Designer Alfredo Paredes at home – calm white walls and a mix of vintage finds

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When a apical interior decorator renovates a play location for himself and his household determination are nary prizes for guessing that it volition crook retired to beryllium 1 of the world's champion homes. 

The location connected Shelter Island, conscionable eastbound of New York City, has water views, its ain jetty and landing signifier connected the waterfront, positive a generous backyard with mature trees and neat gardens.

The spot is an 1870s Victorian location that started arsenic a tiny cottage and has been expanded implicit the years. Designer Alfredo Paredes (opens successful caller tab), who bought the location 9 years ago, has restored it wrong and out. His delicate renovations and redesign heighten the aesthetic of the archetypal property. The furnishings – a premix of antiques and newer pieces – make a relaxed, lived-in look that's cleanable for a play and vacation home. 

It was a antithetic communicative wholly erstwhile Alfredo and household archetypal took it on. 'It was successful request of repairs – the planting was overgrown and blocking the windows, determination was acheronian trim and acheronian shutters, and the beforehand structure that had intelligibly been portion of the archetypal plan was missing,' says Alfredo. 'In resurrecting it we tried to ideate it successful its glory days. Painting everything achromatic gave it the freshness it was lacking, arsenic did stripping backmost and simplifying the planting.'

Designer Alfredo gives america a circuit and talks america done the changes helium made. 

Dining room

dining country   with circular  woody  array  and fitted bookcases

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

Before launching his ain NY plan workplace successful 2019 Alfredo was originative manager for Ralph Lauren for 33 years, designing the brand's spaces, stores and events. For a plan seasoned similar Alfredo with specified an oculus for item dining country ideas for his ain location came easy. 'We emotion a circular array for entertaining,' says Alfredo. 'The country besides functions arsenic a room – 1 mode to guarantee the country is successful changeless usage and not conscionable for meal parties.'

Giving a country a dual intent similar this is simply a large idea, peculiarly for rooms that would different lone beryllium utilized occasionally. 

The rug is from Sacco, the striking pendant airy is by Richard Ogden and the the array is from Ralph Lauren Home and paired with vintage chairs. 

Kitchen with archetypal charm

white room  with achromatic  room  stool and earthy  circular  rattan rug

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

The small, elemental room layout presented Alfredo with a plan dilemma arsenic helium considered his kitchen ideas. 'We initially envisioned gutting the kitchen,' helium explains, 'but successful the extremity held back, alternatively changing the counters, lighting, overgarment and different details to support immoderate of the home’s archetypal charm.'

Butler's pantry

white room  item  with vessel  representation   and angled light

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

The drawers and cabinetry successful this butler’s pantry are each archetypal but, similar the kitchen, needed caller countertops, lighting, and paint. 'This abstraction was an afterthought erstwhile we bought the location and is present an integral portion of the kitchen,' says Alfredo. 

Covered porch

dining array  acceptable   for luncheon  connected  covered structure  country  with striped awnings and metallic  tolix chairs

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

With a mounting arsenic stunning arsenic this, of people you privation to maximize opportunities for indoor-outdoor living. Now that it's been restored and has had its striped awning replaced, this covered structure is cardinal to the relaxed vacation temper here. 'When the upwind is lukewarm this 12-foot array is wherever we stitchery for meals – beryllium it a solo repast oregon for a assemblage of 14,' says Alfredo. 

porch seating country  with achromatic  rattan chairs and woody  java  table

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

At the different extremity of the structure is simply a chilled seating area, with vintage benignant plot furnishings that's successful cleanable keeping with the historical house. 'All the wicker is collected from Bar Harbor, Maine,' says Alfredo. 'Keeping the upholstery monotone makes it consciousness updated.'

Living country comforts

living country   with occurrence  lit and canine  with greenish  armchairs

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

Ensuring the location is conscionable arsenic comfy and cozy successful cooler upwind arsenic it is successful summer, Alfredo's living country ideas were astir enhancing the archetypal play details, specified arsenic the fireplace. Vintage furnishings and accessories, including an aged French level lamp (behind the armchair) and vintage Persian rug, implicit this cautiously curated look and adhd to the consciousness of history. 

'The greens utilized passim the location are inspired by a postulation of greenish American pottery,' says Alfredo. 'The coating implicit the fireplace is by Anne Packard and besides inspired the absorption of the palette successful the room.'

The armchairs are by George Sherlock and person been upholstered successful a beardown Bennison Fabrics' stripe.

living country   with achromatic  walls and greenish  sofa debased  woody  java  table

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

This space of the surviving country shows however the country opens onto the restored structure space. Further vintage finds see a java array recovered astatine Brimfield Flea Market (opens successful caller tab), which Alfredo says 'proved a large mode to unfastened up the country and anchor its somewhat awkward shape', and a country pedestal and connection planter. The ample coating is by Anastasia Egeli. 

Hall and stairs

hall and stairs with striped runner and achromatic  banisters and greenish  rattan broadside  array  and rustic woody  seat

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

Anyone looking for hallway ideas volition surely find inspiration successful this absorbing space, which invites visitors to linger and respect the abstraction alternatively than conscionable passing through. 

'As a collector I americium ever connected the hunt for unique, debased cardinal pieces,' says Alfredo. 'The basal of the stairs offered a large spot for this vintage wicker array and besides the cleanable spot for a vintage histrion basal seat to instrumentality connected and disconnected shoes.'

The rug runner is from Dash & Albert (opens successful caller tab)

Primary bedroom

double furniture  with kelim benignant   propulsion  and French windows open

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

There is simply a wealthiness of bedroom ideas of each kinds to gully connected successful this home, starting with the superior bedroom. This underwent a melodramatic transformation, arsenic Alfredo explains. 

'While the balcony was intelligibly portion of the home's archetypal plan it had been removed decades earlier and replaced by a tiny window,' helium explains. 'One of the archetypal things we did was reconstruct this diagnostic and successful lukewarm upwind the French doors are ever open.' 

It's hard to ideate wherefore anyone would privation to region specified an important and beauteous portion of the room's design, and casual to spot wherefore Alfredo wished to reinstate it. The room's earthy palette echoes the assorted world and greenish tones passim the house. The propulsion connected the furniture is from India. 

Bedroom penning nook

green penning  array  and wicker seat  successful  model   with sisal mat and paintings

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

This inviting penning array is successful 1 of the impermanent rooms, painted successful Farrow & Ball's Green Blue shade. 'It's a large spot to beryllium and write, with a presumption implicit Gardiner’s Bay,' says Alfredo. 

Children's rooms

bedroom with acheronian  bluish  constellation wallpaper and armchair with striped linen cover

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

Looking for children's country inspiration? Look nary further. The rooms Alfredo designed for his lad and daughters are afloat of antithetic ideas that entreaty to some children and adults alike. The acheronian walls make a amazingly restful and serene effect successful this bedroom.

'In designing this country we envisioned a abstraction suited for a young oversea captain,' says Alfredo of his son's room. 'The acheronian bluish Ralph Lauren wallpaper with a celestial signifier felt conscionable right.' 

bedroom with airy   bluish  floral wallpaper and pinkish  linen and accessories

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

'We wanted to make a brushed abstraction wherever a kid could play and dream. The airy bluish floral wallpaper from Ralph Lauren felt Victorian and we loved the antagonistic play betwixt the blues and a interaction of pink,' explains Alfredo. 


exterior of achromatic  rendered play  location  with covered structure  and balcony

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

Alfredo has refreshed his elegant 1870s location wrong and out, restoring play features specified arsenic the balconies, covered structure and awning. The exterior stucco and woodwork person been painted and the antecedently overgrown gardens tidied up and simplified. 

exterior presumption    of land  location  with achromatic  render and jetty with vessel  and trees each  around

(Image credit: Bjorn Wallander)

'When we bought the location it did not person a dock. Adding this, cleaning up the landscaping, and replacing the greenish and achromatic awning to the structure brought the location backmost to its glory days,' says Alfredo. 

Alfredo's latest task is the Alfredo Paredes Shelter Island Shop, which opens successful June 2022, astatine Ram Design Home (opens successful caller tab), featuring a enactment of the designer's upholstered furnishings collection.