with achromatic and white past teal tin marque a beauteous complimentary color. Used successful their axenic form, achromatic and achromatic tin look stark and level truthful tin truly payment from being tempered by different colour and teal is the perfect candidate. 

Bold and vibrant, teal has the quality to basal up to two-tone schemes arsenic this bath proves. In this strategy teal bath partition tiles supply ocular equilibrium to the striking checkered level portion besides creating a beauteous backdrop for this luxurious rotation top.

Use teal to bring vigor to a kitchen

teal painted room  with marble countertop

(Image credit: Future)

Kitchens are spaces successful which we walk tons of time, truthful it makes consciousness that they consciousness blessed and uplifting and teal is simply a superb mode to execute this. According to the experts, teal has go an progressively fashionable arsenic a room colour idea, providing a caller instrumentality connected the classical blue kitchen. 

'In kitchens we often spot tones of bluish oregon greenish being utilized to gully the oculus to the halfway island, nevertheless much precocious we person seen a inclination for much vibrant hues coming done specified arsenic shades of teal oregon verdigris,' says Helen Shaw, UK manager astatine Benjamin Moore.

What colors spell good with teal?

Teal goes good with a big of different colors. Sitting betwixt greenish and blue, it is simply a versatile shadiness which fits easy with galore colour schemes. 

With orangish sitting other bluish connected the colour wheel, and greenish sitting other pink, arsenic a substance of the two, teal is simply a earthy spouse to some shades but besides looks fabulous with different lukewarm tones similar yellowish and red.

'I emotion it utilizing teal successful designs with reds, charcoals and saffron especially. It works wonderfully good arsenic a backmost crushed to these vibrant colors truthful large for walls arsenic well,' explains Susie Watson, laminitis of Susie Watson Designs. 'Deep colors are present truthful fashionable connected walls again and they bash marque an astonishing backmost driblet to the reds, pinks and saffron we emotion using.'

When reasoning astir colors to brace with teal Tobie Lewis, Senior Brand Manager astatine Valspar Paint suggests utilizing it 'with a cleansing achromatic to maximize earthy airy successful a room, oregon successful opposition with an earthy mustard yellowish oregon burnt orangish to adhd much extent to your colour palette.'

How bash you usage teal successful a surviving room?

There are galore ways to usage teal successful a surviving room, successful fact, being a hugely versatile shade, it tin beryllium utilized successful astir rooms.

If you emotion teal and a assured with color, 'go bold by coating an full country oregon adhd a popular of it with a connection diagnostic wall,' says Sam Hood, main originative serviceman astatine luxury location store Amara. Alternatively, for a much subtle approach, 'a beauteous teal vase oregon decorative objet tin bring extent and involvement to immoderate surface,' she adds.

'For furniture, teal velvet works good and adds a sumptuous texture to your surviving space.'

When deciding what code of teal to usage beryllium definite to deliberation astir lighting explains  Annie Sloan. 

'In agleam earthy daylight, this colour volition thin much greenish whilst astatine night, nether artificial light, the bluish pigment volition beryllium much noticeable,' says the overgarment and colour expert. 'This extent of shadiness volition make a wonderful, snug, cozy feeling adjacent successful larger rooms,' she adds, nevertheless successful smaller spaces she suggests to, 'use it connected conscionable 1 wall.'