Decorating with vintage – 10 ways to add character to your home

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Decorating with vintage is simply a fantastic mode to springiness your location quality and unsocial style.

Steeped successful history, vintage pieces person stories to archer and bring a idiosyncratic interaction to interior design, whether it's a cherished heirloom passed down done the generations oregon a fortunate find picked up astatine a gait sale. 

'Not lone are these pieces often finely crafted to basal the trial of time, they bring overmuch needed quality and charm to what different mightiness beryllium a much modern home,' explains interior decorator Emma Sims Hilditch.

Here we've rounded up a enactment of inspiring ways for integrating antiques and vintage finds into your location alongside immoderate adept proposal from interior experts.

Decorating with vintage 

There are galore approaches to decorating with vintage, but galore of the interiors experts hold that erstwhile it comes to choosing vintage pieces you should bargain what you emotion alternatively than what you deliberation mightiness beryllium valuable. 

'The archetypal steps for anyone opening the travel of decorating with vintage should commencement with what a idiosyncratic likes, alternatively than focussing connected the value. It’s astir uncovering pieces that talk to you connected a idiosyncratic level. It’s not indispensable to walk a luck from the outset,' says interior decorator Henriette von Stockhausen.

'Decorating with antiques truly adds a consciousness of charm and past to a room. Go for what you love, alternatively than what you deliberation mightiness beryllium invaluable oregon connected trend,' adds Louise Roe, laminitis of nostalgic homeware marque Sharland England. 

Mix aged with new

Dining country   successful  Kelly Wearstler house

(Image credit: Kelly Wearstler)

For interior decorator Kelly Weastler the cardinal to decorating with vintage is to premix pieces from antithetic eras.

'I americium a steadfast believer that successful each epoch determination is unthinkable plan and I propulsion from tons of antithetic periods – I emotion mixing deco, Bauhaus, mid-century modern decor; sticking to 1 epoch tin beryllium a spot 1 note. If you bargain each your furnishings caller it’s going to commencement to look dated quickly, but if you instrumentality the clip to curate and store successful a assortment of places, you extremity up with a overmuch much timeless room.

'I commencement sourcing furnishings aboriginal connected successful projects, and taking clip to find the close pieces makes each the difference. I’m ever looking for a equilibrium betwixt vintage and contemporary. If I bargain a caller sofa possibly I’ll look for a vintage coffee table, truthful they offset 1 another,' adds Kelly Weastler (opens successful caller tab).

Combine antithetic styles 

Modern circular eating  array  with vintage woody  religion  chairs

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

When decorating with vintage pieces don't consciousness similar each your request to lucifer says Henriette von Stockhausen, alternatively travel your heart. 'The information is that often the much contrived and forced an interior is, the little palmy it is,' she says.

'Some radical volition stumble implicit the request to absorption connected 1 play oregon genre which possibly bespeak the clip successful which the location was built. This tin beryllium important for those who are trying to reconstruct a country oregon location to the archetypal design. But my attack with clients is to promote them to premix pieces from antithetic countries, styles and periods, if they are comfy doing so.'

Invest successful prime pieces

Vintage leather armchairs

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

For galore interior designers the entreaty of choosing vintage furnishings implicit modern is its longevity.

'The materials utilized were mostly precocious prime – hardwoods and antithetic woods that radical don't usage present oregon silks oregon embroideries. For quality, plan and durability, antiques comparison precise favorably to modern furniture,' explains interior decorator Susan Deliss (opens successful caller tab).

To guarantee you're buying a prime portion and not a reproduction, 'check the authenticity of the antiques you acquisition – determination should beryllium labels, hallmarks oregon details of the maker’s determination and often a certificate of authenticity,' says Clara Ewart, caput of plan astatine Kitesgrove (opens successful caller tab).

Embrace vintage textiles

Chloe Jonsason cushions successful  vintage amerind  fabrics

(Image credit: Chloe Jonason)

Whether introduced done cushions, lampshades oregon bedspreads, vintage textiles are a superb mode to inject room color, signifier and softness into an interior – you could adjacent bent a cloth sheet arsenic a portion of wall decor. 

Made by manus with exquisite craftsmanship, determination are beauteous vintage fabrics disposable from each implicit the satellite which showcase an array of antithetic techniques, from Indian Kantha quilts and Japaneze Shibori to embroidered Suzani panels from Central Asia.

'I conscionable emotion that vintage textiles are one-of-a-kind, I’m drawn to the colors and patterns that archer the tales of time,' says interior decorator and cloth collector Chloe Jonason (opens successful caller tab) who besides sells an array of vintage textile homewares online. 'They person a definite faded elegance which makes them casual to premix and lucifer arsenic the muted colors each enactment truly good together.'

Choose antique lighting

Living country   with fireplace, antique chandelier and partition  sconce lighting

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

With galore beautifully decorative designs available, antique and vintage lighting is becoming progressively fashionable among homeowners wanting to marque a decorative statement.

'It is astir a lighting diagnostic that has the aforesaid interaction erstwhile it is disconnected arsenic it does erstwhile illuminated, decadent and glamorous, relation and form, it needs to airy a space, but besides ignite the imagination,' says Lucy Tonge, proprietor of decorative antiques and lighting trader LCT Home (opens successful caller tab).

'We’ve seen rather a surge successful request for antique and vintage partition sconces successful the past fewer months, determination has ever been a beardown tendency among galore of our benignant conscious clients to unafraid that cardinal portion of vintage decorator lighting, and the absorption utilized to thin much toward ceiling lights, beryllium they flush mounts oregon chandeliers.  

'However, the caller trends person precise overmuch been focused toward securing that unsocial portion of lighting for the wall, whether it is simply a brace of beauteous people inspired flora and fauna sconces, oregon a spectacular connection light, the appetite among our clients for partition lighting that is decorative arsenic good arsenic functional is stronger than ever, peculiarly from the 1960s–80s.'

Up-cycle vintage pieces

Blue walls, orangish  armchair

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Whether it's recovering mid-century armchair, giving a lick of overgarment to an aged sideboard, oregon framing a caller artwork with an aged gilt frame, giving vintage finds a caller lease of beingness is simply a large mode to make unsocial pieces for your home, positive it helps trim waste, too.

'There are galore places to find fantastic antiques and you don’t request to person a large fund to find pieces which tin beryllium restored, re-upholstered and renewed whether you take to spell to a decorative just oregon an auction house,' says Clara Ewart, Head of Design astatine Kitesgrove. 

'Re-purposing one-off pieces of furnishings oregon lighting volition besides supply a large consciousness of restitution to beryllium continuing the beingness of an point which whitethorn different person been discarded.'

Play with texture

Alcove shelves filled with decorative objects

(Image credit: Julia Dempster)

Boasting beauteous time-worn patinas, vintage vessels, books and artefacts marque beauteous pieces for decorating shelves. 'I similar to usage contrasting textures but with a minimal colour palette erstwhile I decorate with vintage pieces. I bounds the colors to a maximum of three,' explains interior decorator Julia Dempster (opens successful caller tab)

When styling a shelf, 'do not person each the items connected a longer support the aforesaid height. Not lone should you opposition materials, you should premix up the heights, too,' she adds.

Integrate vintage pieces into the kitchen

vintage sideboard successful  a achromatic  cottage kitchen

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

If you're looking to make a vintage kitchen, adding successful freestanding pieces of furnishings specified arsenic dressers, sideboards oregon buffet tables, volition instantly adhd property and make a much relaxed feel. 

'It is decidedly worthy spending clip sourcing vintage pieces to interruption up a room, they tin truly marque a quality to the finished look and ever adhd property and character, says Helen Parker, originative manager astatine Devol (opens successful caller tab).

While fitted kitchen cabinets are large for maximizing storage ideas, freestanding vintage pieces boast beauteous aged patinas, which, erstwhile utilized successful operation with cabinetry, tin assistance interruption up the uniformity of the space. Freestanding kitchens tin besides beryllium easy reconfigured if you're looking to alteration the kitchen layout, positive tin beryllium taken with you if you determination house. 

Take a cue from the architecture

garden country   with woody  beamed paneled ceiling achromatic  arched walls and large  solid  windows with grey sofa and striped cushions

(Image credit: Jenna Peffley)

When decorating with art oregon vintage partition décor, taking inspiration from the architecture of the country is simply a bully spot to commencement suggests Julia Dempster.

'In this surviving country I selected textural pieces specified arsenic a 3D Juju chapeau made of feathers from St. Frank and vintage tribal handwoven baskets from Fragments of Identity,' she says of this farmhouse-style Pacific Palisades home.

'The architectural features were curved, and I wanted the artwork stress the architectural elements, the 3 pieces were selected to bespeak some the partition and the colors and textures wrong the sisal rug and the cushions connected the sofa.'

Bring antiques into the bathroom

Upcycled victorian washstand

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes)

Bathroom ideas tin tally the hazard of feeling acold and clinical, but introducing antiques and vintage finds is simply a large mode to bring warmth, texture and personality. Why not equine modern sinks onto a Victorian washstand to make a unsocial and playful vanity unit.

Think creatively astir however you tin bring caller intent to aged oregon unwanted items suggests Henriette von Stockhausen. 'There are truthful galore ways to incorporated antiques with possibly the lone regularisation being not to beryllium acrophobic to premix and experiment. Old paravent screens tin go cupboard doors, rugs tin go headboards, urns tin go lamps and tables tin go room islands! Creativity is cardinal – fto your imaginativeness tally chaotic and archer your ain story!'

How bash you premix modern and vintage decor?

'Always benignant vintage pieces with a premix of much modern items, arsenic you don’t privation to make a play movie acceptable successful the surviving room,' explains Louise Roe. 'I emotion the warmth and comfortableness that wood and aged textiles bring to interiors with their worn patina – effort draping a vintage Suzani implicit the backmost of the sofa to adhd a focal constituent to the room.'

‘Vintage and collectable accessories volition besides adhd eternal quirk and springiness a abstraction which mightiness different beryllium on-trend but lifeless, a existent consciousness of depth, property and soul,' says Martin Waller, director, Andrew Martin.

'They volition item the minimalist backdrop successful which they sit, accentuating your fashionable and meticulously thought-out scheme, whilst adding thing archetypal from which the speech starts. I mean that metaphorically and literally, determination ever has to beryllium a astonishment successful a country to make ocular excitement arsenic good arsenic thing caller to speech astir with guests.’