Defunct demolition company fined after fatal fall from height

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A antheral has died falling from height, aft the conception of metallic grating connected a tube span helium was lasting connected gave way.

His employer, demolition contractor CBR02 Ltd, has been fined £5,000 for failing to grounds the “extremely hazardous condition” of the tube span astatine Longannet Power Station successful Fife, Scotland.

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court heard that successful February 2019, John Gary Robertson fell 30 feet from the tube span and suffered aggregate injuries arsenic a result. He aboriginal died from his injuries.

A associated probe by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Police Scotland recovered that Robertson had been lasting connected a conception of metallic grating connected the tube span that was highly corroded and it gave way.

It was recovered that CBR02 failed to transportation retired a suitable hazard appraisal astatine the site, arsenic it did not notation the corrosion connected the bridge.

The lawsuit connected the job, Scottish Power, had antecedently highlighted the contented to the contractor. Despite that, CBR02 had failed to pass its employees of the bridge’s hazardous information oregon forestall entree to it.

CBR02 Limited of Hertford Road, Middlesex pleaded blameworthy to breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety astatine Work etc Act 1974.

HSE main inspector David Charnock said: “Falls from tallness stay 1 of the astir communal causes of work-related fatalities successful this state and the risks associated with moving astatine tallness are good known.

“In this case, capable connection of suitable accusation and instructions would person made employees alert of the unsafe information of the tube span platform,” helium added.

CBR02 entered into medication successful November 2020, appointing Natalie Brady of Cornerstone Business Turnaround and Recovery to pb the process.

Construction News contacted Cornerstone Business Turnaround and Recovery, and Scottish Power for comment.

Falls from tallness are the biggest origin of decease connected operation sites, causing a 4th of fatalities successful the twelvemonth to March 2021.

Last year, No Falls Foundation seat Peter Bennett said each accidents effect from failures successful 1 of much of 3 cardinal tasks – planning, organisation oregon management.

He said readying from the commencement of the process could assistance to little the fig of falls from tallness successful the industry.