Decorating with vases – 13 ways to create beautiful displays

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Decorating with vases is simply a beauteous mode to benignant your home. Whether filled with beauteous caller flowers oregon displayed arsenic decorative objects, vases marque a beauteous finishing interaction for immoderate room. 

From dainty bud vases and classical solid designs to vintage jugs and rustic confit pots, determination are each sorts of vessels that tin beryllium utilized arsenic vases to show flowers and galore tin look arsenic beauteous arsenic basal unsocial pieces wrong interior design. 

There's besides an array of ways they tin beryllium displayed, too, from arranged successful groups connected a mantelpiece oregon a broadside table, to placed unsocial successful the halfway of a eating table. 

To assistance you get inspired we've rounded up an array of beauteous decorating ideas for arranging vases arsenic good arsenic immoderate useful tips from the experts astir wherever to spot them and what vases to usage for definite blooms.

Flora Roberts Foxgloves mural

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Decorating with vases – wherever to start

When it comes to decorating with vases, choosing the close vase is cardinal arsenic it tin alteration a floral display.

If you are fixed a ample bouquet bursting with blooms you'll privation to marque definite you person the close signifier of vase to amusement them off, alternatively a well-chosen vase tin elevate the humblest of blooms into a beauteous centerpiece oregon arrangement, truthful it's worthy having a enactment of sizes and designs available.

However there's nary request to capable vases with flowers for them to look beautiful, connection pieces with sculptural shapes, hand-painted with artisan designs, oregon made from beauteous materials that showcase fabulous texture, whether rustic oregon reflective, tin look stunning displayed unsocial oregon successful a curated grouping.

1. Choose the close vase for your flowers

Traditional eating  country   with antique furnishings  from Lesley Blackford Antiques

(Image credit: Future / Malcolm Menzies)

When it comes to decorating with flowers beryllium definite to person a enactment of vases astatine the ready. Different blooms person antithetic habits, plus, arsenic surviving things, they alteration implicit clip causing the signifier of the statement to evolve.

'I’d urge having a prime of vases,' explains London-based florist Gail Smith for LSA International. 'A clump of pinkish tulips could look astonishing successful 1 vase and a dog’s meal successful another. Vases whose cervix is narrower than the basal of the vase are the easiest to put in.'

For an statement of soaring spire flowers specified arsenic delphiniums oregon larkspur, effort a constrictive flared solid vase arsenic pictured and support it wide successful bid to fto the blooms talk for themselves.

2. Line a mantel with artisan vessels

Blue mantelpiece with artisan ceramic vases

(Image credit: Styling Sally Denning / Photograph Polly Wreford)

Arranging a bid of vases successful antithetic shapes and heights on is simply a beauteous mantel decor idea. For an artful show with texture and involvement take a enactment of organic, handmade ceramic vases specified arsenic these designs from The New Craftsman and Be Still Ceramics. 

While they volition look beauteous arsenic a imperishable display, filling the vases with a fewer azygous stems of seasonal blooms volition assistance support your mantel looking beauteous and caller passim the year.

3. Create array centerpiece with vintage charm

Summer bouquet by The Real Flower Company

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

There's noting similar a beauteous hand-tied bouquet of seasonal blooms to capable a country with colour and fragrance, positive they marque the cleanable accent portion for entertaining guests, whether astatine a diner enactment oregon day beverage successful the kitchen. When it comes to displaying flowers arsenic a dining array decor idea, don't beryllium acrophobic to stray from the accepted solid vase. 

Urns and confit jars are superb for creating a rustic farmhouse look and are cleanable for 'large headed flowers, including treble tulips, peonies, plot roses and hydrangea,' explains florist Philippa Craddock. 'The narrower cervix helps to clasp and enactment these larger stems, to make bold designs with ease.' 

4. Arrange artisan vases connected shelves

Shelves with artisan vases

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day)

Create a striking show successful a modern surviving country by decorating shelves with an array of ceramic artisan vases successful a premix of abstract shapes, painterly finishes and bold colors.

To assistance the vases basal out, overgarment the shelves successful a muted shade, this volition bring capable colour to off-set the vases without competing with them.

5. Brighten up a hallway

Hallway reflector  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

As the country into which we invited guests, the hallway makes a cleanable abstraction to show vases capable of caller flowers arsenic they are guaranteed to bring a joyful and uplifting feel. If you're looking to clasp entry array decor past a console array oregon sideboard is simply a must. 

In summation to beryllium a practical, 'a console array volition besides springiness you a aboveground to adhd immoderate decor truthful radical coming into your location get a consciousness of your idiosyncratic benignant and what to expect,' says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative director, Kelling Designs. 'Dress the console with decorative vases and objets, show your champion household photos and bring successful a interaction of quality with plants.'

Decorating with mirrors supra a console volition marque a hallway consciousness instantly bigger, but is besides a beauteous mode to amplify a vase of flowers making them look much abundant.

6. Display a bid of bud vases

Chinoiserie bud vase floral show  by Philippa Craddock

(Image credit: Philippa Craddock)

When it comes to floral displays bigger doesn't needfully mean amended – azygous stems successful small vases tin beryllium conscionable arsenic effectual arsenic a ample centerpiece and truly allows each bloom to shine. 'I similar to usage bud vases for quick, elegant array designs, utilizing simplistic azygous stems to mixed mini bunches of tiny stems,' says Philippa Craddock.

These chinoiserie vases are large for adding a popular of signifier and would acceptable beautifully afloat with a bluish and achromatic scheme.

7. Cluster bud vases 

Dining country   with bud vases connected  the table

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

For a delicate yet impactful show for a dining room effort popping stems successful solid bud vases and arranging them successful the mediate of the array alongside a bid fo solid candlesticks. 

Lightweight, the vases tin easy beryllium moved erstwhile it's clip for serving nutrient and there's nary request to interest astir ample vases falling over. Be definite to take blooms that aren't excessively dense truthful the vases don't extremity over.

8. Use a gangly vase for sculptural branches

Home bureau   by Athena Calderon with ample  greenish  vasee

(Image credit: Photograph by Matthew Williams / Project by Athena Calderone )

Decorating with plants needn't outgo a fortune, successful information conscionable a fewer foraged, leafy branches tin marque a beauteous sculptural centerpiece successful a neutral room arsenic this abstraction proves. 

For champion results, show branches successful gangly vases with a constrictive cervix to support them upright. Alternatively, 'apothecary solid vases are superb for wild, whimsical, conscionable picked bunches of longer stems and branches,' suggests florist Philippa Craddock.

9. Display colored solid vases 

Colored solid  vases

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Tinted solid vases person grown successful popularity successful caller years arsenic much of america are embracing colour successful our homes. They tin beryllium a beauteous mode to accent colorful blooms oregon to elevate humble chaotic flowers, positive they are useful for obscuring messy stems.

For a dazzling display, spot a enactment on a windowsill wherever they volition radiance similar jewels successful the sunlight. 

10. Pair vases of antithetic heights

Taupe surviving  country   with sideboard and decorative vases

(Image credit: Oka)

A surviving country sideboard oregon console array makes the cleanable spot to benignant a decorative show featuring vases. 'If you're wondering how to benignant a console table effort seeking inspiration from quality and deliberation astir the heights of the pieces,' says Sue Jones, laminitis of Oka. ‘A vibrant floral show tin truly bring a country to life, particularly erstwhile arranged successful a connection vase oregon pot.'

'For outpouring and summer, look for ceramics featuring nature-inspired textures and calming shades of bluish oregon cream, and beryllium definite to brace designs of antithetic heights unneurotic – contrasting gangly and abbreviated pieces is pleasing to the eye,’ she adds.

11. Use vintage vessels

Dahlias displayed successful  vintage florist vases

(Image credit: Alitex)

Bold, blowsy blooms similar dahlias tin beryllium overpowering successful a azygous vase – to marque the astir of them effort splitting the clump and arranging them crossed a bid of vases. 

If you emotion decorating with vintage, aged metallic floristry vases of enamel jugs successful greenish are peculiarly effectual astatine mounting disconnected hot-colored blooms and adhd beauteous quality with their time-worn patina.

12. Fill jugs with dried flowers

Dried flowers successful  a vintage jug

(Image credit: Flicky Wallace / Dot & Dandelion)

While caller flowers are hard to beat, they lone person a constricted lifespan, connected the different hand, by decorating with dried flowers you tin make a beauteous everlasting display.

'By their precise quality dried flowers person shrunk successful the drying process truthful you usually request much stems to capable a vase. For this reason, the vase tin look messy with tons of stems, truthful I similar to usage an opaque oregon colored solid vase to fell the stems,' explains florist Gail Smith for LSA International. 'Dried flowers are often consecutive and stiff truthful I see plentifulness of dried flowers that person a wobble successful the stem to adhd movement.'

You tin bargain ready-dried flowers but what tin beryllium adjacent much peculiar is to adust your ain pickings from the garden. Once you person learnt how to adust flowers you tin make endless lasting arrangements specified arsenic this by Dot and Dandelion displayed successful a vintage jug.

13. Arrange sculptural vases connected a table

Vases displayed connected  a circular  table

(Image credit: Styling Alyce Taylor / Photograph Jake Curtis)

Arranging shapely vessels connected a elemental array tin beryllium a fabulous mode to bring involvement to an bare living country corner. 

When arranging decorative objects enactment successful unusual numbers and prime pieces of antithetic heights to guarantee bushed and balance. If you're readying to support to a monochrome palette, take pieces with sculptural forms and materials with plentifulness of aboveground texture. 

When it comes to what array to choose, effort a elemental pedestal array truthful arsenic not to distract from the artful display.

Can you decorate with bare vases?

Yes, you tin decorate with bare vases. Gone are the days erstwhile vases are kept successful the cupboard and brought lone occasionally. Many vases look conscionable arsenic bully bare arsenic they bash filled, and tin marque for beauteous displays successful their ain right, truthful there's nary request to store them distant erstwhile flowers spell over.

There are galore vessels utilized to show flowers that besides marque beauteous decorative objects: urns, confit pots, and vintage jugs each look beauteous arranged successful tiny groups oregon connected their own. successful an alcove oregon windowsill.

Empty vases tin marque beauteous arrangements, particularly if they are successful beauteous colors and person beauteous sculptural shapes, patterns and textures. Empty vases enactment good displayed successful unusual numbers and astatine antithetic heights. 

Arrange them connected a sideboard successful a surviving oregon eating room, oregon adhd involvement to a corridor oregon hallway by displaying them connected a console table. They besides look superb displayed connected shelves oregon successful a glazed cabinet.

Flowers and vases successful  a inferior  room

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

How bash you show a vase successful your house?

There are galore ways to show vases successful your home. When filled with flowers they marque the cleanable array centerpiece oregon tin beryllium placed connected a console successful a hallway arsenic portion of your entry array decor ideas. 

Vases bursting with caller play blooms are classical spring mantel decor idea for brightening up your home, alternatively, effort filling them with dried flowers oregon rustic branches for a fall mantel display.

When angiosperm vases aren't successful usage don't fell them distant successful a furniture successful the utility, see displaying them connected unfastened shelves oregon successful a glazed furniture – not lone volition this marque for a beauteous display, it volition let them to beryllium easy seen and accessed. 

Statement vases with colorful hand-painted designs oregon striking shapes look beauteous displayed unsocial with nary flowers connected a mantel, support oregon broadside table, alternatively, effort displaying a postulation of vases successful antithetic shapes and materials for a quirky display. 

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